Learn the ins and outs of data visualization tool Tableau 10 for just $19

Data is becoming ever more important in the corporate sector, driving decisions made by executives worldwide. Instead of poring over countless spreadsheets, data visualization tools provide clear and concise insights. Tableau 10 is one such tool, and while it's a powerful asset, it takes a bit of training to operate.

Visualize your data and take your business to the next level with Tableau 10

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Whether you're looking to pad your resume or improve your own business, Tableau 10 can help. Instead of attempting to figure out how it works on your own, why not invest in a bundle of courses that will teach you the ins and outs? Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on a Tableau 10 training bundle complete with five courses. Instead of paying the regular price of about $624, you'll instead pay just $19. That's 96 percent off the regular price. If you use code JULY4TH at checkout, you'll save an additional 15 percent, bringing the final price down to $16.15.

The bundle contains 184 lessons that can be accessed forever, spread out over these five courses:

  • Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Volume 1
  • Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Volume 2
  • Mastering Tableau 10
  • Tableau For Absolute Beginners
  • Tableau 10 Desktop Training

Use code <strong>JULY4TH</strong> at checkout to save an additional 15 percent!

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Whether you're looking to add to your resume or to boost your own business, learning how to get the most out of Tableau 10 doesn't have to cost hundreds. Jump on this bundle, and you'll get the entire thing for just $16.15.

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