Children In Need is the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) charity for the UK. Kicking off in 1980, the charity has raised more than £600 million for disabled children and young people. The highlight of each year is a "telethon" aired on BBC One with celebrities and well-known faces.

Along with the telethon and other activities, an official Children In Need single is also selected. This year it's Ellie Goulding's turn with How Long Will I Love You (originally performed by The Waterboys). Why is this news? The official music video is shot entirely with a Nokia Lumia 1020.

The video itself is an excerpt from Tom & Issy, a short film by Roger Michell that Goulding stars in. The star is seen with Dylan Edwards filming a series of practical jokes on the Lumia 1020. These clips are shared with the artist performing the single on a rooftop in black and white.

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Be sure to check out the above video, and prepare yourself for November 15th when the next appeal telethon will be aired on BBC One. How Long Will I Love You is also available for pre-order - a minimum of 20p per download will benefit BBC Children in Need.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Nelson, for the tip!