Display Windows 10 phone

A new Windows Phone with a 5-inch display is currently being developed, at least according to leaked photos from a Chinese factory and published by the site IThome.

The photos appear to show hardware test samples of new displays being developed for a forthcoming Windows Phone. During this process, companies usually experiment with different variations and test the quality of the factory producing the part.

It is not clear if the displays, which clearly reveal a Windows logo for the Start key, are destined for a Microsoft Lumia or if these are for some other manufacturer.

Windows 10 phone display

No other bits about the phone's design or hardware specifications are revealed. ITHome speculates about a "Lumia 1030" using bogus specs posted on the internet last week. However, Windows Central is unable to confirm at this time anything about such a device in development.

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For fall 2014, Microsoft is lacking a new 'flagship' Windows Phone, which is being noticed and felt by the public. Microsoft was previously set to release a 3D Touch-enabled high-end Windows Phone codenamed 'McLaren', but as Windows Central reported in July that project was cancelled for unknown reasons. As a result, Microsoft is relying on the HTC One for Windows and the Lumia 830 to bolster sales through the holiday season.

Currently, Microsoft is not expected to release a new flagship Lumia until mid-2015, shortly after Windows 10 is formally announced during the Build conference in late April. Whatever is exposed in these photos could be the first stages of bringing that device to market.

Source: ITHome; Thanks, Fis _Master, for the tip!