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Leaked render offers a quick look at the upcoming Lumia 650

It looks like Microsoft is all set to unveil a new LTE-enabled handset targeted at the budget segment, the Lumia 650. Renders of the device have leaked, giving us a quick look at what's on offer with the handset. The image in question suggests that the Lumia 650 will be a dual-SIM handset, sporting a speaker at the front.

The rumored specs include a 5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 210, 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal memory. The major differnetiatior between the device and the recently announced Lumia 550 is the screen size, with the latter featuring a 4.7-inch 720p display. [Note: Our sources say a Snapdragon 410, not a 210]

There's no mention of a launch date. It is likely Microsoft may hold off until Mobile World Congress — held in February 2016 — to unveil the handset, although given the relatively low-key launch of the Lumia 550, we may see the Lumia 650 before that.

What do you guys think of the Lumia 650 from the leaked render?

Source: Teiba; Via: PhoneArena

  • Awesome. At least. In the pics
  • Don't you think specs are a little on the downside??
  • If its sporting soc410 then no else 640 is better.
  • It has sd410.. Not 210
  • That is not a Lumia.... I think that's a leaked picture of a Samsung GS5 running W10M.
  • doesnt look like apple enough to be a samsung
  • Lol. Then what does it look like? Because, it doesn't look like a Lumia 800, 820, 830, 900, 920, 925, 930, 1020, 1320, 1520, or 2520...
  • 650 wont be having sd210.. 640 has sd400 how can its successor have 210?
  • Becasue Microsoft. Remember how 530 was worse than 520!
  • Well, that was Nokia, though.
  • Holy ****, that's blasphemy around here...
  • It says that its sd410, not sd210. Read the article again
  • well it says "rumored specs"... :P  
  • I think this is a sign Microsoft still isn't "getting it".
    One high end phone, one low end phone... then wait a year before releasing any more. First party market saturation is a strategy that has failed them every time... let the other OEMs do that so they can focus on improving the general software experience for their couple phones. When they announced the 950 then 550 I'd hoped they would finally have learned that's all they need on the market for the year, why aren't they learning?
  • 'i think that Microsoft still isn't getting it' I think that Microsoft is still trying to get rid of the left over Nokia projects, just like the 950/950xl
  • Quite clearly, this does not look like a Nokia leftover. At least it is not reflected in the design language. And I still cannot understand Microsoft. It seems they are going to continue confusing customers with 550, 650, 650 XL, 655 with duo-SIM, 652 only for Carrier X, 750, 950, 950 XL. After 640/XL I thought we would finally see some consistency: 6xx then 7xx/8xxx and finally 9xx (plus XLs with each). In my opinion, it would make most sense to go with 6xx, 7xx and then 9xx as it would denote 9xx as much superior to the other two. Of course, it would need to actually be that way, unlike the situation we have with the 950 and its build quality.    
  • first of all, it's a leak. it can be inacuarte. secondly, can nokia not ever change their design? do they have to stick with the same design every year? This is a nolia carryover, because the only thing we know of which is a microsoft led project is the panos phone, aka surface phone which is due late 2016
  • I think this phone is rumoured, not real.
  • Maybe not a phone for you but there are many who these specs are more than enough. Especially if its running W10M.
  • That black line at the bottom is something new on Lumia phones, whatever it is. Would be nice if FFC was above M, as proximity sensor above T, just to make it look symmetrical
  • That's the speaker
  • That black line you at the bottom most likely a front speaker. Though I love to have front-firing speakers, the front aesthetic based on this leaked image seems a weird choice. The upper part of ear speaker is smaller while the bottom is wider, making it weirdly asymmetrical. Why I don't why not just make it equally bigger, even better why not just make those two a true front-firing stereo speakers. About the sensor above, this is why I don't like the choice of having white or anything other than black bezels. It makes the sensor holes and camera visible cluttering up the front and ruin the minimalism at the front. Unless they can make it symmetrical as you said, they should refrain making non-black bezels. Lumia always been using black bezels (except the Lumia 710) and that choice is right in terms of aesthetics, making the front cleaner and makes the bezel less visible. For AMOLED, it makes even better to have black bezels.
  • This is just a leak..may be a 650 with black bezel exists... And I agree on the Asymmetry of the size of speaker and ear speaker.. Even though it doesn't matter for some of us..
  • Well functionality it doesn't really matter, though I find it a weird aesthetic choice.
    I also believe that black bezel exist. I think the white bezel option is simply to follow the trend from Galaxy and iPhone, which is why some commenters find it looked like Galaxy/iPhone.
    Weirdest decision though is that this mid-range/low-end have metallic frame, an aesthetic traits commonly expected for flagships. This one got it while 950 series didn't. Its supposed to be other way around, I dont expect 650 having this, but hey its here and I think that's great for people who like it.
  • Heaven forbid an ms phone looks like a galaxy and/or an iPhone. It seems perfectly acceptable for the galaxy and iPhone to pair up...,but bring the redheaded stepchild to the party and we got a problem. Go home ginger...
  • I'd do it like the SP4 does it. Really wish the 950XL had dual FFS config. It's pretty much my only pain point. At least the speaker quality is pretty darn good.
  • Yeah, they should take not from their own Surface line having front stereo speakers in the bezels. Since that Panos Panay and his team will get involved on designing and making next Lumia/Windows phone devices (at least for flagship), then this is a possibility. It seems that this Lumia 650 is a testbed for future front stereo speakers implementation.
  • I've always loved white phones with black bezels.
  • Looks more like the xperia L
  • Don't look Lumia.. Sad.
  • So far even though I don't like having white bezels, at first impression this looks better than 950 series. The only downside is the bezel at the top is too big making it instantly assymetrical and unbalanced. Interesting though is that this have metallic frame (uncofirmed if its real metal or just chrome plastic which is unlikely for Lumia). A aesthetic trait that are preferable for flagship devices. Usually designs are planned in advance but this one feels like an design response to 950 aesthetic controversy or more likely just an coincedence and just another Microsoft weird decisions. Most interesting part is that they finally put speakers at the front -- though not stereo unfortunately. This is a first-time in Lumia to have front speakers. Another odd thing though is that the top ear speaker is smaller while the front main speaker is wider.
  • Yes, the line on the front for the speaker at the bottom is wider, because it must acccomodate a larger speaker than the earpiece speaker up top. It must also accomodate the microphone in that location, or you wouldn't be able to talk to people who call.
  • Off topic-Just asking. If in repair status of Microsoft it's said the device is in repair could to also mean it's waiting for the part or the part that's needed is not available? O.o
  • I believe so best to chat with MS to be sure of exact status. I have had devices in repair and they didn't change status when holding on a part.
  • MS should've kept either 550 or the 650 is they were retrenching. I would've liked to see a midrange instead one of these(550 for example)
  • 1GB ram.. :\
  • 1GB is moronic.. I agree it should be two in budget handsets. Especially seeing the memory problems with win 10.
  • Minimum should be 2.
  • And why exactly? What's the problem with 1GB except "my friends Android has 2GB"? Though most Androids low costs have still 1GB.
  • True^. Morons only compare the specs and never see real life performance. Even 512mb Lumias perform better than 1gb androids.
  • Pallav . Come and use my 1GB RAM Lumia 1320 .. You will say it needs 2GB RAM to run smoothly... Gone are the Lagless days in WP8 GDR3
  • Well with new features old phones may run slow. But my old 520 is still faster than the new moto e.
  • How many seconds does your phone take to open WhatsApp...? 2 seconds right..? Android does it faster with 256MB Ram
  • It's not all about RAM, look at how fast Universal apps launch on windows 10 mobile, I'm sure with future updates WhatsApp will improve.
  • The funny part is my Lumia 535 with windows mobile 10 works better on 1gb ram than on my 2gb ram Lumia 1020
  • Abhishek, My lowly 1gb 1320 performs admirably!! It isn't a ram problem with the 1320. It's main hinderence is the dual core chip. For what it is, it is pretty good on W10M, and copes very well with the OS. The 650 would probably be a step up for us 1320 users. A 5.7" screen would be a result for those of us used to a large piece of screen real estate. My back up is a 640xl, but I always grab the 1320 for some reason.....
  • Don't compare 20series phones with 1gb ram to 30series with 1gig. The ram doesn't matter as stated by a lot of people who used it on diff ram devices. Its all about the processor. As of now win 10 mobile is not optimized well for dual core devices maybe when the dual core devices officially get it in the second wave the so will be optimized for dual core .
  • What W10M needs isn't 2GB RAM, but a more aggressive task killer. Seriously, you don't need all eight of the most recently opened apps reserving valuable RAM space. Too many times do I have to head to the task list for some manual purging, just so the image picker works or so the current app doesn't crash.
  • I have the Lumia 630 (512mb) version. The 18 month old device still runs buttery smooth. But the big issue I have is loading content heavy web pages like DenofGeek and AutoExpress. Those sites are so ads heavy they are now unusable I just get the dreadful resuming message. I've tried the alternative UC browser but same thing happens so certainly a memory issue. But I'm not too mad at Microsoft but more at those publications for not having lighter weight mobile versions. Still something to think about.
  • Exactly same here. The performance is phenomenal. Its not a powerhouse (for heavy websites) though that you are expecting it to be, its a budget device. It hasn't slowed down even a bit even after one and half year of usage. Its still able to handle the OS and apps superbly and everything is smooth as ****. Whereas some of my friends who bought Samsung and Sony around the same time are fed up because they can do nothing on those phones without facing severe lags and slow transitions of the UI.
    But one thing I'll give Android is that it doesn't kill apps in the background like WP does. The app actually stays in the RAM. I hope W10M manages RAM better.
  • the main problem is not that "my friends android has 2GB" but the price ... for something like 150-200 dollars you can buy an Android smartphone with 2gb (or more) of ram, FullHD screen and so on, why should I pay more (or the same) to have less?.  
  • And what will you do with the extra ram? Chew it? Windows is never a memory hog like android.
  • I don't want my tabs to keep reloading. I'm a heavy Web browsing guy.
    Now do you see the use of 2 GB ram? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dwl that cracked me up :')
  • Pallav, I have a 2gb ram android tablet with baytrail quad core and 32gb. I also have a cheap windows tab with 2gb same chipset, same storage. They are night and day performance with. Loading if web pages is way, way quicker on the win tab, running several tabs on win tab has very little impact. I can have office 365 running along with chrome, groove, and a download running at the same time, and the win tab doesn't show any sign of issues. She might get a bit warmer, but that's it. The droid, on the other hand....lollipop with chrome running, libera office, mix radio and downloading a film, the android throws it's toys out of the pram!! Non responsive, excessive heat, chip throttling back, shutdown! Not a scientific test, but when you consider my win tab was £55.00 including office 365 for a year, and my android was £150...Oh, both appear to be pegatron boards / chipsets. Go figure
  • It's not about extra memory. It's about higher specs in all departments, HD displays, octa core cpus, good 13mpx sony cameras and big batteries. Almist everything is better specd.
  • Why are you guys always obssessed with other platforms? You can make your point without dragging Android or iOS into it. Almost feels like you have a complex or something. 
  • W10M may not be a memory hog, but it makes apps act like they are by not killing off the most recently used apps/tasks aggressively enough.
  • For 200 dollars you can buy any other chinese OEM made Android device.. You can't buy Sony or Samsung with 2GB RAM with that price though...( talking about the launch price )... Lumias costs more.. BLU will be cheaper with 2GB RAM.. Got the point?.. ...
    As a side note.. I wish it was actually a midrange device than a low end one.. With 1080p display ,2GB RAM, and SD 615( or whatever )... But MS is giving space to 3rd party OEMs.. Let them have a chance.. Wait till CES 2016 for 2GB RAM devices...
  • Sony M4 Aqua
  • Which is a crap device.. So you want a crap Lumia?
  • Don't be ridiculous. M4 crap device, lol. In what department it's crap? It's of good build quality, have great display, camera and decent other specs.
    I was always fan of Nokia, their components are of highest quality, but that doesn't mean every other there is "crap" as you say. Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Meizu, those are all good manufacturers with better support than MSFT. And I don't want "crap" Lumia as you say. I'm willing to pay a little bit more for Lumia, as it was back in the days, but I'm not goung to pay 200euros for 8mpx camera and SD210. If I wanted heavily underspeced phone, I would have bought iPhone.
  • There's actually a phone out there that has 2GB RAM, 16GB storage with no microSD expansion, 720p display, 1715mAH battery and costs $650. Oh wait that's an iPhone 6s.
  • The 6s has a 720p display?
  • 750p to be precise.1334x750 resolution
  • well said brother....
  • UI, and different environment. You have to root it if you want to fully delete (NOT disable) that bloat, install a better launcher, app pack, app resizer, and find solutions for transferring services if need be. (music, apps like YT, Reddit, Ect)
  • Mid rangers dont.. The real problem is android users switching to WP.. They wont switch to WP seeing the mid rangers with only 1gb ram(though enough) compared to android at same price they get 2-3gb.. MS should upgrade their specs at par as android to be in competition.. Low ends should have 1gb(already has).. Mid rangers 2gb.. And flagships 3gb(already have).. Plus with good specs you get good features too.. With bad specs-less features
  • Or they should keep specs low so they can keep prices low but performance high?
  • Aren't these devices with 1GB RAM and 720p displays the low end devices though? The 550 for example is dirt cheap by UK standards (Not comparing specs to similarly priced phones, but just comparing how the experience would likely be) I'd expect a mid range device bought now (If there was one that existed, running Windows 10 Mobile out of the box) to be roughly the specs of the Lumia 930, but with glance (That should be on all mid-range and upwards Windows 10 Mobile phones go forward IMO).
  • Couple of points: When people buy phones (or anything for that matter) they compare products. Even if they don't exactly know what each spec. Means and how it affects performance 2 is more than 1. Second. I have been using a lumia 640 xl with win10 for a while now. Have used it with a 930 and a 1020. And I notice the disadvantage of one gig off RAM.
    I know it's preview software and that optimal performance is not yet implemented for "older" phones.
  • A lot of people compare specs before buying and especially ram and features.. I did when i bought my 1st WP, Lumia 720(512mb) over Xperia L(1gb).. Both were at same price & i was a bit disappointed with L720 for having 512mb ram & was abt to get xperia but then thought of trying WP.. Yes i did a right choice choosing WP but people dont often do what i did.. They go for things which offer more than others offering less
  • LOL I tought you were ironic.... sad times
  • Good news???????? Lol. Another phone that looks like a GS3?. Lol. Wow!
  • no.... a lot of budgets still have a half gig. they are budget phones for a reason anything more than one will just put the price too high.
  • Can you name which phone with 512mb ram released just now?
  • Why are the buttons on screen. This is so stupid and misuse of space. Wake Up Lumia
  • You can't say it's misuse of space, there could be some components under that bezel too. To add physical key they'll have to increase the bezel size. That will reduce the usable screen size. With soft Keys u can gide dem and use the full screen.
  • But On Screen buttons looks beautiful in Android but not in Windowsphone.. Bcoz Android has made that region Transparent but Windowsphone limited to Accent Colour or black colour.
  • I find on screen buttons cool on my Lumia 730. Better than one in Android. Best part u can hide it.
  • Yes... Its so better I hated the onscreen buttons when used some androids but the transition to 730 made my view change. But only for windows phone on screen buttons.....
  • Yes.. Me too.. Onscreen buttons looks awesome on my 730.
  • That's subjective. And keys are transparent in the Photos app and during OTG mouse use on some pages/when hidden and mouse is hovering over area of influence).
    That being said, I think the android "shape" navigation looks absolutely godawful. Like the damñ PS controller, only worse... :P
  • The bottom part housed a front speaker based on the photo, first-time in Lumia (but not stereo speakers like the HTC One series). About the bezel size at the bottom, I don't think having capacitive button at the bottom bezel makes it thicker. Previous Lumia such as 1520 have moderately sized bezel at the bottom yet still house capacitive buttons, giving a nice illusion of "small bezels" but actually it just use the space for capacitive buttons. Now the with on-screen button, that empty space at the bottom bezels gives the feeling of big bezels. This is why some other brands use that area for logo just to make look better. Anways, for me I'm more bothered that the top bezel is slightly bigger than the bottom part. This not flagship so I can't expect smaller bezels for these kind of devices.
  • I'm a fan of capacitive buttons but see the benefits of on screen buttons. Being able to hide them so you never accidentally press them when playing a game is one. But also the ability to change the style and design of them. For example the magnifying glass on a capacitive button will always show that, but with on-screen buttons it should really show the Cortana icon instead when enabled.
  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that! It would be nice to have an option that Search button should have Cortana icon if enabled/available. Even useful if Cortana icon animates when the Cortana On-Tap detects something (a rumored feature that is inspired from Google On-Tap which is nice to copy). The animation indicates that Cortana can suggest something based from the foreground app contents and contextual task.
    I'm actually not against On-Screen button. This actually just makes it consistent to Windows 10 family and allows any future enhancements and changes for the navigation bar.
    I can see why people upset about this though, it's because of hardware. It leaves large empty bezel at the bottom which is looks weird on some devices. If the device have stereo front-speaker (like from that image), device brand (not the pesky carrier logo), fingerprint scanner for Windows Hello or simply just making it smaller bezel, some people would more likely accept the on-screen button.
  • Tell that to Samsung Galaxy S6 Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • tell that to HTC and LG
  • They go away easy, that's why...
  • WP should have both the options- on screen and touch capacitive juust like oneplus
  • Yucks... That would be ugly
  • Ugly? Have you seen frst? You wont have both of them working.. One will be off.. :/
  • OnePlus implementation is actually good idea. As long as the capacitive buttons when turn off is invisible so the bezels will stay cleaner without the remnant if unused capacitive buttons. Personally, I'm actually undecided about that idea but interesting.
  • I don't like on screen buttons either! The fact that they sometimes disappear (e.g while viewing a movie or picture) and then you have to swipe up again to get it back. What I do like on WM above iOS is the universal back button, but if it isn't there all the time this advantage disappears (how can you go back from showing a video full screen?) and I would be better off with a fysical home button...
  • It would be nice if the had a physical home button on the back like the G4. Then the screen side could be free.
  • Then you guys will complain that it's a LG G4 clone.. Come on man..
  • I dont think there is a physical home button at the back of LG G4. Its a power/lock button with volume rocker.
  • On screen or physical at least it much better than annoying moveable button on iOS.
  • You can lock it from navigation bar settings so it won't hide again. It's simple.
  • I am more disappointed with 720p if you ask me than 210.. But then they are interrelated.. Maybe 750 comes with 615 and 1080p.. That WILL sell.. A configuration like Moto x play with same price range.. Lumia 750 should be like that..
  • There won't be a Lumia 750...
  • There has to be.. There will be...
  • Got cancelled. Sorry.
  • So after there any upcoming mid-range Lumia devices?
  • Cancelled mate...disappointing...i liked the 7xx series the most...maybe it will come back when Lumia gains traction...but in the short term, MS is pulling back and leaving the gap for other OEMs.
  • I think it's better for streamlining updates and squashing bugs. Then you won't end up with devices like the 810 that get completely and utterly forgotten by carriers and MS.
  • Where are these other oems people keep speaking of? No one gives a **** about windows on phones. Only a few companies released white label devices for the low end and since then it's all quiet. MS needs a quality mid-ranger
  • Sorry to say but 750 is cancelled
  • It's good thing that 750 got cancelled. There is a flaw in current design of 730 which if is again going to be in Lumia 750 then it will be unworthy.
  • So MS releases phones that have Continuum - type of a flagship phones for business users, and then these welfare models for developing countries? That pretty much excludes me from their user base :/
  • Perhaps Nadella delivers the promised flagship for fans.
  • Delivered*
  • Wen?
  • Where?
  • There's isn't a flagship for business. One flagship for fans (950), one phone for business (650) and one budget phone (550). That's it, not that hard. MS will be stepping back, as they promised. We just have to wait (and pray) so others OEM fill the gap (that's what they're expecting and only time will tell).
  • No.
  • Please, elaborate.
  • 640 is not business phone. Unless 650 has something special, it will not be either. Apple likely says iPhones will do as business phone. Samsung likely says Note and S6 Edge will do as business phone. How does 650 compare to those? But then, we do not know how Microsoft defines target business for their business phone :)
  • Error. 635 was the most business phone used last year/this year, including my company. We deployed almost 40.000 Lumia 635 to our employees, because it has 4G and it's cheap. I think most of users misunderstand what a business phone actually means, do you think we're going to "buy" 40.000 iPhones? For what? To read e-mails and build a Excel file once a while? Maybe the Executive board demands iPhones, but that's it. Why on earth do you need "something special" on a business phone?
  • The business phone is Panos phone.
  • The next generation, probably yes. For this generation it's 650.
  • Why cant they align the **** Microsoft branding in line with the proximity sensor and front camera. The top bezel is hideously huge.
  • It is because these designs are scrapped nokia designs
  • Not this one i think...
  • How can it be scrapped if they are releasing it? You need to look up what "scrapped" means. 
  • That's the bad having a white or anything other than black bezel. It expose the sensors which are not meant to be seen. These sensors should've be invisible under the black bezels.
    But yeah, the top bezel is weirdly large and asymmetrical.
  • Yeah... The most disgusting design ever. Microsoft keeps on releasing uglier and uglier phones. This one looks like some cheap Chinese ****.
  • Though this looks beautiful.. Hopefully this has the sensor core thing.. Or some hip factor.. You cant sell plain bland phone now a days.. Especially with negative coverage all around..
  • snapdragon 210 ? Meh.....
  • No.. It has sd410
  • Read the article man .. WC fans are such a mess...
  • @YashHarf, ignore Akssingh. It's apparent he/she has lost his/her glasses :P.
  • ;) or lost his mind? :p jk
  • Not excited about it at all....currently own a Lumia 950 XL and LOVIN' it!
  • Then this article is not for you
  • Well...that does makes complete sense...
  • What's the point of a 5inch when you already have a 4.7 inch?
  • I have a l730 4.7", way more than perfect
  • you have a 4.7 inch? i'm so sorry to hear that ;)
  • Perhaps he needs some medication for that. ;P
  • If you have a battery lasting more than 4 hours...
  • Looool
  • LM F AO
  • Speak for yourself, but it's great to have a choice of a smaller phone. One of the things I don't like about the 640 is that it is 5". I adjusted of course, but I missed the small phone factor. 4" feels too small.
  • Why can't make a decent spec and price like the Android Moto G for example.. Posted via the Windows Central App by OnePlus One
  • ^This.. MS is doing bad by not giving specs compared to android..
  • Decent spec devices are reserved for other OEMs... W10M is not just about Lumias anymore... Digest it
  • And other OEMs are...which other oems?
  • *Using binoculars.. Which OEM's?
  • release 650 sporting a less powerful SoC than 640 - okay MSFT... -.-
  • 410 is less powerful?.. Go educate yourself..
  • He doesn't need to.. You just did.
  • Ewww...
  • Nice phone upgrade for my mom...
  • Meh phone is meh
  • Well, looks like they have given up any originality with the design. Daniel was right, this looks like the iPhone 5s. So sad.
  • was best in the design all the phones look the same -_-
  • Hahaha.. **** u.. This is a nokia designed phone.. 950 & 950xl too.. :D
  • At what point will that excuse expire? Next year? Although, I am sure if next year's phone is ugly it will be a Nokia design also. I bet you if the 950 was universally loved it would have been claimed as a Microsoft designed phone. 
  • iPhone designs are revolutionary right?.. :P now take this...
  • Nah, wouldn't call em revolutionary. They screwed up the camera so it's off kilter when placed flat. With bigger camera sensors and a thinner iPhone, that's a design language problem. Steve would be píssed.
  • So how is this a bad thing because as far as I know iphone sells. Dont you see where MS is going with this?
  • Some WP fans are just too pocessive.. They don't want others to join the band wagon... :p
  • I agree.... We want the traditional Lumia design back..... We need a evolution, not a revolution.
  • How did that worked out ? :-) It was nice, I too liked the design. But they need to first gain some marketshare by looking similiar to their competition (Galaxy and Iphone). If you have 10-15% marketshare, then you can start producing cyan pink and whatever colors you want. They tried it too soon and well I dont have to tell you how things turned out.
  • Back up...... No, it wasn't the design of the devices that held back WP.. It was the lack of marketing, and as a result a lack of developer support... Don't get it twisted!
  • Looks similiar to iPhone 5S
  • No way!
  • Actually no, just because its has a curve corners and white bezels, it looks like iPhone 6? Not to mention this have different speaker design and have weirdly larger front speaker slit at the bottom with unbalanced larger bezel at the top. That trait is nothing like iPhone.
  • Pretty much the same as the 640?
  • I'm thinking the same thing. Nothing stands out to make want this over a cheaper 640 as a back up phone.
  • Agreed. No reason to choose this phone over Lumia 640 or 730/735.
  • Front facing speaker will do it for me. That's my biggest gripe with the 640, an otherwise stellar device.
  • Yeah that speaker does makes things a little more interesting, along with the better camera at the front as well.
  • Microsoft has to focus more on their flagship devices.
  • Fewer users for the flagships...their largest user base is on Low End and Midrange devices.
  • You are right, especially about the Low end Lumias
  • They just released two. Any new flagships won't come out until next year, which is sensible.
  • I dont get this...why would MS launch another low end phone a couple of months after launching the 550? I thought they were moving away from trying to flood the market with launch after launch of rubbish phones. It's hard enough trying to make sense of the Lumia line as it is
  • Nothing what Microsoft does makes sense.
  • Consider it this way..
    950 and 950X
    Smaller screen - bigger screen
    Hexa Cores - Octa cores
    Gorilla Glass 3 - GG4
    550 and 650
    Smaller screen - bigger screen
    SD210 - SD410
    Meh Camera - Decent Camera
    So the Lumia Line is complete.. It's not flooding with just 4 devices...
  • Well Nadella did say two device per class. Budget, flagship and business. Presuming the 650 is the second budget class device, that leaves two business class devices. Most likely another small / big screen combo? Time will tell what Panos and co have up their sleeve.
  • Daniel told me before that the Panos Phone will not be just a business device.. It would be a high end business device and for fans as well.. Soo.. Seems like there is a change in plans..
    L950/950XL would likely be replaced by surface phone end of next year..
    Surface Phone + XL
    Other midrange low end devices would be built by 3rd party OEMs.. Like budget friendly high-end device ACER jade primo..
  • Hey! That's a food point. Besides, why would they make two devices exactly alike?
  • Front facing speakers?
  • Yes, so in one aspect this budget phone beats my 950 XL. Front facing speakers should be the standard configuration.
  • Yup. After hearing front facing speakers on the SP4, I think the entire mobile computing industry(laptops, tablets, phones) should adopt front facing speakers. It just makes more sense.
  • Specs looks on low and MS has to come out of 8GB and 1GB. Any news if it has IRIS scanner and Continnum
  • Is that an iphone or galaxy garbage? Boy I really miss the true innovation of Nokia design!!!!!
  • First its the iPhone that Samsung copy to call galaxy garbage and now its the Lumia garbage.
    No standout specs nothing even for a mid range phone.
    1gb for low end device mid range shld have 2gb or more....
  • Agree - these designs look like Samsung/Apple low end phones.....more Samsung to me. There was a time when WP was 8-12% in markets around the world, but since the mass production of low end phones, all looking the same, market share has seriously decreased. We need those unique and stylish Nokia designs back rather than these cheap knock offs.
  • Yup..totally
  • Yes!
  • Yep! I agree... This already sucks.... And, probably no color options. SMDH
  • so one day microsoft employee went to chinese factory to submit blue print of L650....before submitting blue print he saw a dust bin, in which there are some blue papers he became curious to know what it is...he took those blue papers from dust bin,inside there is a design of smartphone drawn by some chinese oem....he asked factory officials why they throwed it,it look beautiful...they said chinese oem taught it look awkward but microsoft employee loved it so he throwed his blue print in dust bin and gave chinese design to production....result we can see above chinese made i miss NOKIA.
  • +830
  • Oh, was it story time and I missed it..? =P
  • Hehe. True story. :D
  • Fun story.
  • The end, and goodnight to all.....
  • ~ fin ~
  • And camera ???
  • I like it.
  • I'm missing "Everything Just Become a lot More COLORFUL"
  • That color variety on the 920 line...
  • I think they laid off all the people that made color.
  • It have specs lower and similar to 640xl, at least they should increase the onboard storage to 16GB and it should have 1080p display and the moat important the RAM must be at least more than 1.5GB or it must be 2GB.
  • 1gb ram is enough for Windows phones. If at all you are going for Android then perhaps 2 or more would be recommended. And yeah 16 GB storage Would have been great thing in 650.
  • No camera button? Not for me then...
  • ya then atleast priced same as L640Xl 
  • That's true. Even if windows 10 sm runs smoothly on 1Gb&8Gb combo, putting 2/16gb won't be a bad idea. It will make it easier to recommend Lumia to others.
  • looks nice :D hope its a XL to :D
  • Design is somewhat different than current Lumia models.. (I think that way)
  • Different than Lumia but same as galaxy..... And I guess galaxy is sold more than Lumia..... So there's no point in being excited
  • It cant be snapdragon 210!!
  • Yeah I'm would say the 410
  • I don't see any resemblance to a 5s. It looks more like an A3 or A5 from Samsung.
  • No way this looks like galaxy A3 or A5, look at galaxy A3(2016), galaxy A5(2016), they are premium looking and has much better material, design, quality construction and looks. By this leaks, Lumia 650 looks fugly... Should be crowned the maximum bezel having and most asymmetrical smartphone of year 2016.
  • There should bee a 5xx series, a 7xx series combining 640/730 and the 9xx series. If the 9xx series is a hit they can release an additional 8xx later as cheap flagship.
  • No, not another low range phone. It looks like *** and 1GB RAM? For real? It's not 2012 anymore.
  • For low range, I'd say that's an improvement. The 1020 had 2 GB ram.
  • Yes, but it's over 2 years old. The Lumia 920 had 1GB of RAM. It wouldn't hurt anybody, if they released a phone for high-end with 3GB, a low-end device with 1GB and a phone perfectly in the middle with 2GB. Who needs a second phone in the low-end segment? I really hope this phone is just a rumor and vanishes asap.
  • Well if its sd210 then the phone is useless.. Hope ur sources are right!!
  • Definitely 410..
  • I will wait for more information
  • I need a 830 successor with 2GB RAM, 1080p Screen, Qualcomm 615 processor, Glance and SD Card slot. Is that too much to ask? 830 was a beautiful phone. It's sad that they cancelled 850 >_>
  • 615 is support so maybe
  • This. A million times, this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • MS you need to f***ing hear this.. :/
  • For an 8xx range device (so midrange) these specs would be good - something along the lines of the Lumia 930 but w/ glance and an SD Card slot would be nice.
  • See no reason to shift my 640 for 650. Almost the same.
  • True..
  • FFC is 5MP.. How could that be almost same to .9MP FFC in 640 .. SD410 is better than SD400 .. Front facing speakers .. Better design.. Think.. But no one is forcing.. This may be for new customers.. Not an upgrade for 640..
  • It that one camera for windows hello???
  • Nope
  • Y snap 210. Microsoft is ******* stupid in making properly featured budget phones. It should be snap 400.
  • Nooooooo... The specs are ****.. Look at the android phones getting specs on mid rangers.. They r way better than WP.. Who will switch to WP from android seeing this specs on a mid ranger
  • It has 410 dude
  • Read the article man.. You guys sucks..
  • Sooooo ugly
    Are you sure is not a Samsung???
  • It's the new phone from Texas Instruments/s
  • Man, back in the day this many fans never said they didn't like the design of a Lumia... Practically nobody disliked the design, and everyone was exited... Read the comments now! Wow!
  • This phone looks more like an android phone
  • Snapdragon 617 or 620
    Ram 2GB Is it too much to ask from Microsoft? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia 650 with 5 inch 720p LG IPS LCD display, 2 gb Ram, 16 gb internal memory and Snapdragon 415 1.4 Ghz octa-core processor with reduced bezels( especially the top and bottom bezels) would be for mine choice, and Microsoft can do retail pricing can be done around 225$-250$.
    I think Microsoft should avoid Snapdragon 410 or its higher clocked variant Snapdragon 412 processor in Lumia 650. They should use Snapdragon 415 processor for Lumia 650 that would be the processor to be comparable for Moto G 2016, the design is ok, but the bezels are too much and, the phone speaker and loudspeaker should be inside the glass, as in Lumia 950.
  • Then people will be complaining about the price.. This is not a midrange device.. Its a budget phone.. So the budget specs..
  • And the price would at least be responsible for its quality and specs when the price drops. Not like low quality Lumia 630.
  • I laugh at the criticism of the 2.3% =/
  • Most people in general do not know what they want.
  • Because that 2.3% want something nice smartphones hardware, specifications in every price segments running Windows 10 mobile
  • It resembles common Samsung phones. Like a Galaxy A5.
  • Galaxy y noooooooo
  • Corrected. My fault :)
  • Nope, galaxy A5(2016) looks a lot more premium and nice.
  • Resembles.
  • Not impressed. This render looks like the 850 render. I hate renders.
  • Terrible looks. It has exactly the same look like 80% of Android phones. Nokia come back please, those Americans (or whoever designed that) have no idea what does the "great design" is.
  • Go brush your teeth.
  • Shut up.. Dont call those fools back.. This is a nokia designed phone
  • How do you know that?
  • Hey Harish, what do you think? Isn't it a bit ignorant if Microsoft to completely ignore the current market? I mean what is stopping them to jump to 16 GB from 8 GB for their midrangers.?? How long do we have to wait for this "innovation!"?
    Also, no improvement in camera department in real sense since late 2013, and then MS complains of poor customers interest and pull the plug on certain segment? Without even trying or giving their best shot? How does one expect MS to make any mark in the market whatsoever? Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • But this won't be a mid-ranger. The Lumia 650 in all likelihood will be a budget device. Until made official by Microsoft, the specs are just a rumor.
  • Even if we consider it a budget device, it still isn't a match for Android low-ends, the like of Moto E and Lenovo Vibe A2010 and Xiaomi. Considering the fact that MS owns both hardware(OEM) and software portions of their smartphones, this is really really not their best effort. It's not even good. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • And Microsoft Lumia 650 won't be no match for looks, quality build and design, and specifications as compared to Moto G 2015 which is also a budget device, how it would be comparable to Moto G 2016 or similar 2016 Android phones
  • 640 was a mid ranger.. How can its successor be a budget device?
  • I think MS must step up their game in lower end segment. They should go with SD 400 series on low end devices, SD 600/800 series on mid range and for the flagship only the top hand picked CPU must be present.
  • I think MS must step up their game in lower end segment. They should go with SD 400 series on low end devices, SD 600/800 series on mid range and for the flagship only the top hand picked CPU must be present.
  • The 640 xl would be still better than the new budget and mid range phones. Microsoft gas forgotten how to make well featured budget phone. They are simply ignoring the competition in the market by not making competitive budget devices. Earlier nokia tried to win a little share with devices like 520,720,920 bcoz of design and specs. Now smartphones have become cheap. Phones like one plus one and UTC have good design and features. Microsoft has made a good premium phone 950 xl with mozo cover available but budget phones are what we are expecting to be good. If they provide right specs for the given price someone might give a try to windows 10 mobile too. Sure Microsoft wants to put a dent into apples iPhone revenue but its not easy to convince apple fanboys to buy Windows devices. Surface book and pro got attention not first bcoz it ran full windows. A pro 4 with Windows RT again would have been a flop. Microsoft is trying hard to get devs from other platforms with UW stratergy. But atleast they should provide proper specs so that ppl can invest in windows 10 mobile providing a postive word of mouth feedback. Microsoft has also stopped advertising their lumias here in India. I haven't seen any advertisement on tv for 950,950xl and 550. Their Lumia marketing team is a mess.
  • When Microsoft is going to listen to the Lumia fans, when they are going to improve their design, use latest Snapdragon processors( 415, 618, 620) in Low and Mid-range Lumias and announce their support for Windows 10 mobile. Tech world want latest chips, best design and best specifications for optimum price.
    Why to own a Windows Smartphone that has no good App store( no local apps, low quality apps, no latest Social and Games apps), and no unique features with unreasonable price fluctuations( eg. In US, price dropping of Lumia 640 from around 180$ to 50$), and no quality best looking designs?
  • That fienst mean u degrade the design and improve it.
  • I have been waiting for a white Lumia for ages. Don't care of the specs. MC mobile is always fluid. Its about design!!!!!!!!
  • It looks fine, but 8G memory is so 2012 we need at least 16 of internal memory, and 2G of RAM
  • Looks like dual front speaker
  • Ugh. To many different devices. You, Microsoft, are the reason the average phone consumer is confused when looking at Windows phones.
  • There will be less going forward.
  • Yes, just 6.
  • Or may be 5 ...
    Budget - L550-L650
    FLAGSHIP- PANOS phone( for business),L950,L950XL
  • Not attractive, I bet these are old designs. Why can't Microsoft phones have thin bezel for christ sake. Other oem are making their phone looks thin and attractive with an already robust android OS, if this all Microsoft can offer once again then I'd be really disappointed.
  • No noticeable diff btw 550 and this apart from screen size, what the ****? Just make a attractive looking 8xx series lumia phone with thin bizzels and a metallic body
  • That's reserved for other OEMs..sorry..
  • I hate buttons on screen, they looks ugly especially the new Lumia phones
  • That's your view
  • Awesome looking phone. When it will release I will surely buy it .
  • Same here.. This could be my back up device..
  • Glad to see an organised line-up of phones. Low end, mid range, and high end. Tidier than releasing 15 phones a year.
  • Hi-ends are only for business users. Lo-ends have bullcrap specs and look like a joke. There is no mid-level phone at the moment.
  • Hi-end is for geeks. The Surface line will be for business use. Well, anyone can of course buy and use what ever they want.
  • Snapdragon 210 is a Joke!
  • Its 410.. Read man..Read
  • It was so ugly tbh....
  • It WAS.. Not any more.. :P
  • this one also looks better than 950
  • Front firing speakers would be awesome. But if it's a 210 that would just be ridiclious. 
  • What if it's not a 210... Its 410.. Read the article again..
  • Design looks good from the front, kind of looks like an iPhone doesn't it?
  • Yawn... Dull iPhone clone.
  • No XL? :/
  • Its actually a Lumia 550XL.. Got it? ;)
  • It's only 5" :/
  • 4.7>5 .. So ,there is that..
  • More dull low end guff. Hopefully it shifts better than the other low end guff. Meh.
  • The design language is still a little better looking than 950 and 950 XL. I wish white version of 950 XL came with front white bezels and similar curves. Oh well.
  • Love Windows 10 and 10M but this is so nondescript in design it's virtually invisible. Lumia's should stand out and shout I AM LUMIA HERE ME ROAR!! Sorry but IMO this is just meh!
  • This is what I was speaking of yesterday.... See.
  • Hope it has band 12 and WiFi calling otherwise I can't give it a second look vs my 640. Though based on the processor I'm not sure I would anyway.
  • Not impressed with 410?
  • My lumia 520 is superior than this
    How i wish that they could take that design, make it a bit bigger and put a 5inch screen, front camera, flash, and below 8mm thin, 1G Ram
  • 520 is superior???.. HAHAHAHAHA XD
  • Design wise every bit true
  • He was not talking about the design.. Right?
  • It is a rumour about soc210.. It will be snapdragon410..
  • Nice looking phone ... but: I really hope they do not use a Snapdragon 210. Whats it with Microsoft cloning their phones with different model numbers? Enough already why even bother with a "new" phone if it has the same specs than an existing one with only a minimal difference in screen real estate? 500 -> 200 series 600 -> 400 series 7/800 -> 600 series 900 -> 800 series that would make sense ... a flood of 4/500 with 200 series and 6/7/800 with 400 series like they did before is almost insulting, do not start this bs again microsoft.
  • There is no 7XX 8XX lumias.. Sorry
  • Tell that to my Nokia Lumia 735..
  • "Hey mayblast's L735, I'm afraid there won't be any L735 successor ..sorry.."
    Happy?..:D :D
  • This phone is ugly. Sorry
  • And the iPhone is revolutionary... /s
  • Hey. Neither the iphone nor this lumia is revolutionary.
  • It looks just like an iPhone 4
  • I will buy the same day when available if it has sd 410 or 400 8MP+5MP ,clearblack + glance display
  • Wait a minute.....does the design team don't know how to change the code for the cnc machine, cause it pretty look like they are only resizing one shape,
  • Nokia designs were better. :/
  • This actually looks pretty decent.
  • Next time I will buy a Nokia device even If it is Android OS after my Lumia 730 is dead
  • After L730 is dead?.. So you are not going to upgrade in this life time?
  • Nice! More options, morr choices for first time Windows Phone users.
  • So microsoft is leaving traditional Lumia design?
  • Traditional Lumia designs didn't bring market share..soo...
  • Want to use smartphones with maximum bezels and bland fugly design, with old Snapdragon processors in 2016?
    Try Microsoft Lumia 650, 750 and 850. Satirical.
  • The 950 was traditional and people are still complaining about its design (while using it).
  • These guys are here to complain.. Never mind..
  • I wish 5" would remain the standard. Love my 950 but I'd have preferred probably even smaller than 5
  • I find this design very elegant! The asymetric speaker looks super! If the back camera is better than the one of my 640, I might be tempted to upgrade! PS: On screen buttons are great! Coming from an Android device (actually several), I just love the on deman buttons! No more accidental pressing buttons when fishing the phone out of my pocket, no more accidental pressing when playing games or passing the phone to somebody, etc. I think these on screen, on deman buttons are the future! A dedicated camera button however, is something I truly miss...
  • XL edition?
  • It's a long time since we've had a decent spec Lumia that isn't massive. When I saw the teardown of the 950, the actual board is tiny compared to the device and screen. It would fit behind a much smaller screen. Make it a little fatter to contain the same mah battery too.
  • 630 and 640 both house Sd400...So Clearly 650 will House Sd410.
  • Put soc and ram aside, really, there's only one question that matters at this moment ... WHEN IN INDIA????
  • Same here "WHEN IN INDIA"
  • Predecessor of 640 in term of specs
  • ... I am still waiting for 5 inch, fullhd, camera as good as actual L930 at least... Something like L930 :D but little bit newer
  • firstly it has to have minimum of S410. Then it has to have better camras than 640/640XL. finally it HAS TO GET THE PRICING RIGHT. by right I mena it has to be below the current market price of 640 and 640XL. Unless it does so, which is hard to imagine as the current market price of 550 and 640 are almost the same, it won't taste much sucess with this new strategy too. MS must understand that it is fighting a losing battle and unless it plays on price to build some kind of market share, the days of windows mobile will be numbered 
  • I think current 950 & 950xl design could be use for 650 & 650xl and 950 & 950xl design should have been like 930 & 830.... Also surface phone design should be like L925 with bigger screen and stylus.... I hope MS understand fan's mind :)
  • A 750 plzzz..or a phone with 1080p screen and 6XX series SoC
  • I want real buttons for once. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Its design is perfect instead of having bigger key logos. MS onscreen touch keys are small.
  • "I want a midrange Lumia with pureview camera...and navigation, camera 830.....are you listening to us...Microsoft."
  • 8gb. 1gb. Thick bezels. Relatively ugly too. Is this to replace my 3310 or what? A tip to MS: Cheap does not necessarily have to equal " ******" and "ancient".
  • The phone has two moles. How cute!:\
  • With such minute difference Microsoft might run out of model numbers
  • Looks like a Samsung phone.
  • Looks Great for a Budget Device, metal band looks always more Premium!
  • Front facing speaker, **** yeah!
  • Harish, please convey my message to Microsoft.
    If this Lumia 650 really has Snapdragon 210(or even 410) and is coming with a 2000mah battery for a 5" display, and has those camera which Harish has mentioned, then please please cancel right now, right this very moment. I mean it, seriously, we can still wait for a good midrange (or a budget device ) but has to be a very well thought fully finished phone, not a rushed product like Lumia 950, 950XL and 550. Please Microsoft, either improve its specs or just cancel it. You are going to lose big time with this phone if you ever tried to launch it in market. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • Or better make is with Snapdragon 617 and 2/16 GB with 13/5 mp cam(no selfie flash please) with 27-2800 mah battery for a 5" display with below screen capacitive keys, and make it your sole midranger for the whole year. Then keep updating and upgrading through out the year. I would like to see that fail.
    But the kind of device that you have in pipeline, sorry Microsoft, but you are going nowhere Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank You! Brother at least you understand.
  • A snapdragon 617 would be more for a Lumia 750/850. Snapdragon 410 is perfectly fine for a Lumia 650,
  • Yes but what I am trying to say is that instead of 2 midrangers (1 budget midrange and one proper midrange) they should just release a single model with as much aggressive pricing as they can. And then keep on updating and upgrading it throughout the year, plus marketing a single midrange device is a lot easier than 5 different phones. See, how Apple does it? That also makes it easy for Devs too to update apps and mould them the way the market and fans ask for. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • My Phone is about to die. I was really hoping to see a 2GB device so I could switch to that, but if MS does not release a phone with actual 2015 specs I'm afraid I have to move to another OS (Which I would really hate to do). Why don't they care about people with a slightly lower budget who do want a proper phone? I mean it's clearly possible to cram way better specs in a low end phone, they just ignore it somehow
  • They need something in the SD4xx or 6xx range
  • That's why this will be a 410 supported..
  • Specs are disappointing. Did expect little bit more. Especially stronger camera.
  • POS :-(
  • Decent phone for the enterprise grunts....
  • So MS is not going to come out with a decently specd mid-range phone, and you can't trust other manufacturers with support (updates) . . . the writing is on the wall
    Or wait for a year when the current flagships are selling at half the current price . . .
  • Extremely ugly. Microsoft has zero design sense when it comes to phones.
  • Totally agree they destroyed Nokia's design legacy
  • 640xl rocks infront of this.
  • I have the 640XL and I'll never go back to a sub 5.7" screen. So unless there's a 650XL, won't interest me.
  • This is kind of backwards for you. From 4xx series processor to 2xx series processor.
    EDIT: Sorry... Didn't read the article properly :-) yes.. This seems to be a successor for 640 :-)
  • Looks good!
  • I had a dual SIM 640xl for a while. Very good phone and an upgrade to my 1320 cricket phone in all but 2 ways: No cricket visual voicemail and no camera button on the 640xl... Looks like the canceled 850 would have skipped the camera button too... I'm ok with sd400/410. The screen resolution of 720p is only a hindrance from my 1520 1080p when viewing PDFs. So I am ok with that too... But I sold my 640xl and kept my 1320... Because of the camera shutter button... It's that important to me...
  • It's a 6xx series.. But uses snapdragon 2xx series? If this is true, I think Microsoft missed to layoff the one who could not think straight...
    EDIT: Didn't read the update properly. Good thing this is going to be 4xx processor :-)
  • Looks like an iPhone to me...
  • It's like they're not even trying to make anything that could be a success any more. Just bland uninspiring garbage.
  • Looks Apple'ish?
  • Yeahh everything apple'ish..**** it, bring back the Nokia Lumia design team, they're rocks!!!
  • Think I'll keep my 640 (not that T-Mobile will be offering this if history is any guide).
  • Can't see the point in this device really. 640 still great device and new 550 has budget sector covered. Might as well call this 550 XL if they feel they must put another device out. NFC is necessary for me, so makes 640 far better device. MSFT still so intent on banging out more devices than necessary. Is this encouraging OEMs to make window phones?
  • It's weird to see a Lumia with white bezels. It also looks like it'll have a metal/faux metal band and buttons.
  • Is that a metal band around the edges? I'm still trying to figure out why that was omitted from the 950. At a minimum they should have offered a premium back cover that was available in stores, and not just from MOZO. I mean, I ordered my MOZO cover like a month ago, and it still hasn't shipped.
  • Looks like an iPhone...
  • As stated in the Honjo article - the 650 does indeed look a lot like the iphone 5/5s.. atleast from the front (since thats all we see for now) loooks nice enough, hoping it has atelast a 410 processor as it will then support motion data etc. also and will of course be a differentiation from the 550  
  • It is stupid to see all the Lumia devices are having the smae internals.    1GB RAM, 8GB ROM. It feels like Microsoft is just reselling the same product with minor change. And why 8GB ROM.   Stupid.
  • No 650 XL? :-(
    Sent from my 640 XL
  • Why it looks samsungy?
  • I am definitely buying this if it comes out in January CES 2016. Hoping for at least 1.5 GB RAM. And price less than 210 USD
  • I don't understand the people ******** about this phone design. It actually looks really nice with this metal 830-930 like sides. This will probably be my next phone if it comes early enough.
  • That is an ugly iPhone. Also, as a 600-series phone, I'd expect it to have a SD410, not a 210. They've always put the 200-series chips in the 400 and 500 series. Then again, the 820 had a high-end chip, then the 830 got a low-end one, so hard telling what they are doing.
  • This looks fantastic. Great design for its class and range.
    ​I am glad Virtual Buttons are becoming standart on Windows Mobile Devices (you can downvote as much as you can lool)
  • I really missed Nokia Lumia design.. Microsoft Lumia :(
  • What happened to not releasing so many devices? Not surprised, tho! Microsoft has been false stating for years, why stop now?!¡
  • This looks like a good sidegrade from my 925. I mean, sure, it's a downgrade in some aspects, but it's also a new phone and a ton cheaper than the 950s. I got my wife a 640 on Black Friday and I'm pretty impressed by it, so I'm sure this could tide me over for a few years. 
  • I'm thinking like you. My lady has a 640 too and it's actually really good. I like it a lot. Depending on the price of this 650, I'll probably buy it.
  • First Lumia with white bezels, if it puts s400 and better camera than 640, I am ready ...otherwise, no thanks ...may be in next black Friday @30
  • It looks beautiful in my opinion.
  • Why are you copying Samsung? The white coloured bezel looks horrible. I have a suggestion for Microsoft. If you want to make phones like these, please don't use the brand name " Lumia". Find some other name like Microsoft "Galaxus" and retire the brand "Lumia".
  • I like it. I think it looks good. Though I'd personally never buy a white phone.
  • it does look nice. on the outside. where is the 550?
  • It looks like an iPhone. Haven't liked the iPhone design since the beautiful 4s. Don't like this at all.
  • Looks nice and being it's low end nature, this is the one Microsoft will surely make available to T-Mobile. It'll be a nice cheap compliment to my V10. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Microsoft has learned NOTHING.
  • useless
  • Just waiting for it to release.
  • I do hope they start offering the front screen portion available in white like this.
  • Have a 640xl and I will trade it only for better specs phone. At least 2gb of ram, better touch than this one on 640xl - really week one, and 16gb internal. And, of course, at least 13mp camera. At least. Xl is "must have". You can pare that with snapdragon 600 or 410. Don't care as long as price is reasonable and I can afford it. Come on, Microsoft. Do this for as less fortunate. And, of course, fix this win10 already.
  • Still would like to see a 5" phone that has Glance and something better than a Snapdragon 400 series.  The 720p resolution is fine if it's not AMOLED.  Sticking with the 830 for now, but would like to see it replaced in the next year, assuming Windows Phone still exists.
  • I'd like a phone similar to the 920's feature set and price that my perents can upgrade to.  They don't need the 950's power, but it seems like anything in a lower series is gimped by low internal memory, low RAM, and/or no OIS for the camera.  Can't we just get a refresh of the 920 with 2GB RAM, OIS 10MP camera, 4.5" or 4.7" scren, and 32GB RAM?  They don't need or want a large screen device. It could be the Lumia 850 since that device was canceled.
  • I don't even care about the RAM or processor here -- 8 GB storage is too little even for budget devices. Even if it has expandable storage (not mentioned), SD cards are slow compared to built-in storage.
  • Ok, let me get this straight...this rumored upcoming device is carrying specs that the Verizon LG Lancet, which lauched ealier 2015 already has.. And people wonder why WP fans are defecting.. Its like Microsoft isn't even trying. As of late, I gotta agree with a tech reviewer that covers Microsoft's devices... Microsoft does not care about Windows phone.
  • Bad design, why are we getting generic crap with their latest efforts. It's not even beautiful or a showoff phone anymore! Getting disappointed with these kinds of samsung/sony/iphone knockoff designs.
  • Fking piece of crap if this is it. Just had my hopes high. But no way am gonna buy this crap when I can get 3 times better hardware at same price in android. Its been too much since I was wp fan. Almost 2 years and microsoft is still slow as a turtle. Yes I hated android until lollipop came out. And now with marshmallow coming there is no way I am going to stick around.
  • what ever you are making but window phone need stronger & fastest processor & ram also if thinking your going to sell millions of products that's not possible because we are buyers & we see that ever you done in phone. please upgrade your processor for 210 to 801 in Lumia 650 & ram minimum 2gb.
  • Look great not the best look phone still look million better than 950. I almost sell my note 5 to get lumia 950 xl but i borrow my friend 950 xl to test out and oh god look like prototype phone and bugs everywhere camera, people.... MS please