Lenovo wants to improve handwriting on Windows 8.1 devices with new WRITEit app

Lenovo has launched a new application for select Windows 8.1 tablets and hybrids called WRITEit, which the company hopes will help improve handwriting on touchscreens.

WRITEit works with any digitizer, active pen or AnyPen-based product to let users write almost anywhere they can type on a Windows tablet. Lenovo says:

"Unlike the handwriting experience on many devices today, WRITEit lets users write their input directly into virtually any text field that accepts typed input, even if the field is in an app without native pen support. This capability takes handwriting from a limited, app-specific novelty to a truly viable means of input. WRITEit opens up a world of new writing possibilities beyond typical note-taking and drawing apps. For example, users can write search terms directly in a browser to quickly search the web instead of using the on-screen keyboard. WRITEit also works well for emails, social media, online forms and more."

The WRITEit app can be used on the Lenovo ThinkPad YOGA, ThinkPad Helix, ThinkPad 10 and YOGA Tablet 2 8-inch models. The app itself is available to download for free from its official website. Lenovo will expand support for WRITEit to more of its products in the coming months.

Lenovo first announced WRITEit at CES 2015 and we got an early look at the app at that time. Stay tuned as we will post a demo of the WRITEit app with the Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 8-inch using the AnyPen technology later today.

Source: Lenovo

John Callaham