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Panasonic Lumix
Panasonic Lumix (Image credit: Windows Central)

Not just your phone, either. Also your PC, your HoloLens or your Xbox One. LMaster is a free app with the source code available for anyone to have a look at, and while it looks crude, it works.

On iOS and Android, Panasonic has an official app to remote control your Lumix Wi-Fi enabled camera, but of course, that's not the case for Windows 10 fans. Developer Rambalac decided to change that himself, and if you can look past the appearance of his app LMaster you'll find is it incredibly useful.

Officially it's only been tested with the Lumix GH3 and GH4, but other cameras confirmed to work with the app include the GX85, GX80, GX7, G7 and G85. I've been trying it out with my G7 and can happily report that it works just fine.

Or rather, as fine as any of these apps ever really works. Even the official Panasonic app on other platforms isn't exactly slick, but there's only so much you can get from the hardware in a camera, right?

Connecting LMaster is pretty easy. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on in the settings of your camera (consult your manual if you need specific guidance there), then you'll need to connect your phone to the camera's Wi-Fi network in settings. Once that's out of the way LMaster should start seeing what your camera lens is pointing at.

The main features are pretty good.

Supports simultaneous multiple cameras connection, LUT and anamorphic de squeeze. Can change main parameters like Aperture, Shutter, and ISO. Control AF focus area, manual focus, and zoom (for power zoom lens). Main indication like battery, memory card, camera mode and focus mode.

Sadly I don't have a power zoom lens on hand to test that function out, but everything else works reasonably well. The live view doesn't seem any less janky than in the official Panasonic app, and the battery and SD card indicators are accurate.

The biggest critique is that the connection will sometimes just completely drop. This isn't isolated to just LMaster, though, the official apps do the same in my experience. But it's frustrating when it happens to say the least.

Remote apps such as this aren't supposed to be your main tool for taking photos, but for the situations you need it they're invaluable. LMaster has been a reliable app so far in my experience, and I've been able to move easily to the other side of the room and still take photos on my G7. There's stuff I haven't tried, because I am a terrible photographer, but the important thing is to look past the UI.

It's easy to get swept up in beautiful looking apps. Sometimes you just need a tool. This is one of those times.

Download from the Windows Store

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