Leaked screenshots show off Project Spartan on Windows 10 for phones

The folks over at WindowsMania.pl managed to get their hands on the Project Spartan browser running on a Windows Phone, and have provided some screenshots that are a hint of what's to come. Check them out in the gallery below:

One of the first things you'll notice and probably the biggest change from the current Windows Phone browsing experience is that the address bar has moved to the top of the screen. The screenshots also show off a section labeled "Hub" that appears to be the repository articles stored for offline reading.

Oh, and we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that, at least in its current implementation, the Spartan browser appears to be using ellipses rather than the oft-maligned hamburger button for menu access.

Overall, this is an interesting look at what we can expect from the Spartan browser in Windows 10 for phones. What do you guys think?

Source: WindowsMania.pl; Via: WMPU

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Better browser support is greatly needed...
    WP8.1 was the update to bring serious parity with iDroid, but WP10 could mature the platform by finally playing close attention to details, and adding more of the little things that are often taken for granted..... For example
    Better apps are coming as well... Possibly be able to stream future conferences directly from within the WC app❓
    I wonder if Spartan will be able to stream WC video conferences, and events... That would be truly amazing for a smartphone browser.
  • What issue(s) do you have now with the current version? 
  • For one, browsing this site....
  • 920+
  • To be fair, this site is so bloated it chokes even desktop PCs. 
  • Yes, chokes even desktop PCs running IE.. That's what we're saying... Lol.
  • AdBlock Plus for IE must be doing something right then...'cause I have no problem browsing this website with IE 11 on my Surface Pro 2.
  • Yeah WC site is one of the worst sites.. bloat, ads, slow loading.. So much different that the WC app.. If it wasn't for the app I won't even visit WC. Staff: please update your site and make it more useful and redesign your ad approach.. Just my 2c..
  • Yeah. The old layout was much better
  • Yes it does. This is to the point of ridiculousness to the extreme.
  • Certain pages still won't render correctly..
  • Ok, I just went to this site and it works perfect for me.  But that is in the mobile version.  Just change to mobile version in the setting and you'll see.  Yes, the desktop version scrolls heavily by the mobile version works great!
  • No.... If the desktop version works perfectly on iDroid, it needs to work perfectly on WP...
    Not interested in workarounds... What you just said right there is the ENTIRE reason for Spartan on WP...
    Try MTV.com...
  • That's not a workaround.  What are you talking about.  When you go into the setting you have a choice of Desktop or Mobile.  I sometime leave it on Desktop and sometimes I leave it on Mobile.  It's called OPTIONS.  Not workaround. 
  • Yeah, but the desktop version is the full site, with all the full options... This is a smartphone in 2015, and we expect to be able to use the desktop version, instead of being forced into using the mobile version, like this is WinMo6...
    Like I said... If iDroid can do it then WP has to be able to do it, or it's just not as good..
    Having to switch to the mobile site because a desktop site will not work on WP is the exact definition of a workaround... Lets just be honest with ourselves, honest about WP, and quit always making up excuses......
    Spartan is greatly needed, as are all the improvements in W10... That's why they are happening.
  • Ok.  UNCLE!!!  :)
  • Lol... Just read your first comment, and it made me laugh...
    "What issues do you have "now""" lol. Now.
    Like I always have some issue... Lol.
  • You do.    In all my time here, I've seen maybe 2 comments that you weren't bitching about how bad WP is and how you can save it if only microsoft would listen to you.
  • Agreed. I don't have issues with many sites that I use, but there are some that are not as usable as they should be. Some news sites and other sites do not allow playback for videos on WP and that can be a bit frustrating. Yes, I am excited to see if Spartan brings WP browser on par with Android.
  • Exactly..
  • Maybe that's due to some non-standard content that IE doesn't support yet. That happens to me too.
  • Non standard content....
    If it works with every other browser that would make IE nonstandard..
  • Whatever Yahoo Sports uses is one of those videos that never loads...it is frustrating.  Also Endgadget has something where it crashes constantly.  I can get about half the article in and then the browser just closes.  Those are two sites I have always highly frequented but a combo of changes between what they do and  WP has forced me to not view them.
  • I would have to agree. I much prefer a desktop version even on a 4.5" screen. That is the site with the options and layout that I am most fmailiar with. When I know the layout of a site, it is easy to pinch and zoom my way around.
  • Yep
  • Rodney is correct. I always use desktop, If I have to choose mobile it should be for personal reasons like data savings....not because it takes half your months data plan to load all the damn adverts on startup.
  • I tried this link.  The site renders very well and I'm able to use the menus quite easily.  But since it is MTV and videos are expected to be seen.  Unfortunately video play back doesn't seem to be its strong suit.  Actually there is none.  :)
  • Lol.. I see what you did there... But, the home page is littered with videos.... It just simply has to work, or you've got nothing...
    You should expect more from your favorite platform..
  • It's a MOBILE browser... Why the deuce would you seriously want to use a desktop site designed for 21"+ screens on a 5-6" screen? Also the whole mobile site vs desktop site thing is so last decade for anyone up on true HTML5 ( not the Google bodged version). Saying a site is not good enough in mobile form, so you have to use the desktop version and the blaming the mobile browser instead of the 3rd rate web developers who built the site is just blaming the wrong thing. It's like expecting to have the full Office Suite on your phone instead of a version targeted for the device - it's just crazy talk and using it as an excuse to yell about the phone platform. BTW I constantly trial phones from all 3 platforms as part of my job - of all the built in browsers I am yet to see something beat the experience with WP in terms of speed, video (without throwing to other apps), and usability.
  • I read your first paragraph, and stopped reading...
    Come on, dude.. Graduate past wasting time asking why people want a phone to do a certain thing... What good does that do....
    People have been wanting an identical desktop experience on smartphones for over 10 years... If you don't understand why then just be content with the way current things work, or get a Samsung Blackjack... But, don't bother us who choose to live in 2015... It's simple, whether you like it, need it, understand it, or none of the previous,,, if it's available it just has to work, and has to work good...
    Are you seriously asking this❓ There is no way in this world that anyone in there right mind would pay someone with such a closed minded view of technology to trial phones... Unless they are doing a study on extreme biase... Thanks for your personal opinion, but no thanks...
  • Not even certain pages. Most pages seem to have problems, if not with rendering then with scrolling. IE regularly gets "stuck."
  • For one, the Bank of America website doesn't work. Kind of an issue now that the app was pulled.
  • When you say doesn't work what do you mean?  I just spend 10 minutes on BoA site on my Lumia 810 and it works perfectly for me. 
  • Working is more than just rendering the home page, and all its component's.... We need to be able to fully navigate the website trouble free with a modern smartphone browser.
  • Do you really think I just went to the home page and said it worked?  C'mon man give me a little credit.  :)
  • IDK... But, more people are complaining about IE VS the others... My GF has a Surface pro 3, and uses Chrome, god help her,, because IE gives her issues with a critical site that she has to use for work... MS products just have to be the best at everything.. No excuses.. Especially when it comes to productivity.....
    Lol.. Here's one that really pisses me off when trying to pay my security system bill... Simply cannot log in... SMDHID.
  • the first couple sites did not render well on my L1520, but this last did (All tested in desktop mode) Now, I know whidaboss is saying there are choises of mobile version and that it is not a work around, to some extent I disagree, I bought the L1520 to kill my DV8P and love web browsing in all its full desktop mode, so, if there are choises, the choises should be working well and I should not have to compare it to any browser for that matter. I will say MSFT is working their tails off, they are trying not just to catch up with those who already had head start since 2007 while they got into it realy at 2012 late 2012 for that matter. Apple and Android were clunky in their first 3-4 years, I can give MSFT the same, after that, if they are not coming well to the mobile party gun blazing, I will not abandon them, but they will wish I abandon them, because I can chat, talk and write them out of bussiness.
  • Lol... Do it, man... Say what needs to be said.
  • Sorry, but you can't "chat, talk and write them out of business." No offense, you're not that important. No one person can do that, it's not how the world works.
  • Use your imagination, dude.... He doesn't mean it in a literal sense... Come on.
  • You just helped said it. I thought my humor and expression there was obvious. It's all good.
  • If the sites you visit have problems rendering on IE it is because they ude non-standard code. Webkit especially have a very big support for non-standard code much like IE had in the IE vs Netscape-days.
  • Nice! I think that's pretty much what MS said when discussing Spartan, and why they went completely new from the ground up....
    But, the average consumer just needs it to work..
  • On the desktop, do you have Tracking Protection, ActiveX Filtering or Do not track request enabled? Try disabling them to see if your sites load properly. When pages don't load correctly, I just disable tracking protection and the page loads perfectly after that. Some sites don't load correctly if TP is enabled, one example would be the comments section in a youtube video.
  • That's the thing right there⬆⬆⬆⬆..... Lol.
    For the average consumer it just has to work out the box.. My GF uses Chrome on her SP3, and she's not going to go through all that just to use IE... By default Spartan must render every site very well, or it's no good.
  • But it does work out of the box! TP, AX Filtering, DND aren't enabled by default A_A
  • Rod, I told you the accurate acronym is: SMMFH...please refrain from any other form.....
  • Lol.. Ok.
  • BoA mobile site does NOT work. You can't even log in.
  • Okay then, What doesn't fully navigate trouble free? It appears to work for me.
  • The point is: Is the experience better on a different platform/browser? If so, MS is to blame no matter how you spin it!!! You guys love to "bash" Rodney but you fail to realize that he is a WP fan just like the rest of us but wants a better WP, again, just like the rest of us. Most of his complaints/points are valid and unfortunately, I can very much relate to his frustrations!
  • Best comment today❗ Lol.
  • Where are you from? Just curious. For some reason, I think you're from the Caribbean.
  • @kjnoel, to whom is the question posed?
  • Arlington, TX.... Lol.
  • I too can relate. There are many times when I browse a website and there are page elements that dont render properly or I cannot interact with controls on my L1520. Not to mention for a lot, rendering is slow compared to Chrome on my Galaxy S4. Even full IE on my SP3 has issues with websites that both Chrome and Firefox has zero issues with on the same device. Spartan is definitely needed and they can't just try to make a browser that can hang with the rest, they have to be ambitious enough for Spartan to BE the best. Mobile IE really sucks bad in comparison to Chrome and Firefox.
  • That's what I'm talking about...
    The complacency, and lack to want to be the best, around here is nerve wrecking....
    We shouldn't only expect for things to work, but for them to be PERFECT❗ The best❗ Aim high, and you'll always land right where you need to be..
  • The improper rendering might be due to your Data Sense settings. I've never had such problems on the sites I've visited. Can you provide a link to the site where you're having trouble loading the content?
  • Start from the top.... We posted tons of links..
  • Agreed, rodneyej is definitely a WP fan and I agree with his complaints as I am having the same issues with IE force me to use mobile UC Browser as it is far better in nearly every aspect and I appreciate his approach to addressing the issues, we deserve better, the platform deserves better and Microsoft deservers to to have a user base that cares enough to push them to their full potential the have an excellent product line with incredible potential there are just a few major areas that need work.
  • Right.. For the most part it seems that W10 is finally a mature OS, and just a few key areas need work.... Those key eras are critical...
    Better email client
    Missing features
    Xbox live on WP.... Most of those things are getting attention in W10..
    But, no matter how good WP is, even if it had no app problem, it will still fail if marketing isn't done correctly...
  • Millions of sites... Surf the web, or click some of our links... This is nothing new..
  • I have to agree. I have run in to allsorts of problems previously. Carphone Warehouse, Sports Direct, some mud running sites... Many sites are troublesome.
  • Is no one going to mention how some sites will just crash the browser? Say on YouTube or even Huff Po... It freezes, crashes and loses the tab. WTF?! It was supposed to be greatly improved IE 11 but it was just as bad...html5 videos won't even play anymore =(
  • That's Google doing that... Lol.
  • oh man... lumia 810. i love this phone
  • This deserves what I affectionately call the "Microsoft Laugh"....listen to the laugh of the dude talking:
    Microsoft Employee recounts Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview Release Day
    We need a T-shirt for these guys...
  • That's hilarious.
  • Lol.
  • change to desktop mode and it works. Or you can use mint app
  • You mean mobile mode❓❓
  • Mint doesn't allow transactions. It's read only.
  • OMG❗❗❗ Read only is so WinMo.
  • I see the light now. MS needs to bring their new browser on board soon. :)
  • Can't wait till W10... It's like W8.1 on crack❗❗
    In a good way..
  • southwest.com and bankofamerica.com does not work. I could never check in to my flight and check my balance.
  • Can't argue with you about southwest.com.  It doesn't want to play nice. :/ 
  • Seems like a lot of companies now have a "universal" website that works with all browsers.. I don't see as many mobile sites listed anymore.
    https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co... only has one site now,, optimized for both mobile, and desktop....
    But, try Facebook.com for mobile, and it sucks. Lol.
  • m.facebook.com might suck, but it seems to be better than the app.
  • It actually is better than the app in a lot of ways..
    What I'm about to say is sad... Really sad..
    You can't reply to a comment with the WP Facebook app.... Ohhhh loord❗❗ lol.
  • They have one website that renders differently using the media and device switches in the css, which detect screen sizes/widths and display accordingly. It's getting more prevalent each week, but those that remain as a traditional desktop should still open properly in our browser, like you say.
  • Yeah, that's what I thought... That sure is nice. But, they still seem to be slightly more limited in content.. Maybe the sites detect mobile, and dumb down a bit... IDK.
  • I love m.facebook.com. IMO it's the best mobile site out there. Fast, responsive, well designed. I uninstalled both my FB apps (FB and Messenger) and just use the browser instead. Works great.   Agree that many now use sites that work both in mobile and desktop. For some reason, IE (WP 8.1.1) has issues with many of these sites. For example, paypal.com doesn't work on my phone, if I go to send money and try and enter email of recipient nothing happens, it's as if the textbox is disabled. Several other sites are the same. IE needs to fix this, especially in light of the app situation (fortunately the paypal app works).
  • You mean Spartan needs to fix this❓
  • It'll always be IE to me! :)
  • Just like it'll always be WP to me.
  • Yea I've had issues using BOA via browser in the past.
  • Also needs Ad block haha :)
  • Email in WP8.1 DOESN'T have a spam folder❗.... Weird...
    Outlook for W10... Another severely need app in W10.
  • Email in wp8.1 has a "junk"- folder.
  • Don't see that on my 1520... Please explain.
  • Yeah I can see it under show all folders
  • I don't see it.. Maybe it's because I use my own pop. Mail accounts..
  • Yup it has spam/junk folder.just go to mails and from menu select folder you will see show more option.here you will find spam/junk folder/mails.
  • Your email isn't on WP8.1. Seriously. Email on WP detects the folders that the email server has and syncs those, including junk folders.
  • Old school pop mail
  • Anyone else feel that it looks nice but Microsoft should keep the address bar on the bottom? I find that when the address bar is on top, I have to change my hand's position on a phone (seeing as the average is 5 inches or bigger just for the screen). I really like the simplicity of it on bottom. Besides, I think it is ugly how there is a blank grey bar where the address bar could be on the bottom, which would leave more space for the webpage, as the top could just be all webpage.
  • indeed: Address bar and controls MUST be at the bottom!
  • Let's see: - Adress bar on top - Hamburger/back buttons (Don't even care about Hamburgers by themselves) on top - Scroll bar impossible to see if you are right-handed - Tablet multitasking downgraded - "Tablet mode"   Microsoft are on a roll.
  • Yes... Dumb move.. Literally.
  • What's wrong with IE 11 mobile? I've never had any problems loading any site, it does its job perfectly. Any problems I've had are either due to flash (or java), or a bloated website, or some non-standard content.
  • Lol... You say you never had problems, then you mentioned 4.....
    This comment is the perfect example of the term "fanboism"
    There's constructive criticism
    Then there's destructive false praise.. The later of which we have too much of here.
  • Oh yeah...sorry about that :P I wasn't trying to be fanboy, I hate fanboism myself. What I meant to say was I've never had major problems, ones that really frustrated me, because I can always go use a desktop browser, if something doesn't work. I agree with your complaints and want IE mobile to improve as well, but I've just accepted that it's a mobile browser and has some limitations which will be fixed in the future, IF MS thinks it's absolutely necessary to do so. After all, IE is not open sourced so new features and fixes will take more time to arrive than Chrome or Firefox :D
    With Spartan, it's good that MS is starting to support technologies which are not standards but used heavily nevertheless.
  • Rightfully, understooooooood.
  • You know what?  Most of the discussion has been about the rendering of web sites, as much as I hope this new version fixes this for the many who currently have issues, my biggest problem is the "search bar".  It is now on top rather than on the bottom.  One of the BEST things about WP browser is the search bar at the BOTTOM!  This would be the biggest loss in WP.  IMO.  But oh well, Microsoft is afraid of their own innovative ideas.  And that is what is most shameful.  smh 
  • Makes sense.. A lot of damn sense.
  • I really hope they bring that adress bar back to the bottom. It's why I like metro IE as it looks a lot better and functions better. I just use desktop due to the lack of extensions for metro IE
    I can't wait to try out Spartan though. Looks beautiful.
  • I was pretty sure the latest news this week had shown it was already moved to the bottom again. This is probably an old build, if so.
  • Ditto!!
  • or maybe there is a setting to allow the user choice?  that would be ideal.
  • This. If they have it as an option then I'm sure it will go a long way in settling some of WP's more disgruntled fans. :)
  • That would be great because the top address bar has impressed me.
  • 100% agreed. I would personally prefer it at the bottom, but I can completely understand why some people would like it better the old pre-WP7.5 way.
  • Yayyyy!!!! I really like it at the bottom. Easier to type
  • I too prefer the bar at the bottom. It was a huge improvement for internet explorer usability when windows phone moved it down low.
    I can't think of one downside to having the address bar at the bottom
  • When the keyboard appears, the bar gets covered or has to slide up. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It currently slides up :)
  • It moves up with visual cue so no problem there.
  • Bottom is great, why second guess urselves so much...it works well, leave it alone.
  • Bottom!!! I hated it when the Bing search box was at the top.
  • Ur sayin it
  • Choice.
  • Notive
  • Exactly.
  • Looks nice! Hope we will see Spartan in the next Windows Mobile 10 Build. Where is Dr. Halsey by the way? :D
  • Why picture is blurred?
  • It's not. Maybe you have a bad connection.
  • Change image quality in the app?
  • Can someone please explain to me the reasoning behind moving the address bar from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen?  iOS does this too.  This doesn't make sense on a phone.
  • Que the move the address bar to the bottom complaints..
  • Oh good, an expert!  Please tell me the advantage of moving the address bar from the bottom to the top of the screen.
  • There isn't one, don't expect a sensible answer :)
  • Because when the keyboard appears, the bar gets covered or has to move to the top of the screen. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • The bar doesn't get covered and doesn't move to the top of the screen, it moves to the top of the keyboard. Do you use IE on WP?
  • When I said it has to move to the top of the screen I meant to say the keyboard. Amd yes, I do use it. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • The top of the keyboard is near than the top of screen. Idon't see any advantage to have it in the top of screen...
  • By this logic... Text-input into sms'es also needs text boxes to move to the top... But no OS does.
  • Um...whenever I type any SMS the text input is always above the keyboard. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yeah, so what's wrong with it just moving to the top of the keyboard?
  • Nothing. It's just not needed. That's why I think they should give the option.
  • I prefer to click there, where my thumb is anyway instead of strech it to the top and back again to type instead of just click anything in a good reachable part of the screen.
  • What do you mean? The text boxes always goes to the middle of the screen with the keyboard underneath it in my Android phone.
  • Because all the other OS browsers does it, and sometimes being different confuses people used to old ways and not willing to change, even if the new method is objectively better. Yep not a good logical reason, but being the best logical choice doesn't always win, such is life.
  • Choice
  • Stop leaking, start releasing... :)
  • Stop criticism, start supporting
  • To support we need it in our phones to give feedback ¬¬
  • What happened to the ellipsis menu in landscape mode? It doesn't occupy the full width of the screen.
  • What happened in the first sentence? Did you have a stroke or something? :)
  • "Why do we have the address-bar at the bottom?" "It's simply because your thumbs are down there. It's more convenient for users." "But the iPhone has an address-bar at the top." "OK, we'll put it at the top." Microsoft, 2015
  • Or, because it is a universal app that shares the same code, things like this are bound to happen.
  • Moving that bar is not hard, especially with the new tools they introduced in the new XAML for responsive design in Windows 10 apps. Also, we're talking about such a big project. Moving that bar is piece of cake compared to many other things.
  • Go for it tiger.
  • But there are browsers that allow customizing the position of some elements as tabs, address bar, and I'm sure it is not that difficult to implement an option to change its position depending on the screen size. It is possible with CSS in web design. I can't accept that modern programing codes can't easily do such basic things. Also, regarding the fact that they want to keep same experience in different devices with universal apps: One thing is to keep design and language consistency, but other is to ditch usability for keeping things exactly the same. Putting the bar at the bottom would not change consistency in layout if other elements (e.g. colors, icon design, position of icons, etc) are the same. Design does not need to be exactly the same to keep continuity. I opened the screenshots on my L930 and tried to reach the reading mode icon on the upper left. Impossible with one hand.
  • Actually no. Universal Apps don't dictate the same UI for all screen sizes (would be stupid if it were designed that way anyway). You should get to decide what goes where on every screen size, otherwise there is no way to customize and fine tune your app for every screen size. Hell, even HTML supports stuff like this (responsive design).
  • Thats a bit of a kop out though. The whole point of universal apps is that they adjust their own UI layout to match the screen/device the app is running on.
  • Bound to happen in early builds of the app before they get around to polishing the UI for different devices, sure, but it would be a terrible design if the universal app model couldn't support having this at the bottom of the screen on the phone. Hopefully they get this fixed before release.
  • I think IE 11 Modern on Windows 8.1 also have andress bar below...
    And UAP have Adaptive UI. It changes the design ...  
  • You heard it here first!  Daniel Rubino is reporting that Windows 10 apps don't allow for UI changes based on different sized devices.  :)
  • Worst explanation ever. So, nothing can change in universal apps? It shouldn't scale either, by that logic...
  • No, the backcode is more or less bound, but the frontcode (XAML) can be changed. There is no problem with that. I see a point here: If MS doesn't move the adress bar, User Feedback is completly worthless .. I think it is the most requested thing right now
  • Exactly.
  • so they moved the address bar to the top and left that big gray bar just for ellipses !!
  • Pretty dumb. :/
  • ^^ This! Probably just a crappy first build. At least I hope so!
  • Ughhh...where is the "Back" button?
  • Uh...next to the Start button, where it has always been
  • Just seemed off being that previous versions shown by MSFT had a back & forward button.
  • Those don't belong on the phone version, the earlier one must have been when it was just copying the desktop version.
  • Swype my friend ↔
  • Same place it is now, probably. At the bottom of your phone with the start and search buttons
  • Probably you just need to swipe from the left.
  • I hope they get rid of the swipe to go back, it annoys me. I like a back button.
  • No it should be the same like on iPad the swipe is perfectly
  • Swiping is easier though. Just get use too it man!
  • Move that address bar back at bottom! Or at least give us the option to put it there, options are always good.
  • Can't wait for PfD build
  • AFAIK, Spartan is a release for W10 for Phones. that one is Technical Preview. correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Insider.
  • Those system bar icons look odd
  • Great. Now I'm going to get icons burned into the top of my screen.
  • Stop using bad AMOLEDs then
  • All OLED screens are suspeptable to burn-in--it's inherent in the technology. My 1020 suffers from it as well as my mom's 925 and my girlfriend's Note 3. Samsung is considered the industry leader in OLED displays and every Samsung OLED-phone I have seen on display in retail stores have all had horrible burn-in. It has nothing to do with how expensive your phone or TV is. The only way to prevent it is to refrain from frequently viewing content that use static images. Unfortuntely, Windows Phone uses circles as a large part of it's UI to indicate additional options. Because I use IE so much, I have circles burned into the bottom of my 1020. My mom's 925 has the same circles, and my girlfriend's Note has burn-in consistent with the Instagram app.
  • Can't they just use a Cortana like circle instead of hamburgers ?
  • Too confusing. A Cortana-like circle should just mean Cortana, not menus and Cortana.
  • Looks really nice! :D
  • I just hope they keep the address bar at bottom. As we know, they did make mockups like that.
  • Why did they move the address bar to the top, where I can't reach it? Why??
  • Hopefully they just haven't finished making the universal app adapt to touch screen devices yet.
  • Sucks, as long as address bar is at the top it will suck.
  • Makes sense to have the address bar on the top just as it is for a PC.
    Don't even say it is easier to reach on the bottom that's a given. The top looks more natural and universal.
    UPDATE: "I now have to travel to the top!" Oh the humanity! First World Problem people.
  • There is a small difference between a PC with keyboards and mice, than to a touchscreen phone who's OS functions are often at the bottom.
  • Agreed, when touch is the primary method of navigation, the address bar needs to be at the bottom.
    On my desktop computer with full keyboard and mouse, I prefer using IE on the desktop, and on my surface as well as my 8 inch tablet I prefer the bar at the bottom.
    Reaching above, across, or over the screen makes no sense on a touch based platform.
  • To be universal, it's a lot better to have the address bar at the bottom on a PC than to have it at the top of a mobile screen.
  • I actually really like how the ellipsis menu doesnt extend across the whole screen when turned horizontal
  • Seems blurrier.
  • OMG they figured out how to get the web in your phone???!! That's amazing!
  • If I remember correctly WP7 had the address bar at the top and then it was moved to the bottom in 7.5. I also hope the system tray doesn't stay up top like that, I'd like to keep it hidden for more screen when browsing.
  • Just hope the adress bar will stay at the bottom. Much easier to reach on phones which get bigger and bigger screens.
  • This move to the top is dumb. There isn't a good reason for this bar to be up there. Ppl know and understand what an address bar is and can recognize it at the bottom.
  • Its at the top in every browser on your pc, tablet and phone for every major OS.
  • That doesn't mean it's better that way.
  • Irrelevent. How everybody else does it does not automatically mean that's the best way. We don't hold our phones at the top, we hold them in the bottom half usually. The address bar is a highly used UI element and should therefore be close to where our fingers are. We should not have to reach over and obscure our screen just to select something on the address bar.
  • And...? There is not a single advantage to having the bar at the top, save for parity with other platforms which means sweet f*ck all
  • As long as I get to choose surf as desktop or mobile, and it actually works again, I'm a happy camper.
  • Finally I can see the time whilst browsing online!!! So useful when I'm on break in work
  • I think the leaks are leading up to a new build being released, probably not Friday since that's a support headache over the weekend, but probably early next week.
  • Score one for ellipses'
  • Looks sexy!
  • At the bottom is for the first time better :p
  • Hey address bar! Come back, Down to Earth!
  • Back to the top! Fuck!
  • Having the address bar at top is not one hand friendly for large screens, why change from the bottom it is easier at the bottom/above the keyboard. It looks like they are copying other OS's I think.
  • No. It's just that with it on the bottom, when the keyboard appears, the bar jas to move up or ot gets covered. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Have you ever used WinP 8.1? Your point is not a point.
  • MS's new design language, the fusion of Metro and Android, "Metroid!"
  • There will be an enhanced version for flagship devices called Metroid Prime.
  • Lols! I'm not too fond of these new changes. Thanks for that one. Made my day.
  • Haha this just gave me a little hope for a Metroid announcement at E3 :)
  • Love that game on the Wii. Can't remember if I finished the game.
  • +1020
  • Please move the address bar back to the bottom... It's one of those things that are just a lot better on WP than its competitors.
  • Must add a feature that allows you to Change the place of navigation bar to the bottom or to the top, because some people are like Navigation bar in Bottom also
  • Will def upgrade to w10 if it has Spartan! Looks sick!
  • Please for the love of god dont leave the address bar at the top on phones. We dont hold phones at the top, well most of us anyway.
  • All these leaks wtf is the next build at
  • Address bar at the top, that is just bad usability. Move it to the bottom or give the option to decide
  • HUB... oh, the irony...
  • REALLY hope that it has a full screen option, or at least auto hides the address bar. Would prefer the address bar on the bottom! Hopefully Spartan will fix the remaining rendering and button (non)click issues that the current browser has. Looking forward to being able to check it out!
  • I think that I'm fairly excited to see what windows 10 looks like when it's finished and I'm in the camp that doesn't want all these previews and screenshots. By the time it comes out, it wont be that exciting. We'd have seen everything already.
  • This "universal/one platform thing" is taken too much.
    Microsoft ruined windows 8 and 8.1 for desktop by using the UI which is much more suited for tablets and phones.
    Now they are ruining the phone OS by using implementations meant for desktop on the phones.
    Universal thing is great, but some things should be different, PCs and phones aren't same and shouldn't be treated same way.
    There is no excuse, it isn't hard to move address bar to bottom. Following logic, I always loved the app bar at he bottom, it's easy to reach. Always wondered why they didn't put the notification center at the bottom. It would be much easier ti use.
  • I like the horizontal view:)
  • Finally, to put the link on the top
  • So much freaking white space!
  • Favorites?
  • Oh, I see now. They seem to be part of the 'Hub'
  • Everytime I see screenshot(s) from windows 10 mobile, I can only think one thing: WTF is that sh*t UI-like ugly mess there?!
  • It looks that they completely abandoned Modern UI guidelines. Why items in the menu are sentence cased? How I supposed to know those icons at the top and bottom are not just icons, but buttons? Why all the panels are grey? They visually merge with the content. And so on 
  • The "google" search bar seems tiny. They should use Bing.
  • In addition to moving the address bar I hope they add other features missing that mobile chrome/safari have (ie full screen). What would be fantastic would he able to edit the user agent string. On dev preview (8.1) it has the android user agent string which makes many sites look much better (ie twitter)
  • But the Android user agent also tricks sites into offering to download their app - which never exists! That is a huge problem/mistake of Microsoft's.
    While it did help prove that mobile IE was more than capable at rendering modern web pages, it just hit home how many apps and WHICH apps we are missing! :)
  • True but this is the best work around it seems.  I think they are removing the android UA string for WP10 because I saw a release about a new UA string for Spartan, but web devs aren't going to start incorporating that all of a sudden.  I'd like the option to edit it manually, I think that would be reasonable.
  • How long will it be before we start hearing that Microsoft is porting Spartan to Apple OS, Android and Chrome?
    Could a portable Spartan be how Cortana gets onto apple and google devices?
  • That looks quite nice! I hope it stays just like that. I'd rather have function before form for everything browser.
  • There better be a way to set the address bar on the bottom. I'm not reaching that far to the top
  • Love the new UI & icon btw accept that hamburger menu..
  • This is Spartaaaaaa (kicking Internet explorer into dark deep pit)
  • So many leaks, and not a clue when the next preview version for phone will come out. Not even a hint what phones will be added.
  • I hate hate hate that the address bar is at the top.
  • Stop showing us how it looks and ship the dam thing already. I am getting pissed the preview was suppose to come out today instead it's not. What the hell Microsoft I want Windows Phone 10 now!!!
  • I truly hope they allow us to change the address bar to the bottom of the screen. On both phones and desktop!
  • Hamburger or hot dog, it is still placed in the most ridiculous place
  • It looks soo ugly wtf why is the menu at the bottom and dont cut the hole screen only a half in landscape mode
  • Every mobile browser has menu at the bottom dont they
  • Looks great lets hope the way pages and certain things look appear better in Spartan
  • Engadget website always closest on me also winbeta website
  • Same here, very annoying
  • I like how that looks.
  • Wow, It looks really nice. Good job MS :)
  • Addressbar at the top...
  • Does anyone known if there will be in-private browsing in Spartan for windows phone?
  • Cool
  • "One of the first things you'll notice" is how poorly designed for mobile consumption WindowsMania.pl is.
  • They should use a hamburger instead of ellipsis.  If that's the new standard they should stick with it in all apps.
  • I have just realized this site has changed from WPCentral too Windows Central.. No wonder there not near as much phone related stuff anymore.
  • That's got nothing to do with it.  It's always been a site about all things Microsoft.  Just not a lot of news right now.
  • Will it allow us to use that Bank of America mobile site?
  • does it support the swipe gestures like in ie? ex. swipe to the right to go back.
  • why is there a link to itunes in the article?  I missed the reference..
  • First we need windows 10 to get the Spartan browser. There is no news about windows 10 for phones after it was released for a few devices last month. I guess Microsoft forgot that there are still many people waiting for windows 10 :(
  • Based on the early feedback so far I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry.  Far too buggy still.
  • Pls move the address bar and buttons back to the bottom pls. We hold our phones from the bottom , not the top
  • Is it just me or did my phone just randomly wipe out a bunch of numbers? Did this happen to anyone else?
  • So it's not user friendly anymore. Now we will need two hands, one to hold the phone and other for typing in address bar. It's more user friendly at the bottom. If MS is following the same practices like android and iOS then what's the point of coming up with new OS? MS ks destroying a beautiful user friendly OS.
  • im a wp fan..and the wp browser sucks. i cant even vote on the poll m.windowscentral.com
  • Requests for Spartan on mobile: Desktop Mode that actually works (instead of reverting to the mobile version like on 80% of pages now). Tabs Button (not hidden), or maybe even a tabs bar. Say, tap button to flip to next open tab, hold down to see all open tabs like now, and double-tap for a new tab. Favorites Button (not hidden) A customizable "Favorites Homepage" in new tabs much like the "Frequent" tiles in desktop IE 11 Refresh could become a gesture like current forward/back and removed from address bar to ellipses along with reading mode Address Bar @Bottom Option Synchronized Favorites to OneDrive automatically (unlike the current mess that must be setup manually now, and still won't update on the phone). Synchronized Open Tabs, Reading List, and Settings as well. Page Loading in Background (for slow loading pages) if Spartan is left open while you view other tabs, apps, or lock the phone. Could have a time-out after say, 15 minutes to keep the battery from getting drained by browser. Not really a Browser Issue, but Scanning QR Codes won't first shoot you to the browser before redirecting to the Store, it would simply go directly to the store.
  • Really, the web address bar MUST be on the bottom.
  • Its real nice to see.  I'll be better able to give my opinion once I get to actually USE it. :)
  • I hate that the Desktop sites are so hard to use on my 1520. Bank of Montreal has no app.fpr WP so website it is. I sometimes cannot deposit from an interac e transfer because the website will not provide full functionality. Browsing on a WP10 should be the same experience as.a Windows 10 Desktop or this whole Ecosytem thing is a.house of cards and judging from the amount of time it is taking to get it done, I have my doubts.
  • No they can't move the address bar to the top!
  • That notification bar in landscape mode. Seriously? One of the most annoying part of 8.1 is still unchanged. Instead of just rotating icons, that bar should always be on top independent of screen orientation. How come MS always overlook basic things.
  • They need to keep the address bar on the bottom. It will be extremely inconvenient to have it on the top, especially with large screen devices like the One m8, and 1520
  • Where is download manager in those screenshots?
  • Please, MS move the address bar to the bottom!!
  • Its awesome..
  •   I want the address bar back on the bottom. It just makes more sense to have it on the bottom with touchscreen devices.
  • why bar on the top? and another huge bar on the bottom... UGLY!
  • The browser bar....
  • I think Microsoft is doing a bit of experimenting with the new UI right now. There definitely isn't currently a standardized UI in the preview apps, with different apps having ellipses, hamburgers, or waffles and different positions for them. Hopefully when Windows 10 starts to get finalized, this experimenting leads to the best possible universal UI that's standard across all apps.
  • Address bar on top? Dam... Not a upgrade for smartphones I believe!
  • They better move the address bar to the bottom or we will raise hell.
  • There is NO need for the status bar (ever) but especially in landscape mode
  • But notification center should always come from top instead of left in landscape mode
  • The address bar does not need to be at the bottom people. But I have an idea to eliminate the annoyance of having to tap at the top to edit the address bar. Just look at how Maxthon browser for Windows Phone does it. It completely hides the address bar when not used but has an 'Edit' button in the app bar which one can tap to bring up and edit the address bar. This will allow them to keep the address bar at the top or not show it at all when not editing. This will also solve the current problem of address bar disappearing when bringing up the keyboard. And seriously think about the screen real estate it saves by making that long bar disappear. Seriously, I am surprised no one suggested this. This is much better than having the address bar at the bottom.
  • But I don't see why it cannot be at the bottom. The hide thing is neat but it will also work when the address bar is at the bottom ...
  • Off subject but does anyone knows if Microsoft fixed the text message duplicating...it's very annoying constantly closing texts eveytime you send or receive a text message.
  • Lol once again, there's people that like the changes, and people that will bitch and complain about the changes. Nothing surprising on here...and you expect Microsoft to get done with Windows 10 in time when they're trying to compensate for all of your stupid and petty complaints while butting heads with each other??? This is exactly why I got an iPad as a scapegoat in case Windows 10 sinks because of it. Dont get me wrong I love Microsoft and the way they're going with Windows, and I really hope it succeeds, but the fan base here is just embarrassing sometimes, and unfortunately Microsoft is using it to determine how Windows 10 should be. When you have people that want it to be just like Windows 8 and people that want it to look and act like that stone age of an OS XP you're just going to get some hybrid mutant-like OS that is begging you to kill it. Microsoft is trying to compromise for all of you, so why can't you all agree to compromise on things that you think are cool and things that bug you besides starting some nerd war over it? Someone like the address bar at the top but another person doesnt? Make it an option to put it at the top or bottom. Problem solved...no need to over think stupid s**t like this. There's no such thing as the perfect OS. Hell I've used my iPad and messed around with iOS for a bit, and its truly nothing special. Only thing about it is that there's more apps, that's it. Other than that it is pretty watered down and the customizability on it is very minimal. But it does what I want it do. Windows has been an OS that was about options, and that's the route Windows 10 needs to take. With Microsoft doing nothing but compromising because you can't come to any agreements all they can do is add and remove things, and all all it does is irritate people. Obviously you're not going to have every single thing about the OS become an option due to overcomplicating it, but this is one of Microsoft's issues right now. They need to know what should be customizable and what shouldn't. But when all you get are idiots that say "the icons are ugly" or "the address bar should be at the bottom", all that does is put Microsoft in a pickle as to what they should change, and hinder the development of the OS. Instead, Microsoft could just make them options, (i.e. move the address bar to the top or bottom, and have different icon packs to choose from such as a default flat style, classic style, bubbly style, etc.) sorry for the long rant lol.
  • Well, the thing with having the address bar on the top is not that I looks ugly - I actually couldn't care less - but when you've got a device as big as the 1520 it simply is damn hard to reach. And this is bad design. One could argue now: But the 1520 is a exception. No! Sure, it is now. But it wont be for long anymore, with current phones getting bigger and bigger ...
  • Which is exactly why I said make it an option to have it on the top or the bottom. Some people prefer it on the top even if they do have a 1520 or whatever, hell the address bar on my iPad is at the top but I couldnt care less, but for the majority of devices that are 5 inches or less having it on the top can still be accessed with one hand. If a device is larger, and you can't reach it with one hand, go to your settings, check mark "put the address bar on the bottom", and you're set.
  • However it still is more comfortable to reach on the bottom even for smaller devices. I simply see no advantage in having it on the top at all ...
  • Most people have a natural tendency to read from top to bottom, and its easier to notice the address bar at the top than it is the bottom of the screen. It makes it feel more like a natural web browser that people have been used to on desktops for years. This is why I said IT NEEDS TO BE AN OPTION. If people want it at the top because it brings them familiarity then go for it, if they want it at the bottom because their hands are too small/phone is too big to reach it with one hand to the top then people should be able to go into the settings app and change that they want the address bar at the bottom. How many times do I have to keep saying this before people get it? xP
  • Sure, I have no problem with it being an option, but I don't think that even implementing it on the top was necessary at all ... in my opinion this option is quite useless because I don't see why anyone would want it on top ... but maybe that's just me ...
  • So how are those millions of Android and ios user browsing?
  • Definitely not in a user friendly way ... not to mention that at least iOS thought of something to get the address bar near your thumb ...
  • Why is address bar at top? Hating it, keep the scribbling place near the thumbs MS.
  • It seems odd that these screen shots would be on a BLU Win HD and not a Lumia.
  • By my guess the phone showing in th wmpoweruser website is lumia 535
  • Needs to be at the bottom, where God intended. Especially for mobile devices.
  • is lovely
  • Looks really prototypish - they need to move the address bar to the bottom. 
  • I can't wait to get a new phone. What device is that???
  • Look like uc browser.... Need some changes in UI..
  • Please msft, keep controls down...
  • No no no! Don't put the address bar on the top! How am I supposed to reach this with a 1520??!!!!
  • Your other hand.
  • Sure. This however is not possible when there are moments where I only got one hand free, duh!
  • I have high hopes for Spartan, with the stripped-down rendering engine and whatnot. IE on Windows Phone is VERY hit-or-miss.
  • It would be nice if we could put the address bar whenever we want(up or down) Most of the people including me prefer it at the bottom.
  • Waiting for win 10 & spartan
  • I hope they will bring the address bar down, and that they add more gestures to navigate
  • Like it :-)
  • Wtf is this? I like the address bar being on the bottom! I have a large phone it helps a lot! Bring it back down damn it!
  • If anyone, ANYONE from Microsoft reads this forum. Please, let your colleagues (who make the browser) know that EVERYONE is asking to keep the address bar at the BOTTOM.
  • I hope it has the ability to view websites offline.but I hope success for the universal app strategy.
  • IE on phone is horrible , this one won't be any different.
  • That battery icon is a little too simple. Hopefully, it's just the preview.
  • Does adobe flash work in spartan for phones?
  • So first they moved the address bar to the bottom because it was easier to access, improving the usability of ie. Are they now implicitly telling us they don't care about user interaction anymore?
  • I hope there's a black theme..
  • Hopefully spartan for phone can include flashplayer so I can stream football match on my Lumia
  • amazing browser!
  • I like the name
  • Nice phone too
  • I'm waiting for the release of the next version of Windows Phone and if it sucks as same as WP8.1 I'll change to Droid. The internet explorer in the WP8 was much better than the IE in WP8.1, hope this new browser can change everything, not just the name.
  • I think I'd like to see screenshots of the settings menu. I'm really hoping that the mobile (and PC) versions of Spartan have the ability to block ads by adding privacy filters just like IE 11 does on Windows 8.1, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  • Id miss having the url bar at the bottom its easier to reach Bur it looks pretty
  • It would be awesome if the address bar was at the bottom.
  • I'd rather like the URL bar below as it is now. Easier to reach. I hope we get the option to choose this in the final version.
  • MS' design team sure is on a roll with the dumb UI changes. Why is the battery icon in the system tray so tiny now? It doesn't even line up with the other icons.
  • so... did i miss something or is the Pin to Start option no longer available? Dont see it in the screenshots.... Useful feature - hope its not gone.
  • I prefer the look and feel of IE on windows. Why cant they add the same gui with the new edge engine to the new Spartan browser. If we wanted a browser looking like that we'd have better off just using Netscape or IE in 95'
  • I hope Spartan is good, the interface looks nice (better than safari a bit) but I can't wait for WP10 it looks like WP8.1 revamped to something much more better.
  • not a fan of the URL bar on top, especially on a device like my 1520.   But it looks much better than what we currently have. Hopefully websites will render properly now.
  • The subtle changes look nice as long as we don't lose the ability to pin and gaining the ability to download YouTube video and audio files directly from the browser would be grand!
  • So we went from having the URL adddress field on the top (Windows Phone 7.0) to having it moved to the bottom (Windows Phone 10.0) and now we're back at the top…
  • Maybe not the right forum here, but If this is the basic look of spartan, I don't see much a difference from chrome beta.
  • The useless grey bar at the botton, should contain, Address bar, plus, reading mode, plus the configurable button, kinda like the current explorer. we dont need to have our view cluttered by two bars.
  • I REALLY hope the address bar can be put on the bottom. I HATE having to reach for things for no reason.
  • With all the phablets coming out these days I think the address bar must be down at the bottom just like WP8 & 7 had it.
  • Any one know what phone that is in the banner for this article? Looks like yellow/green htc?
  • Nevermind I worked it out myself, it is a blu win hd.