Latest State of Decay 2 patch adds missing items necessary for mission completion

A few weeks ago, State of Decay 2 launched to mixed reviews around the world. The game was praised for its deep mechanics, but the fact that it exhibited frame rate issues even on Xbox One X and suffered from numerous glitches was a cause for concern. Luckily, the developer just released another patch which brings some long-awaited changes.

Patch 2.1 features a variety of bug fixes, including a few related to character positioning on the "Community" screen. The most important change however fixes missions which couldn't be completed due to missing items. You can read about the tweaks below.

  • The 'Purchase' DLC button on the Main Menu now works properly for players with new profiles.
  • The mission 'Builder: Make Your Own Gear' can now be completed if the player has a built-in 'Machine Shop' at their base.
  • Characters on the Community screen now reorient correctly when changes are made.
  • Newly selected leaders are now positioned correctly on the Community screen.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes newly-recruited community members would overlap or be standing too close to others on the screen.
  • Characters now properly gain experience in their close-combat specialization when fighting with their close-combat weapon.
  • Characters who have earned at least a star in their 'Gunslinging' specialization are now able to snap-aim as expected.
  • The in-game 'Independence Pack' purchase confirmation banner no longer pops up with every player session.
  • Fixed several missions that occasionally couldn't be completed due to missing items.

It's great to see the developer quickly address the mission issue. Hopefully more patches will hit the game soon so it can become a polished experience. Surprisingly, this hasn't stopped the title from being enjoyed by countless gamers around the world. A few days ago, Microsoft announced that State of Decay 2 crossed three million players since its May launch.

State of Decay 2 is a co-op multiplayer game which forces you to survive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Players have to work together, build bases, and form communities if they wish to survive in this hostile land. You can purchase the game for $29.99, or play it for free if you're a $9.99 Xbox Game Pass subscriber.

Hit the comments below to let us know what bugs and other issues you might have encountered in State of Decay 2, providing as much information as possible. Undead Labs encourages you to email bug reports and support requests to "", providing reproduction steps and platform information where possible.

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  • What is my biggest gripe with the game is that when your car gets stuck in place where you can't another car in, it's stuck forever. If that could be fixed, I wouldn't have any issues honestly. Frames have improved and the game has been fairly solid since the drop.
  • An easy mechanism to address this would be nice, but there is a way to fix it when it happens. Get a friend to join, put them in the stuck vehicle as driver, then jump in another vehicle and drive away until the teather kicks in.
    Frame rates have been fine since launch with PC and Nvidia vid card. I guess that was just a console issue? Kinda strange because consoles usually run at 30fps I seem to recall so the game must have been awful if it couldn't reach 30 consistently. Glad they solved that for console users.
  • 3 million players, really? Most of those players will be game pass players. Check the achievements, it shows how few players have actually progressed in the game. They still need to fix the terrible frame rate on the the X, I am hoping improvements were made with this patch. Even as standard it was bad but when you switch off motion blur the game runs like a two legged dog. This explains why there was such a heavy handed application in the first place yet it runs fine on PC disabled. It shows how badly they've optimised the game considering I can run Ark without motion blur, have more assets on screen and a longer view distance without issues on the same hardware and same game engine. From a console only game originally they've really let the player base down. Irritatingly enough they've found time to add pointless paid DLC, and idiotic dressed zombies to everyone's game. Also their recent difficulty changes were very poorly thought out, limited magazines on the 50 cals, really? While the fixes are great, the game should have never been released like that in the first place.
  • the balancing act of completing missions, foraging for enough items, taking down all the infestations every day is crazy
  • Really? I thought the game was waaaaay to easy. All you have to do is make the whistle bombs. 3 of them takes a plague heart out no problem and keeps the zombies off you. The game is boring and way to easy in my opinion.
  • How about selecting a follower directly from the community screen? Or making it easier to find people in your base?
  • Wow, some of these fixes after they already put out a PAID DLC.. Some the these problems should have been fixed way before a PAID dlc. Oh and the part where you said "deep" mechanics. lmao. Which ones are those? Oh you must be talking about the character traits that don't affect the game what so ever.... Or maybe the lame ass plague heart feature that can be easily defeated by using whistle bombs. All the zombies should cause infection not just stupid glowy eyed, magical heart zombies. Also, the spawning system in the game ruins the immersion. Doesn't even feel like a living breathing world. Feels like a randomly spawning bad guy treadmill. Once you've stacked up some supplies the game is simple and there is no real reason to even want to survive any longer.
  • What is a good game to you? You seem to really hate SoD which I don't understand as I love it so would be interested in what you think a good game is, have you got a recent example?
  • Everyone is saying the 2.1 patch is live but it is dead on my xbox one s. It does not do what all other patches do (download at launch) and I am still seeing no improvement on the issues it fixes so it did not stealth install.