Turns out Lone Echo II isn't launching this month

Lone Echo 2 Key Art
Lone Echo 2 Key Art (Image credit: Ready at Dawn)

What you need to know

  • Lone Echo II has been delayed once again, with a release date hopefully happening later this year.
  • It will eventually release on the Oculus Rift Store for $39.99.
  • This Oculus PC exclusive can be played with an Oculus Quest by using Oculus Link or Oculus Air Link.
  • The original Lone Echo is seeing a steep promotional discount until Lone Echo II is eventually released.

Ready At Dawn has delayed Lone Echo II once again, this time citing a release date later in the year. The original announcement article can be found below

Ready At Dawn's first VR game, Lone Echo, has sat atop the list of best Oculus Rift games since its release in 2017 for several very good reasons. Aside from being a ground-breaking title in terms of gameplay design and storytelling, it was the beginning of a new series of games that's finally seeing a mainline sequel over four years later. Lone Echo II is finally making its debut on the Oculus Rift platform on August 24, 2021 for $39.99.

Players who preorder Lone Echo II will receive a special Jack chassis that can be used in Echo VR. If you've never had the chance to play the original, Oculus is discounting the title to $9.99 until Lone Echo II launches, making this a great time to pick up the game and play through before the sequel lands next month.

Like the original title, this Oculus-exclusive game will only be sold on the Oculus Rift Store on the PC and is most easily played on an Oculus-branded headset. There are workarounds for getting other headsets but, based on the latest Steam hardware survey, most of you VR users are on an Oculus headset, anyway. If you've got an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, you'll only be able to play Lone Echo II via Oculus Link using a gaming PC to power the experience.

Given the long development cycle, many had surmised that we'd see the return of Jack and Liv in a more portable format with a Quest-compatible version of the game. As it stands, only Echo VR — the multiplayer Ender's Game-esque spinoff of Lone Echo — is available on the Quest platform natively. Being a PC-exclusive title means the team can continue to push the limits of modern gaming PCs with zero-gravity physics and believable environments, which bodes well given the original title's breathtaking experience.

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