Lenovo releases automatic removal tool for Superfish; issues updated statement

Lenovo has just released an automatic removal tool for the Superfish software it pre-installed on some of its notebooks in 2014. This follows a manual procedure that the company detailed yesterday, and an update to Microsoft's Windows Defender from this morning that will also remove the software and its root certificate.

Alongside the automatic removal tool, Lenovo also issued an updated statement on Superfish. In it, the company notes that it is currently working with third-parties to address the issue for even those unaware of it:

We are working with McAfee and Microsoft to have the Superfish software and certificate quarantined or removed using their industry-leading tools and technologies. These actions have already started and will automatically fix the vulnerability even for users who are not currently aware of the problem.

This statement follows one earlier today from Levovo CTO Peter Hortensius in which he said the company 'messed up' by installing the software on its machines. Further, Hortensius said that Lenovo will detail a plan for improving its software practices later in February.

You can read Lenovo's full statement and grab its automatic removal tool from the source link below.

Source: Lenovo; Via: The Verge

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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