Lines is a new zen-like game for Windows Phone from Game Troopers

Game Troopers is at it again with a new game for Windows Phone; this time taking a more zen-like approach. Lines is the name of the developer's latest game, which asks player to complete the task of filling in complex patterns with colorful lines in an effort to create the longest line.

Here's a breakdown of some of the game's features:

  • Play a staggering amount of 250 unique puzzle levels. All randomized every time you play them again.
  • 5 game modes: Point, Eraser, Rope, Knife, and Mix mode.
  • Win a level several times in a row to set a winning streak and earn medals.
  • Play under pressure in the Daily Challenge, in which you only get one chance!

The game is essentially a very relaxed race as player place dots guiding their line around the pattern. Best of all? Lines has 20 Xbox achievements for players to try to snag as they play along. If you're interested in checking out Lines, you can grab the game for $2.99 at the store link below.

Download Lines for Windows Phone ($2.99)

QR: Lines

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  • No try before buy? No thanks.
  • A non-F2P puzzle game with Xbox integration? Instant purchase for me. GameTroopers rocks.
  • From my understanding I pay $2.99 to draw lines and it's suppose to be claming ? How can it be calming, I just spend almost $3.00 to draw lines. 
  • Maybe its worth the 3 bucks.
  • I'll support whatever they put out since they make their games xbox compatible
  • Same here. I'm basically purchasing any title with Xbox integration to show my support.
  • Even the outdated one?
  • There are a lot of really good older Xbox WP games that haven't been updated in a while (mostly because they don't need to be, although some could benefit from a few bug fixes) and are well worth picking up: Mirror's Edge, Shoot 1UP, Hexic Rush, Max & The Magic Marker, Crimson Dragon: Side Story, Mush, Civilization: Revolution, Pac-Man CE DX, Revolution, etc. These games are especially appealing because they were released before the free-to-play era ruined mobile gaming.
  • Just purchased. Unable to sign in to Xbox :( Hopefully a fix for that will come soon.
  • Same issue
  • At this point, ill buy anything Game Troopers with how much they have supported for the Windows Phone community.
  • Same only purchasing cause its game troopers
  • Dear Game Trooper,
    All of your games are tremendous and I need to complete them all.
    Best wishes,
  • Bought it, also can't log in on Xbox.
  • It just launched. I'm sure it'll get ironed out soon. Game Troopers has been excellent about fixing launch bugs as soon as possible.
  • They are releasing games to quickly. I haven't gotten to play em all and lost count.
  • Their games are fun. Hopefully they will learn to test their games before launch....all their games are bugged...and still bugged after a long time release....
  • I would have to agree with this. There's been such obvious problems with their games so far.
  • Can I add funds for a wallet or something on the WP store? I use my phone's credits to pay for the games I buy, but I'd want to buy some on the us store and I don't have credit card. But if I had funds on wallet, that should not be a problem. Can anyone help?
  • Line rider anyone. I remember there was this one wii web game that you had to draw lines to get a ball to a goal
  • Strange...on my 1520 sitting here with the WC app and saw the article about Lines. Can't find it in the marketplace...anyone else having this issue?
  • Yep, I'm getting a not found when I scan the barcode.
  • Must download from myappfree deal .
  • Don't be ridiculous
  • I'm downloading cause I love these guys
  • Same here man.
  • Just bought and Xbox sign in isn't working.
  • Good
  • Can't wait for tiny troopers 2!
  • Yall seriously need to chill about paying $3 for this game. That's nothing.