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The Lumia 635 with 1GB of RAM appears to be real

Recent talk has suggested that the popular Lumia 635 Windows Phone was in line for a popular hardware upgrade. One of the biggest limitations to the Lumia 635 (despite being one of the first Windows 10 preview phones) is the 512MB of RAM, meaning some apps just won't install. Various sightings of a 1GB version have started appearing across the web, but now it appears that the phone is somewhat official having been listed on Microsoft's own website.

The listing for the Lumia 635 on now lists 512MB or 1GB as the RAM for the phone, with a note that it's region dependant. Without mentioning which regions those may be. Considering the wide market the Lumia 635 has already launched in, it's not clear cut whether the new version could come in as a replacement, an alternative, or at all in places. Having 1GB of RAM seems to be the new baseline for Lumia Windows Phones, with the likes of the 435, 532 and 535 all recently launching with this amount.

We've reached out to Microsoft, with the statement "we have nothing to share" about all anyone is willing to say on the matter right now. With Mobile World Congress around the corner, perhaps it's in Barcelona where we'll learn more.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab) via WMPU

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  • Is a good job Microsoft
  • Maybe they will have a trade in program?
  • If anything, they should have had a "Trade-in" program for Windows Phone 7's released in spring/summer 2012. Like the Lumia 900 owners, some of whom have just gone off of their 2-year contract. If they didn't have it then (why didn't they?), they will certainly not have it now.
  • Hopefully. If the 1GB version comes out in the states, if they offer trade-ins, I'm so swapping my 512MB 635 for the 1GB version.
  • A trade-in program for a $50 phone? Doubtful...
  • Be done with 512. Call it an economic outlay mistake. Or, I can come with something better; an eff up.
  • Microsoft should have never lowered the minimum specs for windows phone 8. The mandatory minimum ram specs for windows phone 7 was 1 GB and they should've stuck with it when moving to windows phone 8. Continued back pedaling from this company is not only fustrating for windows phone fans, it just one more reason to no longer support this ecosystem. It's bad enough that there are no windows phones that's supported across multiple carriers, it's infuriating that there are no current flagship phones at all!!!
  • I can't get it. Wait, isn't 638 is 635 with 1 GB Ram
  • Microsoft have double standards for Their Customers. Same way Windows Central is behaving,when they launched Lumia 638 in India /china .they wrote a two liner article for that and that's it.
    And on the other hand, for Lumia 635 with 1GB ram (or whatever they call it) they already did 4-5 articles and wait for couple of days they'll come up with an article saying"Here you go,all 18-20 article related to new 635 are here under a special dedicated page "
  • If you don't like what you read here, feel free to go make your own website.
  • Now i see why your visa is declined . :P #RunAwayFromPositiveCriticism
  • I agree
  • Come on t mobile USA!
  • +635
  • That last line made me laugh :D
    "Source: Microsoft via WMPU"
    And you always say WMPU is fake and unreliable :D
  • Lololol
  • This site has many writers. It seems to be Daniel that dislikes wmpu, and this blurp wasn't written by him.
  • That guy is face of WC not others ,they all other are common men workin under him.
  • You come here with the obvious objective to criticize. Like a troll
  • Bet you talk very fast thinking your smart. #wheninindia
  • T-mobile USA doesn't want to support WIndows phone. Doubt it they are going to offer the 1 GB version of the 635 since their branded 512 gb version is selling just fine. It's not secret that T-mobile USA doesn't want to sell high end Windows Phones to their customers and prefers to sell Android or iPhones instead.
  • Microsoft website now shows that tmobile, boost and virgin have 1gb while att is still on 512. Wtf? Att has always been better for Windows phone support now we get jacked?
  • the upcoming 1330 should be released in MWC. i hope 1330 comes with a good price in India.
  • Yeah..... But indian tax sucks .... Lumia 1320 to be launched at 20k but it touched 24k at beginning price....... Hope Lumia 1330 should cost much lesser
  • It will be costly as 830 is 24-25k..
  • should be lesser its better to keep ths price as 19999₹. its the best price. Microsoft needs more sales of wp.
  • No it wont.. 1330 would have better features than 830.. 14mp preview,big screen, etc.. And as the number 1330 is greater than 830.. It will be costly than 830..
  • Pureview, not preview lol
  • Lol.. My bad.. 'Pureview' :P
  • Well actually, the Lumia 635 with 1 GB RAM already exists and is called.....
  • 638
  • *punch*
  • 636 but uses TD as opposed to FD...
  • That's stupid. They should've tweaked the bands in the 638 and marketed it as the same and bring it to USA, Europe etc. 635 with 1GB of RAM is nuts as a branding, although its just me
  • I doubt they'd brand it like that. It'd still just be called the Lumia 635.
  • I think that might make things more difficult. Especially if both variants exist. Actually, if only one variant exists in each country, how do you know which version you have? Obviously there's ways to find that out online but it's more confusing for people. Something like 636 still makes sense. 
  • 636 already exist! With 1 G ram.
  • "The New Lumia 635".
  • Sometimes I miss the old Microsoft names. It would have probably been something like "Microsoft Lumia 635 Revision 2 with Expanded Memory Series"
  • ^This would be great
  • I don't see a reason sticking with the 512 as of now. 1Gig will soon be new 512.
  • Its called inefficient program optimizations and sloppy, amateur programmers.
  • I can't believe they can't make a phone with rear flash and front camera for $100 or less. The BLU Win Jr has them and next moto e probably will. Most of the cheap android phones have them too but windows phone has much better performance, I don't know why Microsoft is limiting the phones Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Lumia 535 anyone?
  • Well they have lumia 925 on eBay for around $100 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • 1+1= :)
  • A 2 Year old mid range phone doesn't count. The 925 was a mid range phone by the time it was released.
  • No thanks, the screen works properly on the 635.
  • The Blu Win Jr. is only 3G. Not a fair comparison to the Lumia 635 which is LTE. If you want all that, and if you for some reason don't want LTE, then by all means get a 3G phone. For me, no LTE = no buy. I understand some areas don't have LTE, and some carriers charge extra for it, but in Canada LTE is the same price as 3G so you might as well make sure you have an LTE device. So I wouldn't consider anything less, since LTE phones are so reasonable now.
  • 3G can be enough depending on where you live ... i can get up to 15mbps on the 1700/1900 bands on t-mobile in kansas city on my old lumia 521 backup phone ... granted my LTE on my 635 is faster but its not like a phone can keep up with processing 20mb of website data per second anyways
  • I prefer to use 2G because it uses way less data. I say no to LTE
  • How does it use less data? LTE just brings me my data faster, it doesn't bring me more data.
  • hmm, glad i've got the 535 by tomorrow
  • I don't mean to sound rude but I always wondered why there are articles about the same product that just more or less update what was said about it in the previous article.
  • Because its gone from rumour to probable, with it being shown on Microsoft's own web site.
  • It's probably going to have a Microsoft logo right?
  • I think you just hit the nail on the head as to why this is the Lumia 635. The 635 is allowed to have the Nokia logo, anything newer isn't. That may be the reason why. :-)
  • But I saw a commercial where Lumia 635 has a Microsoft logo on it
  • A Microsoft logo on the advertisement or on the device? What country did you see the commercial in? I have a Lumia 635, and it has a Nokia logo on it.
  • Here. This must be the New Lumia 635
  • I sure hope so man! I really want the Microsoft logo!
  • No need for about three days, no apps update + why can't we get Lumia camera 5 ?????
    Marketing plan ???
  • What about a 520 with 1gb ram
  • 520 + 1 GB RAM = 525 {exists}
  • 525
  • Uhm...what about the 535? Or the 532? Or even the 435?
  • There's a 638 in some markets with 1GB. Why didn't they just call it this?
  • Yeah dis is how it should be. They should stop making phones with 512mb ram and 8gb storage. Apps are getting bigger. And its just a pain when you can't install an app cos of your ram.
  • 1Gb RAM and a "flash" ! then, lumia 630/635 would be perfect!
  • Perfect?  For what, third world countries?  No, a device that moves toward "perfect" would have the best camera and flagship specs.  Even with the improvements you listed, there's nothing about the 635 that even whispers "perfect".  I bought a 635 just for testing Windows 10 tech preview (which is horrible).  It's a cheap plastic wannabe device.
  • ... for the price
  • Your comparison is wrong, cause you compare specs of different price range devices. It's like comparing your car with a Boeing and saying that your car is piece of crap and it goes slow, etc.
  • Cool all Lumia budget phones coming with 1 gb ram.
  • Still waiting for the next L1520......
  • Microsoft has completely lost it.  It's like they. purchased the devices division of Nokia but dumbed the section down to only making cheap toy phones.  Add to that how horrible Windows 10 is and you have a company in a death spiral.  I want a FLAGSHIP Windows 8.1 device.
  • Windows 10 is not even a finished product, don't judge it yet. + They said that a flagship is coming in summer (I think?!).
  • dude they're literally upgrading an old phone why are you complaining. it's not like more bugdet phones = less flagships.
  • Come on Windows 10 is only half finished. They've done the hard bit which is porting full Windows (well without the desktop) to the phone, the next 6 months will be about refining the UI and adding features. Unfortunately they've decided to delay any new flagships til the release, so we just have to wait. But everything points to great new hardware and the best OS yet, hardly a death spiral.
  • 1. The low-end models are popular in some countries, and much easier to design and produce quicker. A flagship has been promised with Windows 10, so they've got extra time to work on one, and it means the latest, most powerful Lumia can be launched with the latest, most powerful version of Windows. 2. Microsoft in a death spiral. Really? They are an incredibly wealthy company that could fund Windows Phone and Lumia for years, even with no sales at all, if they really wanted to. Windows Phones are just a small part of what they do, Windows, Xbox, Skype and Office earn them loads. 3. As many others have said, W10 isn't even supposed to be tested on actual, daily-used phones yet. It's nowhere near finished, it's WP8.1 stripped back to the basics with new features jammed in. It will get a lot of work before it is released. MS have never released a version of Windows so unfinished before, they've admitted that themselves. Even the more-advanced WIndows 10 on PC/Tablet will get a fair bit of work.
  • Would love to have the 635 with 1GB RAM in the US. Throw in a 5MP front facing camera 10MP rear camera with a flash, priced under $100USD on current 635 trade-in, and call it whatever number you want, and I'd buy it. That would be a sweet upgrade from my current 635.  [* sarcasm tag, for those that won't get it without it *] Oh, wait, for that price I'd also want 32GB internal storage, pureview camera, AMOLED with glance, Snapdragon 810, and a 6" screen. Also has to be water proof to a depth of 150M in salt water, in case I decide to go diving and want to take some pictures, and military grade shock proof and dust protection, in case I decide to play war games in the desert. It should also be able to stop a bullet without taking any damage to the display. [* /sarcasm *]
  • So you want the 830 and the 735 to have a baby but be priced cheaper than either....
  • Would it really upset you if that happened? 
  • No
  • Gonna skip this. The 730 now costs less than my 620 did, when I bought it a year and a half ago :D Plus, the 635 has no FFC, no flash, no light sensor, no glance.
  • It has the light sensor
  • Ok, I might have mixed that one up with the 530, I think that one didn't have the sensor for real
  • No, it doesn't. It's in all the reviews that the 630/635's brightness has to be manually adjusted.  If it had 1GB of ram, the excellent 620 would still be a hell of a bargain.
  • And no touch focus. The 620 does have all that. Except 1gb ram.
  • Yay.I have a 620.
  • Basically the 630/635 are not worthy successors to the 620. That's why I'm looking at 730 or 830. 730 is already cheaper, than my 620 was, when i bought it, and the 830 is dropping price fast.
  • This already in China and India and called as Lumia 638
  • My ignorance talking but when reading this i think: extend this in order to be able to extend the 512 RAM on my  Lumia 630 DS to 1GB and it would be wonderful :).  
  • I'm surprised there is lack of reviews of Nokia 636/638 in Internet. I would like to compare performance between the current 635 and 638. Could WP Central do it right now?
  • Good stuff Microsoft! Now what about Lumia Denim in India for the L1520 (RM-937)???
  • You should post that in every unrelated thread you can, oh wait nevermind
  • So they found an extra $2 to spend on the RAM chip? Good job, pats on the back all around.
  • Damn it. Now I'm stuck with the 512MB model, when a better one exists. Bummer...
  • @patstar5 ...have to agree with you..for a company that big & with their resources why can't they make a good budget phone with flash & good front cam...then there is marketing problem..seems Microsoft does poorly here
  • Why did the 635 need to be refreshed? Just discontinue it and push one of the other numerous budget phones with 1GB of RAM instead.
  • Why not make Lumia 930 with glance screen option? How expensive could it be?!
  • Hopefully, as Windows 10 makes an appearence, so does a new, easier to understand naming scheme to the Lumia line of phones. #LumiaNeedsNewNames
  • Meanwhile is Canada.. 625 ughhh, 1020 and 830 only. The 625 was even too low a spec to get the low spec W10 TP.
  • 1GB RAM is basically the minimum nowadays. Any figure lower than that is just painful.
  • Why?
  • Microsoft is doing a great job in terms of smartphone... Now they should work for app development.. Then the windows platform will fully evolve.. Speaking of evolve
    It is an awesome game..
  • I think it's great that the 635 (or whatever it will be called) will have a 1GB option. Also think it's great that my (lowly) 512MB 635 has run every app I need w/no problems whatsoever. And finally, I think it's great that I paid < $100 (US) for the 635.
  • It says display resolution is (854 x 480) which is kinda strange.
  • Standard with ffc
  • Why do Windows snobs feel compelled to comment on budget offerings? If you have discretionary funds out ur snobby butts then by all means get somethimg better instead of listing in tedious detail how this phone fails to live up to your damn standards.Obviously the 635 isnt targeted at you. Give it a rest already!!
  • Hey damn kids get off my lawn!
  • Fwiw the WC team loves the 635 :)
  • Hoping this'll come to the UK. Anyway, so there's this and the Lumia 640 on the way?!
  • I think saying MS is waiting until Win10 to release a new flagship phone is a load of bull. If I can update a Win8.1 phone to Win10, then what's the big deal. Release a new flagship phone with 8.1 and I'll update it when Win10 comes out. Why have your customers wait when they want it NOW, not LATER.  On the subject of this article: It's nice of MS to upgrade the RAM, how about installing a flash. The front facing camera I could care less about.
  • Does the old 635 have Glance Feature on?
  • Make something different in look
  • Well let's hope it's real. I mean, it probably only added $1.50 to the BOM.
  • Not bad at all.
  • We already have it for a while now in dutch online retailers. ;)