LG Launches New App Store

LG has announced an all-new LG Application Store with more than 3,000 applications consisting of a mixture between feature phone apps and Windows Phone apps. The good news is that the LG App Store is available in 23 countries and will expand to 33 countries by the end of the year.  The bad news is that the U.S. market isn't among them.

In the Press Release, Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG's Mobile Communications Division said, "Today, more and more people want mobile devices that make their lives easier and more exciting through the right combination of applications. To meet this growing demand, we've put a great deal of effort into strengthening our application offerings for all types of phone owners"

While research noted in LG's press release indicates that 90% of feature phone owners in the U.S. and United Kingdom are interested in downloading application, neither of these countries are included in the initial 23 Country launch. The U.K. is included in the next group of ten countries but, again, not the U.S. 

You can find a full list of Countries having access to the LG App Store at www.lgapplication.com.

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George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Just how would an LG app store coexist with a WP7 app store? This ain't gonna happen with WP7 and puts all Ahn's press releases concerning WP7 phones in doubt.
  • I don't get why they're doing Windows Phone apps (they're more than likely only doing WM6.x apps) instead of just putting anything new/different they might have in Marketplace, but it's also for feature phones, so there won't be a problem with WP7, especially when WM6.x is going to continue right beside WP7 for a while. So, in a way, I guess this move can be taken as a statement that LG plans to still put out WM6.x devices.
  • Great!! I hope it is available in my country too.
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  • This is not a good news for us U.S. citizens. They must have included the U.S. market in their list. Now what will we do if we have to buy it.
  • If it's WM6.x only or WM6.x and WP7 together, it still doesn't matter. A license sale is a license sale to MS.