Latest Sea of Thieves patch reenables Skeleton Forts and relaxes timers

Sea of Thieves is an exploration-based pirate game which launched on March 20, 2018. Rare is known for many famous franchises including Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and GoldenEye. However, in recent years, the team focused on developing Kinect games for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Today, Rare issued another patch for Sea of Thieves which fixes some of the problems which were introduced with the "Cursed Sails" expansion. The biggest additions have to be the lenient timers and "Skeleton Forts". You can read about the major changes and known issues below.


  • Players who can only play during fixed times will be able to battle for a different region each week.
  • Battle music can now be heard from greater distances.
  • Treasure items and "Barrels of Plenty" will now float for longer.
  • The timer between battles has been extended to give players a chance to collect loot dropped by defeating the skeleton crews.
  • The battle "despawn" timer has been increased.
  • Effects improvements to skeleton ships.
  • Performance improvements and crash fixes.
  • Skeleton Forts have been enabled again.
  • The "Brigantine" missing bell has been added.


  • Kraken has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
  • Items placed behind the barrels of the Brigantine can't be picked up.
  • Merchant Alliance crates on sinking ships can't be picked up.

Cursed Sails debuts terrifying skeleton ships and more new content alongside a time-limited campaign. Pirate dominion over the waters is being challenged by crews of skeletons, united by their warped desire for vengeance on the living. Each region will be called out, so prepare to fight to protect your favorite outposts.

Be sure to download the update today if you play Sea of Thieves. Hopefully aggressive post-launch support will attract even more players to the game.

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Asher Madan

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