Leaked factory photos reveal a new 5-inch Windows Phone in active development

A new Windows Phone with a 5-inch display is currently being developed, at least according to leaked photos from a Chinese factory and published by the site IThome.

The photos appear to show hardware test samples of new displays being developed for a forthcoming Windows Phone. During this process, companies usually experiment with different variations and test the quality of the factory producing the part.

It is not clear if the displays, which clearly reveal a Windows logo for the Start key, are destined for a Microsoft Lumia or if these are for some other manufacturer.

Windows 10 phone display

No other bits about the phone's design or hardware specifications are revealed. ITHome speculates about a "Lumia 1030" using bogus specs posted on the internet last week. However, Windows Central is unable to confirm at this time anything about such a device in development.

For fall 2014, Microsoft is lacking a new 'flagship' Windows Phone, which is being noticed and felt by the public. Microsoft was previously set to release a 3D Touch-enabled high-end Windows Phone codenamed 'McLaren', but as Windows Central reported in July that project was cancelled for unknown reasons. As a result, Microsoft is relying on the HTC One for Windows and the Lumia 830 to bolster sales through the holiday season.

Currently, Microsoft is not expected to release a new flagship Lumia until mid-2015, shortly after Windows 10 is formally announced during the Build conference in late April. Whatever is exposed in these photos could be the first stages of bringing that device to market.

Source: ITHome; Thanks, Fis _Master, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Come on 1030 or a 940 please.
  • +1
  • the style looks like surface tablet... for phones it looks very ugly -1020
  • It's just a screen. It looks exactly how any phone's screen will look if you remove it from the casing.
  • lol people really be reaching on here dont they?
  • Yep. Personally, I don't want to see any leaks. I want them to come out with a new phone just like they did with their Microsoft band. Release the phone without any prior pre-judgments from anyone. And let the consumers buy or not buy without any tech writers opinions.  Make it a gut buy a spur of the moment thing without having to wait weeks or months before it is actually released.  :)
  • Has Windows Phone ever had a flagship that was on all major carriers in the US?  I'm thinking no. Even so, 2013 & 2014 have really felt like the Dark Ages for Windows Phone.
  • The 8x sort of, eventually, if you consider that a flagship. Also, the M8 with the exception of sprint, but I don't think anyone is expecting sprint to release a WP device anytime soon.
  • Someone has never seen the inside of an electronic device.
  • Or they just look for any opportunity to say something negative.
  • That's stupidest post I read all day, don't post anymore
  • I think it looks more like a Ferrari!
  • Pretty sure that's a lambo, dude.
  • +1020
  • i think you were trying to say... 'the style looks like surface tablet... for phones it looks very sexy'
  • A Surface phone would be great! Are you out of your mind?!? lol
  • no im not... surface phone might be great for fan boys but not for the normal ppls that arent fans to a phone... since Nokia named their phones Lumia (koz stephen elop knew this day would happen) so microsoft should name their phones as Lumia since many ppl knew Nokia by adding Lumia into the name Nokia Lumia made around the world that ppl now know the phone as the name Lumia example if u put the name Lumia away from the phone and just add the name Surface no one knows about surface... only those fan ppl
  • Still early for a 940, it hasnt been a year yet, nor have they released the full line-up of xx30 series...i think its safer to bet on a 1030... Im guessing the fact that it also has capacitive buttons, also points at it being one of the high-end models.
  • 935 ?
  • Not that im an expert but that sounds more probable than a 940 for the time being...930 just started reaching most countries recently. Whats interesting, is the sharp edges of the screen and the larger icons for capacitive buttons.
  • It's the 9440 new generation phone
  • Haha the secret is out!
  • By the time this phone comes out it would be over a year for the Icon (which is the actual release date, no matter the international availabilty), and in any case the Snapdragon 800 is due for an upgrade given that it was half a year old when the Icon came out in the first place. If they're that concerned about the short shelf life of the 930, they could just follow the same release schedule as the Icon/930 (or maybe a bit faster,) because right now they are killing themselves by not having a high end phone in the U.S., where high end phones are actually a big part of the market and not just a branding excercise. A 935 would be designed to coexist with the 930, not take it over, and at this point it's too old to base a 1030 off of (remember, the 1020 is basically just a 920 with a bigger camera; would you want to introduce a 1030 with the same underlying hardware as the 930 at this point?) My wife's probably going to end up with the One or an ATIV SE, I might just pick up a 928 off eBay to hold me over for my switch from ATT until something better comes along. Or maybe I pull the plug and go to Android. I'm not at all happy with WP8.1, seems to be a lot less integration, which was the biggest plus of WP in the first place.
  • If they announce the successor to the 930 at the similar time frame (or slightly sooner) they announced the 930 and released it soon after (unlike how they dealt with the 930), that would be a decent timeframe.
    As for the difference between the 920 and 1020, it's more than just the camera; in order for the software to work with the camera, they doubled the ram and used a faster processor for the 1020 and the 1020 also had amoled screen while 920 had lcd.
  • Both the 920 and 1020 use the S4 Snapdragon at 1.5 GHz. The RAM and screen were pretty minor tweaks in the grand scheme of things, I'd assume the board was the same just with larger RAM modules soldered on. In any case, a new flagship wouldn't be using the Snapdragon 800, which means it's not a 930/1030 generation phone. 940 or 1040. At this point, wait until May so they can get the 810 in there. But it's Microsoft, so they'll shoot themselves in the foot by using the 805 and have every review point out how it's using outdated hardware for its entire life cycle.
  • Would love, love, love that. Specially if even thinner than 925...
  • 935 should be 4.7" at the most
  • 940 would be a replacement for 920. Not a descendant of the 930
  • You clearly dont know what you are talking about. The 930 is THE true successor to the 920 whether you like it or not. Just because it's missing something you wanted that isnt featured doesnt change it from being a successor. In terms of update, the features in the 920 that needed updating, were updated with the 93; those being, design, camera, speakers, processor, screen, screen size, resolution, weight ...all that while maintaining other key elements such as wireless charging, super sensitive touch, sunlight readability etc. Yes it could have had SD card support and glance but ironically, the former makes it a perfect descendant because the 900 and 920 both also didnt have SD card support.
  • L940 could wait until mid 2015, but L1030 is overdue.  As soon as W8.1 GDR2 is released, L1030 shouldn't be too far away.  May be 2/2015?  Since W8.1 can be upgraded to W10, there is no need to wait for W10.  I really like to see the Denim on L1030 as soon as possible.  When both L940 and L1030 are out, L930 will become the new mid-range "Affordable Flagship".  :-( 
  • Very realistic and probable. I'm just hoping MS doesnt change hardware buttons such as the capacitive buttons, as that could be a reason for MS to hold back on releasing W10 hardware.
  • "Since W8.1 can be upgraded to W10" - yes, but the upgrade through operators would come in 2016 the earliest...
  • Its the Display Assembly of a BLU Win HD.
  • I agree. looks identical.
  • If it's released with W10, it will be an x40 series device.
  • Well of you count the Lumia icon "same as the 930" on January will be a year.
  • How can any phone be considered a flagship if it only appears on one carrier (Verizon) that has never shown Windows Phone any love? A flagship is supposed to lead.  The 930 is leading from behind (way behind). lol
  • Honestly I would guess 1330 or 935. I'm starting to think they may just skip the 1030 in favor of a 1040 after win 10 comes out.
  • "Common"?
  • Sorry..not good at English.
  • Your post made sense :)
  • Hopefully it's a flagship but I wouldn't be surprised if it's yet another mid range phone....
  • Umm..this wont be a mid range phone IMO. All the mid range slots are filled. 530,535,630,635,730,735,830. And then this display has physical buttons, which are used for high end devices I guess. So everything points towards a high end phone coming to us. And it probably will be a 1030 or 935/940 as 1530 can't have a 5inch display.
  • ^What he said
  • Yeah, and hopefully on the other side of that wall there's a crate of 6"+ panels laying there..
    MS seriously needs to release a large, and smaller, high end device together.. Both identical, just two different sizes. They should've unveiled a 1330 right alongside the 830.. SMDH.
  • 940
  • It's definitely a high end or mid-high end, I guess because it has physical capacitive navigation buttons.
  • I'm hoping you're right. I'd love a new flagship with a Snapdragon 805 and 3 GB of RAM
  • This... ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
  • By the point this gets out, it better be an 810.
  • I just can't comprehend how they can wait until mid 2015. They aren't just NOT converting people from ios and Android at this point. They are actively driving people who are big fans of the platform away. Everyone who bought the top end 920 when it came out on a two year contract is now faced with a decision: sidegrade to 830 (in some ways better, in some ways not quite as good, but definitely not as much better as a phone should be after two years), switch to HTC with their poor support and camera, switch platforms, or burn another 8 months or so of upgrade time. Simply idiotic to force this on the consumer... a real demonstration of how NOT to be successful.
  • It sn't just the 920 being driven away it is the 1020 folks too, I see nothing that will replace my phone and as it stands now it will not get Denim
  • I "upgraded" from a 1020 to 930 and so far, the only benefits are: better screen and battery and living images, other than these, it's just a slightly faster phone with a worse camera (albeit still better than most phones to date)
  • I consider upgrading to a 930 from a 920....would you say it's worht it?
  • Almost definitely, although one factor worth considering is that a sacrifice for the (quite drastically in comparison) screen improvement, is the lack of glance, truth be told, I'm having a lot of fun with this phone, editing media on the move is so much better than on my 1020
  • Why side-grade to the 830 when the obvious upgrade path from the 920 is to the 930?
  • Because the availability for that phone is still almost non existent. Here in Canada there hasn't been the smallest hint of the 930 coming here. And in the states there is only the icon on only Verizon I believe, which has now been discontinued. Soooo where are we supposed to get the 930. Esp if we want it on contract
  • I had no trouble ordering my 930 off Amazon *shrug*   Buying a phone on-contract has ALWAYS worked out to be a worse deal for me, so I've never looked into carrier-provided options.
  • "Buying a phone on-contract has ALWAYS worked out to be a worse deal for me, so I've never looked into carrier-provided options." Words of a wise man...
  • Ikr what is this guy thinking...
  • My wife and I both upgraded from 920s to 930s and it's been a perfect transition. I can't see what all the fuss is about.
  • But you don't live in the U.S.
  • Some people don't understand that imports most likely will not have the appropriate 4g bands.
  • The feature of WP will be in dark if they don't release a flood of windows phones. There are thousands of different android phones are there in the market.
  • The problem with Android is that there are so many different phones out there. So many are the same with little or nothing to choose between them. They also suffer from poor support, many Android phones that are not even a year old will not be getting Android 5 while Windows handsets that are over two years old will be getting Windowd 10. It's clear who has the better supported phone system.
  • +920
  • +930
  • Most sales are on the low end, so they have that area filled quite well with the 535, 635, and 735.  There've been rumors that AT&T may get the 930 at some point, but they already have the 1520 - a clear upgrade to the 920.  Big screen - yes.  Quad core?  Yep.  HTC is also available on T-Mobile, VZW, and AT&T.  I have one on VZW.  The camera is fine, the phone is well built, and HTC's support is great (including free replacement of a cracked screen in the first six months). Most Windows Phone customers globally are on lower end handsets.  The 830 is better than the 920 in almost every way.  The Snapdragon 400 is faster than the dual core chipset in the 920.  The camera is at least decent.  It makes sense for Microsoft to wait until Windows 10 to make a big push.  How many people will complain if they pushed out a half hearted flagship now?  I'd like to see the 930 more widely available.  I'd also like to see the LG that has been tested to come to light.  You could also run out and buy the Blu Win HD Windows Phone on the cheap as a temporary holdover.  720p display, quad core, etc.  No LTE, but it can tide you over with HSPA+.  There are options.
  • What difference does it make if they're getting the 930? No one is going to waste an upgrade or new purchase for an outdated device. I'm in Chicago, and most At&t stores don't even carry the 1520 on the displays anymore. If Microsoft has to wait for a whole new OS just to put out a worthy flagship device they have no idea how to be competitive in the smartphone industry. That's why they have no market share and developers are not going to waste their time developing apps for Microsoft and it's failed strategy. By mid 2015 who outside of this board is going to give a d*mn about a Microsoft phone? Most update eligible customers can't wait to finally get there hands on a new device, especially with the holidays right around the corner.
  • Darryl is correct.  The point is, it's Christmas time and Microsoft has no flagship.  When that two year contract point rolls around (like it is for the 920), people are DYING to get a new device.  Good for you, the three people out there who fight the systerm and want to use their three year old device for another year or two.  But you are not the mainstream, and you are frankly not the people that need to be targeted to get decent sales. Likewise for those who say to buy a 930.  There is NO official way to get one in the US.  You can buy one from a third party that was imported, but you won't get LTE, and you may have to do some tricks to get SMS/MMS/visual voicemail etc working on them.  Again, this is a very small part of the market that would have nay interest in doing this. This is a HUGE problem on MS part.  They need to just get something out there with decent specs now, rather than waiting another 8 months... all the high end phone fans are leaving, and they are the ones who sell their friends on the platform.
  • Yup the contact on my 920 just ended! No 930 on AT&T and I'll never get a no support HTC again! I'm not waiting 8months tho see what MS does and even if it's great by that time WP market share in the US will be around 1% which means less apps... I really do love WP been with them from the start but there strategy is all kinds of messed up and doesn't look good unless you like having a low to mid end phone. So if you're in the same boat as me I'm going to just end the suffering and get a iPhone 6 join. the Dark Side!!
  • The BLU HD on ATT gets you HSPA+ speeds but on TM you get LTE.
  • Nobody here is talking about customers who want a low end phone though... I think we can all agree MS has that market pretty much covered.  I am actually currently using a Lumia 635 that is a fantastic phone... but I want to move back to something with a great camera (1030).  I dearly miss not having to bring two devices when I want to take photos (I still bring my 1020). But with no flagship the power users leave.  And the power users are something that is needed... they help convert friends, and without them people will constantly snub their noses at the platform.  We finally have access to processors that are as fast as the ones on Android... but now they won't release a phone with those processers. Microsoft needs to focus on not just the high end, mid, or low end.  They need to have a range of devices, so there is a path to move through.  And you absolutely don't want to dead end one of those paths and make it so people feel like they're now stuck with no options. Sigh.
  • Exactly. I loved my 920, but too small, loved the 1520, but the screen issues killed it for me. Over a year and still waiting for a flagship 5-5.5" device. Went back to android and if nothing comes soon, I give up. I am one of those power users who usually has 3 phones sitting and changing, and love to get all the new goodies, but WP has no goodies to get.
  • Since the term flagship (largely) refers to the phone itself, a hardwarewise cutting edge device would almost by definition not be half hearted regardless of the availability of Windows 10.
  • Forgot to mention the M8 for Windows which I would still consider a worthy upgrade..
  • If you have a 920, and you want better, you be absolutely crazy to choose the 830 over the 930, or the 1520, which is the most capable WP devices available..
  • Windows 10 will convert people.  But it would help if they would announce any device carrying Windows Phone 8.1 will be upgradeable to 10.
  • @Mike Bouborn They've made that very announcement via the Lumia Twitter account. Rest assured ALL Windows 8 devices WILL get Windows 10! :-)
  • Precisely what they should do, and advertise that all phones will be getting the mindshare 10. Having the 41 MP camera will overshadow not being an 810 CPU. Just as with the continued lure of the 1020 with its dated hardware.
  • Is it so horrible to wait to upgrade? I mean, its not like you wont be able to upgrade later if you don't on the exact day that you're able to. Plenty of iPhone users will happily wait months to upgrade when a new model is rumored to be released, so why can't we? People act like it's the end of the world if the phone they want isn't out a month before they can upgrade. Is it so hard to be happy with the phone you have and spend the money on something else? Or set it aside and save it for a bit?
  • What awsomsauce said.  I still have my 920 and am not going to be pressured to upgrade because of some artificial 2-year lifespan that has been created by a carrier.
  • You're forgetting 1 small detail iPhone users get to have a flagship phone every year, I know we got the 1520 (at&t) last year but its not 4 everyone and the icon was only in Verizon. So many of the 920/925 users have the right to be mad and switch.
  • I'm not forgetting that at all. MS just made a huge purchase, as we all know, and that can take time to get fully functional again as MS reorganizes and merges the Nokia acquisition into their company. I'd say it's normal to expect a lull for a while until everything is normal again. And I'm sure it's much easier to bust out low-end phones than to bring on high-end ones, so it would make sense that that's what is coming out right now. Sure people cry about McLaren, but we don't know the full story behind that. Maybe Nokia owned some of the technologies required to make McLaren, and they didn't want to sell those technologies so they could use it in their own devices in the future, meaning that MS probably couldn't release McLaren in its full force if they wanted to. MS hasn't "abandoned" the high end market like everyone seems to think they have, it could just be that their next flagship (McLaren) was canned for reasons out of their control, and now they need time to develop a new flagship(s). They don't just spring up overnight.Give it time, let the dust settle on the Nokia acquisition, let the MS mobile team do their work, and I'm sure MS will be back in the game with amazing flagships they we will all go crazy over.
  • I admire your optimism (gullibility).  ;-) Seriously, I actually agree with most of what you're saying.  The problem is it doesn't change much.  People looking for a phone right now (and a lot of 920 owners are) are still forced to go iPhone/Android or go huge (1520) or go low end.  That's a really bad position for MS to be in, and for them to put us in.  They needed to come up with something, even if it was just a McLaren with the special tech stripped out.
  • Microsoft is changing from the inside out at the moment as a company. This must be difficult but a necessary move on their part to push hardware closer to the release date of their latest and probably greatest OS yet (in terms of adaptability). If Windows 10 succeeds, a new definition of fragmentation will be in order. That's a good thing, the gap in phones, tablets, desktop, Xbox will still exist but man, they will be in the same atmosphere this time around next year. That will be awesome.
  • The strategy right now isnt to convert peope away from iOS or Android, its to get new smartphone users, of which there could be many millions in developing markets and also at home in the US, Europe and more established markets. Still, they need to retain the precious few flagship customers they have. They really cant afford to lose their most loyal fans.
  • I keep asking myself who's running Microsoft. They seem to be shooting themselves in the foot.  They watched Apple and Google come out with their flagship phones and they tell their customers to wait to next Apr 2015 for Windows flagship phone, and not even sure it would be a flagship, might be another low budget phone.
  • Great tip to keep those waiting for a new flagship "in the fold" until 2015. I admit it must be hard for some 920 holders to hold out in light of what has been interpreted by many as Microsoft's poor treatment of its on platform and dedicated users as they plant, often better versions of Microsoft services/apps, on other platforms, announce the initial arrival of new product apps such as Office Sway on rival platforms before Windows Phone and confirm our most talked about exclusive feature, Cortana, sharing her wit and smarts with the competition mere months after Marcus Ash articulately quelled a backlash at that very notion this summer.
    In the face of a Microsoft approach, as I tweeted last week: They Want to Own the Ocean, Rather Than the Boats on the Ocean; meaning the Cloud First, Mobile First goals set forth by Satya, are creating a MICROSOFT PLATFORM(Ocean), apps/services that Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices(Boats) will "run" on.
    Thus this real or perceived neglect, of dedicated users within the "traditional" Microsoft ecosystem, feels somewhat like, or may in actuality be the calculated collateral damage that must be as Microsoft extends and firmly establishes it's ecosystem deeply beyond it's own devices in this Mobil world.
    We here, in Microsoft land, are feeling these growing pains as the transition takes place. I myself voiced via Twitter(JLTechWord) to Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte my displeasure at Julie Larson Greens comment about Cortana going cross platform. No I was not a happy camper. :-)
    So what does all this have to do with this post? With larger screened iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, and the greater degree of interaction between iOS8 and OS X, with the Note 4, and the rest of the popular and powerful Galaxy Line, with the LG devices selling in great numbers, with Android Lollipop and the visually appealing Material Design, and a growing reality and promise that Microsoft's Cloud First, Mobile First(Own the Ocean) strategy will yield an experience on these AVAILABLE devices, that is similar to (or better) in some respects to that found on Windows Phone, this news, of an apparent Flagship, while living in a reality of NO NEW Windows flagships, while surrounded by rival flagships, just might hold some faithful widows phone fans in the fold.
    There's hope team. A few months away, but there's a light on the horizon.
    Don't forget, the guys forging this device are the technical wizards who made WindowsPhone what it is under Nokia's umbrella. Now under one roof, with the software teams designing THE ONE OS THAT WILL RULE THE ALL, Windows 10, things look really promising. Very promising. I believe that Microsoft is aiming for a no holds barred, full throttle approach with the launch of it's first flagship since bringing Nokia's team and expertise in-house. By merging the best of both Windows 10 the debut of thier biggest OS advancement and a New Flagship Phone, the epitome of hardware design, MS is going for MAXIMUM IMPACT. If the device and OS are a hit, history will credit Microsoft's strategy as well played for giving the OS and the hardware a premiere venue to shine. A play that requires patience - yes. Causes discontent with users - yes. But may yield the greatest rewards for the platform. If anyone's planning on defecting, at least wait until we see what MS has under it's hat. I think Daniel just gave us a peek.:-)
  • I guess someone will read your entire comment. Lol....
  • @Bunty yeah huh lol :D
  • I did and it was a good read. I'm on the same page as elderjlward.
  • @ladydias Thanks! :-)
  • Yes indeed...ditto.. Well thought out and expressed!
  • Thanks @gahbmwm5! :-)
  • That's my strategy.. to wait until Windows 10 is coming out with hopefully a new phone. I'm a Lumia 920 owner and I can wait until then.
  • @Southgatden116 My wife is has a 920. I'm trying to encourage her to hold out as well.
  • I'm holding out. Now out of contract, I knocked it down to £18.99 on a 1 month rolling contract with ee. I get unlimited minutes and texts, plus 2 GB data. Which is more than I had on contract. I can wait a few months.
  • @peacy001 Way to save!
  • For me, I am eager to upgrade, so long as it is an upgrade. If I have to ask questions, ie, is it worth getting an 830 or 930, then it isn't worth it. I want to be able to make a big jump, which will satiate me properly. Funnily enough, I would consider trying a 1020 if I could get one really cheap. Anything else is a meh.
  • Same here with my 920, which I still like. Rather not wait longer, but ultimately will.
  • @kcovert It will likely be worth the wait!:-)
  • The tens of millions of regular people that have a 920 that are now out of contract are not going to wait. They are the ones going to jump ship more than us. Watch Microsoft's marketshare dive off a cliff this quarter since they have no flagship. Microsoft cant rely on the 3rd world forever.
  • I will wait.  I'm not a compulsive upgrader, nor do I think regular people are either.
  • @BobLoblaw I agree that most people will wait or opt for the 830 or M8, some may even get the 1520. Paul Thurrott is using the 735, I believe, as his daily driver and loves it! At any rate, enthusiasts like us, if given tidbits of what's coming here and there, feed off of the leaks and that helps us to hold out. I think most people will wait as well.
  • @undisputed n00b If you mean regular people as in non-enthusiasts that don't need cutting edge specs, or who don't keep thier eyes on every shred of news(like us :-)) BUT who like Windows Phone, I believe the 830 will serve the majority of THAT segments needs. I'm certain some won't wait. Churn is a reality on every platform. But I do think Microsoft's strategy does take into account that there is indeed a significant duration of time between flagship releases.
    Thus, for the group to whom I believe your referring(correct me if I'm wrong I've been known to be on more than a few occasions:-)), the non-enthusiast 920 owners, MS is giving them and any other user on competing platforms, the Affordable Flagship the Lumia 830.
    They are also working to get the HTC M8, another (albeit reimagined) Windows flagship on more carriers. We can see that, though forced to wait while thier primary strategy takes form, they are not leaving a void.
    So your point is well taken, but I believe the analysis that tens of millions of users will be lost due this "waiting" period is an over estimation.
    Forgive this plug but I give an analysis of the 830 strategy here:
  • Sounds to me like someone has been drinking the MS koolaid.  I really hate the way the term "affordable flagship" is thrown around nilly willy.  It's just a fancy way to say the phone is a top of the line mid-level phone, the 830 or the M8 are not flagship phones. That's like saying my Honda Civic is an afforable Lexus. IMO $600 isn't affordable for a mid-level phone and a phone that is a year old or more.  There are newer phones with better specs that I can buy for $600, albeit they are android and iOS. Whoever it is at MS that makes these prices needs to realize if they want to use the term affordable, make it so.  We are't all MS execs making millions or even hundreds of thousands per year. The costs to manufacture  these phones are 1/3 of what they sell for or even less.   
  • @AZTonyUSA I like my MS koolaid thank you very much. :-)LOL
    Listen, I am definitely in the Microsoft camp, love the products and advocate for them. But trust me I am also critical of things I don't like. :-)
    As mentioned above I was quite vocal in Twitter regarding my discontent with the cross-platform plans for Cortana.
    Also you can read an entire post I composed called: A Winphans Lament (and Praise) of Windows Phone in which I make clear my displeasure with the changes to social media integration, messaging, hubs etc that Windows Phone 8.1 brought in tow.
    Finally I would disagree that the M8 is not a flagship. I know you clearly hold a different position which of course is your prerogative. :-) Different opinions- same community. No problem here.
    Also I agree,self included, many of us don't earn a lot of money and can't afford expensive devices. But the US cost of the 830, though higher than the maybe $350 -$400 range I was expecting, at $450 is $150 cheaper than the $600 you quoted.
    I don't know if that makes much difference to you, but it may be well within the range of some and may very well qualify in their estimation as an affordable flagship.
    For the non-techie, I think the spec and capabilities of the 830, fall into what the regular Joe whose not analyzing a spec sheet, not reading tech review after tech review, and just wants a great phone, the a nice build, that will take nice pictures, surf the web, play games and run many popular apps- that guy, Joe Consumer- may see the $450 out right price or $99 (or $0 in some venues) contract price as quite affordable.
    MS has made it more affordable than many competing flagships(they were deliberate at the introduction to compare it to the iPhone and Android devices which are quite expensive).
    Hopefully that $450 news helps a bit. I'm gonna take a sip of my MS Koolaid now. LOL :-)
  • LOL, pass that koolaid, I think it's spiked. 
  • @ AZTonyUSA LOL! Spiked with MS goodness! :-)  
  • @elderjlward Damn awesome comment ! But they are taking such a big risk. I mean really, if MS failed(which no one actually wants) It will be biggest downfall in MS history but if they managed to woo consumers,it will be biggest boost in their history :')
  • Thanks @NamanBhardwaj! :-) Yes, it is a risk. I agree. Yet a calculated risk. Many enthusiasts see the world in which we live when engaging in discussions about these things through the eye's of our passion. It makes that world(or topic) we love seem much larger, more expansive, more encompassing. In truth of the barely 4% market share Windows Phone has of the total smartphone space, people like us, that MUST have the latest FLAGSHIP folks, are a very tiny, porition of THAT tiny 4%. We all know the stats bear out the accuracy of this assessment in that the vast majority of Windows Phones sold are the low end devices. Most of those people are were/are not people passionate about a Windows Phone device, but who wanted a CHEAP smatphone. Microsoft answered that call. So what am I saying? This strategy that requires MS to  play things out slowly WILL I'm confident, as I'm sure Microsoft is as well, cost them SOME users passionate about high end devices, but THAT small number, against thier small number (relatively speaking)of users will see, (a calcualated) little impact should that occur. The reward's to the platform I believe if this srategy is sucessful, outwiegh that unfortunate (also considering negative word of mouth from those who sadly may defect), albeit minor cost. Let hope for the best! :-)
  • This is an article in itself. I second your opinions elderjlward! Great read.
  • @SumaiB Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad to be able to contribute to one of THE most excited, passionate and engaged tech communities!
  • Amen!
  • I don't care what number it is. I just want a high-end phone with a good camera and a MICRO SD slot! Is that too much to ask?
  • 1520?
  • The gap between now and mid 2015 is not good. Especially since there is no real flagship phone (Lumia Surface Phone) that could enjoy an annual refresh such as an iPhone.
  • Nokia never released a phone with the number 4 in it... now that its Microsoft Mobile 9"4"0 is possible
  • If it's Lumia and in T-Mobile then I'll be one happy fella cause I'm definitely bring one
  • The 940 seems overpowered
  • sorry but this is just a winhd phone for blue. I almost want to take mine appart now just to show you that internal component is identical. http://bluproducts.com/index.php/win-hd
  • I hope its also a 1030 or other ultra high end phone
  • I have never heard of the digit 4 in the naming of any Nokia/Lumia phone... So what is this 940 you're speculating
  • +1 and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, no carrier exclusivity, ESPECIALLY NOT VERIZON!
  • The device looks sexy. Our wait seems not to be in vain. I hope, it is a Lumia.
  • And faster. WOOPS ....
  • What device? It's just a flat screen.
  • Oh come on. Despite it being just a screen, you can easily imagine what it will look like.
  • Exactly.
  • Not really.
  • What this guy says... We saw the display panels leaked for the 1520 months ahead of its release. They lent almost nothing to what it looks like.
  • Well, my 1520 pretty much looks the same head on... Lol.
  • It looks like a phone
  • Yeah, there is so much whining in the comments. I'm just thrilled there will be another new WP flagship next year. I am truly shocked that Microsoft hasn't thrown in the towel.
  • I hope that was sarcasm, because why wouldn't they eventually release a new flagship?
  • It wasn't sarcasm. For 4 years WP has not only failed to gain traction, but it is openly mocked by many. This can't be a successful business for Microsoft and it's only a matter of time before shareholders ask WTF? Hey, I like WP and love my 1020, but am also a realistic businessman.
  • before they kill it, PLEASE fire Joe Belfiore. This man (and his boss Terry) singlehandedly WRECKED MS mobile ambitions with their messy and slow effort which flet more like a play that assumed people still buy MS products for the name, instead of for being competitive. I don't mind WP getting killed. I'm realistic. But I'd be pissed if Joe Belfiore stays employed at MS for that man cannot ship ship anything, not even his resume.
  • Yes: With their massive Unified Windows campaign where they promise to unite everything under Windows 10, /clearly/ Windows Phone is being killed. Only a matter of time. [/sarcasm]
  • Yeah, you're right. It's not like Apple has never been mocked before *cough* bendgate *cough*. And I see what you're saying, but that still doesn't relate to them releasing a new flagship. And honestly, I really don't care about people mocking Windows Phone at this point. I use it, it makes me happy, I'm not going to let other people's ignorance bring me down. So long as they keep making it: I'll keep buying it. I would like to see more developers rally behind Windows Phone, however, so fingers crossed Windows 10 addresses that.
  • Hmm I suspect a targeted leak. Microsoft showing that a new phone is i ndevelopment without releasing too much info.
  • This looks slick. Like what I imagined a Surface phone would look like.
  • I thought the same thing!
  • You guys are aware this is just a disembodied display, right? How can you infer anything about the phone's design when there is no body?
  • Well, the Lumias seem nothing more than a screen and a back panel. If this is what it looks like upfront then it seems really slick.
  • Because they're dying of thirst! Like a shimmering mirage in the desert when water is nonexistent, Windows Phone loyalists minds are creating a shimmering body around this screen and it's beautiful, the greatest phone we've ever seen. A phone that will, must, finally quench our thirst.
  • Yeah!
  • What if this IS the whole device? BOOM! Mind blown.
  • No battery, no processor, no sensors. If this is the whole device my mind would definitely blown but my wallet would be closed.
  • We can't, but you can...c' Mon Daniel, give us all the info instead of a teaser article ; )
  • does WP central have a blu winHD. disect it for science. you may find your LDC panel above within your hands.
  • I remember I've seen a WP concept phone just like that somewhere on YouTube... And I thought at the first glance: It just got real!
  • It's just a screen, how can it look slick at all?
  • Followed by a release within 24 hours?!
  • Where is the Rumor-o-meter?
  • And why does it still say "Windows Phone Central" ?
  • I guess they forgot to change that during the rebranding process hahaha.
  • msalfol yasta :3
  • I'm hoping for a beast!!!
  • Plz flagship device
  • This looks so much like a 1030 u with me?
  • How on earth can anyone rush from these pictures to conclusions about a Lumia 1030?!
  • Well I need to strongly believe that MSFT is working on something that's gonna replace my 1020 otherwise I'd have to switch to android... So as far as those leaked pictures are concerned it's not a toilet paper but a a screen of something that looks very similar in size to what I'm currently holding in my hand.. That is 1020 of course..
  • Because there are no other devices in this size range?
  • So you're sure it's not 1030?
  • I'm not sure it is anything besides something Windows-related...
  • People see what they want to see. Unfortunately, Microsoft rarely creates what we want to see.
  • THIS.
  • A 1520 variant with the the same camera specs as the 1020 variant would be my dream!!!!!
  • +1520
  • except with a QHD or if this comes out next year, a 4K screen, since Samsung will have 4K screens on their phones next year. Also, 1080p does not do the camera justice.
  • Fo the love of god, do not put a 4K screen on my phone anytime in the forseeable future. It would annhialate the battery and overwhelm the processor. QHD is way more than enough. I'm even happy with 1080p.  Please PLEASE NO 4K PHONE DISPLAYS.
  • +1520
  • Omg!! Please be true, please be true
  • Uh, I think you can rest easy that yes, it's true Microsoft at some point in the future will release a device that has a 5" display. You seriously needed to see this picture to know that?
  • A new flagship! We all know here Microsoft already released a 5" low end phone.
  • Yeah. Lumia 930/Icon is getting old fast.
  • wooow! 5 inches is the best size
  • That's what she didn't say.
  • Lol you made my day bud
  • Lol
  • Hahahahaha
  • To you , it's too small for me after months with 1520
  • Saw the humour of the comments after posting hahaha
  • Hopefully it won't take as long as mid 2015 to come out.
  • This looks promising
  • At least for a high-end Lumia, mid-2015 is what I am hearing, Makes sense. Why release a new high-end phone before the Windows 10 launch? Kind of misses the huge tie in.
  • I get they want to make the Win10 launch really big...But they can start it with the 4th gen series like 940 n 640 as they did this year...so would make sense to complete the 3rd gen series with 1530, 1030 n 1330...if they don't opt to omit some devices in the 3rd series...If they are promising to upgrade all the Lumias then there shouldn't be any issue releasing the 1030 or 1530 before that...Maybe in CES next year...
  • Because the, regarding Microsoft's history probably not all to huge, tie-in could happen via an update.
    But going without a flagship for more than a year is just a non-starter.
    In my opinion they just should've scrapped the 3Dtouch if it hasn't been ready for primetime and release the rest of "McLaren".
  • Because they haven't exhausted the range of numbers. They can release a high end now and another one with Windows 10, that cater to different people. See Lumia 1020, 1520, 930.
  • 930 (AKA Icon) also came a little ahead of it's time, so this could be a 940, but I believe it's the 1030 instead! afterall MS did said it is working on that!
  • So after and announcement there will be the customary 3-4 month wait before the device is actually available to buy, right? Which puts availability in the Fall of 2015.
  • "So after and announcement there will be the customary 3-4 month wait before the device is actually available to buy, right? "
    False. Lumia 730/830 announced Sept 4. Sales began in stores with a global rollout at the end of that month. Time to market for the past Lumia launches has been reduced significantly. Also, see Band.
  • Anything that is a flagship Windows Phone is simply a must have.
  • Daniel, 5inch now or phablet and then phablet or 5inch with windows 10. do your soucre tell you that one will not come and windows 10 is in mid 2015? and you believe him! look at nadellas msft release history: surface pro3, you only had it two days before when they were sent out to retailers, msft band is the same, lumia535, only a few weeks before and that was through a chinese leak, free office on mobile etc. point is; you need to get new sources, becuase from mary j to paul to brad to you have not been getting proper leaks in about eight months.
  • Mid 2015 sounds good and bad. Bad as it is 7 months away, but good as it means they have time to wait for a decent Snapdragon. My 920 still works well, I don't feel left behind. When is the 810 due?
  • Hmmm... The hopefuls are gonna have a field day with this, only to have their hopes crushed.. Lol. *sips coffee*
  • Bring Popcorn...
  • This is clearly lumia design
  • Yeah. 520-style is how we roll.
  • Yes definitely, it's not like this is just a screen...
  • Lol! Good one Dennis
  • Will the "high end Lumia" whiners stop now?
  • No. We're not sure if it's a Lumia :P
  • Shhhh! Let them all believe it is. (it does kind of look like a Lumia screen though)
  • No way. Whiner, ehm, Windows 4 life.
  • Quite simply, NO! We are allowed our opinions matey.
  • We heard you guys the first 10 000 times. That's not expressing an opinion, that's annoying everybody else. Whining won't make MS pull a high end phone out of their asses. Since everyone is well aware that the next high end Lumia will come out with W10, what's so difficult for everybody to just sit and wait™?
  • 10,001 lol
  • @SammyD97 - Because some of have already been waiting almost two years. The current stock of Flagships are anything but. Years old tech and specs.
  • No.
  • I'm beyond anxious to get rid of my 920 for something new, but I'm gonna practice restraint until some delicious Windows 10 phones come out.
  • The front panel looks a lot like the leaked 1030 concept recently by the same site...might be fake but still the small bezel and clear back screen will make the device look really sexy if it goes into production
  • How can they say what phone this belongs to ? Its just the screen.
  • Exactly what I was thinking, I think it is a Sony Windows Phone
  • Considering the screen is flat and has sharper edges id say its likely. Lumias have curved edges and are more rounded. Its not HTC coz their name is usually taking up half the front and there's big gaps lol (joking mostly)
  • Lumia cases have curved edges. I', sure if you remove the screen from the case, they will be flat with sharp edges. You guys realize that there are only a few companies making displays and they all basically look the same except for the size? It the screen was curved, that would be different. Although, I believe that curved screen LG phone isn't selling all that well. The only real clue from this picture is that it has capacitive buttons and that could indicate a mid to high range phone.
  • "I think it is a Sony Windows Phone."
    Would you please stop. Oh, no. Carry on.
  • "How can they say what phone this belongs to ? Its just the screen."
    3rd paragraph clearly states that.
  • It's a hillbilly windows phone
  • Looks like a flagship for sure
  • mmm, the only thing in the pics is the screen - you can tell its a flagship phone how exactly? :)
  • Capacitive button are an indicator of a mid or high end phone. Low end phone are using software buttons now.
  • What if the mclauren being canceled is just hoax and they are actually going to release it when no one expects it?
  • The band came out of nowhere, so it is possible.
  • "What if the mclauren being canceled is just hoax and they are actually going to release it when no one expects it?"
  • Sadly...
  • Coming soon, a new skit on SNL about Debbie Downer's brother, Daniel Downer *sad trombone*
  • This might be the Lumia 1330. Remember when those pictures leaked of 2 Microsoft branded phones? 1 was the 535 and the other was clearly a phablet but it didnt look high end like the 1520.
  • I suspect its a targeted leak. To get the news out there that a flagship is being developed without releasing any real news.
  • I don't need the 3D but I'd like to have all the rest :)
  • Strangely, I think 3D will be a very popular function on phones. It seems gimmicky maybe but I think done well it will be awesome. So I'm willing to wait for a top quality phone, Windows 10 etc.
  • so we there would be a need for 3D glasses?
  • No glasses required for the 3D effect on phones. :-)
  • If it's a Lumia, I'm thinking it won't be in the same naming convention as current lumias (numbering). Maybe they'll brand it only with a nickname similar to Icon. Microsoft Lumia BEAST
  • Thats the wish ;)
  • The "Hulk" is already occupied.
  • I think Microsoft MUST stop naming Lumias with numbers! For the average consumer, it's a mess! Also, they should build less phones. They should have maximum four names and phones, one for each budget category. Lumia SMILE for the affordables: new Lumia 535 should be here and just it, it has all the characteristics together from the 5XX and the 6XX series. Lumia ROCKY for the mid-range: Lumia 830 with the FFC of the 735 here. Lumia BEAST (following you jaja) for the flagships: A combination of the design of the 930 with the powerful optics of the 1020. Lumia HULK for the phablets: just HULK for the 1320 and HULK Pro for the 1520. I think Apple's success is because they just made one phone, and anybody knows what just the name "iPhone" represents. *Names are subject to change ofcourse, just making a point here.
  • All smartphones are numbered.  Apple iPhone 6, Samsung S5, LG G3, etc....
  • Yes, you missed the point... Yes they all are numbered but they always have their primary names iPhone X, Nexus X, Galaxy SX - On those cases the number just represents which one is the newer model...
    There're are a bunch of Lumias with a bunch of numbers, non-geeky people (people that don't even know what Windows Central is) get confused with these tangle of numbers! Lumia 520, 525, 528, 530, 535...
  • +940!!!
  • It will probably be another budget or "affordable" flagship phone. Meh. I wont believe it until I see it
  • If it's a Lumia (although it looks like very Lumia-ish), I don't think it gonna be a budget phone, because of the hardware navigation keys (affordable phones now has on-screen keys) and the ClearBlack® polarizer. I really hope it is the Lumia 1030, I own the 1020 and I would love to switch to its successor. :crossingfingers:
  • I suspect it! Look at the solid navigation keys. MS stopped integrating keys in phone, don't they.
  • No, hardware keys are still very popular.
  • Only on some devices.
  • Lookin like a new affordable flagship
  • Hahahahahaha probs.
  • 835?
  • Not like we haven't been asking since before the 1520 even announced. Fuckers. 5" 1520 or 925 on TMO would be solid.
  • Yup I too like that 925 body with 5 inches and much better specs..similar to 1520
  • Even just 5" 1080p with SD support. Same specs otherwise. Better screen. Bigger. That's all. The phone already works great.
  • That is exactly what the 930 is. Except for the body of the 925
  • This is not a device it is a DISPLAY. We all are waiting for 1030 and 1530, but their will be good reasons MS is delaying such devices.
  • New flagship phone ?
  • Just ship it like that...
  • Microsoft Lumia display replacement
  • Nokia Lumia 1030 or 1830 for 1830 i want ... - 6 inch screen, QHD 2K display (2560x1440)
    - 6800mAh
    - 41MP PureView 6/7 lenses Rear camera
    - 8MP Pureview 4/5 lenses Front-Facing Camera
    - 2 GB RAM
    - 32 GB internal memory, external storage up to 128GB
    - Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (Quad-core 2.3 GHz) / Snapdragon 805 (Quad-core 2.7 GHz)
    - Loudspeaker with Dolby Headphone sound enhancement
    - with Nokia Lumia 930's microphone
    - 3D touch gesture
  • Do you understand how impossible it would be to squeeze a 6800mAh battery in a phone? The rest of those specs are equally improbable.
  • Microsoft planned on dual baterry, they can squeeze two 3400mAh battery on it (using Nokia Lumia 520 battery)
  • So you want a brick with a screen? You sir... Are nuts. They're not gona make this and charge $1000 for thats that's an inch thick haha.
  • You forgot to say you wanted all that in a package 5mm thick weighing a maximum of 120g. Tomorrow. Keep dreaming...
  • i dont care bout the thickness and weight
  • No on screen buttons, yeah........ :)
  • It has capacities button's
  • Nice flat screen. So I can install my screen protector or tempered glass without any problem.
  • Nice flat screen?!? Oh boy, do we disagree on this!!!
  • The low and mid end line is already filled. Flagship is all that's left! If its on att I'm ditching Verizon.
  • Why some new lumias have physical buttons (home, back, search), and others only virtual buttons? Final price?!
  • Wow... !! Looking hot.... But sure Iam not going to buy it in future.. Because not having money ..lol
  • Looks like a 6 inch
  • 935
  • A replacement for the best windows phone the 1520 .
  • Really hope so. I'm waiting to hear what Jolla is releasing. If no good I would really like the 1520. But if there was new model coming id like to know
  • Still is the best windows phone. I will be getting 1530 ot whatever it will be called too!
  • Flip me. Nokia will be making new phones by the time Microsoft sort a flagship out. Lol
  • Lumia 940?
  • Wow looks awesome
  • I feel MS is going to skip 1030 and release a '1040' with Windows 10.
  • how can they skip something which is not there
  • That gives more life to current flagships like the 1520 .. Yay!
  • I thought we were ditching capacitive buttons in favor of on-screen ones. 
    Not that I mind though, but would prefer to have a gesture for back, instead of a button.
    Plus I'm somewhat curious to see if the charms bar and the menu buttons will begin to converge any time in the future after W10 hits.
  • Microsoft seems to distinguish it's product lines here.
    High-end "PureView" devices have physical buttons (especially the camera shutter button), midrange and low-end devices only on-screen buttons.
  • The shutter button is a must, I agree with that but perhaps they should consider on screen for their flagships as well. The constant backlight currently present when in not broad daylight can be a tad irksome.
  • Yes, but will it have Cyan on VZW?
  • 1030 lets hope!!!
  • Offtopic but we can send mp3 through telegram messenger
  • Small bezels, yay! But no rounded corners, so likely not the lovely rounded displays from the 720, 1520, etc... :-(
  • Too bad there's no branding on it which doesn't make much sense unless it really is in early stages and they're hiding it.
  • Windows 10 is ruining things up. but I can't wait to use it! I just wish many things didn't have to stop because of win10 being the next big thing and merging platforms and all. I just wish it was released sooner, so WP users don't have to wait for nice phones, apps and features and that stuff. but anyway I hope Microsoft releases another phone soon, more choices it's always better and I want more Microsoft branded phones. ^_______^
  • THIS
    ... is why we can't have nice things. :'(
  • There is no reason, as far as I can tell, why MS couldn't release new phones and update them to W10 later. Sure, they need a nice model or two at W10 laucnh as well, but hopefully they haven't put all models on hold to wait till W10... :(
  • why are on screen buttons reserved for low end devices?  wouldn't putting the buttons on screen enable you to make phones with larger screens in smaller bodies?  i don't get why MS isn't going full throttle with on screen buttons
  • Because it robs screen real estate...
  • Although you can hide 'em with denim.. Your comment makes sense.
  • But they definitely eat screen real estate when they're not hidden.
  • True....The Nexus 5 and 6 are a great example of bigger screens with on screen buttons to reduce the bezel size....I feel that physics buttons respond better and are just more reliable...Less bezel would be very much welcomed by many of us though I'm sure!
  • It looks faster.
  • Mid 2015? Oh my..
  • Im more inclined to believe its a 6 inch display. Because when I hold my 1520 in my hand and compare it with the photo. The dimensions match. I think therefore that this is either the 1330 or the 1530.
  • Agreed!....After reading your comment I looked at the stand and grooves of the table next to the screens and by my estimation it appears to be a 6 inch screen and looks like a 1520 successor to me.
  • Whatever it is, I just hope it has at least has a great... wait... a border line incredible camera, and that it comes to TMo US.  Otherwise, meh. 
  • Interesting there are no holes in the glass for the speaker or mic.  Assuming that since the capacitive buttons are present that there are a complete display "slab".  
  • Here's to hoping and praying MS does not wait till W10 (especially if/as W10 will probably not radically change the appearance of the UI on phones) and instead release early at least one higher end model with clear messaging that W10 is coming soon.
  • Looks like an old model...
    The Windows logo looks like the same as my 920.
    The new logo is flat like on my Microsoft Band strap.
    Does anyone else think that the logo might change on the phone too?
  • Windows logo and Microsoft logo are different. The flat MS logo can be seen on L535.
  • "... coming to Verizon wireless in Fall 2018, to be retired 3 months later, and if a customer wants to buy one, they will have to win an in-store cage match with a droid first." Yeah, just made that up but... maybe not. :|
  • Looks like a new phoneblet
  • Phonelet sounds nicer...
  • Nice. I'd make a guess at 940 with a first SD slot for the product line. Woot!
  • It could be 940
  • the first photo looks lovely, i mean, if it didnt need more bezel, just like that looks gorgeous, clean, minimalistic & modern
  • Let's hope that this is a flagship and it doesn't have a 93x or 10x0 naming convention and is released to all the major carriers on the same day.
  • WHAT!???  No, I WANT the naming convention to stay.  I think it's the height of stupidity to use nonsense names like "Icon".  Keep the model names as they are and make sure they accurately reflect the "series" or "class" of device.  It's fantastic to know that 6xx and below are entry-level, 7xx-9xx are mid-range and 1xxx are high-end devices.  You can't get that from "Icon".
  • Hmm, Im going to go ahead and say these are not from a Lumia. The glass is totally flat, and unless microsoft plans on moving far away from the old design philosphy, the glass should have some curve to it.
  • This is just the screen not the top glass. On my 1020 the glass ontop is the curved part.  
  • high end 9xx series i hope they release it as fast as they can
  • It will probably be a Lumia 540. A new "Affordable Flagship."
  • Haha... And then they'll compare it to to the iPhone 6 in the presentation...
  • Its probably a Lumia 940 earlier a website had posted that some European country's police are going to be given windows devices including a device with "fingerprint scanner" and ders been rumours too abt a flagship device that's gonna launch with windows 10 for phones....
  • Hoping for the rumored 940
  • Omg this one is extremely slim... I think its either 940 or 1030 ...
  • or you're looking at a part of a phone and not the phone...notice the board shows? This looks like the LCD+digitizer stack. Beneath this would be the motherboard + SOC and battery, and then the camera module. It will not be this thin.  
  • Oh, good grief.  No new flagship until Windows Phone 10?  First, it must have a camera that's even better than the 1020.  Second, I'm not excited at all about Windows Phone 10 (because Windows 10 is the worst possible way forward for the desktop/tablet and I don't want that "infecting" the Windows Phone experience).  This is just ridiculous to wait so long for a new flagship.
  • while I find most of your take funny, what's even funnier is that windows phone has failed in the market thus I don't really see a chance it can remain separate from windows 10 if it is to survive.
  • Microsoft desperately needs a surface pro 3 (but much better than that) phone device that just rivals everything out there.
  • why? high end phones don't sell well unless they are made by apple. MS needs marketshare and it is not clear how they can get it. My personal suggestion has always been to fire the WP leadership and replace it with somebody who will try something else. Maybe even have Nadella personally appoint a leader who will take the failed belfiore strategy and burn it. Start fresh, maybe even kill WP and go with a cyanogen-like branch if that is what it takes. It would suck for a bit and they would eat humble pie but better that thant he joke that WP has become amoung the masses.
  • Oh, you're back?!
    So you suggest Microsoft should go down the Android road, a strategy they just scrapped?
    Remember Nokia X?
    As far as I did understand Nadella he simply doesn't care (sh*t) about Windows Phone, which is good in one regard: Microsoft obviously accepts its' also-ran position.
    That's what I read from their strategy to bring all their software and services to their competitors' platforms.
    So why should they bring Android in? To save the hardware business they clearly don't care about?
    Or so you could switch to Android and maintain your userbase?
  • And there are rumours abt 1030, 1330 too so all the flagship lovers please wait for some time and MS won't disappoint you....
  • I don't care for this number naming schema much anymore but I just want good hardware. Minimal bezel, simple and sharp design.
  • If this is the 1030 then I'll say goodbye to my lovely 1520.3. :)
  • If a new flagship was announced in build. Which is in may 2015 , so the flagship will be released in August maybe , so we have to wait 9 months from now to get a new flagship??? , they have to release a new flagship before this year's end , because the next flagship will be after 9 months , and that's a long period , some people may leave WP
  • You mean one of the two left users? So you will be very lonely by the end of the year then.
  • better be running windows 10 or i will have a fit. Currently rocking the sexy NL 1520 and no phone out there right now is coercing me to change phones  however, if the samsung galaxy edge was running stock android 5.0 that would be a good decision for me. 
  • it won't but who cares. they already say all lumias will and I assume this device will too.
  • I don't know if this is a good... Hopefully, but if the trend continues of just releasing it in the other country or exclusivity on US carrier...hmmm, I have nothing to say.:(
  • Maybe a lumia 735 for all you know, Microsoft is full of surprises Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What? 735 is released already.
  • Only 5"? Hm to small, but a nice try
  • Guess I'm waiting until mid 2015 then. If there's a 1020 successor possible, no way I'm using my 2yr contract on a different device.
  • Get a cheap phone (735) fire the time-being.
  • that looks more like the screen assembly of a blu win-hd phone. I'd like to see a device similar to the win-hd with a good cpu, like snapdragon 80x.
  • My guess this will be a 940 device, and perhaps the 1030 or similar will be a Win 10 launch device.
  • Best news I've read in a long time.
  • Till 2016 Only and then Nokia will be allover
  • So shud I wait more?? I was about to get a 930, upgrading from 920.
  • Damn, literally the first leak shots I have seen in a minute. Good stuff...
  • If its the like a beefed up 830 removable back sd support better camera 1080p screen more battery maybe a twenty something pixel camera or higher with more colour choices im sold
  • Icon²
  • My coworker dropped his 1520 from about 12-feet, completely destroying it. With nothing else available, he opted for the Note 4. I've got to be honest, it's a really attractive device. The aluminum chassis and S pen are amazing. my 920 needs an earpiece and my 1020 locks up continously. The Note 4 is really tempting but I'm not quite desperate enough yet to go back to Android. I'm ordering an new earpiece on eBay right now... LOL
  • Never buy Korean phones, that's my mother's advice.
  • Wouldn't it be cool though, if that WAS the whole phone? No bezels at all... completely thin and ALL screen, like some of the concept phones we've seen. Of course it'd break easily.. Errr
  • I hate these naming conventions. Especially with the use of numbers. They should use names like  Lumia Titan (replacement for Lumia 1520) Lumia Flash (replacement for Lumia 1020/1030) Lumia One (replacement for Lumia 930) Lumia Craze (replacement Lumia 830) Lumia Omega (replacement for Lumia 630) And thats it! I'm kind of tired of keeping track of numbers when it comes to phones. 
  • Model numbers are great. Even a novice can predict the generation and specs/price by seeing the model number of the phone. Very convenient. How do I know Lumia Craze is mid-range and Lumia Omega is low-end? 830 and 630 serve the purpose fine.
  • I didn't mean end the numbers... but you can start with Lumia Omega and then next year Omega 2,3,4, and so on and so forth.
  • Then look at it that way:
    Price/feature range: generation:
    Phablet: 15 20
    High end: 9 30
    Midrange: 8 30
    7 30/35
    Entry level: 6 30/35
    5 30/35
  • Surface phone??  Kinda looks like it..
  • Exciting!! I'll wait
  • Microsoft suuuuuuucks. If I had known it would take 2.5 years to get from the 920 to its AT&T successor, I would picked up the 1520 on AT&T 6 months ago, rather than waiting until the fall, when Microsoft made the most disappointing releases in WP history.
  • PLEASE GOD NO MORE CAPACITIVE BUTTONS!!! Or, at lease allow the option to disable them in game play or dim/turn off lights. They are super annoying when hit accidentally.
  • Denim is coming
  • I'll get a 1030 or a 1530.
  • I like how the window, back and search button are moved to the bottom... 
  • Will windows phone have any interested high-end consumers left by mid 2015?  My 1020 is a ridiculously stuttering laggy mess since the most recent updates and is really long in the tooth.  I'll say goodbye if they don't have a carrier-netural flagship very soon and I'm willing to bet the 920 owners are leaving the platform in droves. 
  • I defected to iOS in January 2013 because of the app gap and two bad experiences with a Lumia 92x. I started using WP in November 2010 with an HTC on TMo. I have used that phone as a WiFi PDA/gaming device until I forgot in my airline seat pocket in Dublin last month. I have been waiting to move from my iPhone back to WP (was eagerly waiting for McLaren). I regularly look here to see what is going on with WP. I don't see myself waiting six more months from January to go back to WP. As I am fully vested in the MS ecosystem - Exchange at my company and personal email, Office, Surface Pro, MS Band Google does not offer what I need. My iPhone five truly is a toy. Unfortunately I see myself with an iPhone six and moved to iOS permanently. MS you really botched WP, and that is too bad. I was a huge ambassador for it at work and in the wild.
  • Why didn't Microsoft proceed with McLaren with the 3D touch capability disabled?
  • Them bezels are amazing, suck it LG...lolz
  • With Nokia becoming a traitor releasing an android tablet, Microsoft needs to release some compelling hardware to counter them and sink that ship permanently...... And yes I favor Nokia hardware, but the truth is the truth! This is why Nokia failed the first time, they didn't stick to their guns with their own OS, but instead tried creating new OSes from scratch over and over. Now they're recreating different Android devices hoping one will stick. As far as mobile goes, the only think Nokia has been constant with is its camera technology but Nokia faithful look to blame anyone but Nokia themselves.
  • I'm due for an upgrade, and there is no windows phone to upgrade to.
  • It looks really weird, the 3 buttons on the bottom are huge O.o
  • How about forgetting the naming convention, since clearly it isn't a convention anymore. Still enjoying my 920. Just wish it had more space.
  • 1030?
  • It is a T-Mobile exclusive.  It will be the successor to the 810.  They'll EOL it, possibly a few months after it is  released and everybody will forget about it. Just like the 810, though, it will live through anything you throw at it.
  • Holy cow!
  • As much as I want a new flagship to come out, I'd probably wait to get one until Win10 is released anyways.  But the waiting is killing me.
  • I just purchased a bunch of 830s for my family including one as a replacement for my now too unwieldy 1520.  Its a great phone that will most certainly hold me over until a less niche flagship comes along.  Exciting times.  I hope the M8 and 830 are enough, though. 
  • Surprise! McLaren just in time for the holidays!! We were just pulling you guy's leg! Wishful thinking :(
  • As long as these flagships arrive on ALL carriers. That's the best way to make Windows more popular on mobile, especially in the US.
  • Since W10 is such a drastic switch in versioning for windows (skipped 9) unification of the OS, etc... I would be perfectly fine with killin goff the numbering structure for the phones for a new system.  Or perhaps a unifcation of product lines.  MS Surface Lumia? Not sure why everyone thinks they would just continue the Nokia numbering (although they did with the 830, 535m etc... If you are releasing a new OS that unifies the hardware, I would fully expect MS to try to differentiate between a old Nokia product that was bought and their current successful brand name of Surface. Microsoft Surface Lumia/Mobile/3/Mini/4M (M for mobile)... I find any of those better than a MS Lumia 1030 or 940 etc...
  • Thats a 10##
  • Please Microsoft Lumia 1525 (5'5 1080p) 2Gb or 3Gb Design for Lumia 925 Should Big
  • I really miss the curved screen from the 920.
  • Would not be surprise anymore if the Microsoft high end smartphone for 2015 ends up with Verizon again!  Microsoft seems to never give up!  LOL! Microsoft would triple their U.S. market share by just having like 8 different size phones - low, mid, high end) all unlocked with all U.S. carrier radios built-in and sold at their retail stores, Best Buy and online stores.      
  • There is no Microsoft written on screen?
  • nw high end TOUCH buttons, not in display  
  • Mine!!!
  • A new HTC One (M9) on Android should be revealed Q1 2015. If HTC offer a Windows version at the same time then maybe that is a flagship on the horizon at least? Though HTCs cameras are average and obviously would be missing Lumia apps.
  • It looks very sleek and HTC ONE'ish. Mmmmmmm...rumors.
  • Quick question, what would be the successor of the 925?
  • It depends on your market. Here in Spain it's the 930, I don't know where you live but like it or not its what we have for now...
  • 1030 :-)
  • Are they really hoping the HTC one and the 830 pull them through the holiday? I mean I like my 920 well enough, but it's time for a new phone. This one's slowly falling apart on me.
  • Man I like the way that phone looks.. Nice!
  • I love the really small bezel.
  • It is actually just the screen in the picture. Besides, if it was the final product, those sharp corners would REALLY hurt in the pocket.
  • We need a flashgrip for all carries with all basebands like iPhone 6. Same body size as Lumia 1020.  
  • Just release the damn thing!!
  • I really, Really, REALLY hope it has rounded corners. I have a 1020 and 1520 and the corners dig into your hand when youre trying to reach the other side of the sceen. It drives me crazy... People are going to hold these devices all throughout the day. Make it comfortable, like an HTC One, or M8, or better yet, Moto X.
  • Come on 1530 : Snapdragon 805, 2GB RAM , 6' 2K display ( 2560*1440) , 20MP with Xenon , 8MP FFC , USB 3.0 with OTG Support , 3700 mAh battery , 64 GB + SD Card , and GDR2 with some new features.
  • I'd have that!
  • They have to release a new flagship on Verizon before Valentine's Day 2015 or I won't be able to stop some of my family members from defecting. Step up your game, Microsoft.
  • We need Lumia 1030!
  • Interesting. Hopefully that screen assembly belongs to a high end device. I'd imagine this this coming out when windows 10 is released?
  • I have the blu win HD and this look exactly like it
  • Hope it comes with USB type-c!
  • OMG, it's a screen,that's all! What a shock there is a 5 in. Windows phone (cap intentionally left off) in development. All the speculation is so pointless at this point, everyone just get your panties out of a wad and next year we will see what Win 10 and new devices bring.
  • Please may it be 1030 please !!!!
  • Meh....
  • I am an extremely frustrated 920 user.  My phone is two years old and is starting to act 2 years old.  I'm getting sim errors and I need a new phone.  I love my windows phone and as far as I'm concerned there is NO option.  I want a feature phone.  I don't want to downgrade.  Microsoft and AT&T as far as I'm concerned not giving me any options.  I'm getting more frustrated by the day.  This really shouldn't be happening.  Christmas time with no feature phone. REALLY!!  Get it together Microsoft.
  • Lumia 1520. It's big, but in every way an upgrade from the 920.
  • fingers and toes crossed till' April
  • Meh, let me know what a 6 inch is spotted.
  • What I find interesting about McLaren is that they didn't just release it sans 3D.
  • This.
  • What they should do while we all wait for a better phone is release the 1520 on T-mobile. I have just fallen off contract but the only windows phone they had was the 630.
  • Whatever it is....i hope it comes to T-Mobile
  • Numbering system must stop. Come up with names please.
  • Why have a 1030 AND 940 ,the 1040 and 940 should be just one phone
  • And yes the number system DOES NEED TO STOP
  • i just hope it has round edges like the 625 and other round edged lumias, feel so great to hold
  • I get that the rising markets can only afford budget phones, but I want more flagships! It is insane that Microsoft is literally spending all there time on making and getting other companies to make low end phones. It should be more balanced. When I get a new phone, I'm not going from the highest end phone to the lowest end phone. There need to be more flagships, especially one before the holidays would be nice.
  • looks very flat and no curved edge  
  • If you say so. 
  • April is still a long 5 months from now. Just give us a future proof specs for 940 and 1530 and upgrade it latter with windows 10. There is no any other better way to release windows 10 mobile and 1030 but being together. But thats 5 months of waiting!!!!!!!
  • Probably the 940, specs leaked last week. Not due before Q2 2015.
  • Got a link to those leaked specs?
  • Dont get your hopes up, Microsoft only makes low end phones now... Even if it was a high end model, I am.sure verizon wont get it
  • MICROSOFT! Whatever you're doing please give us 1020 successors in 5" and 6" variants!
  • glad i got my 930 when i did now, with the lack of phone to get excited about i wasnt in two minds about holding off for the next one.
  • Needed 6inch pablet from windows with metal/aluminium build qulaity and water and dust proof with pen(like s pen [sumsung]).  
  • I believe that is a BLU Win HD display. Look at the tiny space at the bottom. It's exactly as the BLU. Same 5" size display. Coincidence?
  • Maybe launch at 8.1 gdr2 update event
  • Hmm... Those sharp corners could hurt when in your pocket. Might not be a Lumia cause rounded corners are pretty much their thing.
  • I think that is only a 5" screen you're looking at. There is no case in this picture.
  • i am a lumia 920 user.  my contract ends in a month a 2 day or so.  i wish there was a new flagship, but i am on the fence about waiting.  lumia 1520, or keep the 920 for the next new windows phone.  i said it to freinds and family when the surface rt and surface pro were released.  MS needs to make a surface phone.  same metal design as the surface line, slightly angled edges. now that they own the lumia brand, potetitally the lumia tech (camera, clear black, etc...) i think they are in a position to make a surface phone. it may be called a lumia, it may no be.  i agree with all, make a flagship now, maybe with an 805 cpu (for all those who would think an 805 cpu would be MS dropping the ball, i call BS) however, i am eyeing yup the 635 on blackfriday. off contract for $40 at bestbuy if memory servers me.  and the MS store online has the 635 also listed for black friday (although, the price is a mystery at this point)   i do not want to get a new contracted phone if i know 6 months, even 7 months from now, something new will be coming thats 3x better than my 920. if you feel like your 920 is not fast or not cutting it, do a hard reset, restore from backup.  even though its a pain, starting from a fresh copy makes it so much better.   if you want more features, update with the developer preview.  i have not regreted it. lastly, if you have the money to throw away, get a 1520 or 930 (if you can find it) off contract then get a contract phone next year when the new flagship launches.   this is my opinion, but the next/edge/jump (what evey carrier your on)  do not do it.  they are a rip off, plain and simple.
  • I actually like the way the windows, search and back buttons are right at the bottom. Bigger screen and generally just looks better designed.
  • it can be a dummy screen ,coz navigation bar withot power thats impossible .  
  • This image view look like something you expect from Sony which would be a shocker.
  • It's not an upcoming device because in new devices the buttons on bottom are not coming..........
  • I saw the picture and was like "Damn, thats a sexy phone its looks so thin and the screen seems to go right to the edge". Then I realized I was looking at just a screen lol.
  • Mid 2015????? No way! Won't wait that long. 
  • This is almost certainly...the phone that should have been released 3 weeks ago for the holiday season.
  • I think that's the display from the Blu WinHD.
  • I wouldn't mind at all if this was the Sony Windows Phone they hinted at once upon a time.
  • As a consumer, I want a Windows phone that is 5.3" or 5.5"... I love the 6" 1520, it is a great phone but it is just a bit too big to put in your pocket.. For me the 930 is an okay phone but not worth the money, and once you have used the 1520 it's hard to go back.., I had both the 930 and the 1520, the 1520 was the best by a long way.... I like the 830, and it is a brilliant phone for the money, but for me Nokia / Microsoft have got drown in these 4" phones, there seems to be millions of them, too much choice for the end user.. We don't need another 5" phone, we need something to bridge the gap between the 5" and the 6"
  • Looks like Clearblack to me. I'm hopeful!
  • I hope it will be a 1030... I would immediately change my 1020...
  • New 5-inch Lumia 636 with 16gb of storage and 1.2ghz processor. It'll say Microsoft on it, though.
  • Lol.
  • What I would like to know is when Microsoft is going to make a phone with a processor in it to compete with the flagships of the other manufacturers.  I would buy one in an instant if they would just put a 2.2 Ghz or faster octa core processor with decent ram in a phone.  These 1.2 Ghz quadcore phones just tell me they are positioning their customer base for a quick phone turnaround.  The technology is so outdated that people will be buying a new one sooner than if they made a decent current tech phone.