Leaked photos of cancelled Nokia “Lauta” RM-742 N9 Successor prototype

How would you like one of these running Apollo?

My Nokia Blog have received a photo collection of an N9 successor, codenamed 'Lauta'. If it were released, it's reported to have been the immediate successor to the N9 and would have been launched soon after, but was subsequently scrapped due to Nokia's decision to support Windows Phone and drop MeeGo.

While in the photos the display and main body of the device are different colours, My Nokia Blog notes that retail units would have sported one complete theme. As well as a similar look and feel of the N9, the 'Lauta' sports identical internals, sharing the same specification sheet as its predecessor.

Check out some more photos below.

We've asked this before, but how would you have liked a QWERTY version of the Lumia 800 / 900? Would you like to see Nokia head down a physical keyboard path?

Source: My Nokia Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Yes, miss keyboards!!!
  • ++++ Times 10!
  • Sniff... sniff... keyboards.... makes me sad.  How have they fallen out of favor so completely???
  • Looks like Microsoft Surface except much smaller =) Nice!
  • I think THAT IS the surface phone :)
  • That looks awesome
  • My father has a Nokia N9 and I used it for a couple of days. It is a very good phone (talking about hardware). The keyboard has a very nice feel to it.
  • Yeah I have been dying to play with one
  • I actually like the two-tone effect. The red really stands out while the black camouflages the screen. One of the most distinctive looking sliders I've ever seen.
  • Distinctive design... That's Nokia for you!
  • Lol, its actually kinda nice!! And I'm not a fan of keyboards.
  • It looks nice, but I don't like landscape QWERTY phones.  If it was portrait QWERTY and ran WP8, it'd be an immediate purchase.
  • Nobody wants portrait keyboards!!!!!
  • is there still a market for a qwerty?
  • Looking at that device, I almost want to go back to one :-)
  • Hell, I might. More screen real estate when typing.
  • I've been begging Nokia to make a WP7 version of their E7 for over a year.  If they make an E7-like WP8 I will pre-order the millisecond it is available, regardless of carrier.  NOKIA - MAKE THIS PHONE!!!!!
  • Hell yes. So wanting an Apollo replacement for my 7pro.
  • Nice!
  • Wow! Perfect design.
  • Will the Apollo homescreen rotate to landscape?
  • No
  • Nokia you little goon, release this phone immediately!
  • It's FAT...
  • Its phat
  • I second Phat
  • Do people still say phat?
  • Yes Nokia make a QWERTY phone for WP8
  • Verizon will get this one for WP8? Would be nice...
  • Yes, yes, yes, oh baby yes... || yeah I'd like this concept for Windows Phone
  • That's the best keyboard I've ever seen on a phone.
  • I guess you never saw a HTC Universal or TouchPro2. Whilst the Uni was a bit bigger than most phones, nothing out there could match its keyboard. The TP2 keyboard was better than this one looks to be as well. Its a shame the 7Pro/Arrive was never available on most networks, as that was a wonderful keyboard, similar to the TP2. Id rather HTC make a qwerty WP8 device than Nokia, they seem to have the knack of making good qwerty phones. Its not often you'll see me wishing for an HTC lol...
  • Have you seen and used the Nokia E7?
  • Not really missing a hardware keyboard and prefer a slimmer device, so no, not really something I would like to see personally.
  • I would love a lumia with a keyboard
  • To think
  • Yes please, wife wants away from blackberry and would go wo but as it is the only option with a physical keyboard it makes it hard. Come in Nokia try and get some of the BB crowd
  • Very nice. Bring to Wp8, please. :)
  • No, no, no! Physical keyboards have no future and everyone knows it, even Microsoft.
  • Dude whether you like physical keyboards or not you cannot deny that it is a nice looking design
  • Never ever assume that because you dont like something, that there isn't a market for it. I so want an Apollo qwerty.
  • Disagree, physical keyboards are very nice for those of us that aren't 20 years old anymore.  I've a lot more screen to see with a physical keyboard. 
  • I have three kids under 13 years old and they all prefer keyboards, as do I and my girlfriend (and she's over 18, I swear!)
  • Sure she is... picks up phone to call police...
  • I'd LOVE it! Am using the Arrive ( 7 pro) right now and really enjoy it. In fact I like the keyboard from the 7 pro more than the N9 Keyboard...but all in all: Keyboards rock! I hope for a solid WP8 QWERTY-Phone!!!
  • Announce a QWERTZ/QWERTY WP8 slider phone tomorrow ... will buy one instantly ...
  • I would so totally get this if it was wp8.
  • I would buy a qwerty Version of the Lumia 920.  (preferrably portrait, but landscape would do) 
    Here's why: 
    I love my N8 for the camera, but everything else is annoying
    I love the keyboard on my Blackberry Torch 9810 from work, but everything else is annoying
    I love my wife's Lumia 800 for the UI of Windows Phone, but miss the connectivity options etc.
    I love the options WP8 looks like it will be offering.
    I've been planning on getting the 920 (maybe around Christmas, early next year (SIM free), but if they had the 920, with WP8, pureview (even the 20MP would be brilliant, come on who needs more...), and a physical keyboard.  I'd be all like.....
  • When it is a Lumia 920 with addition of QWERTY keyboard I would buy it.
    Cyan Keyboard and black screen please!!!
  • I'd buy one of these as is w/WP8 on it.  Don't need to change a thing.
    For those of you who think there's no market for this, you're obviously wrong.  It may be a niche market, but it exists, and Nokia could corner it w/this device.
  • YES, please. Wife would change from desire z instantly. She's not liking android, and wants a physical keyboard...
  • I had the HTC tilt 2. That was many generations ago, it ran win 6.5. That phone was too bulky for no real benefit (like more battery) other than the keyboard. Win 7 software keyboard works great for me
  • I know some ladies that would DEFINITELY get something like this in a heartbeat... =P
  • I will not buy a WP8 without a keyboard. That's why I stick with my DVP
  • I would love this! Especially if it WP8 has more support for landscape orientation. 
  • I actually passes on the N8 in order to have the keyboard of the E7, still clinging to Symbian. When the 900 came out I finally made the leap off the"burning platform" but the lack of a keyboard was a major concern for me. I really hated touch screen entry. After months of the 900 I don't any longer feel the need for the physical keyboard and likely wouldn't consider it if such a product were on offer.
  • I want this maaaaaaaan
  • someone should make a phone with detachable keyboard adapter like the surface or the windows 8 tables clamshell +9000
  • Did you really just +9000 your own post? That's funny.
  • yeeeeeeees fuck yes i want that fucking device runing wp8 NOW!
  • I would definitely have considered that as an upgrade to my Quantum, but would need to know about the rest of the specs, of course.
  • Hopefully they make pureview standard on at least all high end Lumia phones. I really wanna get a keyboard+pureview.
  • I would love that! I think with the keyboard covers there is no reason you cannot have something like that for phones. Like keyboards
  • Yesss!!! Bring that out !! Wtf were they thinking canceling this?? Smfh!
  • no way for bulky keyboard
  • This, + pureview = yes.  I don't care how thick it is it would be amazing.  The two tone color is awesome as is.
  • That is one sexy phone
  • Thats why I am quite sure that Surface is made by Nokia !!!
  • Please please make this happen Nokia. Its brilliant!
  • I'm sure lots of people would love one of these but for me it's meh.
  • Hmmm....maybe...
  • I would buy this immediately.
    Love my hardware keyboards.
  • Launch it with wp8 with both qwerty and qwerty free version! Also with no buttons with software buttons, wish M$ support software buttons.
  • Looks too bulky.
  • .
  • We do realise that Nokia can't cover every single thing we want from a WP8 phone don't we? The reason I say this is come tomorrow there will be people moaning. You have got to be patient, im sure they will be bringing out phones this year and early next. My contract ends Nov 2013, the earliest I can upgrade is next may unless im willing to pay to upgrade earlier but im willing to wait till may to see more of a line up. Coz again I know what will happen, everyone will get WP8 in Nov and Dec and then start crying coz they are in 2 year contracts at the start of next year coz something better is out
  • With wp8, could be interesting, but I still prefer a large touch screen and a thicker body...