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Amazon Games' and Smilegate RPG's new MMO Lost Ark has taken the gaming community by storm, and if you're looking to get in on the action yourself, it's a good idea to learn everything there is to know about each of the game's classes. Choosing a class is one of the biggest decisions you'll make when creating a new character in Lost Ark, as it will determine the type of playstyle you should focus on and what your strengths and weaknesses in combat will be.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about selecting a class, including what the best classes in Lost Ark are for both PvE and PvP, what to expect from each class in the game, and everything that makes the best classes in the game top picks for PvE and PvP content.

Lost Ark class tier list

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We'll get into the details of each Lost Ark class in the sections below, but these class tier lists will give you a quick-and-dirty look at the best classes for both PvE and PvP. Note that while some classes are better than others, all classes are viable in both PvE and PvP and will perform well if you use their attacks and abilities skillfully.

The best PvE classes are:

  • S Tier: Bard, Gunlancer, Sorceress
  • A Tier: Berserker, Paladin, Gunslinger, Artillerist, Wardancer
  • B Tier: Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter, Deadeye, Deathblade
  • C Tier: Striker, Deadeye, Soulfist, Scrapper

The best PvP classes are:

  • S Tier: Bard, Deathblade, Gunslinger
  • A Tier: Paladin, Gunlancer, Deadeye, Sorceress, Wardancer
  • B Tier: Striker, Soulfist, Sharpshooter, Shadowhunter, Berserker
  • C Tier: Scrapper, Artillerist

Which Lost Ark class should you choose?

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Like many other MMOs, Lost Ark features a set of diverse classes designed to support a variety of different playstyles. Of those classes, each one has its own set of subclasses that further dictates how that class operates. Here's a detailed breakdown of each class and their respective subclasses that will help you find the class that's best for you.

  • Warrior: The melee-focused Warrior is slow, but has more health than any other class and deals solid damage, too. Essentially, this is Lost Ark's version of a tank, and it's the easiest one for new players to learn due to how straightforward it is. Subclasses include the DPS-focused Berserker, the sturdy and defensive Gunlancer, and the tank and support hybrid subclass, Paladin.
  • Martial Artist: This class is the fastest unit on the battlefield, dishing out strong melee damage in bursts and then avoiding it with quick movements. The Striker subclass focuses on devastating aerial combo attacks, while the Wardancer uses powerful elemental moves. The Scrapper subclass draws on a unique energy that allows them to obliterate foes with burst damage, and the Soulfist can rapidly switch between melee or ranged moves to adapt to any situation.
  • Gunner: The Gunner is Lost Ark's range-focused class, able to take down enemies before they ever get close. The Gunslinger subclass has multiple different guns and can switch between them quickly, making them very versatile. The Artillerist subclass, meanwhile, fills a fire support role by bombarding foes with barrages from huge cannons. The Deadeye is similar to the Gunslinger but is stronger up close and weaker at long range, while the agile Sharpshooter can avoid melee attackers well and uses a bow to land critical hits in combat.
  • Mage: Mages have less health than the other classes, but make up for it with their extremely powerful ranged magic abilities. The Sorceress subclass is ideal for people who want to maximize their damage potential, while the Bard is perfect for folks who want to support their team by healing and buffing allies.
  • Assassin: The Assassin class is very similar to the Martial Artist class, though there are some differences. Assassins are slower than Martial Artists, but also deal more damage per hit and can do bonus damage by getting critical hits. The Deathblade uses three blades and excels when chaining multiple moves together, while the Shadowhunter is a shapeshifting rogue that weaves magic crowd control abilities together with strong melee attacks.

Lost Ark best PvE classes

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While all classes are viable in Lost Ark's PvE content — this makes it one of the best multiplayer PC games in terms of playstyle accommodation — there are a few specific subclasses that shine brighter than any other. Here's what makes each of them so strong in PvE.

  • Bard: Being able to last long in tough engagements is crucial in high-level MMO PvE, and since the Bard can protect themselves and their teammates with strong healing abilities and powerful buffs, having one in your party is always a good idea. Even though Bards won't do much actual fighting, their ability to keep others in the fight is incredibly valuable.
  • Gunlancer: A good Gunlancer is a powerful addition to any PvE group, as the subclass' high health and emphasis on defensive play makes them excellent tanks that can soak up damage. Their damage is pretty good, too, allowing Gunlancers to succeed in combat even when they're not being supported by other classes.
  • Sorceress: Provided the class is supported by frontline melee fighters that draw aggro, the damage that a Sorceress can put out is absolutely massive. Pick Sorceress and watch your damage numbers skyrocket.

Lost Ark best PvP classes

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Lost Ark's PvP is designed in a way that allows each of the game's classes and subclasses to be effective, though some classes do stand above the others in the game's meta. Here's a look at Lost Ark's top PvP classes.

  • Bard: The Bard class is just as effective in PvP as it is in PvE. The healing and buffs that Bards provide are often the difference between a victory and a defeat in PvP, so you should always have one in your group. Just remember that Bards struggle to defeat enemies on their own, and will need protection.
  • Deathblade: While Warriors are typically the better melee class in PvE, Assassins are stronger in PvP. The Deathblade is the best of the two Assassin subclass options since the class's melee combos are extremely deadly and can rip opponents to shreds when executed well.
  • Gunslinger: A ranged unit that has an effective option for every engagement range is incredibly valuable in Lost Ark's dynamic PvP fights. This is why the Gunslinger is one of the game's best PvP classes, as the ability to switch between shotgun, pistol, and rifle gives the class excellent versatility.
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