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Leaked report outs various games for HoloLens, including Young Conker

The games include Young Conker — a platformer featuring a character that appeared on the original Xbox, Fragments — an augmented reality crime drama that takes place in your own home, and Roboraid — a rebrand for the living-room busting shooter that Microsoft previously touted as Project X-Ray.

The report, leaked onto Reddit, covers an unreleased Microsoft blog post, detailing some elements and features of the games, quotes from HoloLens overseer Kudo Tsunoda and various other bits of new information.

All three of the game's detailed appeared in previous leaks gleaned from the Windows 10 Store earlier this month, but thanks to the new report, we now have fresh details.

Regarding Fragments, Kudo Tsunoda described an augmented detective game where players can converse with virtual characters and hunt clues in their own homes.

"As a holographic platform highlight, Fragments demonstrates how creators can build characters and storylines that drive a higher level of emotional engagement and attachment than you can with any other medium. Fragments blends the line between the digital world and the real world more than any other experience we built. When your living room has been used as the set for a story, it generates memories for you of what digitally happened in your space like it was real. It is an experience that bridges the uncanny valley of your mind and delivers a new form of storytelling like never before."

Conker was an R-rated platformer for the original Xbox, developed by their in-house Rare studio. Young Conker takes the platforming concept to your living room, turning everyday household items into platforms to be used in the game.

"This means every person gets a unique gameplay experience, since each gamer's real world environment is unique. It is amazing how different the play experience feels based on playing the game in your living room versus your kitchen or your bedroom. Even starting the game from a different position in a single room creates an entirely new gameplay dynamic."

Last up is Roboraid, previously known as Project X-Ray. Roboraid will see players fend off hordes of invading robots, which pour into your living room by virtually destroying the walls. In the article, Tsunoda describes how Roboraid uses audio cues to alert the player to new enemies. It also uses gaze, hand gestures and voice as gameplay inputs.

Tsunoda also emphasised how small teams could create great games on HoloLens. By using the real world, HoloLens' object recognition and spatial awareness, dev teams can allow the player to use physical objects to create levels and instead focus on the gameplay experience itself.

Fragments, Roboraid and Young Conker will be bundled with early HoloLens units to give developers an idea of the sorts of games they can create using the futuristic tech.

The report also details some of the apps early adopters can expect to find on HoloLens, in addition to the fact that Microsoft will begin taking pre-orders for its $3,000 HoloLens Development Edition on February 29th, ahead of a reported March 30th launch.

Source: Reddit

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