Leaked Windows 10 Mobile builds reveal new Wallet, 120 FPS video and possible new animations

Over the last few days, bits of information have been leaking out over what may be the next build of Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders. Currently, Microsoft has all their focus on getting the desktop version of Windows 10 ready for the July 29 launch as evident from their three releases this week.

The site msmobile.pl allegedly got their hands on build 10158 of Windows 10 Mobile, up from the current Insider release of 10149. Although the changes are not massive from the posted screenshots, presumably the performance, reliability and battery life are all also better. Here are the items identified as new in 10158.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10158

  • Microsoft Edge and Store tiles now have transparency ability
  • People app Live Tile now has animation
  • Camera app can now shoot video at 120 FPS at 728x576p resolution
  • Volume sliders are now slightly rounded on the edges
  • Wallet is back with support for rewards/loyalty cards, tickets, and boarding passes

You can read the rest of their write-up in their article here.

People App Tile Animation

Interestingly, some users on build 10149 purportedly have a Live Tile for the People app. The animation was caught on video by Lovable Lumia and posted here shows those polarizing circular avatars floating across the tile.

However, most builds of 10149 only have a static tile hinting at some behind the scenes A/B testing by Microsoft. We have not seen the animation on any of our devices so far but build 10158 and later may change things. Judging by the reaction on Reddit, where the video was originally posted a few days ago, many users are not fans of the design.

New Tile Re-Sizing Animation in Build 10165 (Rumor)

Finally, last night Windows Central received an anonymous tip about an even newer build of Windows 10 Mobile. The tip claims that this is build 10165 and that Microsoft is experimenting with a new Tile re-sizing animation, which can be viewed below in the accompanying video. In the video, a much smoother tile resizing animation is demonstrated and it includes the return of those 'tall' Tiles.

The tipster describes this feature as "very alpha", and it seems if it is something Microsoft is merely considering. The feature is allegedly being demonstrated on "a prototype 7" tablet" for the video.

We should point out that Windows Central has not been able to verify the authenticity of the tipster or the video itself, so take it with a grain of salt. Since this article is filled with indirect leaks and observations, it made sense to include it in this roundup.

Update: As pointed out in comments, this animation looks a lot like an Android app called SquareHome, lending credence to the idea that it is fake.

Thanks, Sandesh and Yasar H., for the tips

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