Leaked video shows off new Xbox Live avatar editor

Microsoft has been cooking up a new, more robust Xbox Live avatar system for some time, initially showing off a preview at E3 2017. And while the new system isn't yet ready for primetime, a freshly leaked video offers our best look yet at how the new avatar editor will work.

The leak stems from a ResetERA forum user, who spotted footage of the upcoming Xbox Avatar Windows 10 app allegedly posted to YouTube by an ex-Microsoft contractor (via The Verge). The footage has since been removed from YouTube, but not before the video was saved and posted to Twitter.

A look at the #NewAvatars@JamieMoranUK @Rand_al_Thor_19 @BeastFireTimdog @Mooch1978 @JezCorden @The_CrapGamer pic.twitter.com/htVGQ1xg29— ✖IdleSloth✖ (@IdleSloth1984) April 17, 2018

The video looks similar to what we described in last year in an exclusive early look at the new avatar system, but some tweaks to the layout have been made since then. The editor includes a pretty large number of body customization options, ranging from b body type, to facial features, hair, makeup, to limbs and even fingernails. That's in addition to a variety of clothing options, and a photo booth where you can take shots of your avatar striking a pose.

The new Xbox Live avatars were originally expected to roll out in 2017, but Microsoft later delayed their release into 2018. Testing is expected to begin with Xbox Insiders any day now and, once available, the new avatars will be integrated with the Xbox One dashboard.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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