Lumia 635 now available from Sprint for no money down

The Nokia Lumia 635 is now available from Sprint. The 635 is available for no money down, either with a two-year contract, or with a $7 monthly fee over 24 months. It's not surprising that the Lumia 635 has ended up on Sprint, given that Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, two prepaid brands owned by Sprint, began selling the phone in December 2014.

The Lumia 635 is a low-cost phone first introduced in April 2014. A variant of the Lumia 630, the 635 has a 4.5-inch screen, along with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It has 8GB of internal storage, expandable with a microSD card, and 512MB of RAM. While Sprint will sell the phone only in the cyan color, the Lumia 635 features a removable rear shell, allowing you to swap it for a color of your choosing.

Source: Lumia US on Twitter, Sprint

Thanks to Zapella for the tip!

Joseph Keller
  • Sprint should also take 535.
  • The 535 should just come to the states.
  • Hope so, it's a killer phone. MS did a great job on this one.
  • Just don't like that 512ram part. If not for that, heck even with that, it's a good entry level phone. At least it's a quad core. However, quad doesn't always mean better, so who knows?
  • The 535 had 1GB.
  • Its great mid range phone
  • I'm waiting patiently for AT&T to grab it
  • You can get it online for $130 or so. Just make sure you're getting the RM-1092 variant to get North American frequency support.
  • AT&T has had it for some time now on GoPhone.   *Edit: I misunderstood, I thought you were referring to the Lumia 635.
  • I wonder which is faster overall. Lumia 635 with better processor but 512MB RAM or Lumia 535 with weaker processor and 1GB of RAM.
  • Lumia 635 has 4g also, not sure about the 535
  • Both has 8GB. Only 635 has 4G.
  • 635. A faster processor is going to result in a faster device. The 1 GB might keep you from seeing "resuming", but that is not a measure of speed, more of an issue of latency. 535 should be better for gaming. 535 records SD video whereas 635 records HD video.
  • I bought one this morning! My first sprint WP. So far so good. :D
  • Nice!
  • Nice, congrats!
  • Got my mum one and she's very happy with it. Enjoy!
  • Why the frig couldnt they put front camera on 635? I swear this whole Lumia series is so mixed up..1 has LTE, the other has Gorilla glass, but not Glance, the other has Double tap to wake, but the other has front camera.  The other has bla bla, but the other has bla bla.....
  • Because to keep price down, features must be sacrificed. And by putting many different devices with different selections of said features on them, the consumer is given more choices to suit their needs. The higher end you go up, the more features and high end features they will have.
  • I've heard that argument before but it doesn't make sense always....for example how can 520 have double tap but 635 not????
  • That's why I chose the 620 which has everything and is cheap at the same time :) (except 1gb ram)
  • The more the merrier.
  • Go to Sprint wanting one and get talked into something else! It's inevitable.
  • I can't stand it when fakes sales reps do that; as if they "know" what your needs are and they type of phone that fits you best.
  • Yup when in reality it is for them to get the higher incentive. selfish. and the #1 reason windows phone does NOT sell here in the states. I see it every single day.
  • Glad to see them selling a Lumia. But at $7•24 = $168, that's a bit pricy for a L635. Heck I got the att version from MS store for $40. But if your on sprint your options suck anyways.
  • Then again, it does have all 3 bands of Sprint's LTE in it. Go to Boost or Virgin and get it for $99.
  • That's what I was thinking... what a ripoff. But then, Sprint in general is a complete ripoff in my opinion... worst service of any carrier by far (phone service and customer service)
  • That's not fair or true, depends on location and individual. Just because you may have had a bad experience don't speak for all of us.
  • Normally I agree completely with this outlook on carriers.  It all depends on the area you're in.  But after (1) my experiences with them (2) my wife's school district's experiences with them (3) their support/lack there of with Windows Phone/PalmOS, I have a special exception for Sprint.  They are simply the worst.  I'll go ahead and add an "imo" in case it makes you feel better, but I don't believe it.  ;-)
  • That's funny... I did the same thing and caculated it out. WAYY over priced. Glad to see Sprint is carrying windows phones, but in my book, If your stuck on Sprint and want windows phone, get it somewhere else and dont stay locked in any longer than you have to.
  • According to the Lumia on Twitter the Sprint Variant is $179. That is a tough pill when the ATT variant is often well below $79
  • ATT has the cheapest 635 by far.
  • Yep, bought 2 after Thanksgiving for $50 a peice. 
  • That price is a king's ransom for what it is...Do they still have any Ativ S Neos lying around? Any 8XTs? They sell pretty cheap used.
  • When I got my Neo in April, the store had to order it for me.  I went back to the store in October with a question & my phone was the ONLY Windows phone sold all year!!  So my guess is that most stores won't have them.  I do love my Neo, but jumped onto the Dev Preview and now the Sprint firmware won't update.  Going to try a re-set tomorrow and see if that works.  
  • There are threads on this issue in the 8XT forum section Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There are a couple of threads in the forums about updating the Neo to 8.1.  Most of us had to revert back to 8.0 before we got the official update.
  • To get the update you need to roll back to 8.0 and then get all the updates before going to DP.
  • They also sell them on Microsoft Stores' website.
  • For sake of supporting Windows Phone on Sprint, I would buy one. Yes, just one person, little ol' me really won't make a difference, but it's just the notion of supporting them that almost makes me want to get one, in hopes that Sprint would pick up a high-end flagship Windows Phone later on. I have an 8XT and from the side-by-side comparison I'm pulling up..... is it actually a downgrade? They're pretty similar spec-wise, does anybody disagree? Or does somebody wanna tell me what aspect of the 635 makes it an 8XT-killer.
  • One reason, its a Lumia and not HTC.
  • Haha... Very, true. thanks for the reply. I still just see some bad drawbacks, particularly, no camera flash, no FF camera, lower RAM. If the 635 had all it has, but with a killer hi-res display, I'd probably get it.
  • It is a very hard pill to swallow when you have to choose a lumia phone simply because of the support over a phone that is overall better in every way. This is what we have to deal with for choosing the OS we enjoy -_- I would never recommend a phone to a friend without a front camera and no flash for the back. But then again I would only tell them to get a lumia if they want a windows phone. See how much that contradiction sucks lol
  • I'm just playing. I didn't mean to spawn any arguments. Not saying you (kkid) is, but look at some of the other comments.
  • The very reason I skip over some posts about new phones is the fact they're not Lumias.
  • Yes, 8XT is a better phone, but, the 635 is Spark enabled. Though, I'm going to guess that MMS isn't broken on it like the 8XT...thus my posting using the Android app... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How is your MMS broken? On my 8XT, group threads gets messed up and often I get text messages saying "Media content in this message" that end up being 'ghost messages'. Messages that weren't actually sent by that person. And when you open them nothing happens.
  • I have the same issue with the HTC Arrive I'm still using. It's a real pain in the rear when people send a group text message and you have no idea what it says. I've tried rebooting, updating the PRL, and updating the network profile. Sometimes it works, mostly I have to wait hours before the message will finally come through. 
  • that's it, you have to turn off 4G to get them... totally annoying Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Actually 8XT MMS is broken on LTE connections... In order to restore your MMS you have to go to cellular network settings and disable LTE (CDMA only). Once you do that your phone will send and accept MMS again.
  • Do I have to do this once, or once every day, or every hour, or CDMA all the time? Plus it seems to only happen in group threads..
  • The All Spark?
  • This is a great budget friendly phone but $7 for 24 months is a bit much. The AT&T variant can be had on Amazon for $54 contract free. Yes, I switched to Android (due to missing Apps I needed) but this might be a good phone to buy to play with Windows 10 later this month. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • No front facing camera. That alone makes this not an option if you use Skype.
  • You can actually use Skype. My parents both have this phone and the rear camera can be used for Skype. While not ideal it does work.. The camera actually isn't half bad. It routinely takes better pictures than my 2014 Moto
    X Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I understand it is possible, but to even release a phone without a front facing camera in 2015 is pathetic. I can get a $20 phone on a prepaid plan with a screen resolution better than this and with a front facing camera. Look, I applaude Sprint for finally getting a Lumia. But, they chose the cheapest one they could. I suspect based of Sprint's history of non-support they reluctantly got this one to shut up their current user base (of which I am) asking for new Windows Phones. They got a cheap one so they would have to support it, but claim they offer what the people ask for. It is more proof that Sprint doesn't get it. Having said this, I hope it sells so well they are forced to offer better WP devices in the future.
  • Fair enough. It's still not a bad little phone though :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You could use the rear camera standing in front of a mirror. Jk
  • I bought one this morning as a backup for my ATIV S Neo! I think its a very nice device, here's to more Lumia (and WP in general) on Sprint in the future!
  • That is what I'm planning to do as well.
  • Wouldn't a yellow 1520 look nice on Sprint?
  • I certainly agree Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They are ice skating in hell today
  • The 635 would make a good phone for Microsoft to come out with a upgrade. Add 1GB of ram, a flash on the bck and a low res camera for the front. The display is very good and it would make a excellent upgrade to the 535 with a few add ons. Hell it has the same processor as the 735/830. Just needs a little help. I bought one as a backup to my 820.
  • This will be the Lumia 632...
  • Waiting for the Lumia 632, with 4G, 1G RAM, FFC, flash and proximity and luminosity sensors...
  • Didn't the iPhone 4 have 512mb of ram? It's really not that bad.
  • Lol up to the iPhone 4S had 512 RAM Crazy how the iPhone 6 still only has 1GB RAM. Just shows that a well optimized OS goes a long way. For many people 512MB is perfect. I see my parents smartphone behavior and they never have 2 apps open at once lmao kinda funny but yeah
  • By the way people. This is a world phone with quad band GSM and all 3 bands of Sprints lte all for $168 outright.
  • You make it sound like it's a good deal. I'm "almost" tempted to go out and get one. But first I need at least an explanation on why I should care about 3 LTE bands. Is that really worth an extra $70? 
  • Nice to see sprint get a lumia device! Who would have thought a few months ago that Sprint would have more lumia devices for sale than Verizon.
  • forthewin
  • More low end crap.
  • This is the best concept I have seen
  • I thought they would phase out the Nokia brand, by now...
  • To late...I was looking for a Sprint Windows Phone just a couple months ago and had to go with a Galaxy because the only options were the ATIV S and the 8XT, neither of which were viable options for this person I was buying for.
  • Hopefully I can convince my mom to get rid of that awful LG Optimus G she has and get a decent phone that's easy to use.
  • I reluctantly went with a 635 on ATT recently (from a 520 and previously L900).
    While I wish there was a better Lx30-series option in the US, I'm loving it. For what I paid for it, at least. It's fast, stable, sturdy as hell. The beveled edges and size make it the easiest to handle device I've ever owned (iPhone fanboys have complimented it when borrowing)There aren't any non-game apps that need 1GB that I am aware of. Front camera, flash, and support for "Hey, Cortana" are my only wishes.
    But when you can get it cheaper on ATT (~$80) and can pay $65/mo for 3GB off contract (now with 1mo rollover), I'm not sure how many would rather have it on Sprint.
  • I fear that Sprint may have brought this phone just to quiet the Windows people down, and when it doesn't sell well, they can use that as an excuse for not having more Windows phones in the future. I hope that's not the case. I've been with Sprint for over 11 years and they have been good in my case (good service, great signal, and even better, price), I live in Temecula, CA. However, if they don't bring more Lumias, I will seriously consider leaving them for one of the pre-paid AT&T providers.
  • I think you hit the nail on the head. 
  • Shame this phone never got a FFC or 1GB RAM lol sucks to be my brother he always tells me about it.
  • If it wasn't for their workers, I'd wish Sprint "crash and burn".
    Over the years I've been with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint is the worst in Customer Service and Cell Phone Coverage.
  • High end... Whateves
  • My goodness. I got one as a disposable burner for $39 on BF. Decent emergency phone, but in no way would I finance one! Total ripoff.
  • Why doesn't sprint bring in another more top of the line Lumia for folks that want more specs? Sure the customer base is there for Windows phones! Myself included :)
  • This better than the HTC 8xt? My 8xt has been messing up need a new phone.
  • I have been using Lumia 635 since last July.  As much as I love the phone, 512 ram is simply not enough.  Example, OneNote which is my daily driver, crashes when I open a text/image heavy page.  Opening a page with just text is fine. If anyone looking for a Lumia, get one with at least 1GB of ram.  I feel that MS made a mistake with this phone and hence the releace of Lumia 632, 636? or 638 which is the same phone with 1GB ram.  Not available in every region though.
  •   As much as I dislike Sprint, I'm happy that a Lumia is finally gracing their post-paid network. Of course, they won't advertise it or carry it in stores but at least WP lovers on Sprint have another option.
  • 730 should come to state as no contract phone. It should be selling like hot cake.
  • Love my 635. Best Phone I ever had. Even beats my 920. I miss the front camera and flash but other wise the great battery life makes up for it.
  • I picked up a 635 GoPhone for $60 on Amazon just to use it as an MP3 player.  Slapped in a 128 Micro SD card to hold all my music.  Well the 635 impressed me so much that I have put aside my 1020 as my every day phone.  Having that 128 SD card and being able to have all my music at my disposal outweighs taking better pictures on a day to day basis. So I have set aside my 1020 and will only use it when I know I'm going to be taking pictures.  The one thing I do miss on the 635 is Glance.  Wish it had it.  As for the 512MB ram, I really haven't noticed it being a problem.  But then again I don't play that many games on my phone.
  • Yay finally Sprint & Windows! 
  • how can I unluck the code of my new phone lumia windows 8 when it asked code when I wanna insert new sim  
  • Sprint?
  • Finally!