Hands on with Windows 10 Mobile build 10149 (And should you install?)

Late on Thursday, Microsoft surprised Insiders with another release of Windows 10 Mobile, build 10149. This update comes after just one week from the last one, demonstrating their rapid ability to iterate on builds.

The bigger story here though is the quality of this build. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed me singing the praises of this release. For the first time, Windows 10 Mobile feels like it has left that 'alpha' stage and is now a true beta. Sure there are quirks here and there but many of the core features are working and working well. Even better is the speed and responsiveness of the OS, which at times now feels faster than Windows Phone 8.1.

Hands-on Video

After spending much time with the 10149 build, we have cobbled together my top five favorite features of this release. This hands-on video should demonstrate all the areas in which Microsoft is making progress with the OS, and it should also quiet the naysayers who think Microsoft's Mobile story is doomed. Quite the contrary, in my opinion.

At this pace, Windows 10 Mobile should be an outstanding OS in a few months' time.

In the video, I touch upon things like the new animation, quality of the core apps, and of course Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10149

Ready for Everyday Use?

Easily the question I get asked most by people pertains to joining Windows Insider. Specifically, Is Windows 10 Mobile 10149 ready for daily use? Should you install it on your primary device?

These are tough questions to answer for a few reasons:

  1. For me, it is running very well on my Lumia 1520. However, I have not tried it on every device out there
  2. People's opinions of what bugs are acceptable vary. I may not find a broken feature important, yet you may rely on it daily
  3. Unforeseen issues may affect you that have not affected me, see for instance the Blue screen problem (see our Recovery Article)

Having said all of that, yeah, I do think this release, for the most part, is fine to use. This advice assumes you are okay with occasional bugs, glitches, or parts not working fully. See our 'What's broken in build 10149' article for more info.

One tip I can pass along is it is probably best to disable Glance or at least Glance Backgrounds for relevant phones. I have found this to drain the battery quite a bit, even in standby.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10149

The Future Looks Bright

In talking with various people on Twitter or reading feedback, in general, build 10149 looks to be an important turning point for Windows 10 Mobile. I think we can look to this moment and say this was when it started to get real good.

If you are still interested in testing Windows 10 Mobile and want to help shape its future through feedback, you may wish to start with this release (or the next).

I cannot guarantee that your upgrade and user experience will be the same as mine, but hopefully it will. Many people have noted that hard resetting after the update or doing a clean install helps the best.

Remember, if you do sign up or need more information, just jump into our Windows 10 Mobile forums. There are many users like you and plenty of people who can answer questions (but search first, as someone has already likely asked!). Remember, if you are already registered to leave comments, you are already registered to post in the forums.

- Windows 10 Mobile Forums at Windows Central

Stay tuned for more Windows 10 Mobile coverage in the coming days.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Finally :)
  • The rock has come back to wwe.
  • Really? So I should start watching wwe again?? (joking)
  • Should i download the slow or fast insider? Im not sure which one.
  • Its lagging on my lumia 1320
  • When you have that problem, I've found doing a hard reset helps clear things. Just a suggestion. I tend to do this every time I flash my phones after a significant update.
  • Hahahahahahahahhahahaahhaha
  • Face detection is now supported in camera :D
  • For real? Is there Windows Hello in this build?
  • That requires hardware components, so no
  • like a camera?
  • Bio-metric camera, to be precise. This is not available in any current Lumia devices. Will come in future devices.
  • No new hardware that will be in win10 phones
  • Yes! Waiting for this.
  • Yeah, you can tell they took their time putting in the editing, looked like a very creative review, looked nice.
  • Part of Fast ringers but still can't get this update. The phone downloads it all right but get an error code (0x8042081f) when it tries to install it. Any help?
  • Forums
  • Hard reset your phone.. Worked for me
  • Same here, different code though. And after another soft reset, now it doesn't find the update anymore.
  • Go to windows insider and sign in again you will see the updates
  • Is this build only available to fast ring insiders?
  • Yeah dude
  • I got same issue but after the second Update and prep for installation was complete I just restarted and that was all, and oh remember to disable the lock screen first before the update. Hope that helps
  • My work account in Outlook is not working - fails during setup. Is it a known bug?
  • i had the same problem, work accounts for outlook and one drive do not work at this time. For email i went into advanced setup, then exchange active sync and set up my wprk account from there and works now without issues. As for onedrive i dont have a work around for that, hopefully ms update the app soon to fix this issue.
  • Does it work good on Lumia 640 XL?
  • Yeah, using it as my daily Driver on Lumia 640XL. don't forget to hard reset though.
  • Wait. Hard reset? Why?
  • Hard reset shall not proceed for final release version, I mean who want to hard reset in every OS update, sick of it.
  • For some reason the hard reset is not working for me. Is it where u press volume down, lock and camera?
  • Do like this:
    1: Power off your device.
    2: Press and hold Power+Vol down and as soon as the phobe vibrates, release Power. (keep holding Vol Down).
    3. When the exclamation mark shows up release Vol Down then press:
    Vol Up + Vol down + Power + Vol Down.
    The phone will then execute the reset, so sit back and wait.
  • Or, if you can get on the phone's OS go into Settngs > About and Reset the phone from there. :)
  • LOL
  • yup using it as my daily driver on my 640 xl lte dual sim and for the most part its works pretty good at htis stage in development.
  • I can confirm it runs well on lumia 640 XL. But on my experience, i had to totally reset my phone because of lags. But after resetting and backed up my phone which took a very very long time, maybe 5 or 6 hours. It runs well not perfect but really promising. I love the new app switcher, new animations, and this  awful "resuming" is almost gone, still here sometimes but definetely on the good way. Keep going Microsoft!! This build got me confident in Microsoft more than ever.
  • I also tried hard reset because I could not unlock my phone. While doing the hard reset I got a sad smiley face and my phone is constantly rebooting, it probably got bricked. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's what happened to my 930 on the last build. Tried several times to fix it, but always ended up back at the sad face. I ended up rolling back to 8.1 for now. Too paranoid to try this build, especially when you just got the sad face now too.
  • It told you on the "what's broken" article for this build, that if u come across the rare bug that causes your PIN to stop working even if u your in the right pass, don't turn of the phone etc, it's a bug with the system that can get worse when turning it off. U have to wait it out for few hours. Now u'll have to rollback to 8.1. :/ (trial and error I suppose thou :) )
  • That happened to me. I got the sad face. What you need to di us don't give up. Use the recovery tool and keep trying. Revert to 8.1. I did and tried the preview and it works great on my 1520.
  • perform Lumia Recovery Tool... 
  • My 640XL only restarts when i try installing windows 10. What to do?
  • All works fine here except that my sms get capped, i cannot send or recieve any text messages -.-  
  • YES sms not working WELL. So back to WP 8.1 for me.  
  • I got the update for 640XL and I didn't do a hard reset. There isn't a lot of lagg though...
  • Does the 640 xl get extra tiles per row like the 1520?
  • When will they release it?
  • will they release a build via developer preview app?
  • Highly likely once it has finished being developed. The PFD program was (and still is) to bypass the carriers so MS can send out the *completed* update (without the carrier firmware) although they won't right now bcus win10Mobile isn't complete yet :) they should do thou in a few months :) (probs round end of year)
  • thanks unknownguns! * never thought I'd say that *
  • Can i download it for lumia 625?
  • Not sure, I also have the 625, and when I tried downloading a previous build, the phone would not turn on. I had to use the Recovery Tool and rollback to WP 8.1. Think I will be waiting till the final release since this is my only phone. :)
  • my phone shows a sad smiley, when i installed the build, i did reset the phone option from settings.Please Help Asap! :-(
  • U need to restore with nokia tools if install failed
  • I for one like the direction
  • Yeah, One Direction. Oh wait...
  • Waiting.
  • Loading...
  • Resuming...
  • Still waiting
  • Resuming....... Lol never again
  • Is It bad that I read your comment as "I for one like One Direction"?
  • Yes
  • will they release a build via developer preview app?
  • Daft question, but are you ready yet?
  • you bet!
  • No resuming on my 1520. I did a hard reset tho ;) P.S. These new animations rock!
  • Pretty cool
  • There is still nothing exceptional in windows 10 mobile which can be a game changer for Windows phone..
  • Nice try :)
  • Continuum, Porting of Android ios apps, true synchronization of apps on PC and mobile.
  • Except those aren't in the yet, are they?
  • So? It's a preview, in development build. Who cares if they aren't in yet when we know they're coming?
  • Because how many things have been underdelivered by Microsoft/Nokia in the past, with regards to Windows Phone? What if Continuum icrash-prone or sluggish without a top-of-the-line phone? What if the Android or iOS compiler is sluggish? What if the compilers don't convince many developers to take advantage of them? What if cross-buy is broken at launch (like it was for Spartan Assault), or cross-device syncing is slow or inconsistent? After Halo: TMCC's connectivity issues, the continued dearth of apps on Windows Phone, the cancelation of McLaren, the promised summer window that turned into fall (maybe) for W10M, and the ruining of Xbox Music on WP8 (comparing where it was before and after it a system app), I think I've been burned more than enoguh times by Microsoft to hold back my excitement and trust in them until something actually gets delivered to us in working order.
  • What if the Earth stops spinning and we freeze to death? Have some faith!
  • Are you kidding? Previous faith in Microsoft is why I have so littel faith in them now. I had faith that Forza Motorsport 5 would be good, so I got that, and it was basically $60 for half of a game. I had faith that its Racing Game of the Year Edition would include all of the DLC, but I luckily found out that was a lie (it included about 25% of it) before I bought the game a second time. My faith that McLaren would come out is why I passed on the 1520 at launch. Faith that the 930/ICON would only be a temporary exclusive is why I didn't get the 1520 in the spring. Faith that W10M would be ready in the summer is why I passed on the 1520 last fall. So, instead of upgrading in late-2013/early-2014, I'm now waiting 18-24 months longer than I had to, because of my faith in Microsoft. I had faith that Halo: TMCC would work, so I bought it. Then I had faith it would be fixed quickly, so I traded in my physical copy for digital. To this day, it's not even 90% of what I was expecting from it. I mean, let's be honest here. What has Microsoft done with its mobile platform thus far to convince anyone that they should get the benefit of the doubt with their hardware OR software?
  • I agree with you completely..They haven't improve the notification center, its too basic..Lots of improvements needs to be done when the OS is lagging behind the other two..Moreover just playing catch up wont fetch new users , there has to be some exciting innovation and it is not tough for a software giant like Microsoft..I really don't see how continuum will fetch new users..Things like Interactive live tiles, improved notification centre with quick settings(they need major overhaul) , multi window etc will do..Last day I was playing a game in MI4, suddenly a call came as a pop up not taking up the whole screen as in windows. So I have the option to accept or reject call without hampering my game..We want this type of things in windows( I don't say exactly like these)..I still hope Windows 10 will bring amazing features..
  • Actually, some substantial changes to the Action Center: Full-on setting available. Flashlight. Able to dismiss individual notifications, not everything in a category, such as a single email, etc. Is there much to do? Of course. But as noted by Daniel, this is the first build that feels like a real OS rather than a hobbled together mess. What IS missing is the deep integration in Windows 8.x. Tought to let Hubs go. But we'll see what else is cooking. Music app is a Godsend compared to previous.
  • Oh yea! Xbox music was the worst music player you could ever find in the universe.
  • Haha true!
  • Stop being so negative. Continuum is a huge thing and a key component in their strategy to separate them from the competition. It's very important for the Windows everywhere strategy. In short it's coming...
  • Who said it isn't coming? The concern is its functionality. I mean, Halo and Forza are the biggest system-selling exclusives for Microsoft, yet one was launched with a seemingly infinite list of issues, and the other had half of its content cut and its graphics reduced to rush out the door, which was a slap in the face to customers. Look at Windows Phone 8.1's Xbox Music app. It was promised. It came. How's it? It sucks butt.
  • U seem to have lost all faith for everything good. Please come back when you are in a more positive mood/thinking :)
  • Only in the morality of humans and Microsoft's ability to make things in a timely and fully functional manner.
  • You sir, must be a total drag at a party. There is no point to your comments. A bunch of conjecture countering hypotheticals do not an argument make. You're writing like a bitter person that's in love, we all know too well the set back the platform has had. But your position can be said of any competing platform if you consider subjectivity. Objectively, nothing will satisfy everyone. 90% lacking for your needs, that simply is an outright lie. Feel free to list 100 features on any other platform that WP is lacking such that only 10 are available. And I'm not talking about apps, that argument is so weak particularly for those of us who have been using WP since inception. If it helps your argument, then by all means. Let's see how crippled you really are using this platform. Such a ludicrous position to argue, really.
  • The android/iOS compiler has already been proven to work- they used it to get candy Crush for wp Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • One game by a major developer got a straight-port with one set of code, so the entireties of two coding languages are proven to be 100% functional within a new environment, with a third language mixed in. It also proved that all developers are going to make use of it, because one app proves a million-plus across two platforms.
  • Games and other apps are very different, since games don't tend to use much of the OS -functionality. Hoping for the best, but I want to test the tools before I get excited.
  • Continuim is certainly an impressive feature, but only available on high end new Executive phones. But what are the really compelling consumers features in Windows 10 mobile. If consumers remain uninterested, then develelopers will still not write apps for W10. The lackluster developer response to Android porting tools means that W10 will still suffer from the apps gap, until W10 allows Android apps to run on the platform. BTW Cortana still only available in Beta form in a handfull of countries. We really need to see some compelling consumer features on W10.
  • What are the really compelling features missing in Windows 10 mobile?
  • You really don't have any point of view -_-
  • Exactly
  • True, it's all playing catch up. That being said, I'm really loving this build and its stability.
  • Microsoft is playing catch up to the stale iOS and bugdroid lol.
  • I agree. I love the os and I am not going anywhere. Continuum may be that wow factor that will bring people over. But as of right now there is not a wow factor enough to change the minds of the sales reps.
  • Hate the sales reps. In my local high street, only one store carries the 640. A girlfriend had seen my XL, but wanted to see the non XL to compare. The sales rep sold her a frigging galaxy S3, "twice the memory, sharper camera" he insisted towards her. Next time I make sure the deal is made online...
  • I wouldn't say nothing, but whatever it is Microsoft will probably give it away to IOS and Android anyway, so in the meantime we will be beta testing it as usual.
  • Then go away.
  • Fu**ing gaytorade!
  • Are you kidding me? Hamburger menus and circle profile pictures aren't exicting enough?
  • Windows 10 itself is exceptional ;)
  • Get stucked in your retarded OS that has no innovations like MS, I bet u wont even know wen u will make the switch in 18months
  • Then why are you still on windows central?
  • Woowww
  • i get the feeling it's heavily tailored towards quad-core phones. it's a lot slower than 8.1 at everything on my 925. i hope i'm wrong and it will keep improving
  • Nice to hear from another 925 user on here. I may not ever upgrade to W10 on this device and just wait for new W10 devices to be released.
  • 925 user here and it's buttery smooth! Not sure what he's talking about.
  • Same here on all my lumia's 820, 925 and 930
  • Yes, works good on my 925 too. This is the first build that greatly tempts me to install it on my daily driver, the 1520.
  • did you upgrade or clean install it? i'm seeing delays at unlocking the phone,starting apps,returning to the start screen, literally everything..
  • i've been on the fast ring updates, installed the first release and then reverted back to 8.1 ... but installed insider anyways... i've been getting notifications of updates but never downloaded W10 after my first experience... currently im on 8.1.... if i decide to update now... what build will i get? the firmware version i see is - 10.0.12534.59 
  • Smooth as butter on my 920.
  • Same here on Lumia 1020. I feel like this build is better and usable than the previous ones.
  • Hello, I updated my lumia 1020. after updation I cannot use windows apps like phone, camera ,people etc. Please help me out
  • Did it installed completely. Did you followed the instuctions given in the installation guide by Gabe Aul. How about reinstalling it again, saying so as I have 1020 and like many others in this forum , I can testify that it runs fast on 1020. Yes there are cetain cosmetic and app issues, howver from os perspective it is fast and smooth.  
  • I had a bad upgrade experience on my 920 and the os was very slow and apps crashed bad. Did a hard reset and it is a dramatically different experience.
  • Yes, have not 'tested the waters yet' with this build on AT&T L-920, but have reviewed, especially an article by Paul Thurrott (he has tested on a variety of Luminas') that a hard reset has dramatically improved overall experience/performance.. I'll wait for a couple more builds then 'again-tap' on Windows Insider app...lol (Typically, I hard reset prior to a major OS flash, and after..)
  • On my 920 fast as well, I would say faster than 8.1.
  • A hard reset and don't restore will blow your mind
  • Yep. My experience as well.
  • How will a restore slow it down? It just installing apps and making settings
  • I hard reset and then restored, it works perfectly. I don't think the restore affected it at all, but the hard reset definitely helped.
  • 920 is blazing fast! Heck even the 520 is damn impressive! I'm still amazed at what MS is able to do with such low specs hardware like the 520. This build has certainly increased my confidence in WP!
    And yes I haven't seen the 'Resuming' screen in a while!!
  • and what about life battery ? 
  • Daily driver on my 640XL
  • It's pretty quick on my 1020.. I defaulted the phone though.
  • On my 920, it's miles better than the previous builds, but I wouldn't go so far as buttery smooth. Glitches, restart, issues with camera, drive and other apps if you use it enough. I will stick with it because I'm curious to see how it unfolds and it is tolerable.
  • Dude 10149 is faster than 8.1 trust me, you may need to do a hard reset to clean install
  • Wooohooo....
  • Windows 10 mobile build rocking on my L730.*
  • Its the best build till now for Lumia 730. Everything seems too be working fine.
  • Does edge browser work as good as on build 10136? Also do email notifications work as good as on WP8.1? Because I'm seriously thinking installing it on my main 730.. (I have installed 10149 on a 630 and edge is performing terrible as well as email notifications never show up!)  
  • Email notifications are working fine for me.
    Have not used edge much, i use uc browser.
    I am also using it on Lumia 730 which is my main device.
  • I don't know how everyone else is having a great experience. my experience is shitty. apps unavailable, windows central never worked and hasn't in about 3 months, purchases not being honored. very disappointed
  • You are complaining about an alpha release.....
  • Try a hard reset? Seriously this build is awesome, even on the 520!
  • This build is awesome in 520?? Thats good to know. Thanks..
    I will definitely go for the next build :)
  • Ha ha ha nice, even I am going for next build
  • Windows Central seems to be working ok on all the builds other than crashing issues on 10080 but that build had some ahh issues. There is a known bug with the new store not honouring purchases, this is to be fixed and you can still install from both stores as not everything is migrated. For the record it hasn't been all roses, but this build is atleast stable edge is useable and my 925 isn't on fire. Battery life still sucks
  • Hey the apps are not getting updated properly in store beta anything I can do for this build ? On my Lumia 730
  • Hope you are right....I just installed on L730 and hoping it would smoothly. Its my primary phone and don't want the phone lock out for 2hrs. I updated from the previous build didn't start fresh from 8.1. It to time in downloading, was at 0% when I was watching. So left it and went to sleep. When I woke in the middle of the night after getting a sound from the phone, The update was complete.
  • That's what am talking about L535 rocks for me
  • I'm thinking to install it on my Lumia 930 but is it really ready for daily use? I mean calling, texting, WPcentral, games, internet? Hows the speed? Which apps work and which ones don't work?
  • Did you even read the article or watch the video?
  • Until release there will always be issues. This mostly works. But it will crash and things won't work. Can't put up with that? Wait.
  • I was also wondering this. Will everything install our will there be apps or games that are windows phone 8.1 only. I play a lot of games and have spent loads of time and a little money in progressing. Wouldn't want to update and find they don't install or I have lost progress
  • Everything installs.
  • I have a 930 as well! I took the dive and went ahead with the install. This phone is my daily driver, and so far, I have not had too many issues. The biggest issue I have, is that this build seems to drain my battery considerably faster then 8.1 did. It also seems to take longer to charge... I have also run into the issue where the camera doesn't want to launch. Sometimes I have to try multiple times for it to work. The last glitch I have run into, is having the icons in my notification center start to flash randomly. When I reboot, they go back to normal, but eventually start flashing again. When they flash, it appears that I am unable to use them. I have read other people mentioning this glitch as well. As far as installing apps, making calls, and sending/ receiving texts, everything works like a charm!
  • Thanks mate.
    This is a relpy I wanted to see.
    I did install update too. I think it's slow but I like it.
  • Of course! :)
    It is slow for you? Hmm.. I remember when I first installed this build, it was awful and slow. I did a system reset and now it is blazing fast! I wonder if you should do the same.
  • After you did the hard reset. Are the extras from the settings menu still showed in settings? Or are they now listed on the app list? (I'm referring to extras eg. Audio, morion data, etc.) Thank you.
  • Yes! The extras option is the last option under settings for me. They do not show up in my app list.
  • If you have to ask don't install it.
  • Why these much delay dany...
  • Mark and Dan had been working for days on that video (and others). Shooting, Editing, Uploading, Finalizing and Publishing doesn't happen in a day ;)
  • This guy gets it :)
  • Have any behind the scenes of hands on videos..
  • Finally it's here as you promised. Thanks Richard and others. Again sorry for bugging your yesterday. I know you guys have to sleep
  • This video didn't take that long to shoot/edit. We are just tied up with shooting other stuff for the site, mostly the hidden gems.
  • Ok. Perhaps prioritization could help? :)
  • Things are already prioritized, thanks.
  • Heh he, I am sure they are. Just could not resist when Mark's comment made it sound as if putting out the hands on video on the new build had the same level of priority as the hidden gem videos. I am sure this is not the case, right?
  • Thanks WC better late than never. Get some sleep guys(mark).
    Edit: Okay is it me or is it just that the video won't play?
  • Just u
  • guess there is some glitch in youtube at my region
  • hmm. should be working by now
  • Yeah its working now, good one.
  • How does this build work on 512MB RAM devices? Anyone used it yet?
  • Works really well
  • Don't use it on your main phone. I did a fresh installation on my old L620. This build is still damn slow on 512MB and it lags and crashes a lot. No way would I install this on my main phone (L830), even if it might run faster there.
    Edit: since Sam doesn't seem to have problems on 512MB, it could also be caused by the old S4 processor in my phone. Hmm.
  • using it on my L625 (512mb) works like a charm
  • Using it on my spare Lumia 520 currently. Better than 10136. Less app crashes, better battery backup (after a hard reset) and overall improved performance. However, performance on a Lumia 630/635 is still far better than that of a 520/620/720.
  • On a 630 work pretty smoothly! BUT.. edge browser can easily crash (but doesn't throw you out of the app, it now refreshes) Overally build 10149 has transform this device! Nicely done refreshed visuals and great performance (I may have seen only 5-6 times the resuming/loading screen in the last days running 10149.. Now I'm thinking installing it on my main 730, because everytime I get my hands on the 630, I feel that the WP8.1 interface is outdated :P 
  • Agree. Better but still struggles with limited memory, browser more than anything. Not a daily driver yet but getting closer. I'd wait another release or two on 512mb devices.
  • I did a hard-reset-fresh-install on my Lumia 520. It's definitely not (yet) running smoothly, I would classify it as laggy but acceptable for a preview. The only thing that is really slow is the Beta Store.
  • I will not install until the photo app is smooth and fast. I hate l hate loadin and photos from OneDrive should be removed . It make the the app very slow and don't want to think about bad experience like of the Xbox music in 8,1 again
  • You can disable onedrive.
  • How?
  • From the settings in the photos app I think.
  • Just open settings from inside the photos app and turn off show photos and videos from OneDrive.
  • The photo app is now usable in this build. It detects and shows all photos now from phone and external, you can now edit photos using the app, you also have the option to turn off one drive. Give it a try!
  • What about the battery back up....will it affect my lumia 730 battery life...
  • Battery backup becoming poor.battery drain 20% in 1 hour of use in my l730.
  • same here.. lumia 925 from 100% to 16% in 3 hours of standby
  • Sadly installing, you lose apps that are no longer published.
  • My 920 got the PIN bug, so I had to flash it and use the recovery tool.  My 635's apps were unrecoverable, such as the People app, the Messenging app, and others.  I had to flash it and use the recovery tool.  Stay away from this release.
  • I got the bug too , just restarted my phone and it worked , then I removed the pin
  • I tried everything I could before I resorted to reseting it
  • Same here
  • Runs nicely on my 920, but the battery life has been pretty bad. I'll wait a couple of days and see if it still behaves that way.
  • +820
  • +1020 and charging takes a lot longer
  • It helps to reboot in order to charge. I found that in some cases, leaving the phone on for several hours, you won't be able to charge it since it used more battery than the charger provided.  The battery life was terrible.
  • I have the same issue with my Lumia ICON. The battery does not last very long, and it takes forever to charge. That is by far the biggest issue that i have with this build.
  • Hi, do u install 10149 on your 8.1 or it goes as an update for previous Windows 10 Mobile builds? Thanks.
  • Please share you background wallpaper collection daniel...it looks awesome
  • I have an L830 and I had so much trouble with this. Had the pin issue and had to revert to 8.1 and reinstaill. Lots of apps don't work and it drains battery like there's no tomorrow. Waiting for the next buld. This one is pretty useless on my phone. Still can't add a Exchange account. Just one of many problems...  
  • hard rest
  • * reset
  • Will HardReset solve the battery problem?
  • I'd love to know too if a hard reset solved someone's battery problem !
  • Thank you, Daniel. It is in fact the first Insider Preview I have installed both on my 635 (work) and 1520 (private). It runs almost flawlessly, apart from the few glitches one might expect in a pre-release OS. I was turly amazed how smooth it runs on my 635, no comparison to 10080 or even 10136 I tried on my old 920 (which, btw, runs great with 10149 as well).
  • Running it on my HTC One M8 as my daily driver. Very good quality. Only annoyance really is the photos app doesn't update to show the new photos you've taken.
  • Thank you! Can you hide the navigation bar?
  • Yes! Can flick to hide and show just like Win 8.1
  • I think I'm going to load this build on my M8 also. I have it on a 635 & 1020 and works well on both. I think it'll be really nice on the M8. Yeah, this build is good enough to run my daily driver. I'm doing it.
  • Are the photos there? Or does it just take awhile for them to appear? 
  • How and what is a clean install ? What makes it better? Dani boy ?
  • After installing do a hard reset ;)
  • Danny said hard reset OR clean install . . . no ROM available that I know of, to let u do that
  • Go to settings, about then reset phone.
  • So, I was bored yesterday and installed 10149 on my 930. I was aware of downsides, but still... :) It's not good enough to be daily driver so I'm going back to 8.1.1 But, as Dan said, the future looks bright and if MS keep going this way it will be great when final build came out.
  • I can't GIFs to work in my photo app.
  • it need to be on the phone download a random gif in edge
  • I m gonna install this release
  • I am unable to upgrade from the prev build to 10149 on my Lumia 820 as it gives me error saying cant update
  • Do a hard reset.
  • Where's the IE gone in this build? couldn't find it anywhere.
  • Think is now Edge
  • It's gone my friend , it's NOT here , EDGE is in the house !!
  • It has been "Edged" out! :D
  • They need to pin it though. By default it isn't and when a new user wants to browse, it doesn't cry out that's how you get online.
  • Retired.
  • Yes now one confidently install on main Phone for daily use.
  • Which phone model is that?
  • Been trying to update all day from WP 8.1 on L1520. It downloads the updates fine but when go to install, spinning gears make no progress and the phone restarts back to the home screen, where I get error 80070020. Can anybody relate/help out?
  • Do a hard reset...
  • Build 10149 worked for me after I did a hard reset. A direct upgrade from 10136 caused me having no Spartan browser (because it became Edge), a hard reset solved this problem, of course after backing up.
    Everything is getting in to place with this build. I like the animations when opening/closing apps and it seems (no joke) really faster. But I still don't like the battery drain and overheating problems which are still there. Tested on main L1320.
  • so did i on my 1520... but its usable
  • The speed factor is what I wanted to hear. 10136 was stable for me but the response times were rubbish, so I'm back on 8.1. If this is truly "faster than 8.1 sometimes" I may dip my toes again.
  • It's faster my bro :)
  • Rocking on my 820 , very smooth and without a hard reset :)
  • If you use paid app do not install latest build.
  • Most of my paid apps installed fine. I think a few are still being processed through the new store. And I can even sign into my WC app now!
  • Is 10149 update now available for L730
  • Yes...
  • Sounds pretty stable-ish(for pre release software) from everybody I've heard but I think the next build will be the one when I finally join the party, so excited to try lol
  • Will it work perfectly on L520
  • I'm using it, it's not perfect but it's usable
  • Is it working as good as wp 8.1 on l520?
  • The left bar in File Explorer is practical since you don't have to open the hamburger menu to navigate inside the app. Why not use it in other system apps as well?
  • Omg! Lmao I love the thumbs up with #2 Seems faster!
  • I had a problem after upgrading where most of my apps no longer worked until I hard reset (again). After that, my backup didn't work properly. Some of my apps wouldn't download and almost all my pinned icons were just broken links. I also can't send or receive picture messages or participate in group messages. Despite all that and various other minor bugs, this is a solid build.
  • That extra little toggle at the top really bugs me. I think they should make "all settings" a text label like "clear all" or "collapse" to make the UI cleaner
  • Daniel, is your view that it is now e.g. 99% feature complete (with almost no new things still to be added, such as the call recording)? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can not download Chinese keybroad input on my Lumia 920, and only native Micrsoft camera app, no more Lumia camera........
  • Daniel, I second the request for you to share some of your backgrounds. It is hard to find ones that work so well with the os.
  • Absolutely correct...!
  • Those wallpapers look really good with the live tiles, I want that too.
  • Sticking with Windows not gonna end up in vein!! .. Windows 10 makes it love Windows mobile more n more :)
  • Is it me or the video doesn't play ?
  • Just you!!
  • Good job with the video Daniel, it has a fun summer feel to it haha with some epic effects. Looks more professional. I think I will wait one more build though.
  • Thanks, we had some creative ideas and trying to make them more appealing. They do take some time but it was Hidden Gems that delayed us even more.
  • #2 (thumbs up) seems faster!
  • My thanks as well. Learned where app notification sounds were.
  • I installed on my 925(my secondary phone) and the Wi-Fi doesn't work!!! Anybody else having this issue???
  • I think downgrade is still better than upgrade.
  • Very creative review .... That's y it came out late..!
  • While installing this build on my 520(I was on build 10080), when the gears spin, they suddenly stopped spinning and the lock screen came up.
    When I checked in settings it showed me an error and there after it wouldn't download the update giving some error code so I thought of formatting it.
    Now when I started to hard reset the sad smiley-> :( came up turning my 520 into a brick.
    Recovering with the Recovery tool isn't an option for me because of my slow connection :'(
    Now the irony is exactly 5 months back on the 26th of Jan while installing Windows 10TP my 5 month old laptop became a useless slab and I lost 350GB data.
    So basically this is the second time I burned my hands while trying to test a Windows 10 build.
  • I went through this situation in the past... :/ i know the feeling,its very frustratingly sad :|
  • Has anyone got it on 640XL Dual SIM? I bought it just to try Windows 10 Mobile because on my 1520 it didn't won't k at all... Please let me know if anyone tried on 640XL Dual SIM... Thanks!
  • I have just one big problem, storage sense is showing total of 18 gb in my l920. Where are the others 10gb ? someone else ?
  • Daniel, your new hairstyle is awkward!
  • Is emails working correctly now? Had last version for few days but since many emails I receive have PDF attached and it became annoying as no apps would open (as all were 8.1) and Spartan failed to open. If this works, I'll dip again
  • In this build you can choose which app opens the pdf-file when opening the pdf!
  • Is this your start screen Mr Rubino, if so you sure know how to make your start screen attractive :)
  • Phone Update keeps saying my device is up to date, even though it's not. Lumia Icon, build 10080. Is there a workaround?
  • I had to re-enable the Windows Insider app -> Fast again before checking new updates. Before that it did not find the update.
    Don't forget to backup and hard reset your device AFTER upgrade you to 10149.
  • Why is that so?  
  • Still not working for HTC 8x. I am about resigned to having to buy a new phone for Windows 10 from Microsoft.
  • Wait a lil more friend, there were news last week that HTC 8X is going to participate in Windows insider program in coming builds. Fingers crossed.
  • Let's hope! I am waiting...
  • it's coming
  • Does Windows 10 Mobile Outlook app support groups? Windows 10 PC does not.
  • Like the vid mention #2, Seems Faster :P
  • Did anybody else did the new animations?
  • If you mean dig the new animations, the answer is yes.  I dig em.
  • my lumia 920 does not detect this update my version right now is 10.0.10136.0 when i check for update it does not find any thing
  • You could be on the slow ring for updates
  • Mine wasn't seeing it as well. I just used the Nokia restore tool and get rid of the previous build and start from scratch. After a few updates you'll finally get it.
  • It's actually not bad. The new music app is light years a head of the Xbox music app. Overall responsiveness is better, I'm very happy that they are keeping pivots in some of the native apps. Tested on my old 920.
  • Great video. Great build. Now if only Windows 10 in "tablet mode" didn't suck so bad and fall in line with Microsoft's old "Mobile first, cloud first" mantra.
  • Finallly.....windows central put their shoes in 10149 build....still wonder why it took that much time
  • Can't copy and paste from Edge to Outlook in this build.
  • Does Hey Cortana work yet on this version? That's the one reason why I had to go back to 8.1
  • No (covered in the video).
  • You can't use hey Cortana on 8.1 though
  • Nice article! Ty
  • Good to hear from some 920 users... I think I might actually give it a go
  • Yeah same here. I have my old 920 just sitting around and thinking about trying out this build.
  • I have it on my 920 running sweet. Last night I dropped it on my M8. Not bad so far.
  • What about the storage sense app does it get an option to delete the App Data because deleting it from the app one by one is painstaking and reinstalling the app is just pointless solution and it almost uses 2gb for the whole 46 apps installed on the phone with only 8gb memory. And installing it on an sd card makes the app slow. Also some apps don't permit installing on sd card.
  • A nice build or not, I'm done with testing Windows 10 Mobile until after Windows 10 for PCs is released.
  • I think I have decided the same. I have only one phone and I like it operational.
  • Need applock
  • Stop Daniel Rubino, just stop!
  • There are some things that new builds cannot fix and that is how 3rd party apps haven't yet integrated into the new sharing mechanism, into the new pictures gallery mechanism etc. For example 6tag and Tweetium work perfectly with W10M, but WhatsApp cannot share a screenshot because it cannot find it. It also does not respond to picture gallery sharing hook so basically you will not be able to share pictures to WhatsApp, yet. Have in mind I did not test the latest WhatsApp but the one from the last week. Other than that I must say that I'm positively stunned with the new gallery+OneDrive integration and most importantly SPEED!
  • It is the best build yet.  I find myself unable to put it down.  I noticed the references to continuium.  Is there hope that Microsoft will allow certain high powered devices to use the feature?? the Icon and 1520 perhaps?? The app gap is certainly going to keep users away...my core apps that i use on android and ios are on windows phone but obviously not as sleek.  Microsoft apps work better on android but should i give microsoft a break for not putting their all on their own platform as they do on other platforms?? I think not.  I hope the lumia camera app continues to excel. The g4 is the phone to beat..if microsoft can squeeze in some unique algorithms I will continue to support.  Ive had my icon for over a year now and love it.  I got an iphone 6 for work and I hate it but is fast...really fast...and the camera sucks and I have an lg g2 which has all the apps i need and more.
  • They need new hardware for continuium to work and current phones will not have it. Hopefully they make an adapter, but probably not
  • I'm very very very tempted to try this build on my One but I can't trust it with the pin bug.
  • What pin bug?
  • In another article. When you type your pin it will not do anything even if the right password. They said something about like this TPM issue or something and you have to wait 1-2 hours to try again. And it's dumb. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • W10M is shaping up very fast.. Remember those days without Action Centre? :D ...
    We are done catching up with iOS and Android.. Now it's their time to do the 'catching up' game.. B-)
    We are officially back in business ;)
  • Good for 535?
  • Now its smooth fluid gorgeous with superb and cute animations. I am simply looking to my Lumia 730start screen and enjoying it's beauty
  • The photos app is still the feature i hate most in this and previous builds. Viewing photos by album is almost impossible, can't edit photos with apps like creative studio. I am not complaining though
  • New People app = very ugly
  • I agree...small photos!
  • When I firstly bought my Lumia 520.no action centre,can't close apps,can't change ringtone,can't download pdf .cant save downloads. Now it's king ,ruling ruling,
  • I really liked this build but had to roll back because my network (Three UK) cuts off my data when I try to use windows phone 10.
  • Sue them!
  • We shud be able to update over cellular data prepaid data actually its annoying to go to the mall to access free wifi...plus i cnt update to this build even if im on wifi
  • I had put a previous build on my Lumia Icon, the only reason I took it off was because the phone wouldn't sync with my Microsoft Band, as if the Bluetooth wouldn't stay connected. Any insight into this? I did try resetting my band and resyncing with the win 10 build I had... Nothing worked.
  • Hey can someone who has this build tell me what happened to call history and stuff? I have it on my 1520 but phone no longer has a call log nor voicemail. Is anyone having this issue?
  • Great review Dan! 10149 is indeed a watershed point in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • When I instal this build my phone was not able to install this build I use my secondary phone so I don't have anything to lose If I can make reboot I use lumia 625 also when I try to go back to 8.1 like in your video my pc couldn't find my phone because there are no os running on my phone it's shown as its trying to install this build any solution for this problem ?( I don't mind if I lose all of my data for this phone) I hope someone could help,        
  • brilliant piece! I just hope they consider using the windows key as an optional led. it would be intuitive especially for aged hardware!
  • Yea hard resetting solves a lot of issues
  • Edge continues to play audio when switching to other apps. Doesn't work 100%, seems to stop after a bit but looks like it's being worked on.
  • What about Lumia 830...How is doing?
  • Can't install on my Lumia Icon running 8.1. Keep getting an error that the install had a problem and to retry, but it won't take.
  • Do a hard reset.
  • Are live folders working properly on this build? They transfer over from 8.1 ok. But then you can't make new folders, or existing ones have missing tiles, and misplaced icons?
  • Hey does youtube work probably on edge?
  • no landscape
  • Yet again, the download number is meaningless. What is 10.0.12468.133?
  • Are you sure it is not 10.0.12648.133? this is Build 10149
  • Yes it was, don't know why though...
  • Yep, it was and it is. I thought they had aligned the release numbers with the package numbers. Regardless, it's the best release yet, not least I'm terms of migrated data. It installed and all my stuff was there ready and working. Amazing!
  • Man! I can't get it to install on my 1520 :-(
  • I tried for a day but it became to hot and buggy as time went on ...1520...uninstalled but its going in the right direction
  • My call sms filter is not working . Anyone any ideas
  • Also, nobody is telling me why the Photos and Music app won't open, instead they ask me to 'buy' them from the store. Assuming the OS is asking to install these apps from the store, I update the Music app from the store and try opening it, and again get the original message asking me to 'buy' the app. And this cycle continues-in a loop! As for the 'Photos' app, the store says this app is not available. Classic.
    I'm using a 720.
  • Is there anyone using Lumia 720 with this build..is it working properly
  • 720 user and for me it's not a good build. It always slow down my phone. You cannot see the touch, the glance screen and other important part of our phone.
  • Is it stable enough to use it as a daily driver? I own a 1520 btw
  • That was answered in the article no??
  • Read the article and watch the video!
  • Just found something else. You can slide from the "&123" to a number key again. Small thing but I missed it!
  • Very good video, Daniel, thanks.
  • Apps installed in sd card becomes unavailable after restarting the phone.... In L525 ... Is anyone else facing same problem
  • Love the passion with which this post is written. Love you Windows Central for saying that Microsoft's mobile efforts are not doomed.
    On a more relevant note love the progress MS is making. Feature richness still isn't to my liking but I always new this type of complete overhaul of an OS will take time. The positive bit to take away from here is that MS is clearly listening to all of our insider's feedback and it is great. I love that Microsoft has started to address most of the complaints that I had with this OS when I first bought a WP8 phone. Let's hope that they will keep the momentum going even after Windows 10 mobile gets RTM. After all, the real development test of Windows 10 will start after RTM. Microsoft will have to prove to 3rd party developers about the richness of Universal Windows App development platform as well as core OS features of Windows 10 Home/Mobile to enable people from using windows to liking windows to loving windows.
  • +930
  • Camera and photos not working on icon. Photos taken show up in in file explorer but not "photos" app. Also, share not working.
  • Great video. Very well done.
  • Agree
  • Do only some phones get the new animation? Got a Lumia 435 for testing and the tile pushes down and back up (and then stops at it's original position) and then the normal flip animation happens from WP8. Definitely on latest build, and tried resetting to factory too. Browser is also branded as Project Spartan too, I don't see any updates for it in the store, but expected it to just be there in this build rather than an update, since its now a new app with new app ID etc
  • Browser should be Edge if not try backup + hard reset. Also check About page in settings for version info.
  • Am I the only one who cannot acces facebook.com on the new edge browser?
  • My phone doesn't have it, it's still Spartan...did you have to get it from the store?
  • This is the first build I've considered running on my Icon. Still not sure, though, as it's my daily driver.
  • How about the Store app beta? Does it still has issue that if we failed to install some apps, it will fail forever to install that failed app? Prevous build has that issue which force me downgrade back to 8.1.
  • @kurotsuki, I'm still experiencing this issue on my 930. Most are like the old touch, network+, audio apps. Here Maps fails, which I suppose is now replaced by the new Maps app. I use MetWeather as my weather app, and that is failing to update after an initial successful install.
  • I see. Then I won't try it yet. Last build was failing on Whatsapp installation which was a deal breaker. Thanks for the info. :)
  • So far all is good on my lumia 1520. Did have error installing the first time but a soft reset solves it for me and then had some trouble downloading a couple of apps but a soft reset solved that. Now all is well and no hard resets, knock on wood.
  • I've read in numerous posts in these forums that resetting and doing a clean install is a good thing to do. Question is: Does clean install mean resetting the phone and downloading apps again one by one, or installing a backup after the reset process??? Thanks.
  • It runs very smooth on my Lumia 1520 but battery life is not as good as the 1st build.
  • Great build, coming along well. My biggest issue is that I can't record video. The camera app freezes when I hit the record button and usually results in a soft reset.
  • Anyone have tested it on Lumia 535?
  • Running it on my 535 now. So far, it runs better on this than my 1320. :)
  • Cant download it on lumia 1320 im running a 10136 build
  • I went from 8.1 to this build on my 1320. It took a long time to complete the process...almost 7 hours. The phone got rather warm.
  • Cool, great update and video reviews are getting better !
  • Behold the edge browser.
  • Good Job on the video, Daniel! I've been waiting for WC to do more videos. No offense to Winbeta.org, Zac does an okay job, but Daniel you are more methodic and pragmatic in your approach to your reviews and conclusions when doing product overviews and first looks.
  • In many ways I do like it. I like all the options and parts of the UI are very appealing, but... The UI itself is ridiculously inconsistent, with UI elements in system apps in different places - sometimes vey inconvenient (tap the hamburger on top left, then options on bottom right). I still hope they will sort it out - but I'm afraid it's too late. We've been adroidised.
  • So is here drive working with everyone as in prievious builds it wouldnt work at all it kept crashing ,also has anyone else using this build on there 920
  • Nooooooo. Daniel Noooo.  Not the 1520!!  I guess I have no choice but to go for it.  I put this latest build on my 920 and then my M8. Both running well and I said if I can get some decent objective proof of how well it works on the 1520, I would go for it. Well, here goes nothin'. 
  • you got dragged back in just like me!
  • Hopefully can get my Lumia 820 to run as well as DRs. Because I thought the last build was the best so far, it worked, the action centre didn't flicker when pulled down, the keyboards didn't have letters missing our disappear altogether. This build is terrible. Keyboards disappear again, action centre flickers. Store opens then closes again. Cortana does same, and the OS is just frustrating. To be clear I am only comparing this worth last build, and it doesn't compare at all. This is obviously device related. Soft reset, no fix, so carrying out hard reset as I wrote this on my 640. If not back to 8.1 and try reinstall again. Not giving in yet!
  • I have no problem in Lumia 928 other than freezing of some apps. Had to do soft reset several times, but I think it is usable now. I couldn't download additional keyboard, stuck preparing to install and then error. Otherwise, pretty cool. Ditch the moto X , I do try android time to time but nothing can please me like windows ! Hate the legginess of android and kiddiness of iOS
  • My question is, when i try to install a preview from windows phone 8.1. Will it install the latest build or will it have to install from the first build step by step down to the latest build? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It will install the latest build
  • I installed and now I can't enter my 630 :( I put my password on and it remains there.
  • Agree. This is legit and i am now running it on two phones - m8 & 640xl
  • Look at Dan Rubino's hair. Like a boss
  • Long press Windows key now brings things within reach on the 930!!!!
  • Cheers @keifwoki, I was not aware of that.
  • Can't Update apps on store beta...always error....and all apps get update on store beta again.....ml 535
  • I like it WITH MY BRICKED PHONE. Awesome a second brick in my house. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you have a Lumia. Have you even tried the Lumia Software Recovery Tool
  • Hahaha dumbshit
  • Trolling
  • After having W10 on my daily driver, my 930, since the second build release I had to roll back on the last build. It worked better than the last for a while and then all of a sudden my phone was bricked. Tried to reset a few times but kept getting a sad face on my screen. I rolled back to 8.1.... Then I accidentally updated back to W10 again and figured what the heck, give it another try. Half a day later and the same thing happened. I rolled back to 8.1 again and stayed here. I was tired of having to reinstall everything again and again especially starting some games from scratch again. Hey Cortana also didn't work. The setting was there but it said Cortana wasn't turned on, which it was. This new build is tempting, but again, I just started from scratch a couple of times already in less than a week, I don't want to do it again so soon. I am still testing W10 on my 625 and 630 & trying to update them to the newest build to see what it is like, but that's not working too well so far. I thinking I will wait a bit longer before I use it on my 930 again.
  • Every time you start over from wp8.1. Does it install from the very first build of wp10 down to the latest build or just direct to the latest build? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The recovery will install Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Denim. It will basically do a direct copy over onto your phones HD the factory default of the latest officially released build. GDR2 was not available for my 930. I accidentally reinstalled 10 back on my phone because I installed Windows Insider again and set it up for "When I was Ready" to try again, but the next thing I knew, my phone told me I either had to restart now to install W10, or wait until 3am for it to install automatically. There was no option to cancel.
  • I agree with you had it on my 930 Battery drain was so bad didnt last a day if the battery was like it is on 8.1 i d use it but i m going to wait now untill the final build comes out still testing windows 10 on laptop and pc
  • What HTC phones? Can they receive this update?
  • Yes. Using this build on my HTC One M8. Recommend to stick with 8.1 for now. This build US still really buggy.
  • Definitely seems faster on my Lumia 640
  • I've been waiting to join the insider with my 928 (verizon), but with this release i think i'm finally ready! Anyone else with a 928 out there, and how does it respond to W10?
  • My call sms filter is not working . Anyone any ideas to fix
  • Hey guys anyone tested it on his L520 ? If did then please tell me is it working fine and stable for daily use? I wanna install it I've been waiting for it for a long time!! Please tell me..
  • Works fine on l525 don't know about 520 but they both are similar
  • Haha, People hub live tile is brilliant!
  • What's special with people hub live tile? I cant see anything
  • Instead of square boxes (pics)...now you have small circles rolling all over the tile
  • No matter what they do with W10M its game over for Microsoft's mobile os. Lights out. They started too many times over going from 7>7.5>8>8.1 and now moving a "completely new start" with the 10 again. They dropped the ball so many times... Lack of vision in sure.
  • Door is that way -> see ya.
  • Deuces!
  • see ya, bye bye....
  • I have had every build on my 1520 and up until the last two builds my phone was unusable, thank goodness for this 10149 build. It's absolutely wonderful on my phone now. I can actually begin to enjoy using it again. However there are approximately 8 apps which do not work or install, extras+info, zino, mix radio,att navigator, Nokia account, yp mobile, (old one works) gestures beta is not available in this build, app social and I believe there is one more but can't think of it at this moment. I did a hard reset and it installed perfectly. It's the best build yet and as a daily driver I would honestly say yes. Some apps may have to be refreshed through the store beta app, by that I mean it will say installed but if your wait a minute it will say install and about 30 seconds later it will refresh and say this app is installed. All the games I have paid for were not working correctly until I allowed Store beta to refresh/ install them and then they started working correctly. I'm not sure why that is, but I believe it is so you have to use the Store beta app instead of the old Store app. Ok, enough said. At this rate MS will be a competitive OS, no doubt in my mind. Have a nice day and be great.
  • Everything seem to be twice faster and responsiveness. I even compared to Droid and Ios and this build beat both in responsiveness and faster in almost every website loading.
  • Installed in on my daily use 1520. A few problems after the installation like the PIN unlock wasn't working. After rebooting a few times it worked. Took some time to get used to it, but otherwise it seems to be decent. Haven't had battery drain issues like others have reported.
  • It's that you Daniel Rubino?
  • Well...well.... After Backups and Hard Resets and all usual things .... Here is what u get: No more internet explorer. It's gone and now its called Edge. No more Glance neither weather in Glance. It's gone no hard resets helps. No more Modern Combat 5 or Asphalt 7, both are gone now. No workarounds via old or new store to return it. Backing up after fresh install works partly. Desktop management is pain in the ass , slow as hell to move icons or manage folders on top. There are other glitches but so far nothing critical....
  • Btw tested on L1520
  • looks beautiful! I like the video too, especially when it crash and you answer about daily driver.
  • Faster than 8.1? Yay!
  • Build 130 and previous were true alpha. Slow, buggy and many times I was considering roll back to 8.1. Fortunately I have two phones, so I could be patient even when my 920 with 8.1 was doing circles around 1520 with 10 alpha. But, what bothers me with this build is, I can not give any feedback, can not use LTE ( no option at all) and I still can not open PDF from mail - Edge can not find file...and font in menu is too small, battery icon is hardly recognized and recognizing charging is almost impossible. But still best, fastest and the most stable build so far.
  • Yess!!! Finally supports native .m3u8 playlists playback! Waited years for this ha-haha
  • Working great on my 1020. No issue with battery drain that Daniel mentioned although people app & home screen app refresh is still hit and miss. Home & lock screen picture selection is limited to camera roll but agree with Daniels overall assessment of the build. Pretty amazing update from last build
  • Gabriel Aul himself runs this build on his Lumia 1020, he claimed on Twitter. Well, frankly, he did not specify this build number, but it was implied. Sccording to him, it runs pretty good.
    I will probably wait for the next build for my 1020.
    Typing this message from WC app on Win10M same latest build, on Lumia 920.
  • Did anyone installed this on 1520 yet ??
  • Did anyone installed this on 640 (duel sim) yet?
  • I installed on 1520. Works awesome
  • Lumia 920. Power source plugged. Downloaded the update. Install somewhere 70% 'Nokia' to gear with 0%, 'Nokia' to gear with 0% again, on repeat. :|
  • Anyone else find Cortana not working? Not the Hey Cortana feature, but Search isn't going past the Privacy Policy screen. Anyone?
  • Go to ease access, more options and set text scaling to small. Go back to Cortona. You will see the option to accept . You can go back and change text size when you are finished.
  • Hi, Can anyone answer my small question.? In the previous build 10136, i was not able to uninstall apps.... is it fixed.?   Thanks.
  • If you're talking about carrier specific apps I am not having any luck with Verizon apps
  • Yes
  • Lumia 1520. Win 10 build 10149. The Cortana setup screen won't scroll up to allow clicking 'next' or ???? Any ideas?
  • I encountered similar problem on my 1020. I did a hard reset and it fixed it.
  • I'm having the same problem with my 635. Still have not found a solution for myself yet.
  • I'm having the same problem with my 635. Haven't found a solution, yet.
  • If I can't go past my lock screen and even swiping down notification center and clicking setting don't do anythiing on my L521 with latest update, what's the point of new update!! Not a happy customer to test anything with latest update, sorry Ms team and let me wait for your next update.
  • On 1520 does call ,SMS , maps works without issues.How is the battery life on 1520 ..
  • They should let BLU phones also install it! Want to test it on my BLU Win HD!
  • Yes.. And Samsung Ativ S :S
  • Tough call. I have this on my 920 and use my 930 as my daily driver. Here is my suggestion if you are in this position. Drop your SIM into the WP10 phone and spend a day on it. For me, I have a couple things that will dog me: 1) I am an avid Band user. It is a little complex and frustrating sometimes to pair the Band, and I will not do that on the Windows 10 phone now; 2) As I am not using an approved SIM in my phone, I have not MMS. My wife and I rely upon Line to do that. Line would require me to authorize the new handsett and would delete any data from the present set. Not now. Not in an experiement; 3) I rely upon One Note for everything. All my connections, documents I need, instructions, etc. are kept there. Right now, I can not find or download One Note for the Windows 10 Phone. Seems odd, so if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, let me know; 4) And finally, as I had flashed this with a French ROM back in the day to get features before AT&T, the handest's original carrier, Cortana will not work. She is my lifeline in many cases. So I will try, but will also be carrying the 930 on WiFi to be sure I don7t lose track of something. PS - Outlook Mail and Calendar are finally working as they should! 3 accounts set up!
  • In the action center there is a "note" button, when I hit it it asked me to find an app in the store, say yes and it takes you to the store to download it, the action center button is actually pretty nice
  • Here's my first impressions of 10149 on my 1020. 1. Outlook Mail seems to still be prone to crashing and is rough around the edges in general. Linked inboxes aren't supported either. Things should improve with app updates though. 2. The Phone app seems to crash on launch. At least there's a dialer that I can use in the meantime. 3. My lock screen photo reset itself and trying to change it crashes the Settings app. Annoying but not a dealbreaker. 4. Responsiveness in general is much improved compared to the first build for the 1020 (I think it was 10061). Still laggy in a few places though. 5. The Battery Saver live tile is no longer working so I can't see the battery percentage. The settings within the Battery Saver app itself are also not saving. Both these issues are possibly related to Battery Saver settings moving into the main Settings app but it's still a nuisance. Again, not particularly a deal breaker but would be nice to have fixed. 6. Store app (not the beta one) seems to unpin itself when I restart my phone. Mild annoyance but not a major issue.
  • Thanks for the info.
    Do you know if this build has openvpn support?
  • I haven't looked at that since I don't use a VPN on my phone.
  • Phone app... could it be using the old one. Look to see if you have 2 phone apps in your app list.  extras+info will not install via Store Beta app. I did a default on my phone before and after install. Lag is minimal, at this point.
  • No I didn't see two Phone apps in my app list. Should I do a reset via Settings > System > About?
  • Biting the bullet and doing a reset via the above path due to so many other comments noticing a vast improvement.
  • Multiple entries in the apps list is still one of the bugs..
    Regarding Extras+info, I have issue with this as well, and 12 other apps either failing to install or update.
    On the plus side, just yesterday it was 19 apps, so it's getting better.
    Lumia 1320
  • Is this update available fo L730 in India...currently i am running on 8.1...please reply
  • I have a big issue that holds me back from installing TP: cant put the data connection in The quick action center area.........
  • It's there now with this build
  • Great job
  • The battery life is atrocious.... Love this build though! The new animations give Windows a fresh look.
  • This is the nicest of nice!
  • Made the jump and put it on my daily driver, a Lumia 1520. Works well so far. Couldn't get my O365 Onedrive added though, but but beside that no major issues. I got 3 email accounts pinned and all of them seem to work fine.
  • One of my apps crash and after that the phone OS was like Windows 10 for dekstop. When I pressed the back key to open task view I couldn't X out of an app. Instead I had to swipe the app to the left to close, swiping down didn't work. And there was a mouse cursor in to middle of the screen just sitting there. I did a reboot and it fixed the problems. Now I regret not taking a sceen shot before rebooting the phone.
  • Swiping left meant it detected that the app was in landscape mode even if it doesn't have landscape.
  • Great! Can't wait for wm10
  • Working very well on Lumia 635. I'm missing the Windows feedback App. Other then that, is a huge jump from past builds.
  • I installed it the other day and over all I am impressed. I had a few "deal killer" problems so I had to roll back but, after about 6 hours now back on 8.1, I already miss some features on 10... Yes, very stable but, some minor crashes here and there, Most things work fine, almost as fast as 8.1 and in some spots even faster. My deal killers... 1. SMS on Verizon would not work, If someone sent me a Picture message, I would get NOTHING, even if text was attached to the picture. Normal texts were fine. THis is the ULTIMATE DEAL KILLER FOR ME (I have kids and get a lot of pictures over SMS), AT&T users say it's fine. 2. Blu-tooth notifications are funky on it (as many have reported) I got the Pebble Notifcations app running and working but, Notifications were very spotty, some times I would get all of them, other times, nothing for a few hours till I open a email client and I get slammed with blu-tooth notifcations (47 email notifcations in about 2 min). 3. Battery performance, made a 10 min call, and my batterly level dropped by almost 20%, No place like battery saver to disable background apps, so they are all running as far as I know. 4. Can not install OS related apps, OR carrier apps (Yes, Verizon apps can NOT be uninstalled for some reason, this is BIG), The WEather, Finance, Travel apps would not allow me to uninstall them, Nor VZW navigator, My Verizon, or any of the other Verizon apps... I thougth the email client was WORLDS better than 8.1 (it was worthy for that alone)and the Xbox app, is pretty cool but, still no keeping all games in one locations (that blows, miss that). Apps are better but, some are buggy here and there... Someonone fix SMS on Verizon so I can get picture messages again and I will reinstall it... but, at this point, This could of been a keeper, it is that nice, but, I know for sure the next build, I will be on 10 from this point forward unless there is a MAJOR glaring issue. Should you install ? If you can live with Minor issues, it's really nice....
  • Has anybody noticed that Microsoft Edge will continue to play music (like from YouTube) if you go to the home screen or another app
  • Question for a 1520 user.  With the 4 tile setup, can you make a large tile?  I only saw wide tiles in the video. I have my 635 rocking the preview now.  Very tempted to stick it on the 1520!
  • No large tiles on my 1320
  • Another column for 6" screen as Daniel 1520 showed?
  • Yes, there is another column. But everything just looks so small. Date and time on the lockscreen is far smaller than it is on 8.1.
  • Damn, thought I was going to be the first to post on a 1320. I still have all three sizes of tile on my 1320.
  • is the preview stable??
  • In fact, it's still preview right? It's a bit faster, more polished and stable but not yet ready for a daily usage. If you have another phone to play around with then go for it. Otherwise, I'm not recommending it.
  • I don't recommend installing this build on a daily driver. It's more stable and polished but not yet good for daily usage. It can be slow and unresponsive though. Still needs a lot of improvements. Think twice before installing on your main phone.
  • Do a hard reset after the update and have a fresh start and should be just fine.
  • However, I will keep struggling using it daily. I don't have an extra phone to play around so for now I'll stay on 8.1 until final build rolls out. It's just not for me yet. Some apps are not launching at all, alarms are not predictible, call log is missing. It is really better than it was but not ready yet. Oh, and Cortana is voiceless or it was just me having that issue.
  • Page to page loading seem very slow or I can say that 2 seconds delayed.
  • Downloading at 0% for hours
  • Agree stable on 1520 but still missing lots of features for daily drive use
  • I defaulted my 1020 8.1, installed 10, ran pretty good but apps got stuck downloading, so I defaulted again. Only extras+info is the only update that will not install. It's running pretty good at this point. I have dowloaded a few apps but not many yet.
  • Hey I'm not getting the update on my lumia 1020. Any idea why???
  • Try running the Windows Insider app and enrolling for Fast Ring again. That tends to get the update downloading for most.
  • What about the performance of 520 in this build???anyone installed??is this suitable for daily use???
  • It's pretty smooth. A few apps occasionally get stuck loading sometimes, but overall I haven't had any issues.
  • Thank you
  • Agreed. ALL builds prior to this build were simply unusable for me for any one or number of reasons.  Office issue aside, this build is the most stable, fast, and altogether fun of the lot.  Unlike all prior builds which were uninstalled after one-three days of use, this one is here to stay.  I can use the device as a daily driver and give feedback which is the point of this all.  If subsequent builds just improve on this experience - this will definitely material into something WP8.1 fans will appreciate.  Thanks for the review, and good job Microsoft if any of your representatives are reading!
  • Does the battery saver work with dis build?
  • It works but it does not help.
  • I think I'm gonna install this time. After 10080, I returned back to Windows 8.1 and never installed the 10136. Now, I am tempted on this one. This time, I wanted to install it on Lumia 930 and used the Lumia 630 as my daily driver. What do you think?
  • Don't forget to backup and hard reset AFTER the update.
  • Where can I find that wallpaper or something similar like that?
  • I don't have those notification sounds on my phone. Anyone knows why?
  • How does the keyboard move around like that? Can't seem to move it no matter what I do.
  • Long Press spacebar button
  • Skype doesn't work in this build :(
  • I installed build 10136 on my lumia 1520 Rm-938, when it 's done , i saw Lock screen ,but could not load the start up screen , i waited for 3 hours but still .. Loading ..and Loading , then i remember some body did comment in here about reset the phone, I backed up the apps then I reset , and it worked , but all the lumia tools are gone , like lumia cinemagraph, creative studio ,lumia moment lumia panorama , lumia focus , Lumia selfie , the lumia camera could not set to 4K video , played around with the phone about 20 minutes my phone getting hot , very hot . then next day i downloaded Windows phone recovery tool to my pc and downgraded my phone to w.8.1 . and got all lumia tools back , and yesterday i tried again build 10136 and now it works fine , every thing getting faster work perfect , only one thing i hate is  " Photos " folder , I made folders and name it in my pc , when i turn on my phone the pictures mixed in one folder ,( saved pictures , back ground wallpaper , favourite , and many album just mixed together )  =(
  • Build is pretty good on my Lumia 1520. Battery life is still needs improvement.
  • This build is much better than 10136.
  • hi there, I have lumia 930, everytime i try to update for win10PV builds it shows build 12648 is available.. even after updating, it shows no more updates available. why is that happening? please reply. Thankyou
  • If you check Settings > System > About > More information it should show Windows 10.0.10149.
  • Can someone pls tell me how it's working on phones with 512mb ram like Lumia 720....
  • How to hard reset my Lumia?
  • Settings - About - reset your phone
  • Can I intall in Lumia 520???
  • Is resuming screen still there?
  • There's no "resuming..." anymore. Apps resume faster in general, although, you can tell there's room for improvement.
  • Is there a link to the background you have Daniel?
  • Has any one had trouble with Cortana's setup on the 635?
  • The only issue I've really had is quiet hours doesn't work at all and can't be found when you go into settings. It only blinks In the tool bar. Mobile hotspot doesn't work at all either. One note Works, but is a bit funky. It doesn't actually edit the existing notes correctly. Other than that, this puppy is pretty good to roll with On your everyday device. I'm on Lumia 1520.
  • So, after a really nice afternoon and a couple of hours with infinite cog loop and restauring back, this is a no go, so, my Lumia 625 is going to wait a little longer to get this.
  • This build in some ways is worse than the last. How? Well I dont know why he didnt point out some bugs in the video when you watch you can see quiet hour pulsing it doesnt turn on or off. What else, I couldnt open dial pad, mobile hotspot doesnt work, sound for text didnt work often, the text app was super buggy, alot of apps would just close when you pushed delete on keyboard. There is plenty more but the point is it is not stable and I had it two days on my m8 (daily phone) and couldnt take it anymore and reloaded 8.1. Good to be back home hope they fix these issue before they send out the next build.
  • Is it smooth on l520
  • SO  you mean to say that L1520 is less buggy in compare of others device? and i can installed win10  PFD.
  • Download doesn't starts for me. It stays in 0%. Help me some one.
  • Hard reset your phone and it should work.
  • i didnt installed yet win10 on my L1520 , i just want to ask, is it good now to install on my primary L1520? or i should wait for another builds. 
  • Please add official media locker also.. Which cannot delete by other users.. And we can lock pics and pics direct from gellry in window phone....
    And the most needed feature is that please show data speed on top like internet meter... It show upload and download speed... Our data sence do this work easily... Our window phone is the beat phone in the world.. Thanxxx dev please send my feedback to window team.... There no one listen me.. :(
  • Wouldn't all of this be so much more meaningful if there was new premium hardware to lust after?  I've had little to no desire for anything Windows related until I chose my new laptop.  Win8 with a touchscreen actually makes it worthwhile and something to be excited about.  With Win10 promising to be even better it's time for Redmond to get the first billion excited about their mobile platform.  No one on this site or any other fan site gets worked up over a $100 phone, they just don't.  It's like getting worked up over a pedestrian $400 laptop, it's simply not happening.  C'mon Redmond give us something to drool over, give us a reason to think you haven't entirely squandered Nokia's last vestiges of desirability.
  • Will downgrade from 10 Technical preview to 8.1 delete all my local files ?
    also is there a way to open excel files as i am left in a state where i can not update or open the file..please help
  • Does it work good on Lumia 928?
  • @ Daniel Rubino
    Can I get your start screen wallpaper ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is the build running well on Lumia 525?
  • How about Lumia 525 daily driver?
    Can I try?
  • The hands on video is very neat. Good job Daniel..!
  • When will it release in India ? Waiting badly... N why every Microsoft releases are late for Indian users. Didn't got Cortana language support yet. ​ ​ ​
  • its available in india
  • Anyone install on HTC one m8 yet? Is it ok for a primary phone
  • Yeah the new build is superb. It is stable, my apps no longer crash. It works fine on my 1020, far better than the previous builds. But i have problem activating Cortana. There is no where to proceed from " Before we get started, I'll need some info" . I know the end of the introduction should be options of accept or reject, but that part is not displayed on my screen. Some where towards the end of the introduction a bar crosses and says search the web and windows. I don't want to do a hard reset...
  • Danny, u sugfest disabling Glance to increase battery life ... the Glance feature disappears from Start after an update, any idea where it can be found?
  • Should be under Settings > Extras.
  • I tried to get outta the update and it did I whilst I was sleeping and tried to stop it....bad idea. Spent half the day trying to figure out to get out of the download and reboot loop. Had to time using the NRT to detect my phone to initialize the 8.0 install. What a friggin headache bit I was able to get it. I haven't tried it yet as some apps don't jive with it.
  • Can anyone confirm if WM10 allows the phone to be locked to a specific mode. i.e ONLY 3G. For people in developed countries it may not be that important, but in developing countries like India, that 3G lock will be of great great help.
  • Does it work good on Lumia 625 ??
  • Ms must enable us to edit mobile 2, mobile 1 etc in contacts and be able to put our own headings there and not restricted to saving only two mobile phone numbers. I must be the one who decides whether the number is a cellphone or not,
  • Last update is stable or not? Please anybody
  • I want to install in my lumia 520 plz suggest me your review..
    Hows work in 520? Hang or not? Battery backup?plz
  • Should I install it on Lumia 720???
  • Still waiting for a new PC build...
  • Installed it in my Lumia 625.Work fine ,smooth
    A few apps crash but that's like 2/10tries ...so works really great on a daily driver
  • I know hard reset help the best but why? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Did anyone try it on Lumia 630 ? Keen to know the performance on it..
  • Did anyone installed this on 640 (duel sim) yet?
  • Awesome
  • Epic
  • how to check if I have latest build 10149 ? please give details..I can only see other numbers in "about phone" section
  • Is this still exclusive to Lumia devices or can I try this on my HTC One?
  • If your Primary phone that you use everyday is not Powered by Windows OS , nothing you say is worth two cents. Windows 10 mobile is not ready for release, anyone that's an insiders preview member can see for themselves what it can or cannot do. Windows 10 mobile will be the most revolutionary device on market in history and if you don't know now you know.
  • My 1520 never looked this beautiful. This build is awesome!
  • Build number on 730?
  • Hi to all. Just one question (sorry, if it already may be asked or answered, it's really hard to go through all the articles). Is there a way to import bookmarks from the PC (from IE or Project Spartan/Edge) to Edge on the Windows Phone? I had to reset the phone, and now all favorites are gone. After migrating they were still there, but after the reset not. Though I grabbed my last backup from OneDrive which nearly got all stuff back, except those bookmarks. Any hints would be appreciated. I have a Lumia 640 DS (Germany).
  • Any idea how to bring back call history and speed dial?
  • Hi guys,where can I switch off glance screen in windows 10?
  • The best releases on my lumia 1320! I think it's ready for daily use.
  • There are 4 medium tiles on 1 role? Is this going to be unchangeable cuz appreciate that so much.
  • Hi guys, where can I switch off glance screen in Windows 10?
  • Go to Settings > Extras to find the Glance Screen settings.
  • Since version 10136 that cannot let HERE MAPS runs smooth and crash issue, back to 8.1 now.
  • anybody used it on their lumia 635???
  • Hi Microsoft, surprise us when you let Google and Apple say "Wow, this is what I want"!
  • Action center columns must resume back automatically after second times we slide down again, if it still stick on the 3 columns of action center then seem very lousy design.
  • Somebody using it on Lumia 920 ? What about the battery life ? Thanks 
  • I'm very happy with win 10 mobile preview build 10149 its work superb in my lumia 720 i think from now onward win 10 will more stable..  but office is missing in my device.. waiting for upcoming build..
  • In my L720 i experienced after hard reset install the win 10 preview is too slow  because its going to install based on cyan updated software.. if u install win 10 prev. on 8.1 with denim updates directly its work fine then the reset... i experienced 3 times...
  • After installing few builds in the beginning I rolled back :( now taking Daniel's words and installing 10149 :)
  • What is the os version of windows 10 build 10149?
  • Ever think about to release Cortana (speak english) to globally?????
  • Love the background
  • I got update 10.0.12648.133! Should I update it on my Lumia 520?
  • Anyone please where is call history and speed dial?
  • You'll need to pin the Phone app to your Start screen (or launch it from the All Apps list) to get call history and speed dial.
  • I'm also missing that call history and speed dial in 10149 update in L720..  
  • Guys will u recommend this latest build of windows 10 for phones to a low end device like Lumia 520?
  • @Daniel Rubino, how do you actually disable glance screen? I can't find the toggle on my 1520 build 10149. And it's draining the battery a LOT
  • The Glance Screen settings are now in Settings > Extras (along with the other Lumia-specific settings like Extras+Info).
  • Is this works for low end device like 520
  • With Lumia 630, so far so good, 
  • I am really really impressed with the progress. Still not getting the update though; it's not available for my device yet :( HTC 8x. Might be a long shot anyway; HTC's support has not been great.
  • How can i download it?
  • What about Lumia 520
  • Last build i can't send messages cause message app still beta, what about this build?
  • Installing it right now! :p
  • I upgraded to 10149 and because most things were not doing fine I decided to hard reset. Now the phone is repeatedly stuck on spinning cogs with a sad emoticon in the end. Is my phone bricked or there is a remedy
  • I believe you can use the WP Recovery Tool to get your phone up and running again.
  • It's working really well in my lumia 735, probably better than 8.1. It really feels smooth and fast.
  • Please tell me that why many of the existing apps are going to beta again like store beta, Lumia camera beta ??
  • Why many of the existing apps are going to beta again like store beta and Lumia camera beta?? Please tell me
  • Where can I download it? Is it available in Nepal too?
  • Fact: In 1999, the founders of Google actually tried to sell it to Excite for just US $1 million. Excite turned them down.
  • Fact: In 1999, the founders of Google actually tried to sell it to Excite for just US $1 million. Excite turned them down.
  • Did 10149 let us download the speech?
  • Set the text size to small then go back and you will see the option to accept. You can reset the text size when you are finished.
  • How you turn of the quiet hours on windows 10? Cannot found anywhere.
  • Hey, they fixed the store icon! #AwYeah :D
  • I am loving this build. I can consider as my daily phone now. I can say that this come out from alpha to beta. Just more polishing and this can already compete with other platforms. I have so much faith on Windows 10 & MS. ;-) Can't wait for the real thing.
  • Can any one tell me where is the option to switch off quiet hours in windows 10 . I am not able to switch it off from the action center ...
  • It's awesome in my lumia 535 toooo after 2days daily use its an great build and working fine Daniel......
  • So beautiful, but dat hamburger button makes me sad :(
  • Hey! The question now is why wouldn't they release all Windows 10 on July 29th and surprise us all with an awesome new Lumia handset and the much awaited Surface Pro 4.
  • Lumia 1320.
    I am finding 10149 is so much better than 10136.
    I have been using preview builds on my only device since last year and have been lucky enough to not have had an issue that could not be resolved to keep me using the previews.
    Make sure you read the info for the builds, make sure you backup, and learn some damn patience and you'll get the most out of the program.
    IE is now gone, and so too are your favourites etc you may have saved with it. They don't transfer to Spartan/Edge browsers (though should still be on your PC if you had those syncing).
    I am seeing an issue in outlook that effects the display of opened emails if you try and resize to view it better, so that all you see is about an eight of the left of the email.
    Now when I choose the number of tiles on the start screen it actually changes.
    "Glance" is back. Personally it was missing from my device in 10080 (actually it's back since 10136, but not everyone will have done that update).
    In 10136, phone update was not working at all for a while, then when this update showed up, it downloaded it fine, but then glitched again and refused to let it install for almost a day. Then it just decided to let it insatall. This was the longest install I have had to days too several hours, appeared stuck with the progress line complete on the spinning cogs screen. Unlike what has been reported to expect it went straight to the correct lock screen with the time showing (assume that's why it was on cogs for so long instead) and has been fairly well behaved since. So expect to be extra patient during this update.
  • How this build works in lumia 520? Is it smooth enough??
  • Cannot update! Checked for update got an error
  • For me its showing 10.0.126148.133 which update is this....
  • Can you pin websites, and do the live tiles work for all the Microsoft apps like "Weather"?   It was those basic things missing that compelled me to just roll back to 8.1 last month
  • I think it will be the next build which will be more stable and can be used on daily drivers as well.
  • The UI is elegant alavit! But I have to downgrade my 925, doesn't behave properly. I knew this is just a preview and I'm so excited for official releade *fingercrossed*
  • should i install on my lumia 525???? please hope you give some advice
  • Still buggy on my 920 . But its better than the previous build on my 1320
  • What's the Background ? It's very cool !
  • Unable to update my L1020 to any update, it shows an error 80072f8f, help me
  • I bought a Lumia 530 specifically for the purposes of testing Windows 10 but the last two builds have been unable to install because the phone does not have enough memory to do the in-place upgrade and the installer won't use the SD card.  I had read that build 10149 was quite stable so i decided to take the plunge and install it on my Lumia 925, which is my primary device. I first tried to upgrade from WP 8.1 GDR2 but it errored out twice.  I then reset the phone and clean installed withno issue. So far, things have been fairly smooth.  There have been one or two crashes and things aren't always completely smooth but, for the most part, it's been very usable.  With previous builds, I've heard different people give wildly different descriptions of their experience so, while I would say that build 10149 is plenty stable enough for me to use daily, there's never any guarantee that it will work the same way for you on a different device or even on the same device.  If that bothers you then don't install.  If you're not prepared to shrug your shoulders and reinstall WP 8.1 if things go wrong then don't risk it.
  • I want that wallpaper; where can I get it?
  • Seems to be working well on my L925 now after a hard reset. Good job Microsoft! Stoked for the future of Windows 10!
  • Yup. Installed it on my backup 920 and it is much better than 136 which had major wifi bugs that prevented me from connecting to our hidden home wireless network. Is 149 perfect? No. But a big step in the right direction.
  • I think Windows phone 10 should support OTG also, so pls bring OTG on windows phones
  • I would like to get that wallpaper. Where can I find it
  • Can you combine email accounts in this build?
  • This no doubt is the best build thus far. Hey Cortana is not working on my Lumia 1520 but most of what I have tested are great and I can say I plan to use this build as my daily driver and grow with msft on future builds on this here on until final release
  • Simply awesome...
  • I installed it on my HTC One M8 last night, and I must say...I'm VERY well pleased from 10080 (I think that's the number?) to this new build! Runs SOOO much smoother, apps work better, and is even more responsive than 8.1 on this device. I did have to master reset the device upon install because my Microsoft account was not synced up and couldn't be added, but once that happened, apps have worked just fine upon installation and changes. I'm really excited to see where this build goes...because I won't lie, Win10 Mobile at first really turned me off to the idea of upgrading, after seeing the first build. Go Microsoft! You've renewed my faith in you ;)
  • Certain apps are showing unavailable even after downloading.
  • Hi guys, got it running for a few days now and it's all goooood.... :) Love speed/stability and some fundamental UI mods that in fact take it out of Alpha stage imo like Daniel stated have been done properly. One thing I am looking for; I can not modify/move the keyboard like the video shows. Any idea why?
    Running a 920 in the Netherlands. TycStyle
  • Not sure if I'm the only one with these problems, but native apps like messaging and edge have disappeared after the phone rested itself. Guess it's not that stable after all.
  • How do you set a password? The box popped up asking to set a password as recommend. I couldn't set it at the time but I can't find the setting to set a password. Thanks!
  • Does anyone have idea why I can't add my google account on outlook? After adding my google credentials ....the whole process stuck at "accept". Pressing "accept" won't turn to the next...
  • Had no problems adding Gmail.. Tried a reboot?
  • Its running smoothly on my 920.
  • How do you set a password to unlock your phone?
  • Installed this on my 920. I like it but encountered a few bugs. Can't uninstall and install some apps. Edge doesn't render mobile facebook and sites correctly. And then some.
  • How do you get the multi row app switcher?
  • Truly this build is fast. MS has done well. Know we know Windows phone has a future. I know Windows 10 Mobile will be faster that Windows phone 8.1. But this build drains power more quickly than build 10130. Hope we get a fix. Which we will
  • I want to install windows 10 preview on my lumia 630. Will any problem occurs while installation. Because i from village no wifi but 3g only. If any big issue with this build plz suggest me
  • Just like with any other build, installing is at your own risk. If any issues occur and you can't restore due to the lack of Wifi, it would be a no-go in my opinion.
  • Is there any update for slow ring members?
  • Gah, the more I watch these windows 10 mobile hands on videos as I'm really curious about how its progressing (aren't we all?). The more I'm tempted to install it on my daily driver and only phone lol. My head says no, my heart keeps egging me on to install the preview lol. Must... Resist... Testing.
  • for my L520..nice but..plz more stable nd fix the some app dont open ..so ..and office is not aavilable
  • So I either download this preview for my 1520 now or the next one because Windows 10 mobile won't be released until November/December?!
  • Cannot use Cortana. My region and language was India and english india(so cortana didnt work). Does the region and speech language follow through while updating from windows 8.1 to 10 ??
    that means, do I haev to rollback and again install windows 10 for activating cortana?? pls help
  • Can't receive or send SMS on Lumia 920 ... 
  • i too installed it on lumia 925.here it is what i found after updating: 1)after updating the GLANCE from store beta its now missing in settings 2)it takes a lot of time in switching off my device.blank screen for 30 secs 3)updating extras+info always gives an error 4)when you restart your device battery percentage will sometimes decrease or increase with at least 10-20% or more. 5)call and sms filter is not working 6)clicking on extras+info does nothing 7)not able to sign in into my microsoft account from the settings menu 8)videos hangs while recording with camera app if you have any fixes for these issues please let me know
  • Call & SMS filter working fine for me on my M8. Did you try a hard reset?
  • I really am enjoying build 10149, but the blurred photos on glance screen and background where the live tiles are make it seem like it has a virus. I know it's still early on for this and again I do like what I see so far.
  • Lumia 830 in reboot loop shows gears then a sad face ant suggestions.
  • Finally installed it on my 830 had to do Windows Recovery tool then upgrade. I think what causes alot of the failures is the blank screen you think that something is wrong and you reboot the phone messing up the update but so far so good. Good response times MS Edge is great love the update. 
  • Looking good MS!
  • Does it play nice with the band???
  • Looks pretty good.
  • Hi. I dont get the part where i hard reset the phone to make it faster. Is it 8.1>insider>10149>hard reset? Or
    8.1 >hard reset>insider>10149? Or something else? Im on a regular 8.1 now and taking the risk (again) for fast ring hehe. Thank you, the one to answer my question:)
  • Yes, u can lock to 3G only, if u want to. Just remember that doing so will simply cause u to lose the signal most of the time, considering the miserable service of Airtel and Vodafone nowadays. The 4G option was there on my N25 in earlier builds, but missing now.
  • Same problem with me, have tried many times and now given up. I can live without Google contacts and mail for some time. The next build will fix the issue or maybe they'll release a small update early.
  • Been rocking 10149 the last day now on my 930. For me it's been the best TP this far. Some rough edges here and there but again.. Its a TP. The updates for all the apps took a while. May have been my WiFi connection. Dunno.. Overall I like it. The battery seems fine. Overall improvement in performance compared too previous builds, and the phone-essential stuff haven't failed yet. Even with a Gmail attached. Also My device doesn't get hot anymore. Its been the first TP I haven't uninstalled after a day of use. Keep it up Microsoft. Things are shaping up good. :-)
  • I have installed in my 520, everything works fine. Later in tried in my 1520 but for past two days I couldn't open my settings app tried hard reset, soft reset nothing happened. Now revert back to wp8.1
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  • Excellent hands on Daniel!
  • Is it bad that I'm part of the Insider Fast Ring but still can't get update 10149? I've tried updating nearly 5-7 times already and it just keeps saying my phone it up to date ever since I installed the recent build before 10149 which I think was 10136 where they changed the UI. I want the new Microsoft Edge browser but I can't get it because my Lumia 630 won't update and it's a shame that both Internet Explorer and Project Spartan is not working and I'm stuck downloading the UC Browser which crashes every 50 seconds so forget that browser. Does anyone know the problem why I can't install 10149? It doesn't give me an error code like the rest of the Insider Fast Ring users who are having problems installing 10149, all it says is the phone is up to date with the time it last checked for updates.
  • No luck with my 1020: WiFi can't be turned on and mobile data is not available - so it's pretty useless. And the overall experience also is not what I'd call "smooth". So be warned...
  • Haven't got it on my 930. Think I'm still on 10080... Should I be worried? Help. :-(
  • It's really awesome! But just like LG tablets they should allow you to edit the effects of opening apps. Like you can choose between old animation and new. I like both. And also like when you turn off the screen like have a fade effect or old tv effect or circular effect like it would be great. I am also confused with the design language. Like do we have hamburger menus for everything or just certain things and why I know there was an article for this but I forgot. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The upgrade was a nightmare, but it is running very fluid in my 1020. A nice surprise compared to the former releases.
  • Cannot upgrade to this build, haven't got the last week's build either... Any help?
  • Smooth so far, just waiting for crashes :D
  • Is the download available for the HTC One M8?
  • I just can't get myself to do it after the pain of resting back to 8.1 when I tried one of the last few builds. Waiting for the next one...
  • No SMS on my Lumia 820 (At&T)   Anyone else have this problem?
  • This is alluring hmmmm....
  • how to disable glance screen in latest build???
  • Can't wait to my HANDS ON my new Lumia 640 LTE from T-Mobile. Estimated about 5days for home delivery.
  • Anybody else having an issue with MMS messages? Texting pictures or to groups? I'm on a Lumia icon
  • For people complaining about battery issues ( like i did ...Grin :-| ), Give this OS atleast 24 hours to settle down. Battery life has improved tremendously on the Lumia 1020 that i have. Also, for faster charging, put it in airplane mode for some time to save few hours of extra charging time. OS is awesome..super fluid. I really like the way you can respond to text msgs on the lock or home screen...animation has been the deal breaker here for windows 10.Cheers!
  • does whatsapp work on wp10 preview ???? 
  • One question regarding CORTANA. Has anyone expierienced this problem? I talk to her but she won't talk back:). She replies but without voice. Anyone? Any ideas on how to fix this:)? LUMIA 930:). Tks
  • Where has the windows feedback gone from the phone? I have updated from 136->149 and now it's gone.
  • Is it working no nokia lumia 625 efficiently.? Without any lagging.?
  • Is it working on nokia lumia 625 without any lagging?
  • Hi Daniel. Is this build good on battery too? And does phone gets heated like it used to do on previous builds. My only problem to install it on 1020 is battery n heating issue. Im okay with other bugs n issues.
  • Hi, Initially it would heat up coz of so many changes in the OS and 1020's hardware is pretty Old. Like i said in my previous comment, you must wait and give it 24-36 hours to settle down. Post that, it becomes normal. In the first few hours, It becomes super hot while on charge and if you're playing wiht it and may reboot if we don't stop. Happened with me for 3 times.  
  • The Store Beta is downloading every program already installed. Quite odd.
  • does it support Exchange Server and VPN.? say YES so I can start installing right now! 
  • I installed this build two times (hardreset + update to WM 10, recovery + update to WM 10) on my Lumoa 920 and in both cases it was not usable. When moving the lockscreen or the action center (swiping down) the UI flickers. The action center was almost completely transparent.
    The keyboad to enter the pin didn't show up properly. Only some digits were displayed. Most of the time icons in the status bar were missing. Here are two screenshots with action center pulled down: http://imgur.com/lC8A7FL http://imgur.com/veEys2B
  • Just installed on 635... Everything great except Cortana. Stuck on "lets get everything set up screen" can't ever actually complete set up and get to Cortana. Tried several reboots and searches. Help please!
  • Can't understand - why I have only 10.0.12648 version available? Using Windows Phone 8.1, fast ring insider program, Lumia 920. As I see, some Lumia 920 users have 10149 version. Maybe it can be updated after installing 10.0.12648 or what? Please help, want to try, cuz 10.0.12648 have lots of bugs and errors 
  • That is 10149 .
  • OMG
  • This update has solved a rather large list of things that were either bugging me about win10 on phone or just not working... My phone is now usable again!
  • Does anyone have it installed on L920? How is it running?
  • Where is Call Hotory in this build. I can't seem to find it. In "Phone" app is only numbers. I can see some calls in the pull down notifications but there is no history in there.
  • Can you confirm if One Note is available on this build?
    Last build I installed, I couldn’t find One Note on the App Store
  • I have tried to upgrade from 8.1 Denim to this build of windows 10 but after a few errors it has downloaded but when installing it would just reboot, start installing again, reboot again and so on. Now after recovery I`m trying to upgrade again. Did anyone else have this problem ?
    I`m using a Lumia 820
  • after 15 minutes of usage rollback to 8.1 MS Edge - problem with rendering some sites (for example mobile FB) randomly blinking quick settings OS is slower than 8.1 (also after waiting to reinstall all apps)
  • I can't download italian keyboard and italian speech language. how can I solve?
  • I can't either. Nor english US.
  • Ok,Microsoft.
    It's ok, I get It - this is technical preview, there're tons of bugs to be found, system might behave unstable, unexepcted reboots and such...
    But, anyhow, how could you publish a build with no notes regarding some basic, major, critical issues that might occur during the installation process?! Some kind of smoke tests are performed at least, I assume. So, what does happen:
    - User uses Widnows Phone 8.1
    - Keyboard layout is set to any but English (in my case Serbian, Latin)
    1. Download WP 10 Tech preview
    2. Preparing for install...
    3. You get notification about your update is ready to be installed and it MIGHT TAKE 5 TO 10 MINUTES to complete?!
    Nope, It will take up to an hour! I use Lumia 1520, so do not panic.
    4. Anyhow, wait for installation to complete
    5. Phone restarts and migration is in progress (you might miss Migration status bar, as Microsoft mentioned)
    6. Once It's completed, you are navigated to Start screen
    7. Start any event which triggers the keyboard to pop up.
    There's no keyboard!!!  Ok...go to Settings, Keyboard settings and try to change It...NO,you are not able to because there's a message saying you already downloaded all keyboards available!
    So, what can you do?!
    a) Factory reset your phone so you can setup your WP 10 Tech Preview from the scratch...
    b) Revert back to 8.1 using Lumia Recovery Tool (Recommended)
    Warning (yeah, Microsoft DID NOT MENTION) If you go to option a) - be careful If you restore your backup made by WP 8.1 because:
    - When I was asked to re-enter passwords for my emails account once backup was completed - Pressing Next button after I had entered password for my Google account DOES NOTHING, so...I reverted back to WP 8.1. So, what's the catch:
    - No, I am not talking about how this build is unstable...It is an expected behavior, It is technical preview...but, you must not publish a build but not to mention some cirtical issues such as these ones!
    And yeah, in case you need any qualified QA engineers, let me know.
  • Coming from the prior builds this is a great setp forward!  I'm loving it on my HTC One M8 right now. I have two relativley big issues though, with Gmail account sync'd i'm having the messagin app issues where i get delayed text and can't send mms messages (this was noted by MS though).   Also since going to the new build I no longer can enable "Double Tap to Wake" feature.  Was working in all prior insider builds.  Otherwise its running great!
  • I installed this, hoping it was better than the previous builds. Quality wise, it would be a good candidate for a daily driver, assuming you are ok with the bugs. The only reason I switched back to Windows 8.1 is that the battery simply no longer worked. In many cases, I found there was an issue where the phone would use more power than the charger could deliver. The only way I could charge it is to reboot it every hour. Battery life was often a maximum of 2 hours with limited to no use, when fully charged.
  • Really want the full screen caller photo brought back.
  • I can't turn on wi-fi & yes i have restarted the phone several times. Has anyone encountered this issue? If so please help!! #928
  • Is the exchange email working now?... :(
  • Are the size changes on the 1520 available for the 640 xl? i.e., different keyboard sizes, different multitasking view, more tiles per row?
  • Window 10 mobile build comes with cool new enhancements, which makes the OS experience much more snappier and flawless.
    To see improvements, visit http://www.theverdict.in/windows/hands-on-windows-10-mobile-build-10149/
  • Has anyone tried it on their 1320? I have heard all kinds of diffrent stories, good and bad. I heard that Glance screen doesn't work well and a and full of  people's battery life sucks after the update. I've also heard that a small number are having sending and receiving SMS messages. Please advise. Thanks.
  • I love  this  built  in my lumia 1020, its  is  very smooth, and beautiful . the only thing   i´ll complain is, There´s no skype downloading trought the  beta  store. Also  the music app is really beautiful and functional , but you  cant find  music downloading or search for new  theres no store  for that. No QR  codes reader and  track id at the bing search?  
  • Even after a hard reset, I run into apps that refuse to complete installation: Keeper, MixRadio, Extras+Info, Transfer My Data and App Social.  And the OS is STILL slow as molasses on the Lumia 635.  It hangs frequently, forcing a soft reset.  Live tiles are a joke on this OS (as they are on the PC & tablet version).  The People app (it is no loner a hub, which is stupid, like everythin else in W10) is horrible.  Most of the contacts no longer show images and they are all CIRCLES, which is stupid.  Once you've figured out how to get Facebook to SORT OF link to your contacts, the What's New pivot (I'm shocked ANY pivots are left, which is yet ANOTHER stupid choice Microsoft has made in getting rid of those) is ridiculously SLOW.  The list is long of things that either don't work or are simply dysfunctional compared to Windows Phone 8.1.  Aesthetically, I don't know where to begin.  Right off the bat, the gap between tiles is WAY too small.  Everything looks crammed and unattractive. The spacing on WP8.1 is far better.  Judicious use of white space.
  • I'm currently updating my 1020 to this build. I'm seeing a lot about hard resetting to "clean" the build. Does this erase all your stuff?
  • I'm currently updating my 1020 to this build. I'm seeing a lot about hard resetting to "clean" the build. Does this erase all your stuff?
  • Dont do hard reset , it´ll  only erase  "Extras" from  the phone. Wait for a  week i´ve noticed  i´ts been a lot better trough the days go by,   Also there´s  a way to charge the  battery quicker, turn on the  "flight mode"  and charge it , you can turn on wifi if you need to do stuff... The battery life  is great at my phone ,(12 hrs) just make sure you dont have , wifi, nfc, location and wifi  on, if you´re not using them, or make sure you  close the camera app     
  • How can i get this update on my Nokia Lumia 1020? Please help.
  • I would definitely not suggest updating to dis on ur primary phone..... Speaking thru personal experience..... Had to revert back using Windows phone recovery tool
  • So decided to put W10 on my daily driver - big mistake, Installed up to a point, could not complete installation as WiFi would not work and my 1520 was stuck on flashing "Quiet Hours". Could not get into Cortland to turn QH off. Tried rolling back with recovery tool but that wouldn't work. Really liked new outlook but defaulted to personal e-mail account when opening hopefully we'll get a choice on default account, phone app has no speed dial or history (I guess that's coming). People interface nice, like edge. Off to repair shop and think I'll wait til official release. Worth noting I am in New Zealand and phone was direct import from China so that probably did not help :-(
  •     According to my cousin who has it installed on his 930, this is the smoothest version of the OS yet.
  • Well im stuck in a reboot loop. Won't even connect to recovery tool. Loosing hope here.
  • After installling window 10 mobile bultd10149.  in lumia 520  i am  looking to play my 8.1 recorded video  and everytime  in build player is crashed
  • i think all window phone having 512  ram still  facing more  problem than 1gb ram
  • Installed it on my 925, very unstable though. Lots of apps crash often and I have problem with updating my apps in the Windows Store.
  • That is so true. Hard reset does it. It makes the phone smoother and battery life increases 10 times. Thanks for the suggestiions all. My 1020 was a pain in my butt after whatsapp got bricked and wouldnt install at all. Hard reset not oinly fixed that issue, it indeed fixed the whole phone's performance.
  • Updating to wp 10 will delete all the files??
  • 1520 multitasking background is different with 5" lumia phones.
  • one of the most stable windows 10 prevew...gud one...but some apps like true caller is not working correctly.. the main disadvantage is that missing of  diffrent tone for messaging and whatts app and messenger app... these application has only one default tone...
  •   hi help i have this problem ((recovery ...  File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD. Error code: 0xc0000034 lumia 1020 )) after i update into Windows 10 Mobile build 10166
  • Which is better app to get windows 10 pre release version for mobiles......preview for developers  or  Windows Insider???.......pls help me out guys