Live the Xbox One experience with Microsoft’s latest video

Xbox dashboard
Xbox dashboard (Image credit: Windows Central)

We have seen bits and pieces of the dashboard for Microsoft’s latest entertainment console, Xbox One, but we haven’t seen a full immersive tour of it all. With Xbox One being released in less than a month, it definitely is a bit of an odd situation. Microsoft has heard our desires though, and released a full video showing a user interacting with the Xbox dashboard along with multitasking.

The user starts by giving the command “Xbox On” and the console comes to life. Archie, the user currently engaged with the console, is greeted by name and brought directly to the dashboard. While we can’t say that the console actually starts up as fast, the process from Archie saying “Xbox On” to seeing his dashboard takes five seconds.

The dashboard itself is as we expected – reminiscent of Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Modern Design Language. The video takes an interesting route of showing how closely the controller and Kinect’s voice recognition can work together. Archie is using a controller to navigate the dashboard, but decides to speak “Xbox go to Pacific Rim” to jump into a blockbuster movie.

As all of the commands are being given to the Xbox One, a microphone is shown in the upper right hand corner and the users words are being shown as recognized text in real time.

The video player is shown briefly, also displaying a minimalistic design, and then we are switched away when Archie ask the Xbox One to go to his activity feed – one of Microsoft’s ways to get users more social and involved with Xbox Live.

As Archie watches his movie, he receives a notification from Titanfall that his multiplayer game is ready to jump into – “Xbox join Titanfall” is all that needs to be said for the action to start. As he plays, he shouts “Xbox Record That” and the console begins to record his gameplay – a simple, “Share”, command ends the recording and shares his video to Xbox Live and his setup social networks.

Once Archie is bored of "pwning noobs," simply saying “Xbox Watch TV”, brings him to a live cable stream thanks to the Xbox One’s HDMI pass through ability. If you are wondering, he is watching Sleepy Hollow and just like any 21st century over stimulated human, he snaps Internet Explorer to the side of the TV and uses Bing to search for more details about the show.

His show is then interrupted by a Skype call that he answers with his controller (we hope, because he didn’t say anything to accept the call) and chats up a friend.

The video ends by Archie stating “Xbox Off”, and putting the console into its low power state.

 Xbox One is right around the corner and Microsoft still has to win over the hearts of many to bring the latest generation Xbox to the top of everyone’s holiday wish lists.

What questions do you have about Xbox One that aren’t answered yet?

Source: Xbox (opens in new tab); via Polygon

  • So stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh My God I don't know how to react, cry, be happy or both
  • Wow Epic !!! is the PS4 also capable of this speech recognition? What does the PS4 has more to offer than this awesome XBOXONE??
  • Free online?
  • As I know PS4 would not have anymore free online gaming (hope I'm not wrong)
  • No online is paid, however you get free games every month (This month Far Cry 3). F2P games do not require an online subscription to Playstation Plus to play online.
  • Xbox also includes 2 free games per month now.
    And you get to keep the games whether you cancel your Live subscription or not. If you cancel your PS Plus account you lose the "free/rented" games.
  • No. Playstation network wont be free for ps4. Must have plus
  • Not that I'm meaning to echo the OP's... enthusiasm, but I thought the online play for the PS4 was not free? That is from what I understand many of the services are actually similar between the two (which was some confusion for free MMO stuff like World of Tanks, or did this change?) Edit: So, that is what's free for one is free for the other, and similar for pay, no?
  • My full support
  • A $100 chapter price tag?
  • Here in Australia it is only $50 cheaper, and the Xbox One comes with Fifa 14 for free... I know what I am getting... (^_-)-☆
  • Brazil:
    XBOX ONE: R$ 2.100.00
    PS4: 3.999,00
    1 U$ = R$ ~2,10
  • But for the $100, you get the entertainment center stuff that was just demoed and the kinect. If you add the PS eye, it's only $50 cheaper. If the xbox can function as a universal remote, that is worth more than $100 right there.
  • U can do more 2-3 things more on Xbox one. So get ur facts rite dude. U just listen tu Errbody else talking about
  • 100€ less, freedom of not having the damn All Seeing Eye, a different user experience and an array of exclusive games?
    For some none of that is important, for others it is. And of course, if this wasn't WPCentral, one could add exclusive Apps for Android and iOS to completely controll the console from your smartphone.
    In the end, you buy the one that you like best and best suits your wishes.
  • You can unplug the all seeing eye, but you will lose a lot of functionality. A different user experience, but is it better. The PS4 demo didn't really look any better. Both console have some exclusive games. Obviously, you will go with the console that has exclusives you like better. The xbox has smartglass for wp, android, and ios that controls the console. See MS doesn't play favorites. It makes it's apps available to all platforms. Bottom line is if the functions you just saw on the demo worth $100 to you and which exclusive you like better. That will be the determining factor. The difference in specs won't make a difference. The game experience will be pretty much the same, even if the PS4 does have a bit more eye candy.
  • Gotta love how the PS4 fanboys and anti-ms trolls are already out in force to thumbs down the video lol.
  • Yep, go home ps4 wrong side.. here :)
  • Gotta love how Microsoft fanboys label everyone who doesn't support the Xbox One either PS4 fanboys or trolls.
  • Lol
  • True, though 90%+ of those dislikes would be trolls and fanboys.
  • There is nothing wrong with not supporting a product. However, If someone takes the time to thumbs down a demo video, that pretty much makes them a fanboy and troll. I would consider myself a MS fanboy, but you will never see me giving a PS, google, Apple, etc video a thumbs down unless it is loaded with inaccuracies. This video just showed a brief usage demo. There was nothing in it worthy of a thumbs down. If it had some negative comments about the PS, then I would understand a thumbs down.
  • I can understand some dislikes, but come on....this is pure fanboy, astroturfing, troll behavior. What's to dislike about this other than it's not on PS4? Sony must be paying a mint for astroturfers.
  • We can all call each other fanboys but I tell nothing is worse then a Playstation Fanboy. They are literally the worst on the Web. They are like little cry babies who are just so hurt that Microsoft came along and took their crown and the joke is just about everything in the Playstation is a copy of the Xbox yet they cling to Sony. The word innovative is lost in the world of Sony. I Own both systems because I'm a real gamer but this generation is making me think twice about a Playstation 4 purchase.
  • What's to dislike? Most of the stuff shown here is a major immersion break, for example.
    As many have said, it comes down to preference. I'm going to stick with current gen for a while, and then see which exclusives appeal to me the most. As long as I am not able to download custom codecs, these gaming machines do not interest me as media boxes.
  • Xbox trolls starting to doubt their choice of console...PS4 fanboys you know you want to jump in lolol
  • As a Playstation fan I was impressed how nice the visuals are
  • Thanks for your honesty and Have fun with your PS4, I have nothing negative to say about either console!
  • Looks worse than what's already available for PC, not that PS4 will be any better.
  • Looks great!
  • That is quite amazing..I'm not a gamer, the other features are enough to get my interest, the games are a bonus. I hope we will get a serious comparison of the two consoles when available. With W8, MS could make the home pc totally and finally obsolete.
  • XB1 requiring a STB for HTPC use is deal killer for me. Someone please explain the logic, if any, with this decision.
  • This is sick.
  • XBOX ONE ... Touchdown Dance!!!
  • Some nice features, building somewhat of a buzz for once, nice to see.
  • I've pre-ordered the Xbox One, but I've yet to order any games. I'm primarily ordering it for the new fitness app for me. Of equal importance is the Kinect 2.0 sensor my young kids (they love Kinect 1.0). On top of that is the Skype integration. So this type of video is off pretty big importance to me as I want to know how it all fits together. Unfortately this video was really just a short mashup, so I'll probably have to actually one in my living room to see how it really works.
    The potential software development opportunities is just icing on the cake. Oh and I'm sure they Sony fans will be happy with the PS4 as well. Just like last gen, I expect both systems to do fine.
  • You're going to let a camera/mic that is always on and always watching into your home with your young children?
  • ^Please get updated information before posting "The Kinect is Always on"
  • Lol love it when people bring this up. Do you own a mobile phone? Tablet? TV with a built in camera? Have a internet connection on 24/7 hell do you have windows on your house as all these things can be used to check on what your doing.
    Get over your self and into to the real world if someone or something wanted to watch you 24/7 they could even if you don't have a Xbox one.
  • How ignorant and dumb are some of these comments regarding the Kinect? Its not constantly recording your every move. Its programmed to listen for certain commands, programmed to recognize hand gestures. It only records when you command it to. Ridiculous! Your every move is being secretly transmitted to ms employees around the globe. Ridiculous! Do you know every smartphone, every tablet have frontfacing cameras as well as speech recognition? Do you hear any ridiculous complaints about those. Ridiculous!!
  • You're an idiot. Do you even understand how many GB/day that would be used on your network with all that audio and video sent through your router, even at low quality? People would know it 5 seconds after launch. Use some fucking common sense.
    What you should worry about are all the services where you are sending or receiving information, where the information can be intercepted without you ever being able to observe the theft.
  • I assume you would feel the same about the PS4 camera accessory? As far as my children are concerned, their privacy settings are locked down. If they are in the room, then I can't even record game segments. The Kinect is actually a "smart" camera and knows that it can get the entire MS corp in trouble with such actions so it doesn't let me record when they are seen.
  • You can set the privacy to not record specific profiles or when someone other than you is in the room, did I understand that correctly?
  • It's 2 parts. You can limit the privacy for a profile to not be shared (most games do this by not recording or snapping pics). The other part is that Kinect automatically recognises people in the room. So when they are logged in as a secondary account, the game doesn't store images. This is the way it works with the 360 and I expect the same on the XB1.
  • The mic is always on listening to certain keyword. Kind of like many smartphones. Hell, the Motorola Moto X has an always on mic. I didn't see tin foil crowd jump on Google the way they jumped on the xbox. The phone is always with you. The xbox is in the living room and no one is particularly interested in seeing people play games and watch tv.
  • Oh yeah, that looks completely legit, and in no way is just a lame marketing video :/
    Sorry MS, PS4 will win this gen. I say this as a 360 lover.
  • So are you getting a PS4 then? Will that be your new lover?
  • Mmm no that is legit. I've worked on it :)
  • What excites you about the ps4 so much over what ms is offering with the xb1? Please inform us oh wise one. The innovations in the Xb1 outweigh what if any innovations the ps4 is offering. The ps4 is basically an upgraded gaming box and not much else.
  • Cool story, bro.
  • Looks really awesome! What I do hope is to easily send links of websites, stream videos, stream music from my Lumia and surface to the console. I've tried it on the xbox 360, but sometimes it crashes.
  • With every video they release I want the Xbox One even more!!!
  • Ps4 will not require psplus for things like Netflix, Hulu, etc. But xbone will require live gold for those features.
  • But who the fk (with an internet connection) gets next Gen and doesn't play online.
  • I wouldn't. I like consoles for single player experiences and local multiplayer, I have a PC for online multiplayer.
  • What Stanvx said. Also, with a XB1 you will need only one gold account per console. All acounts on the console work with "gold required" apps as long as one person has XBL gold. We have multiple, so this is going to save me some $.
  • Of course, it won't be anywhere that slick in reality, but I like where Microsoft are going with this.
    Still, I'm a little surprised that the major tech press haven't picked up on all the doom and gloom surrounding the technical details of this console. Neogaf is all over it though.
  • Doom and gloom? Please explain?
  • So the current rumor is that cross plat games that are running at 1080p on the PS4 will only run at 720p on the XBox One. The other rumor is that the XBox One OS is very, very buggy so close to launch, apparently crashing intermittently when applying the snap feature etc. Nothing confirmed as yet, but where there's smoke...
  • yeah that's basically complete garbage. Activision already said it was at 1080p on XB1 and there's a big B4 live stream contest thing on Nov 1st where you can see exactly what it looks like. every major gam dev has stated that the systems are almost identical when it comes to power. rumors are rumors.
  • It all depends on whose blowing the smoke. Are the rumors coming from a reliable source?
  • Of course, whenever I watch live TV, it's some prescription drug commercial. Not warriors riding on horses :(
    I like how the video showed all the features (I believe it will be just as performant in relity), but I didn't like the narrative. I would never aim down sight and switch to TV without firing at target :( Also, skype interrupting tv like that is not a feature! They should've made the notification less intrusive when there are people are actually watching, and louder when no ones in the room. Kinect knows if someone is watching or not.
    Anyway, pre-ordered mine on the day it was announced.
  • Xbox one all the way
  • My main problem with the Xbox One (apart from the imposition of Kinect) is the butt-ugly-VHS-player design. But hopefully they'll then release another version with a better design. (and before someone calls out PS-fanboy...the design of the PS4 is also horrible for a 2013 console)
  • To be honest, I actually like the stark, boxy design. It's all subjective, of course. I'm sure in a year it'll get refreshed anyway. But yeah.
  • It will be sitting in a TV stand anyways and it actually matches many A/V receiver setups. I would rather have a boxy design that has adequate cooling than a sleek design that will overheat and fry the internals within a year.
  • I just thought it was weird that the app switching was vertical instead of horizontal like windows 8.
  • i had a ba experience with a ps3 but I have never owned an xbox.... this will be my first...
  • Quite insane
  • UI looks great. I can't wait to get it in the Spring.. Interested in Titanfall the most.
  • Wish I could pre order the Xbox One but its out of stock everywhere in America. That's probably a good thing though.
  • I have windows 8 and windows phone so i really want a xbox one but again when i think of Infamous:Second Son i just can't get onto xbox