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Leaked Windows 10 Mobile builds reveal new Wallet, 120 FPS video and possible new animations

Over the last few days, bits of information have been leaking out over what may be the next build of Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders. Currently, Microsoft has all their focus on getting the desktop version of Windows 10 ready for the July 29 launch as evident from their three releases this week.

The site allegedly got their hands on build 10158 of Windows 10 Mobile, up from the current Insider release of 10149. Although the changes are not massive from the posted screenshots, presumably the performance, reliability and battery life are all also better. Here are the items identified as new in 10158.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10158

  • Microsoft Edge and Store tiles now have transparency ability
  • People app Live Tile now has animation
  • Camera app can now shoot video at 120 FPS at 728x576p resolution
  • Volume sliders are now slightly rounded on the edges
  • Wallet is back with support for rewards/loyalty cards, tickets, and boarding passes

You can read the rest of their write-up in their article here.

People App Tile Animation

Interestingly, some users on build 10149 purportedly have a Live Tile for the People app. The animation was caught on video by Lovable Lumia and posted here shows those polarizing circular avatars floating across the tile.

However, most builds of 10149 only have a static tile hinting at some behind the scenes A/B testing by Microsoft. We have not seen the animation on any of our devices so far but build 10158 and later may change things. Judging by the reaction on Reddit, where the video was originally posted a few days ago, many users are not fans of the design.

New Tile Re-Sizing Animation in Build 10165 (Rumor)

Finally, last night Windows Central received an anonymous tip about an even newer build of Windows 10 Mobile. The tip claims that this is build 10165 and that Microsoft is experimenting with a new Tile re-sizing animation, which can be viewed below in the accompanying video. In the video, a much smoother tile resizing animation is demonstrated and it includes the return of those 'tall' Tiles.

The tipster describes this feature as "very alpha", and it seems if it is something Microsoft is merely considering. The feature is allegedly being demonstrated on "a prototype 7" tablet" for the video.

We should point out that Windows Central has not been able to verify the authenticity of the tipster or the video itself, so take it with a grain of salt. Since this article is filled with indirect leaks and observations, it made sense to include it in this roundup.

Update: As pointed out in comments, this animation looks a lot like an Android app called SquareHome (opens in new tab), lending credence to the idea that it is fake.

Thanks, Sandesh and Yasar H., for the tips

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • 10149 has the people animation.. at least on my defaulted 1020.
  • So, as the article states, some users, actually very few, have this in build 10149. This is likely due to some A/B testing that and/or some people report that doing a hard-reset will make this happen.
  • Probably. 
  • I got it in my L520.
  • Well, now I feel special.
  • Welll juha's feedback noted.!! tweet actually worked XD slo mo is an awesome thing to come :P
  • I am always in the "very few" :(  but this time I guess it was good. I've already submitted feedback for how ugly and childish this looks. Turns out they ignored it anyway even after full 4 upvotes!
  • The only 2 contacts apearing on my people live tile are the two that actually have a native profile picture on my Outlook account (and i mean actual picture added manually in outlook, not linked automaticaly though messenger/skype/facebook/linkedin/google profile picture).
  • Man, you're a one smart human being. I actually thought that too. Since none of my contacts have pics, I thought that's the reason the tile doesn't animate
  • i have it too on my lumia 920
  • my edge shows progress bar for especially.
    lumia 638 India
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows Mobile shows progress bar only when Refreshing a page.
  • Oh my God, Yes Microsoft !
  • Yes I had it to, with upgrade from the last build
  • Makes you wonder what else Microsoft can do with the Startscreen and its live tiles! Hope to see interactive live tiles soon (by soon I mean next year)
  • Yes I had it to after upgrading from last build, but stability of OS was so bad that I hard reset, and that took it away. Instability continued so rolled back to WP 8.1 them back to 10149 ... Poor stability still, and animated people tile still lost. I have to say however that people animation, particularly because I don't think that the round photos thing works..
  • I also rolled back after I encountered a blank rectangle every time I tried to type something. For me, build 149 mobile was unusable. I tried everything, and even posted screenshots on Gabe's Twitter account and he did not respond. After, two days or so, my phone started going blank and I would have to turn it off for an hour. Overall bad experience with build 149 mobile.
  • did anyone else have texting problems with 149?
  • in Landscape mode keyboard not display...1320
  • Yeah! They arrived really late, not at all, or too many times. It's too bad, too, because everything else I could've/would've lived with.
  • I had it but it's now stopped.
  • Same for me. Had it to start with and now it has stopped. Really liked it.
  • yeh i have poeople animation on my 930 with 10149
  • I'm thinking getting 10149 on my 930 too. Is it a good time to jump onto the windows 10 train, or wait a longer? How stable is this build on your phone?
  • Working very well on my Icon now. Only problem now is I can not turn off quite hours manuall and have missed few calls. there are stil a few glitches, ut nothing major. 
  • Awesome.. But the circle animation is kinda ugly :/
  • I think it looks... weird.
  • It looks like some weird Android animation mod made by geeks on XDA.
  • Weird and ugly..
  • I have been anti circles, especially for album covers and photos as so much detail will disappear. But, I actually liked this people animation! Actually, looking at it again, I don't like for WP OS. On its own it looks good but not matching the OS. I changed my mind, it's allowed :)
  • All these circular designs are sickening. Better to have an option to choose between circle,square or any other shape.
  • You cannot just add "options" for all things in the design of an OS if you also want it lean, clean, fewer bugs and great performance. Doubling code to please a few people is not smart engineering.
  • Changing existing code for no purpose other than aesthetics is not engineering at all.
  • Agree, the tile of the people hub doesn't need changing really, just change the experience within the app. MSFT.
  • +929 I don't like all those circles, every single pic i have was square or rectangle in mind.
  • I dont love the circles, but its not a huge deal.
  • Yes! ^
  • Yeah man, cos, like, who gives a crap about aesthetics, right?
  • Burn the circles. They are not even a shape. They are just round things.
  • This is not all things, it's circles vs squares. and users should have a option for that. I personally hate the circles but someone else may love it. Is it a deal breaker for me & WP, no. Will it lower WP 10 performance? I really doubt it. Wil it Double WP 10 code? Hell no! Whats smart is Great design along with great engineering. Not allowing androids "live wallpapers" is a great engineering choice. Not allowing a horizontal start screen is a bad engineering choice. Why do you think even iPhone did it. Its what people want. You can't just kiss MS butt on everything they do and call yourself a smart guy.
  • Whah, whah. All people seem to do do these days is stake out my way out the high way positions. They've said that circle denotes people objects, while squares denote things. This is then bringing that theme to people hub. Personally, the circles remind me of Google hangouts (we migrated to Google apps at work, sigh) and so I think it's a differentiator that's lost. Which other OS has given this much feedback voice to their customers? Nothing is ever enough, is it?
  • @RayW7, ugh Google Docs... Missed out on several jobs because I had a sum total of 0 years of experience with google docs (found out via freedom of information request). Anyway why do you Microsoft has made that choice? It would be funny to see people complain about the squares if Microsoft moves back to it :P.
  • What company did you apply for?
  • This is not the kind of thing you give options for. Where would it end? What if I want a triangle, or rectangle? What if some users want bigger sized, or smaller, black background, blue, white. The answer to everything isnt just give everyone every option.
  • Old animation was way better imo. They should focus on features rather than background animation variations. If you want it lean clean and fewer bugs keep what's working well and add what's needed. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.
  • And " few" is based upon?...
  • Just like the word Windows...they can be squares or I like the circle and square thing. Plus you know the saying "Don't pop my bubble." Well that us saying give personal space and that applies to people app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looks terrible, IMO. Little things like that make me not so bummed I moved to Android for my upgrade, last month. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Troll spotted
  • Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya. Buh bye!
  • I think this looks terrible too. I don't mind the circle in artists in the music app, and I don't mind circles In general, but this use of them sucks. Maybe a different design for the people app with circles would work, but not this one... Yeah definitely not this one...
  • Microsoft keeps trying to make circles "happen"... but I'm just not feeling it.  It feels forced.
  • Nokia bubbles had circles. I was feeling that
  • Its is forced and its really not well thought out. Its a change for the sake of changing and because they can. I'm not really against of circular images as long as they're use correctly and not just slapping everywhere they can.  
  • It's Ugly/Silly/Childish.
  • Childish? So the bottom bar on every Windows Phone 8.1 app has been childish so far? Jeez.
  • I honeslty think Rubino should have a poll and let the users decided! As it would be useful feedback for Microsoft ;) Square, Circle or don't really care. To me the peoples tile looks like polka dots, really strange. Will the me tile or other people you pin to start screen have a circle within a square?
    Seems like a waste of space to me... also how will the wide tile of pin contacts work???
    Will it be a rectangle with a little circle polka dot bounding around inside??? It just seems like bad design to me.
  • The last time I downloaded W10 for phones it had a poll asking if I preferred circles or squares.
  • Might look good if they make the squares, inside the tile, a bit bigger.
  • absolutely. rond in a squar box doesn't fit. it looks odd and serves no purpose.
  • Windows Phone 8 is full of circles, practically every button was a circle. Explain that... actually don't.
  • I have people live tile animation!
  • New People tile animation.... Loved those words...
  • Lol
  • I think we need stability and battery fixes too
  • Hope they release next week & change the new circle live tile or give an option to turn of that ugly live tile..
  • Now MS has full concentration on WP10...Good to see.
  • Not quite yet but soon.
  • Not yet full.
  • It all depends on what Nadella has on his mind about the future WP10.
  • On 10149 my people live tile was animated after a hard reset. Lumia 830
  • Hope my Lumia 1320 records atleast 480p at 60fps
  • Yeah, higher end phones should be fast enough for bigger resolutions..
  • I like it
  • 120fps means, camera can shoot slow motion videos. This is one feature where in which iPhone had upper hand. Now waiting for flagship devices with 120fps video shooting capability.
  • Hope present phones will also get it via software update
  • I think the Snapdragon 800 can handle this, at least I hope so because I have a Lumia 930.
  • Ditto
  • The HTC one m8 with windows has this capability, but can only be used with the HTC camera app. The native windows phone camera app can't handle this as far as I recall. This is with the phone runing 8.1 update 2.
  • Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea. Also it does 60fps video! Had no idea, thanks for the heads up
  • Whoa, the new people tile animation looks lame. I know they're trying to move to circles but don't force it where it just doesn't fit with the design. Having square tile with a circle animation doesn't look pleasant to the eye. Granted, that's my opinion but so is Reddit's. Sure this is far from being completed but knowing Microsoft and the fact they're testing the new animation on the people tile is scary…
  • Circular pics don't look fit for square tiles
  • The people app be like: "They see me rollin, they hatin'. "
  • Hahahahahaha
  • Haha exactly!!
  • Good one :D
  • @Hadrian Embalsado:
    True gangsta. ;-)
  • "heads will roll", the rolling circles! I prefer squares.
    Also this one.
  • That's in build 10149, not sure how that is "exclusive" when we all have it already.
  • Thats been here for a while. Its a joke
  • Didnt have live tile for people at first.den started animating after 2 days.and today again it became static
  • I'm on 10149 as daily driver but switching back to 8.1, still buggy. Cortana Bluetooth in car not smooth. No custom ringtone option (on mine anyway). Volume issues with phone app, Start screen is starting to flicker and still scrolling stuttering. This is on my dual sim 640XL with ATT in USA. Oh and MSN weather acting up
  • It's still buggy maybe because it's a beta made to be tested not on your daily driver..preview program is made to testing builds not for having the new features of the incoming OS before the final release.
  • I tried 10149 for the past week on my daily driver, a 1520.  I had to roll it back today, because it just didn't work reliably.  So, i can't wait for a more solid build.   1) when I took a picture, and then tried to view that picture, the photos app would crash every time 2) my corporate email account decided my phone was a PC, and rerquired a full password on login - my PIN went from an 8 digit number, to a password with upper and lower case letters and a number ruquired.  Imagine having to enter that every time you login???? 3) my email account all stopped working after a few days, and no amount of fiddling would get them to re-connect. 4) if I left certain apps running in the background, my battery would drain super fast.  Literally wore my battery down in 4 hours one time. 5) photos app would only show photos on onedrive, and nothing on my local machine 6) music would sometimes play, but more often just wouldn't play.  downloading music helped, but that would start a death spiral on battery usage. 7) the new keyboard was driving me nuts.  it would never interpret what I typed correctly, especially with swipe.   all that being said, i was liking it, especially the new phone screen that let's you have a keypad and mute button at the same time (i mean seriously, it took this long to get that???).  I like a lot of the new look and feel, and am very excited for the future.
  • 3) I hear you on that one. Regardless of me putting in the correct password, I can't access my at&t or yahoo account. Ironically, my google email, which I never use, is the on email account I can enter. It keeps saying that there is no record of my other accounts. Real bummer, but that's the only major problem I've had on my 1520. I hope that's a new build fixes this.
  • Very happy to see Wallet is sticking around with updates. Here's hoping the Reward card portion is an improvement on current lacking WP8 options.
  • @920Walker:
    Does anyone really care about a "wallet" unless it supports some kind of "tap-to-pay"-feature?!
  • Seriously; a wallet with no money?
  • Yeyyy.. Hamburgers on settings too. Delicious.
  • slowmo videos are coming people.  
  • About the wallet, any info on supporting pkpass(passbook) files? Cause it did back then, right?
  • Thats what they meant by saying boarding passes.
  • 728x576p... 728x576p... Smh. I know, I know, work in progress... Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really really wish they would add continous vibration because once is not enough.
  • I wish they can add option for more intensity.
  • That's what he said.
  • That's what she said.
  • thats definately what she said hehehehehehehehe  
  • thats definately what she said hehehehehehehehe
  • Why don't you go see Magic Mike XXL while you're vibrating. Jees!
  • Windows phones can't ring and vibrate at the same time. Even a 10-year old feature phone can do that. C'mon MS, this is really shameful. This is the reason why I miss calls all the time when the phone is in my pocket. :/
    Insiders need to request for this.
  • Would really like to use the wallet at check out. Apple has apple pay and google has Google pay.
  • Windows Central. Switch from the flip animation to the new animation
  • Cortana hears you
  • Would you guys please fix the battery's shape on the main menu ..its so small and it has to be provided with a percentage ..please it will be a great thing to do too
  • Starting in 8.1 you swipe down for the Action/Notification center to see %. No need to clutter it up on the main screen.
  • Agree, this would be just clutter and is fully available already.
  • I'd say it still has a place on the start screen...tapping it takes us into the battery saver...
    Saves us a swipe as well as acting as a notification/app shortcut...I personally have it tucked away in a live folder with other handy utilities..
  • There aren't many icons on the top row of the main screen in the first place so how a percentage would clutter it up? At least they should give an option to show the percentage like iOS does.
  • Sure thing! I'll need a couple days
  • yeh hattery is too small now
  • Only 120 fps? When the competitors have 240 fps :(
  • Lol
  • Lol. Future problems
  • Tbh 30fps is perfect for a human eye.
  • Exactly, so 120fps gives us 1/4x slo-mo. 240fps (1/8x slo-mo) would be even better. But I'm not complaining. I'm excited for this.
  • Tbh 144fps is excellent for my eye lol
  • YEAH! I'm expecting at least 5000 fps from our phones. (on the same levels as Phantom videocameras or... EVEN BETTER..) This is unacceptable Microsoft ffs!!!!   Seriously now, iphone's 240 fps slow motion video is mindblowing..
  • It probably has to do with hardware. They cant force the current phones to record 240 fps which I am expecting from the upcoming flagships.
  • Damn that people tile animation looks horrible. I loved the old people tile where all profile pictures would cover the tile and be clearly visible :\
  • Agreed. If that silly circle crap makes it into the final build, I will certainly nit be using a live people tile anymore.
  • I like people in circles
  • I like Spongebob's mom than Spongebob itself
  • FINALLY something above 30fps! Yes!!
  • So, with W10m we will start seeing 1080p 60fps on the flagships! To tell you the truth, I'll be perfectly fine if the future midrangers could record 720p videos at 60fps.. :)