Latest SysApp Pusher release lets you monitor updates for your favorite apps

SysApp Pusher is a brilliant app for your collection, enabling you to remain updated with the latest releases for numerous OEM apps. What has been missing, however, is the ability to add your own apps to the list. Perhaps you'd like to be able to conveniently check for updates to the Windows Phone Central app? With the latest release, SysApp Pusher now lets you add your favourite apps.

This update extends the functionality of SysApp Pusher to take it from being simply a tool to stay on top of OEM app updates. The app can now be configured as your primary stop for checking for updates. The best part? If you have over 9,000 apps installed, automatically checking each one is a time saver, compared to manually hitting the store links.

To add your own favourites to the "My Apps" area of SysApp Pusher, all you have to do is hit the new icon in the app bar and search the title. It's really nice to see the developer add such functionality.

Should you not be sporting this app already, you can download SysApp Pusher from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only - available for free with $0.99 price tag to remove ads). Thanks, zhoulhas, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Can you also add SysApp Pusher the list to check if it has updates for itself? :P
  • See the article photo, it's already added :-P
  • Hahaha, well done Rich :). You're streets ahead. Edit: Went to do it myself, appears like it's already done by the Dev. But my compliment to Rich still applies.
  • Amazing!
  • I fully agree. This feature should come in the native system as Plan B if the push did not work.
  • I would like to delete the HTC and Samsung stuff from the app. It checks them even though I'm on Nokia.
  • You can change that in the settings menu
  • I used this app only once and found it kinda confusing, it would only show if update available when you click on those apps one by one, i also noticed that the app was updated like zillion of times itself and certainly more updates then it found for me. :)
  • And its still the same. I want to see some sort of sign or at least push notification if update is available.
  • You. Can put those apps on your Nokia if you want
  • Its not that great. You cannot decide what version u have. I mean its paid ir free.
  • I don't know why, but since I removed this app, my battery holds much longer.
  • Seriosly? Ive noticed a certain battery drain recently but i thought its because i have two battery level apps.
  • Well, I went from 11,5 hours to 17 hours. So, to me it helped to uninstall. I tried installing it again and that gave me an instant battery drain again. But to honest, it's strange. There is no background function to my knowledge.
  • Oh yeah? And how this app without any background workers could eat your battery?
  • Sorry, I really don't know, it's just what I experience.
  • Update wont install. Lumia 920
  • The developer should add FACEBOOK BETA to that list! That would be useful!
  • Add it yourself?
  • It's not possible, because it's not accessible through the store.
  • Facebook Beta updates automatically. Check that you have it activated in Settings - About
  • I do not understand the difference between this app and the built in update setup in the store. Doesn't the store update both native app and your favorities. After all the apps you chose to download are in a way your favorites, right?
  • I guess for some, the store app doesn't update (or show updates).  Mine has been working fine, but for others, I recomend using this app.
  • Over 9,000!!?!
  • awesome update
  • well what is the new thing here ? updates already show up in the store ... 
  • The Store only searches for updates once or twice a day at very specific times and only if you don't have batery saver turned on.
    Furthermore the Store - unlike the W8 store - doesn't allow you to manually check for updates. So yeah, this is very useful if you want your Apps to always be updated.
  • This app is awesome.
  • This app makes no sense to me. Why just OEM specific apps?
    And I have an HTC 8X, there's about 10 apps to choose from...
  • Have you read the article? Obviously not. Otherwise you'd know that this latest update allows you to add whatever Apps you want to the list to check. So it's no longer just OEM apps.
  • Sorry, I did read the article. I knew that, I just wanted to know why that's not the default? Out of the box, the app tells me what the Windows Phone Store tells me anyway, but just for ten HTC apps. Right?
  • Ah, you're asking why doesn't the App, when installed, present you with a list of the Apps you have installed, is that it?
    If so, I'm not the developer but I can tell you: OS limitation.
    The only possible way they could do that would be by asking you to let the app access your MS account to collect the purchases done (like "App Reinstaller" does). But that wouldn't be very practical I think. You can always contact the developer and propose that ;)
  • it is UPDATED again today
  • Awh, I was intending on making an app that would do this (force update your own apps) once I had learned C# and how to make WP apps. Oh well, sooner than later for everyone I guess.
  • A scheduled scan option would be the bomb. Set it to run in th ebackgroung every so often would be baller!