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What you need to know

  • Images of Arkane Studios' Xbox and PC exclusive Redfall have leaked online in an anonymous Imgur post.
  • The screenshots prominently feature many of the game's weapons, environments, and menus.
  • The images confirm that, much like previous Arkane games, players will be able to use different tiers of weapons and various different skills. There will also be various types of missions for players to complete.

Updated 9/11/2022: Updated with additional information from the leak.

Screenshots of the upcoming Xbox and PC exclusive from Arkane Studios, Redfall, have leaked in an anonymous Imgur post that has since been taken down. The post's title indicates that the images are from a Redfall playtest, and the images themselves prominently feature several of Redfall's weapons, environments, and menus. Additionally, several developer testing and debug tools and areas can also be spotted in the screenshots.

Based on the images, it looks like Redfall will feature different tiers of weapons, skills, and various different missions for players to complete (these features line up with offerings from previous Arkane Studios games). The screenshots also seem to imply that Redfall will, at least in part, take place in both urban and natural environments. Details from the post indicate that players will be able to earn XP by doing missions and killing enemies, fight bosses, and encounter a variety of vampire and human enemies. The poster also explained that there are six characters to choose from that each have a special ability, and that the game has an open world-style design with gameplay reminiscent of Borderlands. Have a look at the leaked images below:

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What do you think of the leaked screenshots and descriptions of Redfall? Are you interested to see how it differs from other Arkane Studios games such as Dishonored? Let us know in the comments below. Clearly the screenshots are from a very early alpha build of the game since the graphics are unpolished and there aren't many visual effects, so future publicly-released images are sure to look much better.

The game is expected to arrive in Summer 2022 and will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Windows PCs (Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to the game at launch). PC players will be able to play Arkane's Deathloop in the meantime, thankfully.

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