Lichtspeer Xbox One review: An addictive and challenging grind

Most indie games are based on simple concepts, and Lichtspeer is no exception. Armed only with a vast supply of "lichtspeers" (powerful spears infused by the licht gods), it's up to you to clear the land of monsters.

Lichtspeer may be a little too tough, but everything else in the title is near-perfect, and that makes up for it. The result is a game that almost never gets boring, and it always throws you a curveball to keep you on your toes.

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Gameplay is simple but unique

If you were to breed Angry Birds and a side-scrolling platformer from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the child would be something that looks close to Lichtspeer. Perched on sides of the screen, you have to constantly pick up deadly spears and hurl them at approaching enemies. By itself, the concept is bland, but it becomes tons of fun when augmented by the rest of what Lichtspeer has to offer.

Like those old NES games, Lichtspeer is home to a wide variety of enemy classes, with each one of them requiring you to hit them in a certain spot or way. Additionally, similar to Angry Birds, projectiles must be angled correctly and thrown at full power in order for maximum damage. Both of these design elements are crucial because they prevent the act of spear throwing itself from becoming repetitive. When each level brings a new challenge to the table, you'll eagerly master the mechanics instead of getting sick of them.

The one thing that's unfortunate about Lichtspeer is just how crazily difficult it can be. Healthy and satisfying difficulty is important for singleplayer experiences, but making the experience too hard makes it very frustrating. I wouldn't say Lichtspeer is quite that level, but it really could use an adjustment.

Presentation introduces Germanic sci-fi

What I truly love about this title's artistic design is its focus on an ancient Germanic aesthetic with a science fiction coat of paint. Exploring how Germanic tribes might look in a futuristic society is something no other game has done, and that originality deserves praise.

Though only a minor issue, it's worth noting that you may experience some frame-rate issues and bugs during your time with the game. While annoying, this problem is uncommon and only lasts a few seconds.

Final thoughts on Lichtspeer for Xbox One

While both the difficulty and frame-rate issues hold Lichtspeer back from a perfect score, it's still a fantastic title that all indie players should play at least once.


  • Strong gameplay.
  • Amazing level and enemy depth.
  • Unique presentation.


  • Difficulty can feel too high.
  • Occasional performance issue.

You can get Lichtspeer right now on Xbox One for just $9.99.

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This review was conducted on an Xbox One, using a copy provided by the publisher.

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