Probably the toughest problem any new user faces when switching platforms is finding comparable apps on their new OS. Sure, we have the Windows Phone Central forums to help and we try to do what we can here, but Nokia has something even better.

Nokia, in conjunction with Xyologic, have teamed up to bring a site called Find your Favorite Apps ( that allows you to name the platform you’re coming from (iPhone, Android), choose one of 15 supported countries and then the app you are looking to pick up. The service then searches database and comes up with what it thinks is the best choice. Heck, it even auto-creates a QR code for quick and easy scanning.

After spending a few moments with it, we have to admit it’s not half bad and it should successfully aid those who are either switching or are thinking of switching to Windows Phone.

What’s of course interesting is that any potential Windows Phone user could use the site but Nokia has their marketing claws deep in this one, so “Nokia Lumia Windows Phone” is featured everywhere as a result.

Kudos to Nokia and Xyologic for coming up with such a unique tool. And as Nokia asks, spread it around so others may know too.

Source: XYO; via Nokia Conversations