The Lumia 1520 on sale again at AT&T following Windows 10 Mobile update

AT&T is once again selling the 6-inch Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8.1, just a few days after the carrier released the over-the-air update for the phone to Windows 10 Mobile.

AT&T stopped selling the phone over a year ago in April 2015, but its reappearance on AT&T's website likely means it has a few more in stock that it wants to sell off now that it officially can be updated to Windows 10 Mobile. AT&T has priced the phone, which was first announced in 2013, for $584.99 (opens in new tab) without a contract. You can also get it for $19.50 a month for 30 months via AT&T Next, or for $24.38 a month for 24 months via AT&T Next Year. The phone only comes in black.

Thanks to EJ for the tip!

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  • It's an awesome phone, but that's so overpriced.
    It's nice that AT&T is selling it again though, or at least selling the few they have left.
  • is the update OTA?
  • Yes, but it's not a traditional OTA update. You have to download the Upgrade Advisor app from the Store.
  • Do you have a store link for that app, por favor?
    This should work
  • Lets hope AT&T gives them the store link....
  • best phone ever.. I have two and I'm sticking with them on wp 8.1 untill I can get another Nokia 6" phone
  • yes, best phone ever! I broke my original Yellow. Got this Red version.
  • I can assure you will be sticking with WP8.1 for a looong time.
  • Broke mine, got this crappy 950(don't get one) wish I could ditch it for the 1520 again.
  • Yeah, am in the same boat, want to ditch my 950XL and go back to a phone with 8.1.
  • Has anyone here put 8.1 on a950? I'm curious how it runs.
  • As far as I know it's not possible.
  • Have both 950 isn't that bad. Had touch screen issues like MANY with 1520 after a year
  • Why not run one on 8.1, one on 10? Then again, I still have an HTC 8X on 8.0 somehow my Icon on Fast Ring.
  • 4k video, surround sound recording. 20 mp awesome camera. sd card. 1080p screen. Qi charging. nfc. gorilla glass .. a solid good day of batteri life. its all i need. **** snapchat..
  • Changeable battery..
  • Not happening...
  • Edit - Ignore, sorry!
  • I don't think AT&Terrible's version has QI.
  • Nope, but someone online has hacked the case to support QI (with deft soldering skills).
  • That's what I had done. I have Qi on my Lumia 1520 from ATt. :). I have the 950 as well but the battery life on this 1520 is unmatched for a Windows Phone.
  • How difficult was it to modify it to have qi charging. I have very little sodering skills. Would you recommend that given my lack of experience? Thank you
  • Seriously, what were they smoking to price the phone that high? It's a great device but you can get them so cheaply elsewhere.
  • That's what I was thinking. Too high a price. If I'm spending that much, it better have Continuum capabilities at this point.
  • Hahaha! Just as my original 1520 is on the fritz... Already ordered mine, and I surely don't mind doing another instilment plan for what we all know is the best 6" Windows device in the world. Black will have to do... Wow! What an awesome phone. So cool that my next phone (before my alleged Surface phone) will be another 1520. Lol. I noticed it back on att's site the other day, while I was dreading having to get a temporary Android POS... Life is great! And, to all those who said I would have to settle for less than 6"??? Lol. In your face! Lumia, and the 1520, live on!!!
    Still would make more sense if att brought the 950XL, but whatever
  • I could have sold you mine for $300 if that's the case.. Mines looks practically brand new.
  • Yeah, but I'm paying $20 a month for the time being.. Don't really care about the long term cost at this point. I'm not forking out $300 for a phone right now. Like I said, my phone is on it's last leg, I need something now.
  • Ill trade you my 950 for it...
  • If it was a 950 XL I may.
  • If I had an XL, I might enjoy it enough to keep...
  • Lolz
  • You paid $600 for this! Isn't that more expensive than a 950XL?! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope!!! I'll make these small installments until something better comes out (hopefully on att, or my plan won't work).. What the article fails to mention is that you only have to pay 80% of the cost to upgrade to a new device... I'll pay installments, then when a new device comes out I'll pay the last $100, or whatever, and it's a done deal. I don't plan on paying more than $470... But, I love the device, and there's nothing else on att (at the moment) that I like. Would I have chosen the XL over this if it were available on NEXT??? Lol, probably not. IDK. The only advantage the XL has (FOR ME) is a better camera/screen, but the camera on the 1520 is nice, and the screen is great.... To hold me over for a better device than the 950, one that MS actually stands by, I think it's a good strategy.. Like I said, the 1520 is that good (much more appealing than the XL) that I'd buy it all over again.. Not my fault that there's no other options... Now, I would wait for the HP, but my phone is dying, and I'm not sure if att is gonna stock that. No SP till Q2 2017??? Hahahaha give me that new black 1520, please!
  • An example of Trumps America...
  • Go​ to Canada then?  Have fun!
  • No need he's going to lose, big. Unlike his hands
  • Yep, a perfect example.. Lol. Good thing I'm not running the country. Lol. But, idiotic plans can sometimes work in a small scale. WTH
  • Then buy one on eBay or Craigslist for $100-$200. You will also save money each month not having to subsidize a device. For that price you could have an S7 or iPhone! A device that is objectively superior in everyway and will still be supported next year. The chance of Microsoft actually releasing the Surface Phone is quite low. Unless they have something absolutely revolutionary, there is no reason for them to release it. It will certainly flop just like any device on platform with .1% market share. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sorry, not a pathetic clone, and it's not purely about specs... I love the Lumia hardware of the time. The 1520 is awesome, and a iPhone, or cheap O Android device, isn't gonna do, or else I would've joined you, and your clones, a long time ago.... Good enough for you, but not for me. My choice.
    Nope, not brand new out of the box with a warranty, and available insurance for $200. I already have a used one. It's time for a new phone, and this is literally the only one on the market I want. Id stick with my current one if it was good... So, no thanks.
    Apps are the only benefit I would have with a iDroid device.. Only benefit. Can't say that Windows doesn't have the hardware! The HP, or XL, are as good as it gets right now, as far a specs.. But, that's only one variable (although large)... But, you're on a Windows site full of WM fans, so what kind of reply do you expect?.... Give me some reasons, that I give a crap about, why an iP6, or S7, is better than my 1520... Give me three that I honestly care about, that I can't get with my 1520, and I will honestly say you're right.
  • The 1520 camera isn't even in the same league as the iPhone or Galaxy. Apps, like you mentioned, are either completely unavailable or really, really bad. Even Microsoft own apps are better. The screen and materials are three years older and again not even in the same league. They are both guaranteed to be supported years to come. This time next year Windows Mobile may not even exist! Why keep waiting for some unicorn? With the current sales volume, not only will developers be leaving the platform, it is likely even Microsoft will throw in the towel. One phone, using the same failed platform, is not going to make a difference. Microsoft knows that and they know if they do not have something that will transform the market, it will just be another flop. Someone who is serious doesn't retrench. They put effort and hard work into it. You do everything you can to make it succeed. You don't stop creating compelling devices and you certainly don't say publicly that you aren't focusing on it. You don't let it stagnate and drop well below 1% market share. Windows Mobile is dead. Microsoft is just taking their time to kill it. You are truly waiting for some unicorn. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • the camera is awesome .. OIS and 4k and surround sound recording.. you have no clue as to what you are talking about..
  • The 1520 is three years old and the S7 is the best camera you can currently get in a phone. The 1520 isn't bad, it just isn't nearly as good as the S7 and isn't worth anywhere near the price. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Link. Not doubting that it's a superior camera, I just want to know if you're just being biased, or not.
  • He's never used a 1520. His opinion means little.
  • So, you haven't given up on WM10, but you want me to?? Sounds hypocritical.
    Also, your argument about the 1520, and being old...
    There's just a lot about making purchases that you obviously don't understand. You're that guy that always has to have the latest, and keep up with the crowd. That's not me, and a lot of other people. We get what we want, and will pay what's necessary to have EXACTLY what we want... Doesn't matter what's "objectively" better, or not... Never for once fool yourself into thinking a Windows fan doesn't know what's comparatively available in the market.. That alone should tell you about our concerns.... A 1965 Shelby Cobra performs relatively horribly compared to 2017 Corvette ZO6... But, that Cobra is a Cobra, and it stands out. That Cobra also sells for $500k, and that's over 5 times the price of the Corvette... The fact is that some people are enthusiast, some are followers, and some just don't give a ****... You can't talk to an enthusiast about how the competition is better, and always expect to influence their decision. Some people spend thousands on artistically decorated eggs, why I don't understand, but that's their want. Do they know that fresh eggs cost much less, lol yes... But, whatever.. Lol. Long story short, you're on a Windows website. You generally will find very informed people on these type sites... There's just no need to point out the differences between your boring, run of the mill, un original, S7 unless you are trolling. Which you are, because I don't think you sound dumb enough to think I don't know what's available on the market. That alone should tell a smart guy like you that I simply do not care. I have a specific agenda. That also let's me know that you are in fact being a troll. If not, then tell me your reason for being here........ I'm waiting.
  • I don't buy the latest. They are way over-priced when new. I wait and buy the previous year Nexus phone when you can get them dirt cheap. Enthusiasts don't buy three year old phones for the original retail price. That is just silly. What good is the warranty when AT&T doesn't have any left? You claim to know, but do you really realize that you are buying a 3 year old phone with a shaky future for $600! Why support a company that forces you to do such thing? They obviously don't even care that much about their own product, why would you care so much about it? There are plenty of devices available these days from people who actually value their customers.
  • Yeah, you obviously haven't read my comments why I'm paying for this phone, nor what my strategy is.. Not simply just giving att $600 for a 3 year old phone... And, you still haven't answered my question... Looks like your mind is locked. I understand your points, but they have nothing to do with what I plan on doing here.. Sounds like you got a problem, but thanks for your advice, and no thanks at the same time.
  • This was surely meant for you, whoa :o
  • Just me, and I'm glad.
  • @rodneyej your dedication is admirable but save yourself some cash: get one on Ebay or Amazon for less than half the cost and get a squaretrade warranty for cheap. I did both for my mom's 1520 and saved myself some bank on my monthly bill as well as overall cost. Just my two cents...
  • You need to read the rest of my comments.
  • That is overpriced and I agree.. It should be half the price of what their asking. That was my first windows phone, loved it until my son shattered the screen.
  • It's been on sale there for the past few months! Lol. And it should be under $200 off contract by now.
  • I agree. To be honest it'd be tempting to actually get one to replace my Lumia 830 if it was around $180.
  • Do you eBay?
  • I do but I'm always hesitant about getting a phone used or refurbished.
  • Yep! And, this is NEW WITH A WARRANTY!.. That's why I got one. Just a logical side grade IMO....
  • Try looking at Swappa.  They verify the phones are paid off and not reported stolen.  They require pictures and you can ask the seller questions before committing to buy.
  • Nah, a couple months ago I had to get a 950, the stores in my area didn't have a 1520, neither did online. I hate this crappy 950. Miss my 1520 every day I have to charge it in the evening to get through the night.
  • Exactly.
  • Did i read that right...near 600$ for a 3 year old phone? While they have 950 in stock..? They've totally lost it...
  • I agree. If they really want to get rid of their remaining stock it needs to be a good bit under $200.
  • have you ever owned one, or used it on a daily basis? its worth more than $200 in pristine condition.
  • You're perfectly entitled to that opinion, but I honestly don't believe that's the case. Just like I wouldn't buy an iPhone 6s unless it was...$30 brand new. I don't need a new phone by any means, and I'm perfectly happy with my Lumia 830/Lumia 640/Nexus 6 combo right now. So, for me, it's not worth it. Windows Central Universal Application for Windows 10
  • Yeah but remember, MS had the buy a 950XL get a 950 for free sale. Stack on an education discount and you are near the price of this 1520. I think the sale may have just ended on the 27th for the 950's, but they will throw it again.
  • that price is ridiculous!
  • Agree, it should be no higher than $399.99... But, I will pay because of the next plan, and installments.
  • If you want to see my phone let me know.
  • I already got a used 1520. I want a brand new one with a warranty, and insurance.
  • Bought mine the day it came out and I'm still using it till this day. I've had every single possible build on it :) on fast ring now
  • I had issues with screen flex and the phantom tap issue.  Moved on to the 950XL and I love it.
  • Yea I still have mine and I have replaced it through warranty several times and every phone i got had the same issue. I would love to get another but not at this price.
  • I took advantge of the BOGO offer in the US for the 950XL.  Split the cost with my parents.  Got the XL for like 350 bucks.
  • nice
  • Yeah, they just did that sale again, it just ended the 27th, yesterday.
  • I had those issues early on, but with age it has gotten better.  No longer do I experience those issues anymore with Windows 10.  It's probably just some screen flex.  I took the unit apart to replace the battery and that was the end of the problems.
  • It's a shame that they're pricing them for so much, but this was an awesome phone and when I broke mine last year I was so upset - it was about a month before they had officially announced the 950s, so I just got a 640 in the meantime and upgraded to the 950 XL. If anyone is on the fence about getting one of these, I'd highly recommend it. This was an awesome phone and if I wasn't so happy with the 950 XL, I'd pick one of these up in a heartbeat
  • Wait, where are the pigs flying from?! This is cool though, it makes me wonder if someone can use their upgrade for this.
  • It's available through Next. So yes.
  • Oh wow, how cool!
  • Maybe they meant to start selling the 950xl lol
  • AT&T is hilariously not funny. This is capitalisms at its finest
  • Having Capitalism also means you have CHOICE, which you do. If you don't like the price go elsewhere,like eBay, which has the 1520's for about $200
  • +1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or N5x)
  • Come on AT&T, you need to suck less than the competition out there
  • what other carrier is selling lumia's?? come on dude ATT has been the most supportive telecom out there.
  • The 950's will be looking at AT&T like wtf. Show some respect with the pricing mehn.
  • Lol agree!
  • Mmmmmmmmm 1520yyyyyyyyy.
  • Would loved to get one if it was available here in my country
  • The price is not right.
  • This runs win 10 better then the 950 in my opinion
  • Well for those 1520 enthusiasts here's a chance to pick up a brand new one on Americas best network. As for the price I suppose At&t is hoping for a certain retro chic appeal.
  • Dear AT&T, BEST OF LUCK with that! Lol!
  • No wireless charging for this variant?
  • Only PMA with a Lumia exterior charging shell equipped with the feature (if it is even sold anymore).  That's what the three pogos on the back are for.
  • The AT&T version does not have QI charging (?) other than that it's the best phone so far! I dropped it so many times and never got the screen cracked! Although it had phantom touch/flicker issue. Replaced the screen and battery, ordered from Ebay at $30 bucks. It's just like new now!
  • Well I just upgraded to two 950's on the BOGO deal with the Microsoft store. They gave us $40 trade in for each phone. We traded in 2 1520's. I wonder if this affects the trade in value of someone tried that today. I also wanted to point out of the 1520 was much better than the 950 on even the insider builds on windows 10 until recently but with anniversary update it's like they really taking care of the 950 and it's really stepping ahead in what type of performance it's presenting for the user. Windows hello, especially seems to be working lot better. And for anyone that hasn't it's worth the upgrade. And yes, the 1520 had a much bigger screen. Daylight sun features were much better. But the 950 has a spectacular screen. With much better resolution and much better blacks. It's a little give and take. Maybe the surface phone can be both. Also keep in mind, 1520 is there, not in circulation so if they break. Not sure what AT&T will do.
  • Ridiculous price.  I would buy for $180-200 max if they priced it that way, but nothing more.  I bought my 1520 for $220 online a few years ago and that was previously used.
  • You expect to get a brand new, in the box, high end device, with a warranty, and insurance, for $180$$$??? Lol. Get real.
  • But it's not brand new. It's just not been used. It's a three year old phone and it's not even the best Lumia 1520 there is. Would you be defending AT&T if they tried selling the Galaxy Note 3 again at its original price? It's an awesome phone but it's not worth $600.
  • As Zachary says, "It's not brand new, it's a 3 year old device that's never been used.  There's a distinct difference between the two.  A phone that old should be on fire sale to clear out stock.  It doesn't have Continuum or Windows Hello, keep that in mind so it's not worth 2/3's of the price of a 950XL.  People will buy it, but not at $550!  Like I said, the sweet spot for this device is $180-$200 max.  Any more and people will turn away and get something else newer for not much more.
  • glad their doing it, I gave the green beast to the lady after I sprung for the 950xl, still a champ in terms of functionality and battery. I still get wow'd when I look at it.
  • It is a great phone. I'm not sure I see the value proposition for the price they're asking. But I loved mine while I had it.  Windows 10 must look amazing on it.  
  • Don't try to replace the battery it's too easy to break the digitizer. They should use way less adhesive on the battery. Poor design idea IMHO
  • Not really.. it wasnt designed to be taken a part, so its not exactly bad design if its easy to break while doing sometihng its not intended for.
  • I'd love to get another one of these, even as a secondary mobile device. My old one was the best phone I ever owned. price is obscene though.
  • Great idea, but sell it for $220. You can get a OnePlus One used for $130. New for ~170-200.
  • I'll bid a $150 for one. I think AT&T got into my stash. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • New ones on E-Bay all day.
  • Forgot the decimal point. Meant $1.50 but it was sarcasm anyway. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apparently AT&T had some left over stock?  Why didn't they just continue to sell them until they were gone?  Why did they pass on the L950XL but are willing to sell (again) the L1520?  Is it coincidence that AT&T announced this the day after the L950/L950XL BOGO deal expired?  I don't think so.  I suspect that taking the L1520 off the shelves was something that MSFT pressured them to do to make sure the only thing being sold was W10M phones.  I love my L1520 and a family member still uses it as a heavy daily driver (TH installed), but the price is crazy
  • Too bad it's just black, got my "slimer" green version and love it.
  • Kudos to AT&T.
  • Waaaayyyyy tooo high!!!
  • I'd much rather have the 950 XL but wouldn't pay over $250 for that either!  MS should just give us phones for free for suffering through their endless loop of bug filled builds and a BETA OS!
  • Ha.
  • Man, I remember buying a brand new non refurbished black 1520 at Frys for $80 in fall of 2013. Under AT&T's 2 year contract of course, but still. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, I have a red 1520 and been using it for almost there years now. From wp8 to 8.1 to now wp10. It's one of the beat windows phone till now, even compared to the 950 & 950xl
  • That's bull, att gave me that garbage htc m8 for my 32gb 1520 and now they rerelelease it at full price.
  • AT&T seriously crippled this phone ... 1/2 the storage and no Qi built in? - no thanks!! mind you .. if you look at the way windows is going, despite this being an awesome phone (when you get the .3 one) it's being left out of stuff like NFC payments (despite it being NFC capable)      
  • What's the cash price?
  • Same. ATT pricing is the same, cash or NEXT. NEXT just lets you spread the payments out on your montly bill. It costs no more, as it is essentially a zero interest thing.
  • There is ONE important thing you'all need to know about the next program - they won't unlock  a 'next' phone - I went through this with a lumia 1020 back in the day, and ended up paying them out to 'own' it. it was only then that they would carrier unlock it so I could pop in a SIM in the UK for a two week trip. 
  • I'll trade someone my 1520 for a 950 XL or sell it for $300..
  • AT&T knows how to make a fool out of Windows phone fan. :p
    Too pricey for that specs.
  • A new low Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I bet you can buy this phone in 2020 as well.
  • Great phone but who's gonna buy it for that price tag... That too a 2 yrs old Hello, no continuum... would blindly go for a L950 or wait for the Elite x3...
  • Yup, plus you can find refurb or like-new ones on eBay pretty much constantly for $200, give or take.
  • Or buy a brand new 930 for $200. Know which I'd rather have.
  • Hands down the best Windows Phone I had. Was hearttbreaking selling it.
  • Paying anything more than $200 full price for a 3 year old phone (even one as good as the 1520) is ridiculous.
  • Tell that to the people who are buying 5s for over 200...
  • Paying anything period is overpriced for ANY iPhone.  I unfortunately understand that people would pay it because 99% of humanity do not know any better.  But just because something fetches a high price, it does not denote quality.   I might consider buying an original iPhone for like $10 (not that I could) to sell someday when it's value inevitably skyrockets.  
  • Awesome phone, awesome screen. Switched from S7 back to L1520 after unlocking it :)
  • If it was the 32 GB version i might bite, but 16GB is a step back from my 920. Also no wireless charging.
  • Never thought I would see this phone come back in stores.
  • I'm glad they brought the best phone back! But it's too expensive. They are being sold on eBay for $160 :) unlocked. I'm buying another one
  • The 2 best lumias made to date in my opinion are 925 and 1520
  • Microsoft will be clever create a app will work on every mobile using ''google app'' and give a full WIN 10 , just thinking about ^^
  • I had a 1520 for 2 years and thought I was missing out because I didn't have an android or iphone. So I bought a galaxy s7 edge.  After one month of use it has a cracked screen, it hangs up, it has lag, the bluetooth range on it sux. Just sent it back to Samsung to be repaired and I am back to my 1520.  God I missed this phone. When the s7 edge comes ebay it goes lol