Mobile platformer Leo's Fortune heads to Xbox One and PC next week

One of the most beloved mobile platformers of the last few years has been Leo's Fortune from Swedish developer 1337 & Senri. The game charmed players on Windows and other mobile platforms with its humorously voiced aristocratic lead Leo, a unique visual style, and lots of fast and challenging platforming. Although a bit short, you could honestly say it's a console-quality game on the go.

What do you know? Console gamers will soon have their shot because publisher Tilting Point has just announced that Leo's Fortune will come to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac next week. That's fast! The console and computer versions will feature 1080P graphics that bring Leo and his fortune to life like never before. Read on for gameplay impressions and new screenshots of Leo's Fortune!

Leo's Fortune

Search for the missing gold

Players control Leo, a Russian aristocrat whose fortune has been stolen by thieves unknown. Leo's Fortune comes to life during an amusing introduction sequence as well as several story segments between levels. After relating how his money went missing with a delightful voiceover, Leo sets out to collect every one of his lost gold coins.

Leo happens to be a puffball with a mustache – everybody's a puffball in this world. Our hero's narration during story scenes, exclamations during gameplay combine, and that bushy mustache all make him a surprisingly loveable character. The actual levels have a Donkey Kong Country-esque appearance, composed largely of 3D rendered objects turned into flat 2D environments and hazards. It looks quite fetching in motion.

Leo's Fortune

Leo has two primary abilities: jump and pound. The pound ability can help bounce Leo higher on individual objects and causes him to fall quickly if initiated during a leap. Leo can also puff himself up in the air, slowing his descent. And Leo runs really fast for a puffball. He can even run along walls and ceilings when he works up enough speed, much like Sonic the Hedgehog.

As Leo works to reach the end of each level, he'll collect numerous gold pieces dropped by the mysterious thief. He only needs to reach the end to move on to the next level, but perfecting a level takes a lot more work. Leo earns a star for collecting every gold piece, for not dying, and beating a target time. Those optional goals require a lot of practice! Earning enough stars will unlock fun bonus levels in each of the game's five acts.

Leo's Fortune

Polishing the fortune

It looks like the big-screen game will have exactly the same content as the mobile versions, just with native 1080P visuals. Achievements will certainly add some longevity as well; perfecting every level will not be easy!

Leo's Fortune comes Xbox One on Friday, September 11 and PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac on September 8. The console and computer versions will cost $6.99 – not a bad price for 24 levels of platforming goodness. If you'd rather not wait, you can always grab the mobile Windows versions right now.

Will any of you guys who played Leo's Fortune on mobile be picking up the new versions next week?

Leo's Fortune for Windows

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