A look at the HTC HD2's car mount

Need another reason to want the HTC HD2? How about a killer car mount that basically gives you a portable 4.3-inch flat-screen TV in your vehicle. UK exporter Clove's got it (opens in new tab) for about $100US. Now all we need is for the HD2 to be released here. [via Slashgear]

George Ponder

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  • wow...i wish they'd make something like this for the touch pro/tilt 2
  • COOOOOOOOOOLLL! The more I check the HD2 the more cool it looks.
  • Phone HTC HD2 Telstra (no Navipanel)Car Z4 Coupe.
    The mount was a good idea but badly designed trying to attach it to a windscreen in a cramped area is nigh impossibleas you cannot grip the milled wheel hard enough to turn it to locked position, why they used a wheel is beyond me a lever would have been far easier for users.
    the micro usb although sprung is not phone freindly and after time may damage the phones connector there is also limited travel when rotating the phone from landscape to porttrate which makes instaling trickier.
    that said classy looking and solid when mounted grips the phone well and not susepable to the shakes.