MX Ergo

If you're a fan of trackballs, then modern mice haven't exactly been accommodating. However, Logitech is trying to change that with the wireless MX Ergo, the company's first trackball-equipped mouse in almost a decade.

If you're familiar with Logitech's MX Master mice, then the shape of the MX Ergo likely looks familiar. The one big difference is the addition of the giant trackball for controlling your mouse cursor. In addition to its headline feature, the MX Ergo also packs a hinge that allows you adjust the angle of the mouse from zero to 20 degrees.

The MX Ergo works with Logitech's Easy-Switch and Flow software, letting you switch the mouse between two computers with the touch of a button. A separate button on the mouse can also be used to quickly switch cursor speed for better precision. As for battery life, Logitech is claiming up to four months on a charge.

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While standard mouse input clearly dominates the market nowadays, it's good to see trackball enthusiasts have a new option on the table. Logitech says the MX Ergo is planned to be available and shipping from it and other retailers later in September for $99.99.

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