Should Microsoft scrap hamburgers for waffles? Why menus in Windows 10 matter

One of the most controversial aspects of the design language of Windows 10 has been the near ubiquitous adoption of so-called hamburger-style menus. Microsoft has used the three-lined button design in apps before without much notice e.g. SmartGlass, but it was not until the OneDrive app makeover, and eventual Windows 10 integration did people take notice.

Now, new mockups of Microsoft's Delve app is stirring up debate about whether Microsoft should use the hamburger style button, opt for the waffle type design or something altogether different.

The Controversy

Hamburger menus aka 'SplitView controls' are found widely across many apps on iOS, Android and even on Windows Phone (often from ports of apps from other platforms). The button, represented by three, short horizontal lines stacked upon each other are often referred to as 'hamburger' due to their ASCII-like visual representation.

The purpose of them is to hide menu information under a simple 'button'. The functions that go within these style buttons are often not used and more adept to settings or account information for that app or service.

The problem is, for most of Windows Phone's history, such buttons had no role in its design language (which was formerly called Metro and later Modern). Instead, Windows Phone opted for an ellipsis ('…') near the bottom of the lower app bar to service as an indicator for more settings.

Besides the design, what people like about the Windows Phone version is the proximity to your thumb when holding the phone. Unlike hamburger buttons, which are found near the upper left, the Windows Phone ellipsis lets users access a larger, hidden menu without needing to stretch their thumb across the display.

Putting the above usability concerns aside, many ardent Windows Phone fans feel like the OS is also losing its identity by going the hamburger route. Indeed, Windows 10 is littered with many examples in apps of this new style of design.

For hamburger menus

The argument for the triple line style menus is two-fold:

  • Familiarity – The design is used on websites and competing operating systems, making them more obvious to people transitioning to Windows 10 for the first time
  • Universal apps – The strong selling point in Windows 10 – universal apps – is also its weak point. Microsoft needs to try and keep app design between desktop, tablet, and phone relatively all the same. Having one style menu on the desktop, with a different for phone decreases consistency and may increase user confusion


  • Wedge and gesture – In the recently released newsreader app for Windows and Windows Phone, Fedora Reader brings an unusual menu choice through the use of a sliver design. Users can tap/swipe from the left side to bring up the menu. Still, usability is not obvious as even that app has a brief tutorial to let users know how it works. This tutorial is no different than how Windows 8.1 teaches users gestures when the operating system is first installed. However, good design dictates that discoverability should be natural to the user.
  • Waffle button (Delve) – In the new Microsoft Delve app mockups, we can see the use of a 'waffle button' represented as a square with smaller squares on the inside. Google uses such a design for its Chrome apps launcher and Microsoft takes advantage of its design in Office 365 online to bring up other Office tools.

Interestingly, in the Delve mockup, we can see the waffle button integrated into the lower app bar. Presumably it behaves in a similar manner, as tapping it likely brings up another menu for tools.

The problem here is waffle buttons look better suited for mini-app launchers, tool boxes, and non-dialog situations. This usage is different from Microsoft's current ellipsis '…' menu button or the hamburger design found in Windows 10. In that regard, we do not see a strong argument for its usage over the current hamburger button.

The best solution?

As a compromise, Microsoft should reconsider using the hamburger style button for hidden menus. We can name a few compromises to make this happen, at least for the Phone UI, which is what most people seemed concerned about when making complaints.

  • Lower-Hamburger button into the App Bar – At the very least, Microsoft should consider a way just to keep the current hamburger button, but let it reside in the lower app bar. This move at once ensures familiarity to the user and design consistency for desktop apps. The placement may be different, but the look is the same. Such a design choice also goes a long way in answering user concerns about having to reach up and across the display to pull open a hidden menu. Instead, it is near the bottom, better suited for one-handed usage
  • Combine SplitView/Hamburger button with Pivot – This solution is proposed on the Windows Phone UserVoice page (and seen above), and it currently has nearly 1700 votes. The idea is to make the design on the phone (and tablet) a dual hamburger/pivot control. Users could tap the hamburger button to reveal the SplitView, or, swipe from the left to show the same page. This is both fluid, keeps discoverability the same, and it makes Windows Phone users happy.
  • Come up with something different – We are not designers by any means, so our task is not to come up with solutions for Microsoft. However, if they want to keep the Phone OS more phone-friendly for smaller displays, they need to take a page from Palm's book about UI design. Address bars in browsers should be near the bottom, as should menus and frequently accessed tools, which is what makes the back button and app bar so useful on Windows Phone.

For us at Windows Central, the SplitView control for displaying more information is less about the icon design and more about the placement. Personally, we are fine with so-called hamburger buttons, but we would much rather see them kept near the bottom of apps for easy access instead of the upper left corner. If we could pick one choice, it would be the Hamburger/Pivot combo proposed on UserVoice.

The challenge for Microsoft is finding the right balance between design consistency in apps across desktop and phone and usability in the real world. The Windows 10 team should at least take into consideration user concern over this matter.


You know the drill. Take our user poll to let your voice be heard (and go to the Windows Phone UserVoice page too). If you are using our app, make sure you go to to cast your vote.

We know many of feel strongly about this topic, so sound off in comments. Even better, give us your proposals on how Microsoft can solve this with links to mockups. You never know what could happen.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Make a User Control. Everyone uses it. Everything is consistent.
  • What is wrong exactly with the current ellipsis button? I had a very heated discussion at GSMArena over this, seeing as even Google is throwing away the hamburger in its latest YouTube update:   Also could anyone tell me what was wrong with this: Which is following the same design language as: And BTW why there is no "the ellipsis menu structure is just fine" in the poll? I had to choose "...but I haven't seen a better idea" when I actually have: the idea that already exists in WP. Microsoft needs to ask: "what are people sticking with our platform for? is it Cortana that will be on iOS and Android? or is it Office that is ALREADY there?" the answer would be "Oh, so it's the design! Let's give our poor users THAT at least".
    Really ask yourself, without the design and the language that people liked, what else is there? The glaring disparity of apps and app updates is supposed to keep people here? No one will come to WP because it has "hamburgers". No one leaves WP because it doesn't have hamburgers. But current WP users such as myself will get disillusioned and disappointed with where things are headed. As I pointed out in that thread, the hamburger is a weak design element regardless of where it is as it lacks nuance. It's the "lazy designer's shrug" element. "Let's put all the stuff under this one button" real classy. Compare that to WP's toolbar that shows round buttons for mostly used commands, then exposes the button title when the ellipsis is tapped (NUANCE) and any menu items that are needed less than the most common commands. That's good design and they bring that Android...filth over here? From the no man's land of design?!
    Do check out that thread to see what I fear the most looking at where things are headed for WP. There are people here who truly care for what WP achieved, and lack of sales won't be fixed by these infantile choices. It only disappoints us, the people who truly care.
  • It's in the poll because people may think that the WP 8.1 ellipses menu structure is just fine and doesn't need changing
  • It doesn't. It's by far the most elegant menu structure created on any mobile OS.
  • I agree. It gives WP an identity over IOS and android
  • It's an identity/method that 95% of phone owners do not understand though. I think Microsoft is smart to follow the "standard" in this area. They've got an uphill climb the way it is. Why make things more confusing by changing the buttons?
  • Part of its elegance comes from the fact that everyone on this planet knows what an ellipsis in a UI is. The same thing already exists on Android, in the form of 3 vertical dots. "95% of phone owners do not understand" is false.
  • The fact if the matter is every since WP 8.1 Microsoft's mobile OS is becoming more and more like Android with each iterative update. What is the point in MS even offering WP if it's no different than Android? They might as well dump WP and put that money into just buying the Cyanogen Mod team and their OS and filling it up with Bing and Outlook as opposed to Google products and services. The whole appeal of Windows Phone--for me, at least--is the face fact that it's different. I think if they want to use hamburger menus they should put them in the app bar for usability, but I would prefer they stick with the ellipses.
  • Yeah agreed too. Since MS always advertised #Switch, metro UI, mini control panel for Windows 10 mobile.. Might as well they change the option icon too. I'll vote for waffle! :D
  • Besides giving Windows Phone identity, it's user friendly. I can't imagine myself having to drag my finger to the left corner everytime I need more settings. Way too much of a hassle and administration. The 3 dots on the right bottom corner are right and I fully agree with your comment that it gives it identity.
  • i think the best solution is the UC browser's setting in the ellipses. its the best and elegant solution of all. pivot inside a ellipse.takes less space and can still show a large number of setting by swiping there.
  • Yeah that setup is fantastic!
  • agreed :)
  • Agree too!
  • The ellipses menu is good for rarely used items like settings. I'm not sure it's the best choice for navigational controls however. At least I don't think it is in its current encarnation. Maybe WP could encorporate a new gesture, where swiping up anywhere within the bottom app bar would slide up a navigational menu? That could be used in a rather sloppy way "no specific touch target", and make navigation a distinct concept with it's own special place in the UI, seperating navigation from secondary commands (which is what we're presented in the ellipses menu). Anyway, by supporting the dual hamburger/pivot approach, I think this article is muddying the waters even further. As many of us know, Pivots are not WP's take on Tabs, as used by iOS or Android, nor were they ever intended to be used as a means to navigate between distinct parts of an app. MS states as much in their own guidelines. Pivots, as envisioned by the metro team, are for sorting/filtering data sets, nothing more (e.g. the all/unread/flagged/urgent sections in the e-mail app). Unfortunately, this article is suggesting they be misused as Tabs, which Pivots pretty much suck at. Even the xbox music app that is used to demonstrate the idea has five sections, which already makes for a pretty poor UX... way to much panning without it being clear which direction takes you to the desired section with the least amount of swipes. Apply this approach to something like Tapatalk, with more than 10 sections, and the UX completely falls appart. A navigational paradigm needs to provide a general approach that works equally well for all apps, not just the most simplistic ones. More on why the dual hamburger/pivot approach is a bad idea can be found in the forums, here. It's a shame this article couldn't explain any of that. What WP needs is a standardised approach to navigation that involves neither (top-left placed) Hamburgers nor Pivots.  
  • ...and that would have been called "expanding the guidelines" in a native manner, instead of blatantly copying from the latest fad ("fad" because I found the hamburger generally a bad idea and the process of it disappearance has already started) and not putiing in the time to maintain the Modern UI identity. There was an article published right here basically saying "hey, hamburgers work and they are already here so what ya gonna do?! Get used to it" as if there isn't or there shouldn't be an ideal solution out there that's more innovative than a single button hosting everything. Microsoft's current design team is fond of slacking off and losing identity. That's why they've started to use the hamburger even in the places where Modern UI does have perfectly good equivalents, like the Cortana UI. I find the "waffle" in the toolbar to be an acceptable element for the purposes you mentioned...because it is added to the current command bar, to provide additional functionality.
  • I agree, it shouldn't change. I voted for the "I haven't seen anything better" thing in the poll but what I truly want is for the "..." to stay. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
    Long live elipsis.   Is it that hard to figure out what the people want?
  • The ellipses menu is by far the best. 1. I never had any training in Windows Phone's design but I immediately knew what it was; 2. it's three, tiny, horizontal dots, meaning it takes up almost no space, unlike the gigantic space eater, the hamburglar menu; 3. it's at the bottom, easily accessible by thumb (although, I'd prefer it bottom left, like the Windows Start button, rather than bottom right).
  • Well, more than 90% people use Android and iOS and don't care with that. So don't say that the people want it.
  • The people who used and know what WP are those who want it. And if the idea is to make WP look like iOS and Android to get those people to use WP, well, why not make everyone move to iOS and Android?
  • Microsoft wants more marketshare and not just flatter a 3% marketshare....
  • I am sure making Windows look like iOS and Android will make people switch to Windows in droves. And it won't make Windows irrelevant for the 3% who already use it. /s
  • I think that the IE has the solution for Cortana...
    Mic on the Left, Search Bar in the Middle and the "Ellipsis" (I call 3 dots xD) in the Right.
  • If it's not in the upper left I could forgive them. That horrible upper left placement is my biggest problem with it in most implementations. Almost unusable with one hand.
  • Actually no need for mic. That should have been placed on the keyboard long ago, like in the current preview.
  • Very well said. Live tiles are great but they are not the only thing that I love(ed) about this platform. MS created the design language as it was for a reason. One handed usability. Metro/Modern is great on smartphones. Dropping this design language in favor of hamburger buttons at the top of the screen just so its easier for android users to convert? In what world does that make sense. "hey look, hamburger button, one of those things I hated on android is on WP too....but at least its familiar!" Haha or how about this instead, new user experiencing metro/modern "hmmmm, no hamburger button....oh I get it....oh wow this is so much better!"
    Seriously, why copy a terrible design that even android is dropping purely for the sake of familiarity. It's strategies like these that hold back progression.
  • And BTW why there is no "the ellipsis menu structure is just fine" in the poll? I had to choose "...but I haven't seen a better idea" when I actually have: the idea that already exists in WP.
      WELL SAID. The original "Metro" design language had the navigation down pat (only problem was the ridiculously large fonts, but that wasn't part of the navigation element). Why leave it now? Makes no sense to me.
  • I think it's because WCentral is slowly convincing us that hamburger/waffle buttons are FINE. I remember an article they released way back where they were forcing (forcing might be an over reaction) us to LIKE hambergurs menus like we had no other choice but to accept them. Now they are on the soft side but still making us think that those kind of design are fine. What has happened to WCentral?  I agree with everything AgentTheGreat said, there is no reason why we need to switch from elipsis menu. Not a single living soul will say "Oh, hamburger menu on a windows phone? Better have one now!"
  • Quite frankly, being a web developer, the general public understands what a hamburger menu does. It's a universal symbol, and it allows words (not symbols, which are arbitrary) to be used! The placement? Well, Android users have had to use their thumb up that area for a LONG time, and they love it. Microsoft is smart by changing, and everyone not liking it? I love the adoption and the change! Go Microsoft for making something new and standard :)
  • Except that you are ignoring the fact that adroid is NOT using the hamburger ubiquitously anymore.
  • ...and it's not "new" at all.
  • Yes, ellipsis is a great system, the only thing i would change about them is to make the dots a little bit larger so they were easier to grab and more obvious to new users. Also, i don't think the ellipsis on the phone UI is the thing that's broken here or the thing that warrants debate. If anything, we should be arguing about how to incorporate the ellipsis in the desktop UI in a way that is as natural as they are on the phone UI.
  • Spot on!  Perfectly and wonderfully stated!  The best option is already there!  Ellipsis!  No need for anything else! The reason I believe it's not in the poll it's WCentral passive way of not wanting to rock the boat.  They are just afraid to call out Microsoft on anything. 
  • Agree. I really hate hamburger menu. If they wanna bring hamburger menu then don't remove pivot. Just keep both like in latest version of wechat. That's good for both type of people. I choose WP over ios and android because it have unique UI. But if they are ruining this UI. And not listening to poll then I don't have any reason to stick with WP. Well lets see if they going to listen to users or not.
  • You have a great point! Many people use, and started to use Windows Phone for the design, but I feel that it doesn't do the platform justice to say that the ONLY reason that Persons are Windows Phone users are staying with the platform is because of the design language. Window Phone had great performance on relatively low-end hardware; it had unique live tile functionality; awesome third party developer apps; incredibly innovative personal digital assistant; and of course with then, Nokia's great hardware, Windows Phone was very attractive. Theses are all possible reasons why persons may have used Windows Phones, including to avoid Apple or Google products for some people. I personally did not like some of the huge text headers in the pivot pages, But the moment I saw a windows Phone in real person, it was beautiful to see the colours and contrast of the dark and light themes. I still like the dark and light themes of Windows Phone. It is unfair to all fans of Windows Phone to say that the design is the ONLY reason, albeit that it is an important one. I think that the universality of the UI takes precedence over the adaptation of the UX for Phone. If your using a 4 inch screened phone reaching the Hamburger button may not be as much as a challenge for someone using a 6 inch device. Panoramic UI and Pivots were difficult for simple novice designers to utilize in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Most of the awesome looking pivots were in apps like XBOX Smartglass, and MixRadio, but simple apps from one-man developer companies struggled to look good, and thus why many people complained that Windows phone Had poor quality apps. I don't see anything wrong in the "lazy designers shrug" of making it easier for amateur and low-resource developers and app designers [which make up a bulk of windows apps], to make a decent looking app. Yes the hamburger button is a new and radical change than what is typical of Windows Phone, but it may very well be a necessary "evil' for the sake of Universal apps.
  • Better performance on low hardware is good. But if you decide to not suffer low end hardware, game is pretty much over. Cortana will be on competing platform. Office is on competing platforms. What "awesome third party developer apps"? Can't compare to competing platforms in this regard. Nokia's hardawre wouldn't be enough to compete with tons of other high profile manufacturers who left the platform...also Microsoft acquiring Nokia and practically firing everyone, that image is long gone.
  • I think you though are missing the big picture here.....Pivot swipe interface is great for one handed touch devices, but it is not so nice for two handed touch devices (tablets) and it is horrible for mouse input. The new universal Apps MS showed already are great at adjusting to the screen. You can try it on your own with the calculator app on Windows 10....Just scale the Window and you'll see how nice it works, How it shows you more menus if there is more space and less menus if there is not enough space....This is what MS should really focus on, because building up a universal App store with Apps that can replace your desktop Apps but also be nice phone apps is really the advantage MS can have. This will lead to the point where your phone will be able to connect (wireless or wired) to screen, mouse and keyboard and all your Apps will be windowed and resize able on the screen. Of course they still have to improve on how the Apps are adjusting to the different devices.....maybe with some UI elements changing from the top to the bottom when used on phones (in "phone/tablet mode"), just like the ribbons in the Office Universal App.....I could imagine the browser bar of spartan will act similarly. But just comparing WP7/8 Apps with Windows 10 apps on phones is not really enough anymore. This are universal Apps....and there sill are some nice unique UI elements in Windows 10 and it still follows minimalism esthetics. 
  • That is my point. I don't think the pivot would work for Large screened devices, That is why I think that there has to be a compromise of the UI for universality. I don't think that what Windows on phones is losing its identity, its just growing and evolving. Besides, even though Microsoft has to conserve the loyal consumers that it has, it is trying to attract a new, larger user base. This move might make it easier of a transition for persons from iOS and Android. People are leaving Windows Phone with or without the UI change (e.g. Tom Warren etc.) It is unfair to the platforms loyalist to assume that they will leave a platform because of a button. I love Windows 8.1 on the PC and I'm looking forward to the features in Windows 10 regardless, of hamburger buttons. But I can't say the same for others who will have it on their phones. and have gotten accustomed to How Windows Phone is now.
  • If Cortana is on other platforms and Office is on other platforms then so what. If thats a good enough reason to switch to another platforms then your basically saying I don't actually like Windows, I only use it for this set of apps. In which case, isn't it better to switch platforms to the OS you actually think is better and find a new set of apps. The reason to use Windows should be because you think Windows is best. Not because you think the Office app is better. The apps on all the platforms will generally get the job done well.
  • No. I'm saying that if you are hung-up on hamberger menus, and leave the platform for more functional apps. that is not exactly Microsoft's "fault". I say that carefully. You choose what you like no one can blame you. I like everything else about Windows (save for some of the missing apps) and the implementation of the new UI doesn't change much for me. If it does for you, fine. That is fair. I just don't like how a lot of people make the menu system change like the "Apocalypes of Windows". Everything changes. At least give it a chance.
  • "Simple novice users" is one thing, designers at Microsoft adapting the "shrug" model and killing the platform's identity is another. They are basically using the hamburger in places that native WP elements do exist, like in the case of Cortana that I showed in a mock up above. Or the case of the new calculator app.
  • The only thing that I think the ellipsis could be improved with is by making the dots a little larger, sometimes I feel like they are hard to grab. If they were a little bit easier to grab and more obvious I think less new users would be put off. I also don't see why Windows 10 can't automatically decide by screen size which method to use. I.e. <6.5" screens get ellipses and browser buttons on bottom, >6.5" screens get an option for top or bottom placement.
  • Could not have said it better myself. There is a reason everything is the way it is on Windows Phone 8. Like the large text at the top of most modern apps. That area is dead space. When using phone with one hand, you do not want to constantly stretch your fingers to reach there. And that's why those large text were a great design combining obvious usability with a distinct beauty. But looking at the screenshots of new apps in Windows 10 phone Technical Preview, I am sad to see it go. What's worse is they seem to have decreased the font size way too much. The app also seems to have been changed. Gone are those little round buttons just at the middle of the app bar. Instead they seem to be horribly congested towards one side make it difficult to reach for users who grab their phone from the other side like left-handed users. To be honest, what was once distinctly recognizable as Windows Phone is changing to be more like the others. And what's worse is people and Microsoft seem to think Hamburger buttons are the holy grail of design language when in fact many have criticized it (including a designer from Apple) and some are even preparing for a change away from Hamburgers like that YouTube app you mentioned. This again seems to be Microsoft's futile attempt to follow the designs of their competitors but way too late. It's not hard to imagine that the industry might move away just sometime after Microsoft makes the mistake of incorporating those menus which will again result in them looking different and playing catchup with whatever design their competitors come up with next.
  • ^THIS ^THIS ^ THIS!^ this is what die hard fans who have hung on and advocated for WP since 7! ITS THE DESIGN!! I agree with every single one of these points! YOU ARE LOSING YOUR CORE FANBASE NOW MICROSOFT!
  • I totally agree. Keep the 3 ellipsis and the pivots! Keep the WP UI unique...
  • ... is too small and is non intuitive.
  • We do need a better control for tab navigation, pivots and panoramas aren't gonna cut it. My personal suggestion is for Microsoft to build a native control similar to the app bar, on top of the screen. Give it an ellipsis on the right and a whatever on the left, with the middle purely reserved for images and or fonts with optional small text underneath. Let the developer choose elipsis, hamburger on neither. EDIT: just the clarify, the ellipsis would be used only to slide in additional tabs, so 10 tabs for example would require 3 presses to reach the end) EDIT 2: This will still allow for swipe navigation, think of it as replacing text with FontAwesome or images
  • Love your comment dude !
  • the youtube app kinda look like wp but with icon instead of text
  • My choice exactly, leave the elipses alone.  I actually prefer it to the hamburger (what a dumb name).
  • I have to agree with Agent on the elipsis.  I use it a lot to get see the title text of the round button -- probably as much as I use it for getting to menus.  (Sometimes someone's icon just doesn't mean anything to me until I see the text.  Oh, the downsides of being so left-brained!) But, to be totally honest, I really like Palm's webOS menus (alluded to in the main article) that are drag down from the title bar at the top.  It's not as convenient as the elipsis by your thumb, for sure, but it's intuitive in that every desktop user expects menus at the top of the window (or screen).  Windows, MacOS, most Linux GUIs, Amiga, etc. -- they all have menus (with a right or left mouse click) at the top. <sarcasm>Maybe MS should just require a dedicated hardware menu button like Android and be done with it!</sarcasm>
  • Hamburger menu and ellipsis are two different types of menus. Ellipsis is for options that regard the current visible "page" of the app, as are the "quick buttons" at the bottom. Pivot allows you to switch between "pages", and Hamburger is a menu at an even higher level than pivot - for example in the Onedrive app, the hamburger is for switching between Onedrive and Onedrive for Business and getting to settings. Pivot is for switching between "files", "photos" and "shared". And at the bottom and in the ellipsis menu you can find page-specific options like upload a file, sort files, etc. Thats why I think hamburger is best integrated with this dual Pivot, and ellipsis should just stay as it is. No need to reach anything at the top with your thumb.
  • Even Google has killed Hamburger Menu in its apps. Microsoft is making a huge mistake by going back to design language of 2008.
  • They won't listen to us, once again :'( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah and now they are moving more towards what Windowsphone use to be with swiping from left or right. MS has a bunch of idiots working there.
  • Indians ;)
  • Haha, Yep!
  • Yup. Exactly the situation many critics predicted. Apple and Google are coming to realize how poor of an idea the hamburger is, while MS is seeking to embrace it. It would be comical if it wasn't so sad. :-/
  • I've been using waffles in my apps, I think it looks better. More differentiated.
  • I'm with you on waffles looking better, I can't really stand the hamburger look!
  • Waffle opens square tiles, hamburger opens lines, as a user will expect. Waffle on a phone opening lines instead of tiles? Nah. I'm up for the hybrid: hamburger + pivots in the current situation.
  • Except the 'Blue Waffles', they don't look so good :D
  • Wondering how many people will google that. :D
  • DON'T!
  • Haha!
  • Fap.
  • Totally agree.
  • Waffle!
  • waffle at the bottom please! Already used in Outlook website, so it is familiar
  • 55555555
  • Good night dude!
  • I'm fine with either. I'd rather have some apps to use whatever kind of menu in the first place....
  • Y'all should suck up and accept the hamburger icon as a welcoming addition to Windows 10 UI and let Microsoft do their thing. You know 8 months from now when they change the hamburger icon to something else y'all gonna be begging for it. Happened to Windows 8 start menu, gonna happen here too. Truth.
  • Hamburger menu is only good sometimes. I dont mind the way smartglass does it but some apps should use the waffle too.
  • No, terrible ergonomics are just terrible ergonomics. 8 months of developing RSI isn't going to change that. The button itself we could get used to, but the placement on the wrong end of a 5" screen? Not a chance.
  • This guy remains an avid critic of Windows 8 start menu and happens to be more satisfied with its replacement. I've been saying that's an unnatural UI for classic desktop and I still maintain that position.
  • Swipe
  • Swipe to back n forward to another page is better than hamburger
  • Just add functionaloty to the App bar! Like what we've seen in the office mock ups. Devs should be able to dump any control in and on it...
  • Preach! Also, notice that in some cases (like when there are no default visible buttons) you can pull up the app bar from anywhere, not necessarily from the 3 dots. They should make this work every time and the handedness problem is solved. I'm also a fan of horizontal swiping - you know there's more content to the right because a small part of it is cut into the current view.
  • I like all these ideas.
  • I'm a big believer in this as well. Developers need structure here. To build on this topic, I really think the app bar should be dynamic based on the users indicated viewing mode..  If the user is in desktop mode, the app bar should render the lovely Microsoft "ribbon" at the top of the screen with as many accessible buttons for quick use with a mouse and keyboard (keyword here is "familiar" experience). This can be customized to be minimalistic or full like the current app bar allows.. (showing buttons with icons or icons with labels etc..) If the user is in tablet mode or on a phone, the lower app bar with navigation button i.e. hamburger/waffle/WhateverFoodIconYouLike ;) as a quick link to navigation. The menu doesn't have to be one size fits all. It NEEDS to be dynamic! I feel like / hope this guidance will come at BUILD this year. But as of now I'm a little lost as to important design decisions I need to be making with my current apps!
  • Lets use Cortana circle instead!!!
  • Omg I love that
  • One of the best ideas.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great idea
  • Finally I had a good idea!
  • Sure you had a great one....:) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ^This
  • That is a great idea
  • It is not a great idea because it canibalizes on Cortana. That circle is already invested in and known to symbolize Cortana. To use it for a bloody hamburger would be wrong.
  • That's a terrible idea. The Cortana circle is for Cortana. Why would you completely confuse everone by giving it a second function. Like, what?
  • Cortana circle implies search, not menu. But it looks nice.
  • Ouch sorry... Bad idea... But kinda cool eh?
  • Waffle or hamburger...just place it at the bottom, so we can reach it. That's all, plain simple.
  • I agree 100%
  • I truly agree with this!!!!
  • ^this!
  • Yes. Whatever is used, put it at the bottom so I can easily reach it.
  • They could put that hamburger/waffles/dots button under app bar/app menu or whatever it is called that we allready have on our phones. Leave the pivot menu navigation and enable to reach options by swiping from far left. That gives more usable screen space, give them ability to have that button and leave users with familliar, easy interface and easy navigation.
  • I agree but I do have one last request of MS pick one and make it universal across all the apps and OS please for the love of it all. I know things will progress and change over time... But not all over the board all the time
  • Waffle and on the bottom -> winner.
  • No, because ellipses would still be better. They take up less space.
  • How about the ribbon concept found on Windows, implemented similar to what was shown in Office for Phone preview?
  • Exactly... They showed this demo with the ribbon on the bottom in the app bar but on the PC it appears on the top with all navigation and edit options ready and available for mouse and keyboard use. This REALLY needs to be the standard for universal apps!
  • Then it would need to be at the bottom on the PC too (universal apps) which is stupid
  • Maybe for you, but for me it would be fantastic to have it on the bottom on the PC as well. MS should simply offer the option to the user to choose what he prefers and of it should synch across devices or only on the device set.
  • I find that on my surface pro 3 the ellipses are too small to grab when the keyboard cover is partially touching the screen. I personally think the best solution is slightly larger dots for both phone and PC setups (more obvious to new users, easier to grab for everyone else). I also think an option to place dots at the top of the screen if the user is using a screen larger than 6.5" and browser bar automatically on top for screens larger than 8" would solve most of this debate.
  • Or just have the OS decide based on screen size. <6.5" on the bottom. >6.5" user gets an option, or it's just automatically ellipsis on the top, etc.
  • Yeah, I don't care about anything but the placement.   This is about usability, not being stuck in the past.
  • Give users the option of where they would like their menu buttons... Top or bottom and left or right for left or right handers... Ask user during setup? Also have the hamburger menu, waffle and ellipse buttons part of user chosen "Themes" again chosen at setup...
  • I've been saying this for a while.  Microsoft could save themselves so much of end user headaches if they had a setup option in their OS's.  Imagine Windows 8 if when you were installing, they presented you with different "start" options, and you got to choose?  Exact same situation here.  Let people pick.  Surely the OS could handle this programatically.
  • I am NOT making my apps have two different layouts. Don't be stupid. It's not a "Microsoft" thing, this would mean all devs have to implement that too
  • Or you know, it could be put into the sdk for Windows 10 universal apps?  Also, which app have you done?  I'm always interested to see what people have created.
  • Haha, not telling... No offence, Lol. I'm only a newbie in the app development scene, it's just a hobby for me really. The 1 app I made... Well... Kinda sucks atm (its functional but I know it could be better)... I lead a very busy lifestyle and struggle to get the time to tinker with it. I will be devoting some time to it in winter though so I might tell others about it then...
  • Couldn't the OS house and control developer chosen menu settings' font, color, size etc? Like the desktop or like an expansion of the current system for phone theme color use within apps?
  • Exactly, but even once up and running if the user would like to try the hamburger style menu system, they could do so in a personal preference section in settings and switch styles in a similar way to switch to (eg) aero theme on desktop maybe?
  • It seems left-handed people live a bit shorter lives because the world is designed for right-handed people. It is unclear whether they die younger because of physical akwardness or because of bad heart though... Thinking about them too may add some users to the platform. Another category which is ignored are the ladies, MS should make a semi-highend phone (like 830) in a smaller size 4"-4.3" screen designed specifically for women or men who want smaller but good quality phones.
  • I would like to see either 6 or 9 phones released by MS per year.. Similar to what you said, a larger and a smaller version and maybe a medium as well, of each high end, mid range and low cost handsets... Would simplify naming and design process, plus I think it would cover a wider audience as well..
  • Rip the dots, still love them :'(
  • Yeah, that would have gotten my vote in the poll.
  • I hate the hamburger button its impossible to hit if you have a otter-style case on phones(actually anything is in the upper corners its frustrating but not enough to not use these cases)
  • I'm fine with whatever design works consistently across phone, tablet and desktop. Especially if it helps bring other platform users to Windows 10. Familiarity is good.
  • What in the world is wrong with a simple button that says MENU on it?  How did this become so weird with hamburgers and waffles?  What ever happened to the KISS method?  (We already know what happened to the band.  Can you say "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"?)
  • Waffles look better but I think hamburger should stay... Its even on the Xbox one Controller. There's no going back now
  • The problem is that Microsoft hasn't implemented a swipe-from-left gesture for the hamburger menu, unlike their competitors. The sole interaction point cannot remain in the top left, it is purely idiotic.
    The UserVoice mockup is a really good hybrid. There's no benefit to the waffle, it's more distracting visually and less commonplace.
  • I was hoping they'd bring the 'swipe from left' gesture from Windows 8 to Windows 10 (including phones) to quickly cycle through apps. Is that not the case anymore?
  • That's not even remotely true; the WP Spotify app has swipe from left and it works just fine. It's incompatible with pivot controls, or at least seriously complicates the UX, so using both at once would generally be bad, but it's supported.
  • The edge swipe has not been provided as part of the platform's toolkit and is not used in first party apps. It is not standardised on the platform and remains a weakness. I don't see how an edge swipe is incompatible with pivots, there is plenty of space away from the edges to swipe. It is also inconsequential - if you accidentally bring it up, there's no harm, just close it again.
  • Waffles!!! It looks way better
  • PIZZA!
  • Hot Dog.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bacon..
  • I went to the WP central mobile site to take this poll and what do I see in the upper right corner? Delicious irony!
  • +920
  • Hamburgers, dots, waffles, swipes, just words, etc,... this design decisions are more complicated than it seems at first glance. But I agree with the icons placed near to the bottom of the apps, the idea sounds generally more practical.
  • I am very use the pivots, so some sort of hybrid would be good.
  • agree
  • waffle, but idk. they're turning their UI into a more Android IOS thingy sighs oh MS...
  • I prefer the regular ellipses...but in the spirit of compromise, ill recommend waffle. Leave hamburger to the others.
  • Even Google is about to stop using the hamburger style button, so it's about to get old....Microsoft should use something new and fresh, or the normal ellipses button... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It'll never get old if used properly.  Web designers will not change that.
  • Probably waffle as I find it a little more intuitive but others may find that with hamburger style, waffle is uniquely windows.
  • No it's not.  Waffle's are meant for tiles (app launchers) as Daniel mentioned.  Plus google had that waffle in their web apps before.
  • Why not go with the arrow drop down menu that they currently use in W8.1?
  • This^^ way more elegant, that hamburger is just not it!
  • I like pancakes
  • Flapjacks'
  • I'd like waffles.
  • I want pancakes menu.
  • Design is ever changing, I don't think the hamburger fits the metro design, but it is an evolution of that design. However, if users have a choice, I would be interested in the hamburger/pivot combo, which would take lies getting used to.
  • It doesn't bother me one way or the other to be honest.
  • No hamburger button, Google stops using it, it's too old now, Microsoft should keep the ellipses button... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wholeheartedly agree that browser address bars on phones and small tablets should be located at the bottom. It's the one thing that annoys the living fuck out of me when using Safari on my iPad. Imo, having the address bar located at the bottom is better for productivity and ease of use and ties in quite nicely with ms' recent reclamation of being a productivity company. I'm not overly perturbed by the use of hamburger or waffle menus, but if they can find a healthy compromise between the new and the old, this may assuage the fears some of winphones most ardent fans have regarding the new UI.
  • The "Waffle" look slike the "Grid View" option for icons and folders inside folders. Though I believe that Windows OS should maintain its own identity apart from other OSes, using the "Hamburger" might help it easier for other user transitioning from another OS. They will not be confused much from what they used to while moving to Windows OS for the first time. And YES, move it to the bottom.
  • That'l do donkey
  • I just don't want they continue with the pivot. I hate it
  • If I can swipe from the left edge of the screen/phone to pull out this menu then I have no problem with it. But currently it appears to activate only via press on the actual icon.
  • THIS
  • This is app dependent atm. Spotify, for instance, works with swipe from left. And as to the W10 preview for phones, it's way too early to comment on implementation since none of that's done being built yet.
  • I prefer the ... Ellipse design, but waffle over hamburger any day. Windows should set standards, not adhere to google and apple. Or as some others suggested let the user pick a default appearance
  • Ellipsis button to hamburger button ... It's like changing the position of back button to the top left of the screen ... Useless... Keep the hamburger at bottom MS
  • KEEP THE ELLIPSIS! It is one of the signature elements of Modern UI. It should be incorporated into the Win 10 UI design replacing the hamburger and the waffle.  On the phone, it allows more screen space. Daniel, please put a "Keep the ellipsis" option on the poll.
  • Or they can use the Cortana like button... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ^NO! Already stated above how this would confuse people with a search function. The cortana circle represents cortana, not options or settings.
  • Hamburger, Waffle, sandwich whatever put it in the bottom corner!
  • I am in love with flapjacks
  • Everything at the bottom!
  • Macaroni & Cheese!
  • i really REALLY hate static buttons to open a menu.  I really LOVED Windows phone 7 style of swiping left, right, up down to browse thru stuff.  This is why I'm not on Android or IOS --> to get away from pressing sub menus to get to what i want.  i want the natural way or swiping menus.  I think Blackberry OS has pulled it nicely.  WP is becoming Android with sub menus by buttons and pop ups
  • While we're talking about icons, I'd like to see the magnifying glass icon replaced with the Cortana double circle. I often accidently and frustratingly hit the Cortana button instead of the in-app search button when they're side-by-side, like on the pic in the article. Plus Cortana double circles are cooler.
  • MS is doing what BEST FOR BUSINESS... TripleH :P
  • I kinda like the Hamburger\Panoramic combination more ... Similar to the current OneDrive app, but I wish the Panoramic view was a bit "wider" ... More Typographic like the Windowsphone 8.0 xbox music app.
  • I don't mind the icon that much. I do think that the three dots were always much comfortable. Put any button. Just keep it at the bottom. When we consider that phones are getting larger every year, it's obvious. A big screen is to watch, but the input should be kept to the bottom half.
  • Hamburger menu should die, if you use the hamburger menu you should not be allowed near any computing device and never allowed to code again.
  • Hamburger, shmamburger, waffle troffle. With apps leaving WP left right and centre who bloody cares if its hamburger or waffle. Let the companies/developers port their ios or droid apps over with the hamburger menu at least we will have an app we never had before.
  • The need to be at the bottom, that's important. Plus waffle looks a bit better than Hamburger.
  • I think the waffle would be a better solution. Imagine taking out the extra squares, what do you see? An ellipsis, of course! So desktop/tablet apps can use the waffle because it has a larger screen estate and phones can stay with the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen. Problem solved. Maybe. Hehe!
  • Move hamburger to the bottom. Put most used things in pivots.
  • It is not only about hamburger style. That top bar in Settings is also bad. I like windows phone UI to be simple. Complete black or while and we should be able to scroll side ways and options at bottom as it is in windows 8.1.   Guys, please upvote if you agree or down vote if you disagree so that I can see which one, people are preferring more.
  • They just need to fill in that header with the same colour grey as the title bar in settings. It's extremely jarring having the black bar, grey bar, then black body.
  • I agree with what is said in the article: The hamburger is fine, I just think it should be at the bottom of the screen (on phones). It would be much easier to use with one hand.
  • Better yet: Keep the ellipsis for more options, use the hamburger when apps require, to navigate through folders or accounts (like the OneDrive app does), but let us access the hamburger menu by swiping from the left edge. Swiping still works the same way for navigation, except if you swipe from the very edge of the screen.
  • Just place the hamburger menu in the app bar opposite the ellipses. Frees up screen real estate on the main app and there's nothing currently residing in that space.
  • Problem solved!  I love it!
  • This is the best all encompassing compromise so far. Still think the hamburger is not nescessary though as i prefer pivots, it's my favorite thing about WP.
  • Pivots/ panoramas, ellipses and typography that hints of the pivots, first and foremost. It seems like the hamburger does away with those distinctive beautiful UI elements. Then add the waffle at the bottom if there is still some purpose for it. There should be a user setting for left and right handed use.
  • Definitely should have a right/left option!
  • I prefer the ellipsis that we have now.  Why can't that be one of the options...stick with the thing that WP users are used to.  I really have a hard time believing that the shape of a menu button will be the deciding factor if someone leaves Android/BB10/iOS for Win10 or not.  But that's just my opinion, which is mine to have and yours to ignore if you disagree.
  • W7/8 have a good app interface for large screens because almos everything is in the botton half of the screen, you can pull more options on the botton bar, you can swipe lists, all with little need to go with you thumb all the way to the top of the screen. The Courtain notifications center is usefull but abit frustrating because the thumb stretch. Keep things to the bottom as possible, is good usablility for large screens.
  • I really like the waffle. I don't eat red meat anyway. :P
  • Except, I have seen the hamburger menu being used in other programs and area's such as Firefox, to name one.  So it is not just a Microsoft item.
  • Lego My Eggo's!!!
  • Lower hamburger button into the app bar
  • Just put the button at the bottom. Even with 4.7 screens it's hard press buttons at the upper screen with one hand.
  • waffle button looks great, but inefficient and uncomfortable.  
  • I like the waffle and I'm neutral on the hamburger.  However, my first concern is that both icons are too big.  My second concern is that they're usually placed in the upper left, not great for people using big phones (*cough*1520*cough).  I think usage should very by app and I'm fine with a combo of pivot/hamburger as long as the app itself looks good.
  • Part of hte reason why I moved off of Windows Phone is cause of the aount of space wasted in the text and icon sizes, how barren the controls looked (Lego-style UI/Art) and how bad/limited 3rd party apps were as a result (from a UI/UX standpoint).  That's a much bigger issue than whether or not they should use a hamburger or waffle...
  • SERIOUSLY????? Who cares?  Microsoft have way more important things to fix with Win10 than this.  Get the major issues sorted first then deal with this stuff later.
  • Get your crap together, dude. Design is by far one of the most important details of a OS/App/Anything. It has visual appeal, and that's what sell stuff.
  • You're talking crap dude. No matter how great any app or OS looks, it's useless if it doesn't bloody work.  You can design all the apps you want, with all the 'great' design you can think of, but if it doesn't work no-one is going to buy it. Suggesting that this is going to impact whether or not someone buys it is ludicrous.
  • One of the most, not the most. WP 8.1 already works really good to me. It's functional and it's the most practical OS I've ever seen and used, so I think working or not is not the question here. If you're talking about the bugs on the Preview, then mister, c'mon... It's a preview. Get your crap together, dude.
  • All I am saying is there are more important things to fix at this stage of the previews.  Of course I understand it's a preview release, however things need prioritising & the whole idea of a forum like this is to put our own thoughts & opinions from our own perspectives forward.  That's what I am doing.  Your perspective is obviously going to be different to mine.  I personally think it is more important to produce a preview that works fully (or as near as can be) first, then debate this kind of styling.
  • Just keep using the ellipsis but change the icon to a hamburger icon. Bam
    New users get the familiarity of knowing what the button does and veteran WP users keep the familiarity and identity they're used to on Windows Phone.
  • Guys, Vote here on the uservoice for Dual-view:
  • Comment exists for no reason, cuz at least for me it looks that Microsoft don't really pay attention on the requests and future suggestions.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I guess majority of WP users want and are accepting hamburger. Not enough user voice to warrant removal, unless MS ain't listening. Hamburger sucks on my 1520. Bit of a stretch to reach a menu, unlike the 3 dots at the bottom at least i can use my 1520 with one hand. Also your hands block your screen stretching over. Just like their own apps, MS is trying to appease other platform users.
  • User Voice site is just a joke and nothing else, actually I think that they don't really see the suggestions and requests... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think they only look at the highest vote and respond to that. The rest they spit at. And by looking at the highest voted features, WP users are crap!
  • None, cant u design something different? Why only those alternatives?
  • Ellipsis or at least near the bottom right for me
  • If it swipes in from the left, wouldn't that take away the current app switching method in Windows 8.1 Desktop?
  • I don't have a problem with the hamburger menu itself but I think it would fit better at the bottom due to accessibility concerns. That way, for all intents and purposes it would serve the same goal as the ellipses. What I do have a problem with is the prevalence of rounded corners, e.g. in the new toggle buttons. I always loved the modern design due to its straight edges, that's what made it so beautiful in my opinion. It's the same reason why I still think that the iPhone 5s is one of the most beautiful phones there is whereas the iPhone 6 with its rounded corners is hideous.
  • All this talk about hamburgers and waffles is making me hungry!
  • I vote for the hamburger - pivot hybrid solution. It's the best of both worlds.
  • How about the windows icon in place of the hamburger... keep it Microsoft
  • Interesting idea!
  • Are you serious?? I hope not. The Windows button is already there and opens the Start Menu. It would be totally confusing to have a second Windows button with a different function.
  • Just release w10 for all Lumia's so we can make a decision..... Have denim and Chinese hack w10 on my 930 and it works pretty good. Bloody bs partition stitching is a lie. 1520 & 930 need the preview builds....
  • Looking at the user feedback and suggestions page makes me sick to my stomach. No wonder WP having a hard time moving forward.
  • I wonder, why they have user voice page, since they don't really look at the requests.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's the highest voted suggestions they look at most. Led notifications! Dammit, that's the least on my wish list!
  • They obviously look at them. They're just not gonna get up and change their mind all of a sudden. It takes quite a bit of planning and they have to carry on with Windows 10's development regardless. Hopefully they'll address it soon with some kind of public statement but we gotta be patient.
  • I like the menu button on the bottom of the screen - that's all I care about really
  • There's no way to replace the hamburger with anything more than an aesthetic change which is pointless. The irony is that people who hate the hamburger menu have no problem with the ellipsis.
  • The hamburger is unreachable one-handed where as the ... is not❗
  • I think the vote have a problem, I DONT WANT THAT HAMBURGER THING AT ALL ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Yeah this is a pretty crappy poll. I don't know why Windows Central polls are always worded so poorly.
  • Poorly worded and incomplete choices in relation to the article. Where is "keep the ..."
  • I really don't care of whether they use a waffle, hamburger, ellipsis etc... , but common sense would dictate that they put it on the bottom for phones and small tablets. MS should be consistent but I hope developers go their own direction. Sometimes I look at the store apps and all I see is hub, hub, hub and more hubs. 
  • If they "HAVE" to use hamburger/waffle menus, they should be most definitely be incorporated into the pivot/swipe interaction system. Jeez, even Symbian had a primitive pivot system at the end!
  • The way the current OneDrive app is the best implementation IMO.  The hambuger has a specific purpose, the pivots are for subcategories, and the elispise is for view settings.
  • IMHO the hamburger menu is completely pointless in the OneDrive app, it adds nothing that couldn't be incorporated into the ellipses menu. Even the search button should be on the bottom bar...
  • Agree. And the hamburger menu is just Non Metro.
  • Exactly the kind of articles Windows Central should be writing. Good job Dan.
  • my blood boils every time i see the hamburger. KEEP ELIPSES!!!
  • I love Windows Phone 8.0 just fine (such beautiful UI/UX design), thank you.  However, I think that I could adjust to and live with the dreaded hamburger menu if it was placed at the bottom of the screen instead of the top.  Get those URL bars and buger buttons down to the bottom on mobile devices! Understandably it is alot more work, but Windows 10 should and could be "your personal mobile OS".  Build in functionality for both metro design language (swipes, panoramas, ellipsis), and the (ugly) Android copy-cat clone style.  On initial setup, allow the user to choose their interaction model for the OS (WindowsPhone or Hamburger).  This UI/UX toggle would be a part of the universal application toolkit, and allow developers to simply list out their options and Visual Studio automatically populates the menus in both formats.  No extra work for the developer (hopefully).
  • Having that kind of option is a little overkill. We all already know that if the choice of design was an initial option, there'll be a handful of people uncomfortable and confused, not to mention it would swamp Microsoft with bad reviews, complaints out the door, and waaaay too many changes to their online tutorials.
  • Missing option in poll for I like it the way it is now with the ellipsis. Hamburger menu have no place in WP unless it's in the Cortana app because she gets hungry sometimes.
  • Just make the bottom bar slide left and right and put a little arrow showing which was has more icons. C'mon people. No need for extra menus when they can all just slide around at the bottom. 
  • Were people hungry when they named these?
  • Strictly speaking from a culinary standpoint, they both have their place. I love waffles but I wouldn't order them at a bar. I also love hamburgers but wouldn't have one for breakfast. I would never put mustard and ketchup on my phone, but cover it in syrup? Perhaps. They are both very versatile foods which can be customized to your taste with many different toppings, but that doesn't make them interchangeable!
  • I like the Delve mockup idea, where the "hamburger" button is integrated into the app bar. That way if you swipe up/tap on the hamburger button the app bar you'll get the main menus, while the ellipses will serve as contextual options like they do now.
    If that method is used, we can keep pivot control while we're at it. It'll be like scrolling down a list of apps/music and using the alphabet button to take a shortcut to a certain area-- you can either swipe left and right to get from "artist" to "genres" or use the hamburger button (in the app bar) to get to genres with two taps.
    AND Microsoft can still keep upper hamburger buttons on their 8"+ devices because they're made to be used with two hands or a fully free hand anyway. Just have the button adapt differently depending on the screen size.
  • The hamburger menu as a default for section-navigation is a HORRIBLE UI invention. A desperate solution to cramming in things in a mobile interface. The Pivot is a MUCH better solution. That WP seemingly might abandon this excellent idea, and its ellipsis companion for the less used options, is depressing. What should they do? I guess the Hamburger/Pivot solution is better than not having the Pivot style at all. I just feel like they are abandoning a great concept in favor of trying to get apps onto the platform that won't come anyway. Is the lack of a Hamburger menu REALLY the reason some apps aren't coming?
  • I like the default desktop programs layout, so bringing that over to phone would be my ideal solution. I would put scrollable quick actions at the bottom (which stays hidden) where the current limited two or three buttons are, have an up arrow to expand the quick actions by tapping and then the full ribbon by dragging, and have a single icon at the top left corner opening more top level commands like save, print, etc. That would combine the best of all interfaces, while keeping it inline with Windows.
  • Hopefully Microsoft don't listen to the scores of whiny children and just do what they do. Hamburgers are fine.
  • Completely agree.  They just need to stick to their design language well and consistantly so they can move forward with polishing up the UI for real.  Hopefully they planned for that when they let the floodgates of feedback coming.
  • Let MS put whatever they want, but it should be at the bottom right corner.
  • Just make it a customization which icon you see for menu pull-outs.  Even let the user move the menu bar to the top or bottom of the app.
  • I prefer hotdog over hamburger, and I love waffle. So waffle it is.
  • you are talking about hamburger menu , wow it's good for WP future.
  • I love the ellipsis menu structure just as it is now.
  • Makes no difference, they're too focused on pleasing android and ios users, they wont listen to WP users.
  • They serve different functions. The"waffle" menu in indicates separate apps to open in the web. The "hamburger" menu button indicates additional functions. That said, MSN seems the exception to this rule when I view it on phone, worth subsections. There should be consistency, but there could be logic in using both.
  • Hey, am i the only one annoyed about recent Windows Phone Design changes? I mean, they throw all the good Design elements away... Just to name a few things: Music Player (also Mixradios Design), Photo Hub, that clear top of the smartphone where only the time was, the search button (Cortana with all the Text doesnt look so beautiful)... There are a few more things missing, but to summarize, I think in general WP 8 looked cleaner, way more beautiful and unique than WP 8.1. What are your thoughts?   PS: I like every new feature in WP 8.1
  • The unique, beautiful WP experience is slowly disappearing, like the photo hub, which has been replaced by a row of photos and a hamburger menu.
  • Keep it like it is, keep it WP!!!
  • I don't mind hamburger buttons. I must say I like the design on the waffle button and dual controls a combination of all these designs I think suits me.
  • Ellipsis. The Hamburger and Waffle are just the same problem in a slightly different design, and most importantly, poorly placed.  
  • Tbh, I would love a mismash of both the alternative solutions. Use hamburger button at bottom in appbar with splitview/pivot navigation both enabled... In Portrait Orientation for phones and small tablets. Landscape orientation can have hamburger at top albeit with pivot mode enabled there as well.
  • I voted non of the choices, because I like the ellipses menu.
    At least we must have the choise to vote for bottom buttons. It feels like Windows already desided to put the menu on top of the screen? Maybe a first poll of were to put the menu button and then wat will it look like was better and much easier?
  • Hamburgers, waffles, I don't care, just finish W10 and W10 Phone already and release it together with flagship devices, market the hell out of it, and maybe that'll solve the app issue. Hamburgers or waffles won't make or break the OS, what will however is contiunued redevlopment cycles, lack of applications and lack of flagship updates.   Daniel, I think "either one" should be a valid option in the poll. I'm sure there are enough people that don't consider this bit of development as big of a priortiy as some other things and maybe that can be communicated by means of the poll as well  
  • I seriously don't see what's wrong with the current ellipsis in the app bar. It's pretty much the hamburger button with buttons and doesn't run into UX experience problems, especially with the size of phones these days.
  • I love the original windows phone "Metro UI". It's a beautiful simplistic design that yes screen real estate became a problem. A problem that could've easily been fix with a slimmer/cleaner font at a smaller size. It's starting to look like a modern take on Windows Mobile. And all the ports of Android/iOS apps kept their original design which Microsoft is bringing into the overall UI. Take the new settings app it looks ugly and I prefer the old style one. The old one just needs more consolidating when it comes to categories not a slimmed down Windows 10 desktop version. I understand they're trying to unify the problems and make it easier for the average consumer that are more than likely using a Windows PC to feel comfortable at switching smartphone platforms. Doing just that they are alienating the fan base from the design that originally got them to the platform. They will lose some of us which again has a lesser reason for developers to make apps.
  • Wow, its making me hungry just thinking about it
  • Thank you Daniel for great article and analysis. I think the whole problem of the hamburger button is not the button itself. It's rather what it represents.
    For years with Windows Phone all people, including me, who early adopted WP felt that MS knew what they are doing in regards of UI usability, user experience and ERGONOMY. It was finally right. They established THE standard. Yes, it was simple (android people hear "ugly and too simple", iOS people hear "ugly and too simple", but it was right). Suddenly with WP10 what we are seeing is total departure from "we know what we are doing and it is the revolution of UI" to "let's copy Android because if it sells in volumes so all it does must be better than what we are doing". Hamburger button is the reflection of this. Hamburger is trying to solve non-existent problem. There is simply no problem with the current appbar menu implementation. It's great as it is. Period. From developer point of view, if you feel the urge to stuck more stuff into the appbar three-dot menu, there's high probability it's the function user doesn't need to have immediate access. I will gladly argue with anyone about this. Show me one example where hamburger solves crucial usability concern. I am generally disappointed with the course MS is taking. They lost the traction and lead established with WP7. Most likely without even realizing it.
  • Excellent comment. You are 100% right.
  • Yes u r right and Daniel that the UI for eclipse menu of windows phone ui is best represented by the UC browser for WP. The UC browser has shown that how we can have panoramic style menu in the eclipse or the 3 dot menu.
    And I will definitely vote for that style in comparison to the Hamburg menu.
  • Prefer the "ellipsis" menu the best.  The most elegant menu design on any OS. Voted "pivot/hamburger" because it is not an option on the poll. I'm using windows 10 TP, don't mind the hamburger menu but it's ugly and positioning it at the top corner of the phone is awkard.
  • Will not be bothered by either, but gear(s) will be fantastic. Can't see where to vote on the app?
  • I like the hamburger menu, its bigger visually. Even if the area size is about the same, I always find myself hesitating tapping icons with smaller visual cues because I think I'm gonna miss. I never liked the ellipsis. 
  • Hotdog! wait...enchillada button!!!! Who cares Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey Microsoft we are just fine with current ellipsis button and the current Windows Phone 8.1 design language. Please don't go for that hamburgers styled menu. The photos app (i.e with panorama controls) in Windows Phone 8.0 was just pretty but you guys ruined it in Windows Phone 8.1 and now why you guys want to loose identity of our beloved Windows Phone OS. Please Microsoft invent something new like Metro and Modern design, don't follow Google as I hate google like no one can hate their so called enemies. Please Microsoft don't Scroogle us as you guys had an ad when that nonsense Google tried to Scroogle us with so called Nonsense Chrome OS. Please Microsoft think on it, why would anyone want to be on Windows because here we have Cortana, Office which are already on other platforms. Please think on it.
  • Microsoft kabhi bhi google se aage nahin nikal sakti...
  • "Leave things alone" option?
  • It's been said before, but, it bares repeating. Google's ditching it AND moving to a more modernUI feel. Let's own our originality. Let's use our UI as the last vestige of separation (since MS keeps giving away our apps and features to everyone else).
  • I'm fine with the new hamburger style. But please add some one-handed operations capabilities like Note 4 when using on a bigger screen. Is hard to reach for the burger for right handers.
  • I prefer the ellipses. Why do we need to accommodate Android users and not WP users?
  • I like it the way it is.
  • Hate hamburger, I have always hated it... I'm not updating to wp10 if they keep that ugly design.... sorry
  • I think they should keep the hamburger, even though people might not like change, app developers are probably to lazy to make huge differences to match the Windows Phone UI, it would probably be a lot easier to make a WP app.
  • Can we have hamburger without the buns for those with a gluten allergy?
  • The poll is poorly crafted. No matter what the results, it won't represent the true numbers of what, those with opinions on the topic, would truly like to vote.
  • I don't care about minor ascetics as long as I can call, email, txt, web, and apps. such minor things are not worth squabbling about.
  • I feel like this ship has already sailed and nobody they put on board can steer it.
  • Maybe the ellipsis button will be more popular if we name it after a food item. Meatballs menu?
  • OMFG its the start menu arugument all over again. Is it reallt that hard to accept change? Must we be stuck in the old stangnant ways of the past? If thats the case we should all be on XP still. I on the other hand enjoy change and embrace it for the better. All this over a small set of pixels on a screen. God forbid yall get stuck in the middle of the road with no gas. Wonder what yall would do then yell at the car for not using gas properly? I mean really there are bigger things to worry about for Win 10 then a button. Now I have read a lot of yall saying " If they keep the____ im leaving" Well the door is that way ----> I could care less of your experience or whatever you think you know about design or anything. You probaly was not a full user of WinPhone or MS services to begin with. There is more to WinPhon then just  what a damn menu button looks like or how it acts. As a matter of fact as I browse certain webpages on my phone guess what I see in the top corner? Yup a hamburger button. WHO GIVE A SHIT WHAT GOOGLE IS DOING?!?! Enjoy your damn phone for what it does. If you cant do that I suggest you take a programing class and make your own OS. Its as simple as that. Now im not saying Feedback to MS is not bad, but really a menu button should be last on a list. So what do you have to say now internet? You gonna fight me on this or what?  
  • If you are so passionate, then I think you shouldn't be careless. I suggest you study the larger topic, then come back and rant if you wish. It is easy to be flippant about things you don't care about. I could give you a list of things I don't care about, but I don't know anything about them, so I don't have an opinion about them.
    This, I care about.
    Best Wishes
  • There is more things to be passion about then one very small aspect. How about security, features, ease of use, consistency? How about the passion of having a phone OS that runs very smooth on low end hardware vs the comp? I care about windows as a whole, not to not pick on stupid crap as how a menus button looks. If it works with no bugs that's a plus.
  • Don't fix what's not broken. Simple
  • Someone tell me the reason of hamburger menu in Onedrive app for windows phone, I really don't understand it! Why not put those items in ellipsis menu?!
  • I like hamburger menu....
  • there was a time when windows phone was so stunning, new, stark, consistent... now look at this.. we used to brag about single cores outperforming droid quad core beasts and raping iOS in smoothness, now even with the equal hardware its slower
  • I hate if w10 phone use burger menu like lagdroid. Lagdroid is most ugliest design os in da world.
  • Ellipsis is fine
  • Consistency used to be a hallmark of Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 8.1 generation has brought about quite a few inconsistencies. I hate these redundant apps Microsoft is developing for laptops/desktops. My advice is to keep them separate. Only reason I still have my Lumia is because of Metro.
  • Lets make the menu metro. Maybe hamburger metro menu.
  • I don't care so much what the button or menu look like, but the menus and address bars and everything need to stay at the bottom of the screen. If they make the WP UI as bad as the competition's then I don't see why I should keep using a phone with fewer apps. People  don't avoid WP because it's confusing, they avoid it because they don't see enough of a difference to merit giving up a bunch of apps. Reducing that difference in such a terrible way would make WP attractive to no one.
  • Whether they decide to go with the elipses or a hamburger menu, please just keep it on the bottom right so I can just tap it without being a phelange acrobat.
  • I think the dual option is best, the way they implemented it in the latest OneDrive app.  I think the menus in the Windows 10 apps (hambuger, with icons down the left beside the name) looks very elegant.  But I do like small pivots too.  The current OneDrive app for 8.1 does it like this and it works well! Hamburger - for High-level navigation (such as switching between primary menu items or accounts)
    Pivots - for sub menu items
    Ellipse - for settings and current view options e.g. For the Outlook app:
    - Hamburger for switching between Mail/Calendar/Tasks
    - Pivots for Mail (all, unread, flagged) / Pivots for Calenar (day/week/month/year) / Pivots for tasks (all/completed)
    - Elipse (everything in the ribbon, similuar to how they already have it)
  • Provide options
  • That's a good idea.
    Provide two options for the user to choose between the two menus themes in the settings. But it won't be easy to design two themes and then to counter the issues that arise when switching between them.
    But if Microsoft is able to pull this off then it would be something totally new and would really help for new people to switch to Windows phone since they'll have options in choosing menus themes.
  • They could still use ellipsis just changed it enough that it feels different but still has its user friendly.
  • A limited number of poll choices, none of which is "stick with the current, functional elipsis in the bottom right corner", or the above paired with pivot, which works fine too...
  • I designed a concept for combining hamburger and ellipsis menu, you can check it here
  • Elipsis all the way. Simplifies access and usability. I can understand hamburgers in Windows 10 for desktop. But on the phone, it calls for re-orientation and abandonment of design principles that were awe-inspiring and pure creativity. Still I agree for a combination of the hamburger and pivot to accommodate universal app and those ported from other OSes.
  • Replace the capacitive/virtual seach button with an ellipsis!
  • No the search button is for Cortana
  • Come on people why so much hate on hamburger menu? I believed windows phone users were more flexible towards change, because change is inevitable and you can't have same design forever. Personally I'd like to see how this Hamburger menu feels. And I really hate the way people crib about the design of windows 10, I mean its in beta if not alpha there will be changes in that based on user feedback if you feel something removed raise your voice and the majority shall win.
  • If the hamburger-menu is for navigation, then it is clearly different from the ellipsis which is mainly something to put the functionality of the view in. In the end I don't really care, it is hardly the thing that will make or break W10. Then again, it is pretty much the only new "feature" we know of.
  • Are they going to keep the transparent tiles on top of the background, because it kinda makes me want to stab out my eyes with a spoon. Hopefully that UI changes, like, a *lot*. The font too is just *blergh*
  • Hamburger poll? Did they create poll before giving cortana to ios and android?
  • All this talk of burgers and waffles is making me hungry! UC Browser has a decent idea, as that the ellipsis open up a navigation draw which the user can scroll through. Why not take that idea and improve on it? Say for instance, it would display the main links for the app in the middle and text would cut in from the left & right (or icons could be used) indicating to either a swipe left or right will bring up different menus & additional functionality. To limit this into three pivot views you could have certain menus pop up similar to the pallet view shown for the office apps.
  • People are crazy... The most important are cool design whatever if it is burger, or not.
  • The metro design is perfect, the best solution is the current Windows Phone 8.1 design. Please reconsider using this stupid hamburger thingy.
  • i would prefer the status quo
  • While I would love to see the Waffle button take over to showcase it being a "unique" Windows button, something that I always though the Elispses did well. Windows 10/ New Microsoft is all about universal, so I hate to say it but the hamburger icon since it is seen in iOS and Android woud be the right option this allows Apple and Android users to come over (or back) to Windows in a familar yet still dynamic and compelling way.
  • Just bother about apps gap and games gap, background download support instead of these little changes...
  • How about a solid circle not u like Cortana ?
  • I can't vote on this, I want to keep the three dots in the lower right corner...
  • Hambergur menus are too old to have in our new OS... Even other platforms are coming out of it....!! Ellipse menu style is good as we can make full screen apps to look much more beautiful than they can look on other platforms...!!! ALTERNATIVE: If they want something new, to give more space in menu for inserting elements (like maps, imgaes etc.) then just adjust ellipse menu opener in verticle direction on right of app...
  • the waffles in the last picture wont be easily accessible by the thumb on a large screen device or someone with smaller hands (like me)
  • Hamburger is very bad design. Please tell MS to remove it.
  • The waffle is used by Google to correctly indicate a grid of apps. ..... is too small and easy to miss hit. Hamburgers are a good representation of an underlying menu.
  • What I truely believe that "... " is much better than Hamburger.....
  • I HATE the hamburger menu❗❗ It is placed in a ridiculous place that I cant reach with one hand and is Non Metro. I loved the Metro design from the beginning with Pivots, Panoramas and ... To replace such a unique and beautiful design with a hamburger menu is just insane. I am looking for to Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 and my Lumia 930 but hope the hamburger menu goes back to whence it came.
  • I can't vote as there is no option for keep it as it is❗
  • Has been written in UI design blogs over and over: Hamburger menus are an anti-pattern. Don't believe it? Use Flipboard on WP... atrocious.
  • The hamburger/pivot is ok but not a solution for many if not most of the options under the ellipsis. Many of them are actions like 'pin to start', 'jump to first' etc. Does that mean we get a hamburger AND an ellipsis?! That is a waste of space on our screens.
  • Good example of how to influence a vote by wisely chosing the possible answers. Where is my "Yes they should reconsider - and the perfect solution is already there (just leave it`how it is)". And where is "Yes they should reconsider - and move the hamburger button to the bottom app bar" for the ones who do not mind the icon but mind the usability?
  • Ellipses are practical and easy to use and reach. Why would they even consider putting a hamburger menu? I never tap them, I always see hamburgers as menus for settings only, not functions.
  • To me, all of this is trivial and of no detriment. Hardly worthy of such distinction. But I suppose everyone has the right to voice their own preference.
    Perhaps to settle such bickering, Microsoft could allow the consumer the option to choose from each. Such as adding a feature in settings that let's you choose which menu selection you prefer.. the hamburger, waffle or ellipses design.
    Either way, I'm fine with either.
  • I am not going to vote in the poll. Polls should have options like good, bad and ugly so that we can choose good over others. Here I could see bad and ugly spread as 3 options. I would happily opt for ellipsis than the others. My option will be Yes they should reconsider it and bring back ellipsis.
  • Did anybody realize that there's no option for "keep the ellipses"?
  • Just about everything I wanted to say in support of the elipsis menu control has been said, excellent discussion.  I'm not convinced about combining the Hamburger with the Pivot menu control as the UserVoice suggestion details.  A pivot control is primarily used to filter or sort actual content and should be scrollable in either direction with no more than 5 pivots (ideally 3).  Therefore, a settings menu has no real business being stuck alongside a pivot menu, it would continually get in the way of content every time you swipe to the left or right.   My suggestion (Olive branch) would be to create a hybrid Pivot menu.  One swipe to the left would always show the settings menu and then stop there.  Multiple swipes to the right would behave like the regular pivot menu, revolving the content around as expected.  It's not as clean but it could work. Keep up the resistance!  #saynotohamburgerui
  • Where's the best option?  PIVOT ONLY.  I hate going BACKWARD to stupid hamburger/waffle menus.  I love the pivot with the additional ellipsis at the bottom.  THAT is how ALL of Windows should be moving.  I'm so flipping angry at Microsoft...and every person who thinks Windows 10 is good.
  • This is one of those things, Do you really care ? There are much larger problems with Windows Phone than this..
  • Ellipses are confusing??? Well when I first purchased windows phone 2 year back , I figured it out what it is supposed to do in few seconds and m not Einstein. Hamburger menu at the top is really irritating and does not meet with metro UI of windows phone.m feeling like my windows phone is slowly converting into Android.
  • Ellipses are fine for me.This article is very informative for newbeeies.I have got some idea about menus now.
  • I would like it if We had the hamburger menu. Don't get me wrong, love the Metro Design, But I think your all forgetting Windows Mobile >> Windows Phone had tons of changes.
  • i really dont get it. why gesture (swiping from left to right) is not an addition for opening the hamburger and solve all the problems. implement this gesture, but implement it good, making viable only from the left edge of the phone. this way you still have the left-to-right swipe available in the app for other actions and also you prevent miss-calls. this way you can acces it from lower part for the display, solve the problem, AND keep the hamburger with all its MANY PLUSES (much more than what this article presented) and so FEW MINUSES. just think about it. PS: all w10 should integrate swipes for different actions as alternatives. another good example si swipes left and right (but again, still from display edges) for navigating in so-called tabs app such as the new dialler. or tap and drag down as an alternative to tap and hold(hold being slow) for oppening the setting page of a specific action toggle in the new action center. w10 SHOULD REALLY HAVE alot of this kind of "smart" swipes as alternative for a lot of things for navigation (and not only)
  • I like the hamburger style actually , its awesome and better than the three dots , for me at least A new style is always welcomed ;)
  • We windows phone users are expecting some unique functions and interesting features which is made by Microsoft developers itself for the Lumia phones,but not a copied or replica version of design and functions.If they go on doing the same things which we can get in other platforms like android and ios then windows users need to switch from windows to android/ios.what's the need of bringing cortana to android and ios? They can do better than cortana like P.A. Don't waste time on doing cortana for ios/android.try to make some unique features exclusively for Lumia phones. Till now the only unique thing which differs WP from android/ios is the metro UI, live tiles and the offline maps from Nokia. Apart from this nothing is special in it. I expected alot of good features in windows10 for phones but it was really a big disappointment that they made few changes like background,notification center and settings UI changed. But its not a big deal. Nothing great in that. I don't know why they are showing that much interest in office365 most of the people don't even use it. Although windows10 is in preview mode still hoping for the best.we request it should be a major update with interesting and unique features exclusively for Lumia.
  • I don't like hamburger style. Three dot is better. Try to make three dot style even better than before.
  • I really do not understanding how MS makes the decision. They ignore user's many requests but always change things that user never requested.
  • Daniel, could you do a similar article/poll on the new non-circled action buttons please? I feel like the current circled buttons that we have are great at looking like and feeling like buttons that are satisfying to press. They invert in colour when pressed, rotate nicely when the device rotates, seem more 'button-ey', and look nicer IMO with their slightly thicker line weighting (vs the thinner, wireframe-type icons). I look at the new non-circled ones and don't get the same impression. Granted, I've not tried them out but I still can't imagine they have the same button-depress feedback. Thanks, and great article!
  • It's the placement, not the icon. Don't care if it's the hamburger or the waffle, though the hamburger makes more sense for a list of words. Just put it at the bottom. I don't like the idea of having redundant items with both a hamburger menu and pivot. That's terrible design. I'd like to see multiple options, for developers not users. Some devs can use the hamburger and W10 will adapt it smartly. They can use a pivot and the desktop shows it as tabs, the phone as pivots. Ellipses have a home on both experiences that adapts but is consistent. Every app doesn't need a pivot, every app doesn't need a hamburger. Why try to make it that way. Just make a framework for both that works across device types.
  •    Honestly, I would much rather Microsoft kept their own identity and stuck with the ellipsis but I can understand why they're making the change. The waffle button would make sense and would help keep with the message of a unified Windows experience and moving it to the bottom for phones/tablets would make it much more convenient. Keeping the url bar at the bottom of the screen on phones and tablets only makes sense. The sad thing is that Microsoft will move away from this 'design' and then a year later, Apple or Google will "invent" it in their latest OS and they'll be hailed as geniuses and praised for their daring design and bold choices. Just look at Kid's Corner (aka Guest Mode), another great idea that went unheralded until it was picked up competitors.
  • Another solution is to just, stop complaining?
  • I hate hamburger buttons wherever they show up, it's too common. Ellipsis is best.
  • If they must put a menu at the top for consistency across platforms, at least bring it down to the side of the keyboard when the one-handed shrunken keyboard option is implemented in WP10. The upper left is too unreachable for one handed right handed users.
  • Dont androidetized Windows phone please.....lets continue with the fluid and smooth slide action.
  • I would prefer the "..." bottom menu, knowing that the 4 icons on bottom are also a good WA to think about simpler and contextual user interfaces. Have a look at GTD Flux app and u will understand how it is simplifying the user interface ... Quite nothing except what is needed ... r
  • See for an example of user interface hiding a very rich featured app. Tabs, 4 menu buttons max and from time to time '...' Options
  • Top of page for tabs, bottom of page for buttons and '...' for hidden options that are not needed all the time. The problem with user interfaces is that they want to show all in spite of being wise and concentrate on what is contextually useful. I have more than 4000 items in tasks in GTD flux but I splitter in 5 big groups and have direct access to filtered selections from a times page orva lust of custom filters. No need fir a hamburger ...
  • Microsoft is ruining the metro design of windows phone in the quest for os unification in windows 10.while i understand their ambition but i find it hard to imagine that they could not come up with a ui design closer to the one in windows phone 8.the only reason i can think of is they are trying to mainstream windows phone ui in order to make it more palatable to the android and ios crowd and destroy the best thing about windows phone.sadly i don't thing they are going to revert back.its a tragedy that rather than use better marketing to educate the public about a superior ui design,they are killing it off.and adopting something so horrendous that even the competion is trying to get rid off.And to top it DANIEL RUBINO is trying to steer us into thinking that its sure he knows we dont  
  • The real problem here is that Windows 10 is trying too hard to pander to Android and iOS user in the hopes that they'll be able to steal them away because live tiles. Fuck Android and iOS. They are both the same boring desktop interface. It's a shame really. Windows Phone had every chance of becoming big had Ballmer & co. Tried to market WP as a high end exclusive platform (like iOS) comprised of only halo phones at first instead of an everyman smartphone (a la Android). It would have generated desirability with both consumer and developer. Anyway, enough of my circa 2011 rant.
  • Hope they would consider and change it in Waffle Buttons instead of Hamburger Buttons because it's some kind of Android Personality when it comes in UI when they consider Hamburger Buttons. But If they consider Waffle Buttons, and when we tap it, hope it will reacts from top going down to fit the upper side of the screen.