Lock Screen Changer for Windows Phone – the myAppFree Deal of the Week

Lock Screen Changer is a Windows Phone app that automatically changes your lockscreen using image's from your Pictures Hub. Lock Screen Changer has the ability to create multiple collections from your image galleries that can be scheduled.

First impressions of Lock Screen Changer are good and the Windows Phone app comes across as a nice way to keep your lockscreen image fresh. The app normally runs $1.29 with a free trial version but through the myAppFree deal, for the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Lock Screen Changer free.

Lock Screen Changer

Here are some of the key features of Lock Screen Changer:

  • Crop, rotate and flip your images
  • Sequential or random lock screen image rotation
  • Lock screen collections can be scheduled to run at specific times during the week
  • Live tile support for easy access to lockscreen galleries
  • Toast notification support to alert you when a lockscreen collection is changing

Collections in Lock Screen Changer are easily created and can be named accordingly (sports, kids, landscapes, pets, etc.). Just tap the "+" button at the bottom of the page and select the image from your image galleries to include in the collection. You will have the opportunity to adjust the image to better fit the lockscreen and a preview button is available to let you gauge how the adjustments will look.

In just tinkering with Lock Screen Changer for a short while, it comes across as a feature rich Windows Phone lockscreen utility. The app normally runs $1.29 and if you've been on the fence about picking up Lock Screen Changer, now is your time to save a little. Through the myAppFree Deal, over the next twenty-four hours, you can pick up Lock Screen Changer free.

The app is currently rated at 4.5 stars in the Windows Phone Store. If you try Lock Screen Changer, remember to rate the app in the Store and let us know what you think of the Windows Phone app in the comments below.

Please Note that it may take some time before the deal appears in the myAppFree app due to the various time zones in play. However, the Lock Screen Changer deal is already live in the Windows Phone Store so you can get a jump on the savings.

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  • Lock pic is away better , in my opinion
  • Lockmix ftw
  • Lockscreener
  • +525
  • I think I might skip that one
  • Rip Live lockscreen beta
  • why? it's still in the wp store. I trust that they will eventually update it, lol.
  • Rudy wanted to update it .!! But microsoft made him put it on hold !! :)
  • I did not know that. Where is this info from?
  • I don't see it in store. I can't find it through phone and the web link gives me NOT FOUND: https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/live-lock-screen-beta/f5685...
  • What country are you in? I'm in the US and I can still find it.
  • It is a US only app. Don't understand the logic though, but it being a MS Garage app, it is restricted to US only. You might want to change the region in your phone and install it if you so want it :P
  • Any good ones to generate collage of my pics like lock buster? Lock buster weather temp keeps dropping on my phone, love it otherwise.
  • Samsung live wallpaper(wasted potential)
  • I miss Tetra :'(
  • Everyone talks about tetra... How was it?
  • It was a really great concept that I hope microsoft will include in windows 10. It was buggy, but cool to show off.....And look at. It was actually pretty useful.
  • I think it was great. Much more stable than the Lock Screen Beta. It only gave an occasional small delay going to the start screen. What I really liked was the pedometer. It was up to date all the time. The Health & Fitness is SO slow.
  • paper shuffle ftw
  • Why does it need the phone dialer?
  • Even we have the app permission ability in 8.1 update 2 , but if the programmer (mostly don't) handle their program's exceptions the program crash right away.
  • I need the ability to have an album for it to rotate to and if I add new pics to that folder it should be added to the queue too. Have they fixed this yet? Or anyone know of an app that does this?
  • Plz one more time add fb pages manager pro in the my app free deal ..... We wish to you add the app
  • I bought this app about 3 months ago! I wish I could see this coming!
  • Love this app!
  • Why does the app need access to my phone dialer?
  • This
  • I wonder if they are bringing back the ability to change the lockscreen provider in Windows 10. They pretty much removed the ability for apps to do it in Windows Phone 8.1 apps
  • I'll use bing images for now. Very cool pics they got. Never disappointed me.
  • Why would anyone pay for an app which is exactly the same as bing lock screen........ Which is free and has really good images that too of high quality
  • you choose the images in this one. in my case it cycles throu my selection, switching them every half hour.
  • Lockmix do same with Album Rotation widget or simple Picture Rotation wich is free..But also you can use online 500px or WallpaperWide widgets..   Check Video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PmPaI2PUWU
  • Photostream was really cool, but stopped working on WP8.1 and they never fixed it. What I loved about it was that it allowed you to chose all images in any folder and subfolders.  Lock Screen Changer just selects images in one album. But it's better than nothing.  Lock Pic is good too, but you have to pick every single image manually.  Most of the other apps I tried had a limit on the amount of picturs or you have to crop every picture manually, that's really anoying. Wich one would you recommend?