LG VS750 headed to Verizon?

LG's VS750 may be headed to Verizon Wireless, becoming the wireless carrier's first LG Windows Phone. The VS750 sports a 3.2" WVGA resistive touchscreen, side sliding QWERTY keyboard, wifi, 3.5mm headphone jack, 512mb ROM/256mb RAM and a 3.2mp camera.

The VS750 may be available as early as April and should be running Windows Mobile 6.5. Some are speculating that with the VS750 only having three buttons, it may be a candidate for upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series.

The VS750 does vaguely resemble the LG Windows Phone 7 Series that we saw last month.  There's no indication on what type processor the VS750 will have but the resistive screen will need to go capacitive before any of this speculation gains speed. 

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  • what a waste. lg=crap, 6.5=outdated crap, verizon=nickel and dimeing crap...
  • I can confirm that the LG VS750 is in fact coming to Verizon soon.
  • Can you also confirm the gimped specs?
  • If I'm not mistaken this looks like it might be WP7S capable in the future.
  • The keyboard is designed properly unlike all other devices out today. There is space between the keys. And D-Pad is in a perfect location and spaced nicely unlike on the Droid.