New data confirms Lumia 635's ascent to Windows Phone dominance

AdDuplex ( have released their Windows Phone Device Stats for March, 2015. The story of low-end and entry level Windows Phones continue to dominate the landscape while new figures for India, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy, and the US reveal their unique stories.

AdDuplex runs a cross-promotion advertising network running on 5,265 different apps on Windows Phone, and the data was compiled on March 20 for this analysis.


The latest data proves just how entrenched entry-level and low-end Windows Phone hardware is in the Microsoft mobile ecosystem. Nearly 61 percent (60.8%) of all Windows Phone devices worldwide are made up by the Lumia 520, Lumia 530, Lumia 535, Lumia 620, Lumia 625, Lumia 630 and Lumia 635.

This percentage share of the market is increasing.

In terms of high-end phones, the venerable Lumia 920 holds the largest slice of the data at 4.5 percent, followed by the Lumia 925 at 3.1 percent. Presumably newer devices like the Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 have not impacted the global percentage enough to get differentiated.

At this point, it is hard to know if Windows Phone is just resonating in the low-end or failing in the high-end due to lack of new and enticing hardware.

Until Microsoft releases a compelling flagship phone later this year with Windows 10, we will not know. However, it should be clear that the Lumia 920 is still being held on to by many who do not see the Lumia 930 as its natural heir to the throne.

Lumias rule the roost over HTC and Samsung

It is not surprising to see the Lumia brand making up a massive 96.43 percent of all Windows Phone hardware. This dominance is up nearly half a percentage point from last month's data when it the Lumia total capped at 96 percent.

HTC is holding on at 1.93 percent and Samsung at just 0.78 percent; both dropping from last month's data.

Recently, Microsoft and Samsung have patched up their legal battles to renew some partnerships. It remains to be seen if this détente carries over to Windows Phone. If Samsung is going to make a push back into the Windows Phone world, they likely will not do so until Windows 10 comes out later this year.

Windows 10 on phone dips

Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 preview for phones. Although the number of devices that could run the preview is limited to just a handful of lower-end Lumias, the number peaked at 0.2 percent last month for OS share.

This number has now declined to just 0.1 percent.

Reasons for the drop likely include non-existent updates to that preview (although we are expecting one this week) and the realization that Windows 10 on phone is still too early for people to be using on a daily basis. As a result, people may have rolled back their handsets to Windows Phone 8.1 in anticipation of a more stable release of Windows 10 down the road.

The Lumia 635 is huge in the US, bodes well for Lumia 640

In the United States, the Lumia 635 and Lumia 630 command 32 percent of the Windows Phone hardware. Another 30 percent of the pie is given to the Lumia 520, Lumia 521, and Lumia 530.

The Lumia 635 has gained nearly 6 percentage points over last month, overtaking the Lumia 521 on T-Mobile for top phone. Reasons for the increase in share are attributable to availability on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile in addition to low-cost deals from retailers. Both Amazon and Walmart had the Lumia 635 for just under $50 with no contract, making this LTE-enabled phone a bargain (despite some of its drawbacks).

Microsoft's recently announced Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL have yet to go on sale here. However, the market looks favorable to their success. AT&T will carry both new phones while T-Mobile and MetroPCS are offering the Lumia 640 in the coming weeks.

Speaking of carriers, AT&T still commands 32.3 percent of the Windows Phone space with Cricket (21.5%) and T-Mobile (18.1%) grabbing nearly 40 percent.

It is unfortunate that the Lumia 735 was never released in the US as that device may have fared better in this climate. Verizon was slated to get the phone at one point, but those plans have evidently fallen through.

Country Spotlight: Brazil, France, Italy, Russia, and India

When it comes to individual countries, not much has changed. Brazil's big story is the rise of the Lumia 530 and Lumia 630 over the past few months, now making up a combined 30 percent of the Windows Phone Market (with the aging Lumia 520 decreasing slightly).

In France , the Lumia 830 (3.2%) and Lumia 535 (3.5%) are growing and there the Lumia 635 is doing well with 17.4 percent.

In Italy , one of Microsoft's largest markets for Windows Phone, the Lumia 535 now has 6.1 percent of the market and is now in the fifth spot. The Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 taking a combined 23 percent.

Russia is nearly evenly divided with Lumias with the entry-level phones (Lumia 520, Lumia 535, and Lumia 630) making up the largest share. The Lumia 630 has now passed the Lumia 520 to be the number one reported Windows Phone in that market.

Finally, in India , the Lumia 535 continues to gain on the Lumia 520. The latest entry-level phone is evidently selling very well, gaining 4 percentage points over last month. It now constitutes nearly 20 percent of the Windows Phone market share, creeping up on the Lumia 520's 23 percent.

A full 84 percent of Windows Phones in India are Lumia 7xx series or lower, reflecting the cost dynamics of that emerging market.

Lumia 640


Until Microsoft releases Windows 10 on phones, including new higher-end hardware, not much can change in regards the growth trajectory of entry-level devices.

The good news is that devices like the Lumia 535 and Lumia 635 are doing comparatively well for Windows Phone. Between full availability, bargain pricing, and feature set, customers are responding well to the selection.

The fact that entry-level and mid-range Lumias are being adopted by consumers implies that newer phones, like the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL have an excellent chance of being mini-hits themselves. Reasons for this conclusions include favorable responses from users in the design, pricing, and specifications of both devices, including the renewed focus on larger, higher-quality displays, and improved rear-cameras.

The Lumia name is also still resonating with consumers despite the shift from Nokia to Microsoft branding. It remains to be seen if white-label companies like BLU, who should be releasing LTE devices soon, can make inroads into Microsoft's dominance. Ironically, Microsoft welcomes the competition to help even out device the landscape with their hardware partners.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Lumia 630 is becoming the new Lumia 520.
  • +635
  • How about you guys above me commented here stop dreaming and wait patiently??
  • yes L630 will be the true successor for L520
  • Can you imagine the numbers of some of these phones if they were available on ALL US carriers?
  • It seems to be a waste of money building phones with just 512 mb and to keep releasing these low specced phones defies reasoning. The treatment of the smart phone market as if it is still an immature market are one that is still in it's infancy and Microsoft's slow approach keeps us in bewilderment. If Microsoft and it's partners continues with a decent build/spec quality I am willing to bet they will start eating some of Androids lunch including if consumers start seeing them on store shelves.
  • Dominance of a dead till now project. Only hope w10!
  • What I want to see is all these devices up against iDroid on a pie chart... That would be interesting.....
    That's really the reality of all that matters... Lol.
  • Don't want to waste my time on droid when I have Windows 10 to think about❗❗❗
  • That's seriously closed minded, my friend... Lol.
  • Nope its not.
    We just don't want lagroid in our lifes anymore.
    It sucks.
    It really really sucks.
    I hope the developers behind it will die.
    And then an explosion will destroy every building of Google.
  • How is looking at market share numbers "having Droid in your life"❓❓❓
    I mean, are you aiming to be a blind fan❓ You say that you're so deluded that you don't even want to see the numbers❓ face the facts❓ Did you even read my original comment❓ It was about a pie chart... This is ridiculous. It's almost like you're afraid of something.
  • I'm sure Microsoft would consider this, but for me with no interest in droid anything (though I am well exposed to droid products) really am not seeing my mind closed. Just know what I want, simples :)
  • What does looking at comparisons on a pie chart have to do with what YOU want❓ It's just factual data..... I don't get it. Please explain how this isn't closed minded.
    Nobody is saying that you have to buy iDroid, nor would that mean anything like that... It's all just for perspective.. Please explain your perception of what I originally posted.
  • dude. buddy is insane. he said he literally wanted androids developers to die. why are you still engaging him? 
  • Right.. I read that part earlier, but I commented on it later.. Forgot he said that... Thanks for pointing that out..
    I mean, I say some pretty cynical things, but that's uncalled for.
  • I say cynical things? or he does?    guys seem to pretty regularly give you a hard time? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT, AMIRITE?
  • I say cynical things.... Corrected⬆⬆⬆
    It's simple... The majority are average.. Never set you expectations high for the majority when it comes to thinking below the surface.
  • We all know how that would look like (iDroid would be the pie; WP... thin as the knife to cut that pie).
  • Actually a breakdown of the top five devices on each platform..
  • I hope its not being ignorant when I feel absolutely no allure to IOS and Android devices. The amount of things that I've benefited from and money I've saved since to Windows Phone is enormous. My entire family benefits from this great investment I've made. It's beautiful.
  • I'm with you. I will never buy an iOS or Android device ever again. I tried them both. I hated them. Windows Phone is much better. Even if Windows phones go away completely, I'll still never get an iOS or Android phone as I've come to loathe both Apple and Google and want nothing to do with them, particularly Google.
  • Such pessimism.
    Personal it's better to have it the best of all worlds than stay stranded on one specific platforms. Idk how you can hate an entity. It have no feelings or soul. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The same story ever time, we will wait for next version. Next year we will be saying wait till w11 or whatever that running will be called. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • The 635 is a great device to test Windows 10 for phones!
  • I use it as my daily device with the win10 tp
  • same here, really need the next build though.  Don't feel lots of difference, and some apps can't open at all.  Hopefully will be fixed with the next build, just like in win10 tp desktop.
  • So is the 1520..... Where's the dang preview❓❓
    Partition stitching feature my a$$..
  • Ha ha :D lol on that partition stitching.
  • AHAHAHA Partition Stitching! AHAHA That's some fantastically made up bull****! Belifore even used a 1520 at the Windows 10 Event! Ha-ha
  • Ummm..., he didn't make that up. It was even covered in an article here earlier, so I'm not sure how to explain your ignorance. Check your facts before laughing too hard at someone, this is the internet after all. I'm laughing, but not with you. ; ) Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • It was covered in an article, but not explained.. We all saw that article, and it was just relaying what Joe said... I actually do believe that are just waiting for the next build, and it doesn't have anything to do with a PSF... At least not at this point.
  • Lol.. He sure did.. There's no reason a high end device would be different than a low ender... Not like I work for MS, though.. But, wouldn't they use the lower market share devices before the ones that are more prevalent?
  • " There's no reason a high end device would be different than a low ender... Not like I work for MS, though."   But why let that stop you from talking out of your ass? Gut on a blog comment section obviously knows his stuff more than these guys.
  • I clearly stated it was speculation on my part, so how could I be speaking out my ass❓ You even quoted exactly where I stated it❗
    Either you don't know what you're quoting
    Have a serious perception issue
    Do know how to correctly express your thoughts
    Can't read properly LOL
    Or you are the one who is very much so guilty of speaking out your...... Lets just say face&ass.
  • Oh man, that video XD
  • am wondering the same thing, as am not going to buy an underpowered smartphone just to try the technical preview so microsoft better get their act together      
  • I have a 635 arriving thursday where is a good source of info on updating the phone to WP10 ? Is it fairly easy or a pain ?
  • Just install the Windows insider app on your phone and follow the instructions...
  • Hey Microsoft!! Lumia 740 plz
  • -_- how about Nokia 1100?.. Man, 730 is only 4 months old..
  • Yea , I think I will stand firm with my Lumia 635 , till flagship release.
  • I did want a flagship but my Lumia 920 jas been running great for 2.5 years now. My wife does miss the camera quality on her 635, but phone wise its great. Looking forward to good upgrades this year. Hopefully they arrive on both ATT and TMO as I might jump ships.
  • Every time I pick up a Lumia 920, such memories. It really is emblematic of the Windows Phone style.
  • My 920 is the best phone I've had. Sure there have been natural improvements in its successors but it still stands as the most innovative smartphone when it was launched. I think when people talk of a true 920 successor, they mean a wholesome package in terms of new innovations rather than just spec bumps. I did have to take my 920 a couple of times to the local Nokia Care due to screen breakage and charging related issues but overall I've been more than satisfied. If it can safely chug along Windows 10, I will still retain it for quite some time. I don't switch phones often anyways.
  • How the hell did you break 920's glass? That phone is very tough. I've never worried if I dropped the phone. I just worried if it hits my feet. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The phone is tough for sure. I've dropped it on earlier occassions as well without a dent. But on this particular occassion, it hit the stone on the road while it fell. I guess that must have shattered the glass albeit it was just a few lines of cracked glass and the display was working just fine. I replaced it to avoid risk of any personal injury.
  • I have a venerable Lumia 920 I got on launch date and it keeps on keeping on just fine.  I'm finally starting to see the occasional battery drain that people have been reporting but it's not debilitating.  I just dropped it (again) from waist height onto asphalt and...of course, it came out unscathed.  I think I'll make it till the Windows 10 flagships roll out.  Knock on wood.
  • Anytime I hold my 920, I'm still amazed at how great it feels. There's no one who has held it for the first time in my presence and not commented on its sweetness! It's going to be tough to beat that 920 design!
  • I agree. I want the 1520, but not the gimped version that ATT offers. So I used my upgrade to get a phone as a birthday gift for someone else and am back on my 920 fulltime after a tryst with the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, and Note 3. There is something about the 920...still one of the best screens, cameras, phones available. Just waiting for the Windows 10 flagship, but I'm in no rush.
  • Yup, that's where I am, and maybe where I will stay for a long while. In the household we got a Lumia 920 and a HTC 8X on the same day. The 8X is on its last legs, about to be upgraded to a Lumia 830. The 920 is still operating like it did on day 1. I had read about Nokia quality when I started researching the 920, but I didn't realize it was this good! I hope MSokia stays just as good.
  • +920 still going strong. Great phone, but looking forward to the new flagship. Living in Rio and I love seeing WP around, especially in peoples hands.
  • Same in India: WPs, WPs everywhere.
  • Where is Icon? lol
  • Dead.
  • Well, all those people claiming for Denim update last month would argue with you about that. 
  • It's dead. Verizon doesn't even sell it anymore. It obviously didn't sell very many before they killed it. As a former Verizon customer and 928 user who switched to att because of the killing of the icon I know that it is dead.
  • Mine is very much alive and fabulous.
  • With that ugly Verizon logo you stare at every day? Posted via the Windows Central App
  • +1 Icon here still mint and breathing hehe... Wonderful phone!
  • icon has iconic failure ! sold mine ! it does not go with wp, no double tap  no glance, poor battery ! that might be the reason being flopped !
  • Those 2 features are not deal breakers for me. Glance and double tap to wake came after the icon was made I believe and as I bought mine new I was not looking for them to begin with. I may be wrong bout glance and double tap feature availability but point is the phone is not dead for me and does everything I need it to plus I get alot of compliments on it hehe...
  • Can we please stop with this kind of article layout? They're being used for all kinds of content and the only thing they even come close to suiting is an image gallery. For anything else it's not attractive and it's not as usable or readable as a simple one page article. 
  • Hit 'View All' and the problem is solved. And sorry no, I like this layout for these types of articles.
  • Shouldn't the readers like the layout rather than you? ;)
  • The customer is always right!
  • True, but most feedback we have received (email, twitter, comments) on this layout has been positive, not negative ;) So those "customers" are right too.
  • But most of the people that sound off in comments don't like it. Atleast that's what I've seen most of the times. Maybe they don't have email or twitter I guess :P
  • From my experience, negative opinions/rants/etc make up the majority of comments, where those who like something remain silent, so the negatives are often disproportionately represented. Another way of putting it, people are more like to leave reviews when they don't like something rather when they do (or have no strong feeling). I do take everyone's opinion here seriously and we do keep track of complaints/frequencies, etc. No worries. This format is not finalized and things will likely change.
  • My only issue with the recent change in the layout is that it somehow resulted in enormously sized font that doesn't match up with any other website I visit, so now I have to shrink the view down to 80% whenever I visit Windows Central and then manually set it back to 100% whenever I visit any other site on the World Wide Web. Not sure what you chaps did there to make your font suddenly not match up with the rest of the sites out there, but it has been vexing.
  • That's true. Many marketing studies have shown that a satisfied customer will tell 2-3 people about a positive experience, but a dissatisfied customer will tell 8-10 people about a negative experience.
  • He has a point, Daniel. If the article features a lot of images, then the layout which you currently use will really be aesthetic. However even for a one paragraph article, the current layout is somewhat off tangent. Don't get me wrong. This in no way undermines your team's efforts but a better design would be appreciated. And also, multipage articles can be represented in a single page. If its not too much to ask, please consider using Disqus for your comments section and enable that in the app as well for a more richer commenting experience.
  • They already use disqus. Don't they? o.O sorry if I am wrong. I only access through the app.
  • Nope.
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  • Fine. Fixed. Also, sorry, no on the Disqus. Our Mobile Nations login lets users into the forums and so that they can post on our other sites, while maintaining their post history/reputation.
  • mPrice86, I've been having the same issues with the article/section layout, but I don't think Window Centrals needs to stop using it. I agree the article layout is problematic considering how effective scrolling content is.  However, this layout is a good start that needs feature and usability updates. Navigation: There are 2 ways to navigate: Top Ribbon Bar and Numbered Table of Contents. Ribbon Bar: Stays at the top of the screen while viewing the comments. Responsive UI: Text and graphics in the article do not take full advantage of the white space.  I still need to scroll down to see content. User Interaction: I am unable to use a swipe gesture from page to page. Mobile: The navigation does not appear in the mobile version. Bookmarking: My location is not saved when I leave and return to the page. .... I think the real issue is: What problem is this "layout" trying to solve? 
    How does this layout improve the customer experience?
    How does this accelerate revenue growth?
  • Not surprised! That phone is a great value! For $39? That's unbelievable! And to think people pay almost $700 for an iPhone, it's crazy!
  • What's the total marketshare vs. iOS, Android, BB, ...?
  • This is not smartphone market share, it is market share within Windows Phone. AdDuplex only runs on Windows and Windows Phone devices.
  • What is the market share within Windows tablets. I would like to see where the HP Stream 7 is standing right now.
  • I know. But nevertheless I would have liked to see some statement in this article how Windows Phone is doing compared to other mobile OS. I think it's kind of futile only discussing the market share of low-end WP devices within the Windows Phone world without looking at it from a more global perspective.
  • We have covered that information before, usually in our Kantar WorldPanel reports (on quarterly smartphone sales). Next time, I can link to it, although TBH, not much has changed over the last few months. This data is much more dynamic and reflective of what works/is not working in Windows Phone as its own market.
  • You already know that it's not great. Every article about Windows Phone brings up those numbers.  It is interesting to look at the WP market on it's own, too.
  • It's better not to throw the Android/iOS market share numbers into the mix. By looking at Windows Phone only, it creates a more positive attitude in the comments section.
  • Around 3%. Android around 90%, iOS the rest, besides BB/other which have like 0,2% in total.
  • I hope those crying about a new flagship can see that all the flagships like 930, 1520 are "Others". Hope this shows why budget segment is where Microsoft is investing a lot more! 65-70% customers want budget phones. So yeah, no need for flagship. Makes no business sense.
  • If "others" are the L930 and L1520 then I think they are doing pretty well vs the 520 considering availability.  I wanted a L930 but am on At&t- I think many L920 and L925 users on At&t would have upgraded (the largest percent of US WP users).   It's hard to know what makes more business sense without knowing the profit margins on high end phones vs low end, and also app/music/video sales on high end vs low end. I think they should keep pumping out low end and also release a flagship... which is exactly what they are doing.  
  • @Grimlock, err no they shouldn't be constantly pumping out low end hardware every month. When it comes to updating they will end up with an insane number of models to test thus delaying the ability to push out updates in a prompt manner. Just keep it nice and simple.
  • Yes, and that alone will make us not want a flagship. Yup. Ok, enough with the sarcasm; if it wasn't for the present flagships (the 1520 to be precise), I wouldn't be using a Windows Phone at all - I'd be toting a Note 4, most likely. These stats do show the strength of the OS, though, doing well at a level where the alternative (Android) struggles...
  • "others" is a high percentage so difficult to argue as it is unknown.
  • Sure, but there needs to be one or two popular flagships. Otherwise, developers will see WP users as a group of low income people not willing to spend money.
  • This. Windows phone will get the image of a phone for poor people. I want high tech and innovation not budget phones. If MS is taking that road in taking the iOS road. And I have been a loyal fan since first phones came out. I own a 930 and still awaiting for news of a new flagship.
  • Wow, what analysis!    First as others have pointed out the "other" category is still 30% of the total and without details of that breakdown its hard to talk about a particular flagship let alone come to conclusion like "no need for a flagship". From my perspective the flagships are either niche devices due to size or rather flawed.   I expect that is the driving factor behind the poor performance of the current flagships, not that the Windows Phone segment doesn't desire flagships.   Rather nothing out there is interesting enough for us to move from our 920's. I really lay this at the the feet of MS for not having a flagship in lieu of McLaren in time for the holiday season 2014 when many people's 920 contract came due.   This doldrums at the high end is entirely expected, not a reflection of lack of interest.
  • BLU is cool!
  • I bought my (refurb) BLU Win HD for ~$100. Does the job for a low-end development device. Hoping to get Windows 10 on it soon.
  • Lumia 535 is gonna neat 520 in India within 4 months of its release.. Great
  • Real conclusion. Lumia 6xx whatever should be given out for free also include the 5xx whatever anything 1 gig of ram Should be free. Spread your your real products (services) to more than 3% of the mobile market. comparing the most withing a 3% market is just offensive.
  • In fairness, the 3% market thing hides individual stories in various markets. Places like India, France, Italy, Russia, even the UK, Brazil, etc. have 10% or more market share. What happens is countries where WP market is low e.g. US, China, skew the numbers to make it look like a global failure. Windows Phone is doing well, just in select markets. The bigger problem is what constitutes success in this market? Complete dominance, partial, 10 percent? Even 3% of the global market is millions of users.
  • As a customer of Microsoft I am personally content. I guess that is what matters to each of us. This whole perception that Microsoft is a hardware/software company kind of paints a partial picture of the whole. The real battle that's going on is for mind share. I think you have seen this for years now. I might be a bit off topic here but alas I have gone too far to stop :). Other tech giants are consuming smaller companies for their tech, services etc. Needless to say is that we will not see an uptick in new giants anytime soon. With each segment of the tech industry only about two or three are built to last. Sony is not one of them. At least not in its current form, Samsung is running the same risk as Sony (over leveraged in diverse set of products/services ) time will tell. Apple is key as they introduce a product with less frequency (they do not need to) thus allowing them to be more flexible with operational cost etc. Microsoft is a balanced machine as well. They are pushing their services line of product hard, as they should. The PC market has an understood cap in terms of potential earnings this understanding has taken the industry ~30yrs. The next 30yrs is evolving right in front of our faces and they know it. Mind share is king. How they win this battle will be up to balance Vs risk (not to mention global political stability). Many will fall, in the end maybe but two will be left standing. Free is not always free specially when it's a battle against your conscienceness. Rant over and excuse all grammatical errors. Work phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tech ages are getting shorter. The things that played out in 30 years before play out in 10 now.
  • It makes sense with the current device line up. I have an 830 upgraded to 10 and rolled back to 8.1 as it was too unstable. I purchased the 635 for $30 to put 10 on it and it runs better on 635 than 830. The 635 is a really nice device which is missing some important things, which the 640 covers. So for anyone looking for entry level, 640 will be amazing. As for me waiting for the new flag ship to replace the 830. It should be 5 inches like the 830.
  • I'm waiting on the 640XL from AT&T :)
  • Same buddy. Hope it isn't overpriced or at least comes with some kind of promotion. Like their new earbuds to be included would be nice.
  • +920 Yeah Att really is the go to Windows carrier. With over 50% of the US market (they own Cricket)
  • Any sources about the total marketshare WP holds in India?
  • Not to my knowledge, no.
  • Thanks! Dan :)
  • There is a company called Gfk who usually publishes India smartphone market may want to search for their data...
  • We are 3rd largest after micromax, and Samsung. Soon we gonnaa become second.
  • As a os market share we are in second position in India. As a vendor, Microsoft in third position
  • 520 is never gonna die. :P
  • Agreed they should make a gold version of of the Lumia 520 to show respect to the legend
  • Agreed with you as well ;)
  • ^ 520 XL
  • +520 my first winphone. Passed it to my sister when I got my Icon and still going strong.
  • Hell yeah. My first and current smartphone!
  • Highend devices never sold that well if combined with WP. Thats why their prices drop insanely fast after release. I got my 920 for 199€ new just 5 months after it came out here in Germany. I payed 150€ for a used 930. New they are sold for 299€. Sometimes even less. The only one who sells it for 569€ is Microsoft's own online store. There simply isn't any demand for Wp high end yet. WP has to become more attractive to the masses first
  • Or perhaps the 920 was more a niche camera phone and the 930 was late to market. Both were also carrier and country restricted.
  • No restrictions in Germany, I guess.
  • The 630 has become the standard basic level smartphone for public employees here in Denmark; I'm sure that alone will make it the best selling Windows Phone in the country. It'll probably make it one of the better selling phones overall in time...
  • Why not l635? Y'all favor dual-sim?
  • There is also a Lumia 630 Single SIM 3G.
  • From a purely business perspective the low end sales are keeping WP afloat, so this is definitely a good thing. But with overall market share is relatively the same it seems like it is a shift from high end users to low end users.  I don't think this is good for the platform, but I'd be curious to know what the numbers are like as far as app downloads and purchases low end vs high. Releasing a bunch of low end phones and one high end phone every year may not be a bad strategy.  Whatever R&D they do for a high end phone will inevitably trickle down to the lower end in the following years.
  • Where can I get different colored backs (preferably official) for my 635?
  • The microsoft store :)
  • for 20 bucks i got 3 on amazon, it only took a month for shipping.
  • Its only dominating 2.5% of worldwide marketshare, to our it in perspective.
  • The % for "others" is high and no explanation for what other includes confuses me when looking at the overall picture.
  • Isn't the 630/635 on Sprint as well?
  • Correct, will add!
  • Waw. Now Dan deleted my comment. Okay kick me out if you want I was just telling the truth.
  • But this is killing WC Dan. I was just trying to sent a news bit to the people who may read it and try to get info. I was doing what you did. We may not be as popular or professional or talented like you. But we are also breathing air and eating food just like you. Try to give and take respect. Sorry if I offended you.
  • What was your news bit?
  • About WhatsApp getting VOIP calls.
    No offence but given your logic Daniel, windows central shouldn't be posting any news then. That said, nithinsuren should use the forum instead.
  • If whatever you posted was off topic, then I'm glad he deleted it. I wish it would happen more here.
  • The news bit was exactly what Electrodude16 has told. But that wont hurt me. But he deleted it after I pointed out windows central was getting slower and slower in news and leaks and we loved this community here at windows phone central before. But now things are changing and I was telling he was getting too angry with fellow commentators and being with that attitude it wont help wc. That hurts. We love Microsoft and we are here to see fresh bits of news and leaks. Before there was no need to go to different sources to find news. But things have changed and this makes wc go down. I respect Dan but I believe respect should be given and taken back.
  • If you want to post your off topic news, start your own blog.  Don't act all butt hurt here.
  • ^^what he said^^
  • Dude. I am not whining for the deletion. I don't care. But I was pointing out wc is going slow. And I used to like this ecosystem. It's sad that it's dieing.
  • There is a dip in the preview builds because its buggy =). Any word on when the next preview build might be out? I have my 635 primed for that while I use my 530 (I had to buy it when I switched to tmo) as my daily phone. 
  • I expect something new this week.
  • Is that just an educated guess or has someone at MS eluded to it?
  • Gabe has pretty much said as much.
  • O.o where..?
  • I believe a top tier flagship is required to help sales, imho. ...... I would be totally happy with a new flagship being the 940, same screen size with 810 chipset, wireless charging, led notifications but you know, thinner, lighter sort of thing ❗❗
  • Like the 930/Icon, and 1520 helped sales? Do you see them in the pie chart anywhere?
  • "other" in the charts is a high % but no idea what this contains, so hard to make a solid argument here. But, going by your comment, WP would be better without or with a top tier flagship? Not sure what you are saying? 930/Icon were severely market and carrier restrained and late to market. The 1520 is just too big for most and again market and carrier restrained.
  • thank you 2tomtom... I would also add that flaws such as no Glance or SD Card slot for the Icon/930 helped depress sales.
  • this also is the stupidity of Nokia and Microsoft naming scheme 520, 630, and now 640, etc. That could have been something like galaxy min or lumia mini then all lumia mini is still dominating, so whither you had the 520, 630 or the new 640 and xl it will still be lumia mini is dominating instead who what, etc. All they all would relate to just one or two brand and would be less confusing , just like one os win 10 they need to simplifi naming 3 at the most lumia I Know that technically they are all lumias but if they are going to be then you have to have series like the s series , so you can have the pro series the budget series and the medium series. you could name on something the the mystique , the when next version came it would be the mystique 2. etc then instead of the 530 going against the 520 you would say 100 million mystiques have sold just like they do iphone and galaxy How many are they old and new and variations for different countries and networks, dual single sim, etc???????
  • Microsoft's choice to not release a Lumia flagship for almost two years was a huge mistake. Flagships may not necessarily be huge sellers, but they create brand awareness that budget phones just don't.
  • Lumia 640 and xl will be huge too
  • Yep. Lot of people here are looking to upgrade to them.
  • Thoughts and questions: 1.  My thought is that the high-end sales numbers are suffering from lack of new hardware. I'm not running out to buy anything high end at this point, until the new OS is released.
    2.  How many of these sales in the US are being sold as backup devices, Win10 test devices or other non-main-driver use?
    3.  I've seen some people bad mouth these sales as being primarily "prepaid".  I doubt that, but I wonder if there is any data on that subject. If I see another can't-miss sale on one of these, I might snag one, to test Win10 on AND to have a backup and I'll cancel that worthless insurance through AT&T. 
  • "2.  How many of these sales in the US are being sold as backup devices, Win10 test devices or other non-main-driver use?" I think this is a legitimate concern.  I suspect a lot of the L520 sales from the last holiday season aren't being used as daily drivers.  A lot of people looking for deals were getting them as stocking stuffers or mp3 players for working out (based on what I saw on slickdeals and fatwallet forums).  It's not like the L520 sales were skyrocketing when it was first released at full price.
  • 1........
    If you are not running to buy anything high end until the new OS is released then why would anyone? People would wait and hence no new hardware(flagship) till Windows 10.
  • I'm not in disagreement with you. If I shattered both my 920 and 1020, I would just get a cheap holdover until Win10 dropped with the next wave of high-end devices. 
  • Lumia 640 will make history in india..if it is priced around 10000rs
  • Not gonna happen I guess. At least the entry price would be around 17k. It will take some time to hit the 10k mark. But I get your point. They have to accommodate some temporary losses to increase market share and probably enable carrier billing and other payment options and try and recover the cost via app downloads.
  • The 640 and 640 XL will be awesome in sales , because there is a version of each device which supports dual SIM + LTE , that's awesome
  • "Low end and entry level Lumia's continue to dominate the landscape"
    Hardly surprising as these are the only phones that Microsoft has been releasing. Why are they not releasing a flagship phone year on year, something people can be wowed at.
  • The new 640 and 640XL are amazing.  I love my 535, but I wish I had waited for that. 
    New flagship is well needed, but it makes sense to wait for Windows 10. Good thing 535 was so cheap, that means I will be able to pick up a Windows 10 flagship. 
    Hope to see the 535 and 640 rise to the top. 
  • What about the world market share for the others OS compared to WP?
  • AdDuplex only collects data on Windows Phone. You'll have to wait for reports from Kantar or IDC.
  • Considering the 635 was the ONLY Windows Phone to choose from at some providers in Canada, for much of last year, this isn't too surprising.
  • Still rocking my 920 and 1520. Got a 635 to give win10 a spin. I am holding off for another flagship, but if it doesn't have dual sim, I'll likely settle for lower specs but the convenience to combine two lines on one phone
  • What do you mean wait for another flagship? You dont have 1 now. 920 may have been a flagship a long time ago but not now, that's like someone with an iphone 5 telling their apple mates they're rocking apples flagship phone.
  • He also has a 1520. Also, he bought a "flagship" when he bought the 920 and is now waiting to buy another. Why so quick to jump on someone??
  • The 920 is still a member of the flagship fleet. It is one of the few WPs that comes with Pureview, glance, wireless charging, 32 & 64gb, and hd screen. It's an old ship, but still a full featured one. BTW, you forgot that he also has a 1520, and that is the current WP flagship.
  • Okay so Daniel expect something new this week. 1. More Lumias supported for TP
    2. More stable build than current one
    3. Some new features that you guys will love :P
  • I would actually say that the decrease in W10 users is due more to sales to new WP8.1 phones rather than to rolling back to WP8.1. New users don't want bugs on a brand new phone and also likely aren't aware of the opportunity to jump ahead to W10. Not to say that users rolling back to WP8.1 isn't a factor - it definitely is, but I believe both reasons are about equal in relevance.
  • That's wuz up MS keep doin y'all thing
  • My 920 died.. And a 635 replaced it until something better comes to the USA. Maybe 640 will be that puppy
  • Ooooops...accidentally "reported" this while trying to hit the up arrow. 
  • Its Really good to see Dan around!
  • This just goes to show that if Android can become huge going the Low-Mid range then Windows phone can too. Time for a bigger piece of the 3 place pie
  • What is the marketshare for Windows Phone against iOS and android in India? Any clue? I have been looking for the exact figure but haven't found out. I have checked IDC and Kantar but thet don't have it. :/
  • My Lumia 930 is not where to be found. I am from India. 
  • I'm testing The Windows 10 on my lumia 730, bought a Lumia 630 and now a Lumia 535. The prices are very fair now, becoming easy to aquire such devices here on Brazil
  • Conclusions.... The future line up should be... $70 430, $90 435, $100 532, $130 535, $150 640, $180 640xl, $230 730, $650 940, $700 940 XL 9 Models a year, only 2 over >$300, THAT'S IT!!! 1. Flood the zone with <$300 phones, thats where future market growth is 2. kill the 830 & 1020, the 1020 is too niche a product & last years flagship can fill the 830s price range. 3. WORLD WIDE RELEASE of the 940/940xl & available on 3/4 of the major us carriers ON LAUNCH!!!! 4. Massive marketting selling the universal app story between Microsofts 3 popular consumer products Windows/Surface pro 4/Xbox One and new flagship device.  
  • How about this: 5xx model to replace the 4xx lineup, $50 or less 6xx model to replace the 5xx lineup $50-100 7xx model to replace the 6xx lineup, $125-175 7xx XL model to replace the 1320, $150-200 8xx model as the 'affordable flagship' but with a flagship CPU next time, ~$300 9xx model 'normal flagship', $5-700 9xx XL model 'phablet flagship', $600-900 6 base models a year (not including single/duel sim variants or country/carrier variants).  If they want to make another 730 'selfie' phone, or a 1020 'camera' phone then that is great, but launch them under a different brand/number scheme so as not to confuse things.  Everything needs to have at least 1GB of RAM and SD card support, and the 7xx and up devices should offer nice features like Qi charging and NFC baked in.  The 5xx device should be as cheap as possible, but still offer a decent OS expierence.  The 6xx and 7xx devices should offer the same CPU and RAM setup and differentiate on features, feature quality, and build quality.  The 8xx and 9xx devices should also offer the same CPU and RAM platform, but then the 8xx device can cut corners to dramatically reduce costs on things like the screen, camera, wifi standards, build quality, etc. Most importantly, all devices should be able to run all apps in the store (lower end device may not run games well... but should not be excluded), and all devices should get an updated version of the device every year.  It may not be a huge difference like moving from the 920 to the 930, but even something like the 920 to the 925 would be 'good enough' where there is always a good point to jump in without having to worry about being instantly outdated if a new device is coming out in 3 months, or wondering if you will need to hold onto your device for 3 years before a replacement comes allong.
  • Nope...I would love a 1020 replacement photo beast! Keep 10xx range!
  • "Wait till they get a load of me" -Lumia 640
  • Great for testing 635!
  • Microsoft low end phones dominate because it is practically all they are making.
  • Conclusion...Verizon, you suck at supporting one of the best platforms on phones in favor of supporting Android and iOS.
  • I like 535 and i wanna buy one for my younger brother,but I've heard it cant play 720p or 1080p that right?
  • 720p is fine, but cannot play 1080p.
  • Where is the Lumia Icon on the US devices list? We all but skipped the 930 series here and thats very unfortunate
  • I have always been Skeptical. If you don't use any apps with ad duplex then would you be recorded on this list? Do people with lesser budgets buy cheaper phones and use more free apps? It is only ad duplex. Its not microsofts stats.
  • If you used literally no apps on a device on a specific carrier then you would be invisible, but they have a general idea of numbers to begin with and take that into some account of their reports.  Certainly not infallable (especially a while back when they apparanty changed their weightings and the numbers were all over the map), but it certainly gives a good picture of things, especially when compared over time.
  • Must be everyone who wants to test windows 10
  • I love my 520 so much even after 2 years of purchase, I wonder how awesome would the experience in high end phones like 920, 1520 be like. Any android after such a long use would have become crappy by now.
  • The expierence on the 920 is not that much better from a usage perspective as it uses a lot of the same core hardware and the OS is very forgiving.  What makes the 920 nicer is the features and build quality.  Oh, and the size of the device.  I tried using the 520 for a few weeks when I was repairing my 920 and OMG was it frustrating trying to type on such a tiny display.  I have enough issues typing on the 920 in portorate mode, on the 520 it was nearly impossible!
  • Yeah, it does have a really small display. I'm used to it and I love it, but even I wouldn't be after trying out a 1520 or something similar.
  • I noticed a huge difference in the general animation smoothness, and ofc screen quality when comparing 720 to 920.
  • I'm not sure what the question is here. Find me a sub-$100 non-subsidized Android with 1 gig of RAM, SD slot, and front facing camera. I'm not trying to be a specs guy, but 1 gig ensures smooth use across most all low end devices (tablets included). SD slot and front facing cameras are obvious. Closest I can find Android wise in the US is the Moto E for just over $100. Something tells me the low end devices aren't selling in mass because of entry to that ecosystems app catalog- people with that goal are probably dropping more money. I found the same to be true with tablets- the 7" Winbook (bought in store for $60) is in a land of its own with what you get for the money.
  • I hope that other OEMS, particularly Samsung and HTC, will field a range of Windows phones in the future, as it isn't ideal having Microsoft being responsible for all hardware output.
    It makes it look like they"have to" support their own operating system due to other OEMS not liking it. That would be a driving force for increased market share.
  • I think this tech news story and the other 1000's like it is going to hurt WP in the future, Like I said and everyone knows why buy any WP when you get better Microsoft apps and service on the other platforms. And dont say its because you can get a nice budget WP for like 30-$200.00 if you think that then you need to look at the Moto x, Moto G, and the Blu Studio X and X-Plus.
  • Hanging on to my old GPS-less Lumia 920 a little longer for the launch of the 640.  Then I'll jump all over whatever the next flagship device is and keep the 640 as a good backup device.  The 830 is OK, but too expensive for what it is (a 930 cost the same price online!), and while the 635 is an OK device at a good price, the 512MB of RAM is a practical limitation for me (especially with the 640 coming out in the next month or two).
  • Great device, especially for the money. I purchased one on Amazon for $30 a couple weeks ago and wish I had bought a few more.
  • 3.1% Lumia 1020 crowd sign in here.
  • Well my work is deploying L635 to everyone, approx 20,000 people.
  • Wow. What company?
  • Well, that dispels the myth someone was pushing that 63x sales were all to people without jobs and were on prepaid plans! ha ha
  • HTC One M8 for Windows should've been available worldwide. Hope it happens with the M9.
  • So 3% is non nokias. 28% of all phones is 'Other'. That means 25% of those others are Nokia phones ...would be nice to know what they are.
  • Happy owner of the Lumia 625, the only issue I have is non Miracast support which the Lumia 635 or greater phone solves.  I'm looking forward to obtain the Lumia 640 XL or the 735, depends basically in which one arrives faster where I live, I'm from Mexico.
  • I bought Lumia 630 because of the Windows 10 Technical Preview and I think that's the reason why 630 is rising in numbers. However, when I tried to install W10 TP, it says, there's no preview build for my phone. Until I read the note in the website. If says some device from the list may or may not be supported by the technical preview. That sucks. I wanted to return the phone.
  • Bought and broke a 635, my fault, went back to a blackberry because of an incredible deal on Q10, great phone, glad I have it.  Look forward to getting a 640, or perhaps even a 640 XL if I can manage the huge size.  I forgot my wallet when I went to the coffee shop today, first time I've wished for a phone payment method.  Really hope that MSFT sorts this out, not just for developed markets, but for the developing world.  Mobile payment and banking seems to really needs OS level development.
  • WP may not be doing well overall, but for MS to own basically all of 4% or whatever is not too bad. How many other OEMs have 4% of the smartphone market?
  • Those who held onto the 920 instead of going 930 have missed out on some good times. By the time the next flagship comes I would've had over a year with my 930 and will be ready for the next. They missed a flagship.
  • Nowadays I'm seeing a lot of 730s here in India :)
  • in india 16% of WP users are using non-lumia Windows phone(mostly are htc and the indian manufacturers).....hope MSFT support them in providing the updates
  • It's clear the low end phone dominate the WP market, but have they managed to grow the total WP market share?
  • 2015 Phone LOADED with 2013 technology.  I understand the need for market saturation.  But (A) when is Microsoft going to start to promote this large number of new users buying their low end devices, and (B) what kind of attention will it get them?  The darn APP situation isn't getting better and we are losing ground on at least 1 critical APP each week.  (See: NO Instagram update for WP, Chase Bank pulls WP APP, no MLB 15 update for WP, etc.)  It would be nice for Microsoft to focus on this APP and Market Share challange while the propeller heads (no offense Sam S.) work on WM10.
  • That's great but this phone is a slow laggy POS. It's so frustrating to use and not a good showcase for WP. Cheap yes but there is a reason. I understand it's a low end market share grabbing mule, but everyone I know that's tried it has sworn off WP as a laggy POS. No Bueno. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not that "many who do not see the Lumia 930 as its natural heir to the throne", haven't upgraded from a's that the carrier they bought their 920 on, doesn't offer any higher end models.  In my case with AT&T, I've switched to the 830...but I would have preferred the 930.  I'm not likely to switch carriers just for a phone...Verizon is the only one who launched a variant of the 930 in the US (that was a problem). Hopefully the hype around Windows 10 will help nudge the next high end device onto all carriers.  You can't buy it if it's not available...
  • Well the 520 had a good run as top dog for Windows Phones, but it's fairly old now so I guess more people are upgrading. In May my 520 will be two years old so I'll make way for the new Lumia 640 very soon as my daily driver. Hopefully that will be just as reilable as my 520 has been.
  • Bought a 635 for a friend but now he's having WiFi connection issues...searched for solution online only to find more complaints from people not being able to connect to their own home WiFi...Is this flaw the reason they were selling for $30 recently???
  • My brother has a 630 it looks pretty decent. Too bad no flash though.