The latest trailer for Second Extinction includes a T. rex fight and rescue mission

Second Extinction Image
Second Extinction Image (Image credit: Systemic Reaction)

What you need to know

  • Second Extinction developers Systemic Reaction shared a 16-minute Raw(r) Gameplay video today.
  • The developers also shared a roadmap for content updates following the Oct. 13 start of Early Access.
  • The game is available for wishlist on Steam now and will also be available for Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Second Extinction developers Systemic Reaction released a new preview of the upcoming dinosaur shooter today with a 16-minute Raw(r) Gameplay video. The video follows Amir, part of a three-person team dropped on Earth to seek out a research team that's part of humanity's efforts to take their planet back from mutated dinosaurs.

The tutorial mission has the player shoot down a surveillance drone to get map data and points of interest. With most of humanity living on an orbital station, you can call down supplies throughout your excursion, including more ammo when you run out and various mission-critical supplies such as scanners used to collect data at key locations.

The video shows an impressive battle against a T. rex where players much shoot at the glowing weak point on its throat rather than wasting bullets on its tough hide. They also use grenades and even call in an orbital laser.

After dispatching the beast, Amir finds the research crew and defends them from waves of dinosaurs while they conduct repairs. There's a bonus mission to clear out clear out a nearby nest, but if dinosaurs get too close to the unprotected ship, repairs will stop until the player goes back and resumes them. The ensuing battle also shows off the ability to heal fallen allies to get them back in the fight.

When the research team is evacuated, the crew takes on their mission themselves, venturing into a cave to conduct scans while enduring more waves of dinosaurs. A dropped cache of explosives provides them with a way to seal up the cave and run to upload their data. Then they'll face still more dinosaurs while waiting for extraction.

Along with providing a look at the intense gameplay, Systemic Reaction also provided a content roadmap for the game, which enters Early Access on Steam on Oct. 13. The first free update will come in October or November and provide the ability to change the game's difficulty settings along with new enemy mutations and events.

Future updates will add more weapons, additional mutations, seasonal events, armor augments, another hero, quality of life improvements, new equipment, and a "horde mode." The game costs $25 and can be added to your Steam wishlist now. It is also in development for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Samantha Nelson