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Lumia 1020 stars alongside Ellie Goulding in official BBC charity music video

Children In Need is the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) charity for the UK. Kicking off in 1980, the charity has raised more than £600 million for disabled children and young people. The highlight of each year is a "telethon" aired on BBC One with celebrities and well-known faces.

Along with the telethon and other activities, an official Children In Need single is also selected. This year it's Ellie Goulding's turn with How Long Will I Love You (originally performed by The Waterboys). Why is this news? The official music video is shot entirely with a Nokia Lumia 1020.

The video itself is an excerpt from Tom & Issy, a short film by Roger Michell that Goulding stars in. The star is seen with Dylan Edwards filming a series of practical jokes on the Lumia 1020. These clips are shared with the artist performing the single on a rooftop in black and white.

Be sure to check out the above video, and prepare yourself for November 15th when the next appeal telethon will be aired on BBC One. How Long Will I Love You is also available for pre-order - a minimum of 20p per download will benefit BBC Children in Need.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Nelson, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's some serious product placement!
  • She has a distinctive cute voice. Lumia 1020 is also distinctive, though not cute.
  • Yea, the 1020 isn't cute, it's sexy!
  • comes down to personal preferance... I find the 1020 a sinister beast, like 'Gipsy Danger' or something :D
    I still cannot find a device more sexier than L800! No iPhone, No Android device, no WP8 device as sexy as the L800!
  • And she's nippy as hell!!!
  • The quality of the video is really good for a smartphone. That image stabilization really helps a lot. Well done Nokia, you never cease to amaze.
  • If you imagine they shot with a regular camera instead of a 1020... it wouldn't feel so much product placement. I think this is good and not so much about the product in this video, it just happens to be a 1020, could have been a iPhone as well.
    Sign of a new time for camera phones?
  • Video doesn't play :'( nl920
  • +1
  • Use VEVO:
  • This is good to see, as lately there have been discussions about how the image stabalization on the 1020 is not so great.
  • Awesome. The guy is from a uk show called Pramface.
  • Love that show!
  • Link isn't working for me. L920.
  • Use VEVO, the "new Youtube":
  • Is this the same BBC that are massive apple lovers, who cant be bothered to make an official news app and had another removed from the store and took ages to make an iplayer app as they consider WPhone market too small?
  • Yes the same BBC that we pay for with our hard earned money, then they take that money pay themselves large wages have have big expense account. The Great BBC.
  • Neat. I'm glad she's partnering with Microsoft on this. Shout out to the Lumia 920 though for letting me record her concert at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando this year an post the whole thing to YouTube! Would love to have been able to give the 1020 a run then too but it was months before the 1020 announcement. I took some photos with Ellie's opening act after the show and they were amazed with the fact that I had a red phone with no additional cover on it. :D
  • Mmmmm absolutely adore Ellie.
  • This is excellent exposure for the Lumia 1020 but will it be enough to entice the U.K. to drop their iPhones and Samdungs?
  • No I won't be enough to entice the isheep from the iphone. It is a status symbol here, it is also the most stolen phone in the UK.
  • How that relates to a charity baffles me. Also, obvious product placement is obvious. But hey, at least it proves the Lumia 1020's prowress as a film camera (even if its OIS issues manage to bleed through occassionally).
  • Product placement that blatant makes me cringe... But obviously impressive quality for a phone.
  • I love her..
  • Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 in same video!!
    Double product!
    Me like alot.
  • Whoops! He's getting fingerprints on his camera at 0:52 !