Get this now: SysApp Pusher will notify you of app updates for your Nokia, HTC or Samsung Windows Phone

As the Windows Phone ecosystem grows, manufacturers will continually look for ways to expand and differentiate amongst themselves. One easy way for them to do so is with custom OEM Stores like the Nokia Collection or Samsung Zone.

The problem is with Windows Phone, you can’t force check for app updates, even for “system apps” like Samsung’s call blocker or Nokia’s Display + Touch. Sure you can wait the 24 hours for the Store tile to display an update, and that’s fine for most users, but let’s face it: if you’re reading this site, you want the latest and greatest now. This is especially true for Lumia owners since Nokia’s updates are known for enabling new, unannounced features making their occasional updates more like little birthday presents.

That's why SysApp Pusher is our must-have app this week.

SysApp Pusher for Windows Phone

Check the store for new apps, not just links

SysApp Pusher by Amaze Pictures Inc. is the tool you need if you fall into that category. Much like the discontinued Lumia Pusher before it and the sub-par Nokia Collection app recently, SysApp Pusher allows you to check the Store in one click for Nokia, HTC and Samsung software. That’s right, this isn’t only for the Nokia fans. But it’s more than that as it also displays the version number and package/install sizes.

But the best part was just rolled out in a recent update of that app itself: any apps that are new will be noted with a green circle to the right (see the lead image). In other words, this just doesn’t blindly give you Store links, but actively checks for new versions, giving you a small visual indicator of something worthy of your attention.

For our needs, that makes this app a must have for our collection. The app is free, though for $0.99 starting in version 1.4, you can remove the ads permanently. Even better is that the app is being actively developed with three app updates in the last week since its release. We like that kind of dedication, as it means new apps and features will be added along the way as required.

Pick up SysApp Pusher for Windows Phone 8 devices (HTC, Samsung and Nokia) here in the Store. Free (or $0.99 to remove ads).

Daniel Rubino

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