Listen to Shady XV on Xbox Music and watch The Giver on Xbox Video

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Xbox Music

Various Artists – Shady XV

Shady XV

Shady XV is a new compilation album featuring various Shady Records artists like Eminem, D12 and Yelawolf. The Shady single Guts Over Fear is worth a listen, but most fans of Eminem will find the whole album worth checking out. [Hip hop]

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Hans Zimmer – Interstellar Soundtrack


My fault for not highlighting this last week when we released, but it's a slow week for music and you can't miss the Interstellar soundtrack from Hans Zimmer. Even if you haven't seen the movie, it's worth a listen if you want to go to space. It's a toss between Stay and S.T.A.Y. for my favorite track on here. This is great music for reading or doing anything that requires you to be epic. [Soundtracks]

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Free Music!

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Xbox Video

The Expendables 3

A whole lot of explosions and action. You already know what you're getting with this film. [PG-13, 2 hr 6 min]

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The Giver

A lot of you grew up having read this book. And while the movie received mixed reviews, you can at least see the story come to life this weekend as a quick rental. [R, 1 hr 37 min]

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Black Friday: Weekend-only movie sale!

Xbox Video has a sale going on this weekend. Look for savings on movies like Immortals, The Lego Movie, Fast & Furious 6 and others!

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Sam Sabri
  • I thought the giver was pg-13
  • It is
  • Yikes. I've been listening to Eminem for a decade and a half?
  • Good for u. Enjoy rap god.
  • I did, and still do enjoy his music, including Rap God. It is amazing how long of a successful career he has had, and sad to know that I've been an "adult" for most of that time.
  • Lil Wayne >>>> Eminem
  • That's a shame.
  • You got to be kidding...
  • Troll spotted
  • Yeah, in eating the vagina. Music wise Em is tha man Coolest Man Alive
  • Pretty sure even Wayne called Eminem the best rapper
  • I'm just not into em. I used to love the slim shady LP, and even MM LP. But I just cant get into him anymore. I think its his voice. Ha. Real talk.
  • Lol.. So funny, I forgot to laugh
  • Damn, I can't seem to download the free albums. I get error 8000ffff. Then again, I'm in India :-P
  • Im from Greece, I changed my location on Xbox Live to US and now I can use Deals of the month but when I press download to an album then automatically Xbox Music opens and nothing is downloaded. Wtf :(
  • Wait for the page to load on xbox music, then you should see a button that says "Get it for free" Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It doesn't work on phone, it works perfectly on 8.1 PC. Download the Deals app on PC, and enjoy your free albums :-)
  • Have the bi weekly updates for the Xbox Music app stopped?
  • Yup, they did. They dealt with that it can't be fixed.
  • I'm such a subscribing consumer. I check out the tunes because I'm an XBox Music Pass subscriber.  My Netflix subscription never has the flicks until MONTHS later. :(
  • December's new movies
  • Nice. There's a few things I wanna see. :)
  • Listen to listen.
  • Listen cause its EMINEM, YELAWOLF, SLAUGHTERHOUSE and D12!
  • That Shady LP is trash, it's just a jumbled mess. Separately I like each of them and collectively if they worked together it could all work well... See the Shady CYVER for that proof, but this is just songs each have done in the past on separate projects thrown together with a few unreleased Em tracks. Thumbs down. From a fan.
  • Its like The Re Up. These albums can't have a concept, they are just random tracks from the label. If u were an artist working, you would knew that.
    Oh, and Shady XV is fire. :)
  • "An artist working" has nothing to do with this. Let's not pretend to know what each of us do for a living. The album is bad! Concept or no concept, plenty of compilation albums out there. Skip this.
  • Xbox music hasn't received any update since 3 weeks!!
  • You better start crying.
  • Actually it's been a month and a day
  • "See, I'm a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare
    Jesus Christ the King of these Latter Day Saints here"
  • Renegade ;)
  • Haha.. Good one..
  • I only have Guts over fear from this Em album.. ❤ it..
  • Psychopath killer, fine line, twisted, die alone, y'all ready know, bane. These are some of the best
    Check em ;)
  • Hey.. Thanks.. Yeah.. I'll give them a listen.. :)
  • All for $.99 for the whole album
  • Sam Sabri is a Eminem Fan and i like that. I mean I am also a Stan too so now you're my favourite writer on Windows Central :)
  • Really? He likes Em?
    Well, Sam is the best then!
  • Sam is great
  • Totally forgot about Shady XV ... I must check it out, thanks for the heads up Sam!!!
  • It's DOPE
  • Cool I'll check it out.
    Nice name dude, eM&M ;)
  • Haha thanks. My First and Last name starts with M too :P
  • Hehehe my pleasure.
    Coincidence? I think not ... Half Life 3 confirmed ;)
    btw, Check out Wu-Tang's Better Tomorrow
  • Haha
    Of course I will;)
  • :P
  • A better tomorrow is more anticipated than this Eminem compilation IMO.
  • I agree.
  • Are you kidding Sam?! ANY score by Hans Summer is awesome. PS. Its a "score" not "soundtrack".
  • Hans Summer? Lmao
  • VLC developers?? Come onnn...!
  • Too Bad you can't listen it in India. I know I can change regions, but it changes my clock from 24hrs to 12hrs. I hate that, I'm used to 24hrs clock due to the trains here in Mumbai,India.
  • Cool story bro
  • Lol!
  • Silly and a sad story :P
  • Cant ser to download free albums as they are showing as a 30 secs review. :\
  • There are so many good stuff yes. But only that none of it is available in India.
  • There are so many India windows phone users. I guess because the phones are cheap there..................