Lite version of Avirall is free for the next week, basically one of the best stopwatch apps on Windows Phone

Nearly a month ago we showed you guys and gals an app called Avirall. While you try and pronounce the name, we’ll go ahead and tell you it’s probably one of the best stopwatch applications on Windows Phone. We really dig it and from looking at the comments of the last article, so do you. The developer has been listening to feedback since then and has some changes coming up. Let’s see what’s happening.

Some of the complaints users logged at first centered on the logo and names of functions within the application. That’s been addressed in Avirall Lite. The logo has been cleaned up, features renamed within the application, and some of the more advanced functions have been removed from Avirall (this is Lite version after all). Avirall Lite basically contains a stopwatch and timer, but it’s so much more than that.

Here’s what you can do with Avirall Lite:

  • Activities
  • Profiles
  • Mail sharing
  • Image sharing
  • Pin TaskTimer to Start screen for instant access
  • Completely adheres to current device theme
  • Modern design and experience
  • Every timekeeper can have multiple activities
  • Define millisecond precision for individual timekeepers
  • Keep timekeepers running for as long as you need
  • Stop/Pause and let them be in your history for reference
  • Running timekeepers adjust with current time zone of the device
  • Extensive settings to control app's behavior
  • Image attachments in every timekeeper

The Lite version of the app removes the activity logger (ACTLOGER) and progress keeper (PROKEEPER) from the pro version. But other than that, works just as well. While you and I will call this all Avirall Lite, the app will appear in the Store and on your phone as “+Stopwatch+Timer”. The developer claims this will make it easier for users to find the app.

The Avirall Lite (+Stopwatch+Timer) will be free for the next week, but after that will cost $0.99. You should grab it while it’s free, but don’t forget to check out the pro version in case you mind be interested in some of the more advanced features (includes trial). Both available for either Windows Phone 7.x or 8. 

Grab +Stopwatch+Timer from the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Sam Sabri