The latest trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division emphasises RPG gameplay in a desolate NYC

Those wondering whether Tom Clancy's The Division will be a shallow loot-fest should check out this new trailer.

Ubisoft Massive's MMO-shooter hybrid is targeting a spring launch, and the studio have begun revealing a little more about how the game will play as you stalk the abandoned New York City streets.

In The Division, you play as a special forces agent sent deep into an abandoned New York City following a biological disaster. Your task is to seek out the source of the contagion, spread on bank notes, which has crippled the US government and all basic services. The trailer offers us a glimpse at its gritty story treatment, which appears to firmly earn its 18+ age rating.

The trailer also reveals a little more about how you'll build up a base of operations, level up, obtain loot and perform typical MMO-like class roles like tank, support, damage and healer.

Players will be able to team up at safe houses, scattered throughout the game's sizable world. You'll be able to take the fight to the game's various A.I. criminal factions, who are entrenched and taking advantage of the near-apocalypse.

The Division isn't all about fighting computer-controlled combatants, though. The trailer also offers a glimpse at the Dark Zone, designated areas where players will be able to find even more powerful items. However, the items can found in the Dark Zone are contaminated, and can only be used if successfully extracted from the area. While in this zone, you can also attack and be attacked by players who might want to steal your items for themselves. If you can stomach it, you can even betray your own teammates to keep all the loot for yourself.

The Division launches on March 3rd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Pre-order customers get guaranteed access to the beta test, set to begin soon.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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