Lost Ark could come to Xbox consoles in the future

Lost Ark
Lost Ark (Image credit: Amazon Games)

What you need to know

  • Lost Ark is an ARPG with MMO infusions that recently released in the west under Amazon Games and shattered Steam player records.
  • The title is PC-only at the moment, but Amazon Games franchise leader, Soomin Park, hinted the game could come to consoles in the future.
  • If interest from the Lost Ark community and interested players is high enough, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG could consider a console port.
  • If Lost Ark does arrive on console, it'll likely happen years in the future, but the possibility is there.

One of the biggest game releases of 2021 was the arrival of Smilegate RPG's ARPG and MMO blend Lost Ark in western markets, published in collaboration with Amazon Games. The game exploded in popularity among PC players, leaving many console players to wonder if they might ever have a chance to experience Lost Ark for themselves. Thanks to a new interview with Amazon Games franchise leader, Soomin Park, those players now have a little bit of hope.

Lost Ark had a highly successful launch in western markets on PC, amassing over 1.3 million players shortly after release on Steam, but there has been no word from either Smilegate RPG or Amazon Games on the possibility of a console port. In an interview with VG247, Park discussed this exact topic, revealing, "If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then I think it's something both parties would consider!"

This is by no means a confirmation, and seems to indicate that a Lost Ark console port is currently not in the works and isn't going to happen any time soon. However, enough interest from the gaming community could encourage Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games to consider porting Lost Ark to Xbox and PlayStation platforms, opening the game up to millions of new potential players. Only time will tell if Lost Ark will ever attempt to translate its undeniable PC success to console and controller, a process that would likely take several more years.

Elsewhere in the interview, Park discussed the success of Lost Ark's western launch with Amazon Games, the potential Lost Ark holds in the industry, and how the game manages to combine ARPG and MMO aspects to attract players from both genres. Lost Ark is one of the best PC games you can play, and its robust post-launch support plan means it's only getting better. If you're interested in jumping into Lost Ark on PC, knowing the best Lost Ark classes will help you get started.

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