Get this now: SysApp Pusher will notify you of app updates for your Nokia, HTC or Samsung Windows Phone

As the Windows Phone ecosystem grows, manufacturers will continually look for ways to expand and differentiate amongst themselves. One easy way for them to do so is with custom OEM Stores like the Nokia Collection or Samsung Zone.

The problem is with Windows Phone, you can’t force check for app updates, even for “system apps” like Samsung’s call blocker or Nokia’s Display + Touch. Sure you can wait the 24 hours for the Store tile to display an update, and that’s fine for most users, but let’s face it: if you’re reading this site, you want the latest and greatest now. This is especially true for Lumia owners since Nokia’s updates are known for enabling new, unannounced features making their occasional updates more like little birthday presents.

That's why SysApp Pusher is our must-have app this week.

SysApp Pusher for Windows Phone

Check the store for new apps, not just links

SysApp Pusher by Amaze Pictures Inc. is the tool you need if you fall into that category. Much like the discontinued Lumia Pusher before it and the sub-par Nokia Collection app recently, SysApp Pusher allows you to check the Store in one click for Nokia, HTC and Samsung software. That’s right, this isn’t only for the Nokia fans. But it’s more than that as it also displays the version number and package/install sizes.

But the best part was just rolled out in a recent update of that app itself: any apps that are new will be noted with a green circle to the right (see the lead image). In other words, this just doesn’t blindly give you Store links, but actively checks for new versions, giving you a small visual indicator of something worthy of your attention.

For our needs, that makes this app a must have for our collection. The app is free, though for $0.99 starting in version 1.4, you can remove the ads permanently. Even better is that the app is being actively developed with three app updates in the last week since its release. We like that kind of dedication, as it means new apps and features will be added along the way as required.

Pick up SysApp Pusher for Windows Phone 8 devices (HTC, Samsung and Nokia) here in the Store. Free (or $0.99 to remove ads).

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Ha ha, Univisión... I watched that channel all the time as a kid.
  • Is this really that big of an issue?  We all can't be the first to get notified about an update due to bandwidth and network resources available you know.
  • Windows 8.1 allows you to force-check for app updates. I bet you it comes to Windows Phone 8.1 too. Is it a big deal? Does that matter? Is a smartphone a big deal? These kind of questions divert the issue, which is in the modern age, it's about the now...not later.
  • Yeah, if people start dismissing something as trivial because it could be considered a "first world problem", where does it end? At what point does one classify a first world problem not trivial?
  • Ever noticed Daniel Rubino's responses are almost always very "bitchy"? It's as though he really takes offense to what ppl comment on his articles. As editor-in-chief you should only respond to questions persons ask about the article under scrutiny if something is absent or isn't explained properly, not just their mere feelings about the subject of the article. Otherwise try to be pleasant.
  • Daniel is a bit testy but the comments here sometimes are at best inane and at worst hypercritical and I enjoy his lambasting some of them and I believe it keeps other comments from going into hyperdrive. I agree with Dan that its ridiculous to complain about an app that allows some people to be in the know about an update before the notification. I know that my update notifications have been delayed before so I will appreciate this app.
  • I'm agreeing with him. Also, political correctness will be the death of us all- I'd like to see more people getting deserved slaps for stupidity.
  • It's good to see people getting smacked down with his rational arguments.
  • I think you can read them that way, but if you assume a calmer connotation and inflection of tones in your brain, while reading it, he might just seem like the college professor who simply forces you to consider reality or alternative thought processes... Depends on how you want to take it or read it.
  • So waiting 24 hours to get notification of an app update after it's published is too late?  Come on man!!
  • Why are you wasting your time complaining about a purely optional app? Do you go around and criticize people's choice in movies too?  The app is also very useful if you get a new phone. There's a reason why we have markets, it's to decide these things. Your opinion on the matter is completely irrelevant with no consequence. But go ahead, debate its validity...
  • +1000
  • 100% agreed!
  • Isn't the comment section for people to write their opinions about the article? Positive or negative.
  • Absolutely, which is why we don't delete them. However, I can and will challenge someone what I see as poor logic or if they ignore one side of the issue. I'm interested in debate and discourse. If I come across as bash (which I'm sure I do) it's only because the medium of text lacks tone (and I don't like using smilies too much). It's nothing personal. But if you post here and take a position, you should expect it to be challenged by me or anyone. That's the fun here (I also like engaging you guys, as often you teach me a few viewpoints as well).
  • My comment was not IMO poor logic.  Being in IT makes me think of the strain on network resources pushing updates out has on said network.  Imangine if you will, a woman having triplets.  Think they can all come out at the same time?
    My point was even though you(or someone tipped you) will let us know about an app update everyone will not get notified of that update all at the same time on our phones.  It's staggered for a reason.
    Apps like this won't help either.  You still have to contend with the network sending out the notification.
    I'm all for having more apps on WP no matter how unecessary or redundant i think they are.  I get tired of hearing or reading the "no apps" argument.
  • Why do you have to "challenge" them?  That sounds confrontational.  Why can't you simply explain your stance with facts and leave it at that? You are an editor of a "self help" website. We all come here for information. We aren't all up to date with everything or we wouldnt visit your website As an Editor, you shouldnt be challenging anyone. You should simply inform. Ignorance will go away with knowledge, not going on the defense.
  • In some cases, yes, it is. System updates are released to fix bugs... usually the kind that causes crashes/reboots/etc.
    Even a basic app could require a rapid update... do you want to be the one stuck waiting 24 hours for an app that you NEED but can't use because it's crashing? No, and neither do I.
    Now, I appreciate that Windows Phone Central gives us the news and lets us link directly and download right now, but some of us want the convenience because... well, who knows, maybe we're setting up a new phone for a user and need those fixes, or maybe we had to do a hard reset. Neither of those are trivial uses at all. "Oh, sorry, friend... I can't give you that feature until tomorrow."
  • It can often take several days, unless you manually check the app yourself.
  • Actually, what kind of cracks me up is the above app would take away the primary reason I follow this site.  Is that what you really want? LMAO.
    Nah, I'd rather read WPC actually and could do without the above app.
  • You can always use WiFi to minimize the data usage, but it's all up to you. I think this app is great, since I'm the one of those who want the latest (but not for YouTube one lol).
  • If something happens to your handset and you're trying to restore it from a backup, you won't want to wait days for vendor-specific updates to come down, while your handset sits in a half-working state in the interim.
  • Have it a few days, very handy indeed!!
  • I just read your article swipe to the left, click on download app, then update. I see no need to open a new app to perform the same function.
  • Well, in theory you could beat us to the punch ;) We also do miss things on occasion (gasp!)
  • Exactly what I do.
  • And if I've just bought a new phone or hard reset my own? What should I do-- just have my own bookmarks? Oh wait, no, I need a quick convenient list for me... hence this utility.
  • I am not sure where you are going with this, but if you hard reset, and or bought a new phone when you input your Microsoft ID during your startup all of your apps will download to the newest versions automatically. If you "need" the list, then dl it. To each his own.
  • That doesn't work with system apps. I know, because I just did this a month ago going from 920 to 1020. Even though it uses the same apps.
  • But wait, what app would tell me this app had an update and what app would tell me the other app would have an update to that app for the app?
  • Whoa, mind blowing!
  • Inception updater
  • Wpcentral of course :-P
  • But that my friend is the mystery of the circle of life... What to install first, the chicken or the egg? Huh, Huh?
  • Uhhhhh O_O
  • Luminous Links does the same but just for Nokias. I tried looking for the extras+info and display and it wouldn't come up in the store. This app fives you the links for them, then update or DL.
  • Finally! This is just what I needed.
    Cool feature I hope to see is a "install all updates" option. Don't know if that's possible though...
    It always kind of bugged me that Microsoft hasn't put in the option of manually do a update check for the Apps. 'cause the automatic check depends on too many things (the first time you connected the device, the non-usage of batery saver mode etc).
  • Well my phone doesn't let me know about updates I know that
  • Wanted this for so long ( coz i am a geek. I love resetting my phone multiple times so i can go through the nefarious joy of downloading apps on my new old phone!
  • When I installed this app, I used it to download Nokia and Samsung apps on my 8X. It works, but most of the downloads didn't work or were corrupted. Shame. It would be a great way to do that.
  • I guess some people might find this useful
    With the store letting me know once a day when updates are available is more than  enough for me. (And I do check tech news sites all the time. Being a computer engineer is good to keep informed).
  • so are you trying to say that we, updatephils, are not only going to check phone update each 30 minutes just to look if gdr2 is already out and each other half an hour to wpcentral for any new great apps, but also start this app to find out that none of my apps had an update during last few minutes?
  • Embarrassing how little apps HTC has! Nokia next time! Especially as Beats is trying to get rid of HTC now.
  • What if SysApp Pusher got an update of its own? Would it push its own update as well?
  • lol
  • wow that's a great concept for Notification center
  • What a much needed app. it looks clean and I agree with Frank Carvajal, A good concept for Notification Center or at least a beta version of it
  • Hilarious comment - it's a list of weblinks ...
  • I'm sold. Glad to see a unified 3rd party app for all OEMs. Take my $.99.
  • My Lumia 800 wants this app
  • With some proxy work, u can actually install other OEM apps for your phone, the app will keep those up-to-date, too. How's that for usefulness?
  • Nah, got the WP Central app to alert me on updates ;)
  • I like the app size feature! Is there an app to let you know all of your apps storage size ?
  • Installed SysApp Pusher yesterday. Last night read there was an update for HERE Transit so I straight into the app and did a scan. No update. Went into the store and it showed the update. Strike one. So far, no good.
  • Have anyone noticed that last apps updates aren't "updating" the apps correctly?
    WhatsApp voice message.... we had to reinstall to get the new function...
    Jetpack joyride free stuf in the store... we had to reinstall to be able to see the items for free...
    And now SysAPP Pusher with the new feature "call + sms blocker"... I've installed in my mother's Lumia 520 and it showd that new feature.... in My Lumia 820 nothing.... I had to reinstall it to appear...
  • Hey what about "Nokia App Updates" by Herg-A-Fied"
    It has large buttons and very easy to use.  By far it is the best one out there I have seen.
  • This is the most useful app in store. What would a normal user will do if he/she hard reset his/her phone and suddenly the amber phone doesn't have the call/sms blocker, glance, extras+info, and other important system updates and they don't know about this app? Thank you so much for this app. Take my $0.99