Microsoft drops support for the Lumia 640 and 640 XL with the Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update

Microsoft has today published a list (opens in new tab) of supported devices for the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update, and it appears the company is omitting yet more Windows phones from its list of supported handsets. This time, the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL series are being abandoned on the Creators Update, with no official upgrade path to the Fall Creators Update.

Many of the flagship Windows 10 Mobile devices that went on sale are still supported, including the HP Elite x3 and Microsoft's own Lumia 950 series. Lumia 550 and 650 owners are also still in support. The list of supported devices for the Fall Creators Update is below:

  • HP Elite x3.
  • HP Elite x3 (Verizon).
  • HP Elite x3 (Telstra).
  • Wileyfox Pro.
  • Microsoft Lumia 550.
  • Microsoft Lumia 650.
  • Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL.
  • Alcatel IDOL 4S.
  • Alcatel IDOL 4S Pro.
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL.
  • Softbank 503LV.
  • VAIO Phone Biz.
  • MouseComputer MADOSMA Q601.
  • Trinity NuAns Neo.

Also worth noting; Microsoft lists both the Wileyfox Pro and HP Elite x3 Verizon devices as still in support with the Fall Creators Update, but both of these devices aren't actually on sale. Perhaps new Windows phones (for the enterprise) are in-bound after all.

Microsoft tells us the Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update is expected to roll out in the same timeframe as the PC release, so should be any day now.

Lumia 640 and 640 XL owners are going to be upset at the abandonment of their devices, but this news shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Microsoft has been omitting older devices from its list of supported handsets since Windows 10 Mobile rolled out officially, and with this release that doesn't appear to be changing.

We suspect more devices will be dropped from support with the next release of Windows 10 Mobile too, if there is a "next release."

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I dont get it. the fall creators update is a cumulative update for w10m
  • I am finally disappointed in Microsoft.
  • I'm feeling all *meh* because of Microsoft, i guess i have to turn to other platforms Buh I'm still holding on to my 640XL because there is something that draws me back to WM10 sake of how is being setup hence Microsoft left me stranded 😒
  • My WP is now my music player when doing yard work. Just the truth! I kept it for updates, keeping up with the platform. After no more updates I decided to say screw it! But it is really handy! lol
  • Minus Groove.
  • Trust me, I feel stranded here on Android. I miss not on only the live tiles, but many features that were only available on W10M
  • I setup a Google Pixel for someone at work. And I couldn't imagine myself using such a device. It was a dead screen with nothing going on, compared to our awesome tiles on W10M. Alas! Don't know what I'm going to do if I have to replace my 950XL. I'll probably just buy another from somewhere.
  • I'm still rocking Lumia 930 and it will serve me well until...we...get something better. By "better" I mean other than Android and IOS. I mean another Windows device with mobile capabilities.
  • You can even get FCU in Lumia 930 with interop tools registry perfect.....look up interop tools online/youtube
  • I was thinking about it but not sure. Don't want to brick my phone 😁
  • Could you please link to anything about doing this on a Lumia 640?
  • @Lateef Salami Im BEYOND disappointment, Im indiferent
  • Not supported just means they don't feel like testing on those devices. It's not that it won't work its just they don't want to spend the time to test it. So in a general sense Not Support = Untested
  • Do you really think they test windows 10 mobile devices? With all the bugs available, and they tell you to log it in the feedback hub? Heck there is an edge keyboard bug that haven't been fixed since the creators update
  • Of course they test it they have to you can't blindly write or edit software without any testing. They just want to limit what they have to test on so they don't have to test a bunch of devices. Not to mention the 640s are old.
  • Yes they do test it
  • It´s impossible that Microsoft test anything! Switched to IOS a week ago. Have no idea of why i struggled all this years with Microsofts terrible Mobile effort. Everything works perfect, no reboots, no battery drain. I can take a traced run and listen to music. I can listen to Spotify on my Bluetooth speaker without factory reset, rebooting and reinstalling things. I can stream content to my Chromecast. The only thing that doesn’t work like a charm is of course Microsofts apps. Dynamics is **** even on IOS. Microsoft is in some serious trouble if you ask me. I believed that they where the only company that were on the right path but i was wrong. Next thing i will get rid of i my Xbox One and a Microsoft Wireless adapter that works randomly. I will think moore than twice before i adopt anything new from that company. The developers has left them out in the cold for good reasons. Nothing they release is ready for prime time. Tired of struggling with their unfinished products. But I really hope they get their **** together someday. If that ever happens Il may be back. Not sure because I like what I seen so far on the “other” side. Hate Apple and Google but they know how to make things usable and user-friendly.
  • I got the fall update yesterday!! Did anyone else?
  • On what device did you get it?
  • Lumia 950. And, I'm not in ANY insider program..
    My guess is that MS knows how much I like (or used to anyways) WP, and that does not make them happy. They figure they can move on to other things if fans like me would finally STFU... So, they made me a early tester in hopes that my phone would implode. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Well, my phone SURVIVED! HAHAHAHA! Jokes on you, Microsoft! Lol😲
  • Man, the article is about the dropping of 640's... I thought you got FCU on one of those devices. But anyway, the 950 series will be the next drop-off
  • Yep. Come November, the 950 series will be 2 years old. That's end of supported lifespan. 
  • Note9 time, MicroMarketing doesn't come with something first.
  • In fairness, Windows 10 Mobile sucks no matter what. I rolled all my 640's back to 8.1 and they're better off for it.
  • yup.mine is 535 DS & 640XL DS. 8.1 is still the best. below is my finding...###535 DS ...1) 8.1 - smooth, responsive (im stick with this version)...2) 10 - stutter / lag...###640 XL DS...1) 8.1 - smooth, responsive...2) 10 (10586) - smooth, responsive (im stick with this version. windows update disable)...3) 10 (14393 or above) - stutter / lag. app with fluent design cause more stutter / lag
  • How about insiders?
  • Just last night I set my wife's 640 & 640XL to Fast Insider and immediately after the reboot the update to the latest version installed. W10 1709 10.0.15254.1 Both devices run as expected. No issues.
  • Will "release preview" also work?
  • I upgraded mine on Release Preview a couple days ago. Working fine. Today, after the announcement.....?
  • Well... It's not worth it to join any program and later make any registry hack. For the upcoming software patches to update built in hardware that's not present on L640's, will brick those phones... And you will have to "go to cry to the church"
  • I am getting lost with the "updates".  It's bizarre that fixes are not provided to handsets for a cumulative update.  I can understand IF new products were coming out but this just doesn't make sense.
  • The captain has abandoned ship. Wat are you guys waiting for?
  • ...Something better then android or IOS for one thing
  • Oh please, don't be a snob.  Android is great.  And there's nothing else to wait for because nothing else is on the horizon.
  • Get off crack. Android is disgusting, as is Google.
  • Wow...  what could possibly be your reasonings behind this opinion?  Or is it just to "be different"? 
  • Getting really mad about phones is a thing apparently.
  • i think it's not about being mad, its people being condescending, and this RLD guy is clearly shoving android in our throat when clearly there is also iPhone.  and Windows mobile isn't technically dead, I'm still using it as a phone and microsofts services.  Windows store is still open, Office, and the most basic and used apps like facebook are still there. 
  • Right. It's still just a phone. If you want to discuss something disgusting, Foxconn has to put suicide prevention nets around their factories to keep their borderline slave laborers from offing themselves. But hey, it's all about tiles that spin around man.
  • You talking about people offing themselves, as in their own choice. If you really want to mention something that's not Flipping Tiles, then how about people, including kids, being executed in Myanmar?
  • It's a sickness.  
  • Just to be different is REASON ENOUGH!... Seems like you're one of those insucre type who are intimidated by people that aren't like you, and the way you think. Trolls like you are enough for anyone to want to "just be different". Do you have a problem with that?
  • Actually, I'm using the One Plus 5 now and it's quite a lovely device, I actually love it and I can't say I loved my Lumia 950 XL (I loved the camera). Android has cleaned up a lot over the years and has a lot of nice functionality WP never got around to getting. Don't be stuck in a bubble like Apple fanboys, making outdated critiques about an OS you don't even use. If you get a stock, or near stock like the OnePlus 5, you can pretty much avoid all Google services if you wish. You can even get the 3rd party app store like Amazon. It's time to give it up, you're being left behind.
  • I'm glad you like it. But the truth is, I still can't handle it. I do have a Galaxy 4 thingamabob, and i simply can't get used to the kiddish interface with cartoonish icons and literally no at-a-glance info unless I put a widget of all the apps I use. And every widget is a performance draw.
  • Good for you maybe lol . I keep clear from anything Google . If nothing on the horizon then why change from win10 mobile ?
  • Because nobody makes phones anymore for w10m?  Will you be saying the same thing in 3,4,5 years when your old w10m phone only lasts an hour due to it's ancient battery? 
  • I can buy batteries for my 640 now .
  • I'll keep using my 950. It's not like it'll stop working all of the sudden.
  • First of all, no.. If my phone gives out today I will be getting a Stupid ass, bad ass, ugly ass, nice ass, cliché ass, app having ass, Note 8.... It's not that big of a deal..
    But, what if I did say yes I will never get an Android device? WTF do you care, and why does it bother you so bad that WP fans are WP fans, and we still want WP device?... How does that affect you?
  • Loved my 1520, was meh about my 950xl aside from the awesome camera. I have a note8 now and it's a BEAST. But I'll still come back if Microsoft gets back in the game even with an enterprise phone. My phone is all business and no snap chat and productivity was always WM10's strong suit. And will suit me just fine.
  • Yeah. Like I'm supposed to dump a perfectly good working phone because some iDroid troll is ready for me to.. Wow! These guys really have no life, worrying about what others are using... How stupid would it be for me to be on Android Central caring about what device those guys are using?.. I don't, and I never will. Only someone who has serious loneliness issues would troll an article based on products they don't even like.
  • iOS looks like Windows 3.1 at this point.  Andriod is security swiss cheese and unless you have a Google Phone you chance of getting any updates is marginal if at all.  They both suck in their own respect.  We are down to crappy choices pick the best crap that you feel like supporting.  I have moved on because I was forced by my company and am not happy with Andriod but that is what I need to live with.  Andriod is not great.  It is a choice when there are not many other choices available.
  • I love Windows phones unfortunately, Microsoft chickened out so easily.
  • If Android is so great why are you not on a Windows only article, an Android article, or on Android central?... You're here, on a Windows Phone SPECIFIC article that has NOTHING to do with anything else but WP... What does this article have to do with Android, and why did you click on it?
    So, you're either a troll, or you love WP.... Which one is it?
  • You might think he is a snob, but I understand him. Every damn time I use an Android device (something I cannot avoid) I feel like smashing the thing on the floor. Everything is stupid on Android: the home screen with the ridiculously limited grid of windows 95 icons (yes, Android has widgets, but aside the weather and clock what apps prioritize widgets?), the absurd file structure, the horrible GUI in general, etc. At least iOS has some coherence in the icons on their ultra retarded grid on the home screen. Don't get me wrong, with Windows 10 Microsoft took a huge dump on the Windows awesome GUI (Edge lack of live tiles when pinning sites is half of all the problems), but overall it's still not as horrible as Android. Unfortunately, Windows 10 Mobile is very close to not being worth the hassle anymore, whereas Windows phone was pretty enough to make it worth it even if it was lagging behing Android in apps. The gazillions of bugs in Windows 10 Mobile and the GUI inconsistencies which almost rival Android's (Outlook Mail anyone) do not help either. As flybywire54 said, some of us are waiting for something better than Android or iOS. I would be tempted to try Jolla's Sailfish OS GUI if I had the chance, but they have so many issues I'm afraid to invest the time and energy. Unfortunately, I will probably have to give up windows mobile any day now. That will be a sad day for me.
    And, what's up with these lonely iDroid fans caring, wishing, praying, hoping, and downright begging, WP fans to switch?
    WTF do they care what anyone wants, uses, or dreams about using??🤔🤔🤔
    That's one reason enough not to want to get a played out, last fad ass iDroid device... The thought of being grouped in with these trolling, dependent on WP fans for attention, losers...
    This is Windows PHONE Central, and We love WP..
    Get over it, move on, and get a life..... Windows on mobile is what we want, and it's what we will have. If that ruins your day then there's the door.. We we're here before you hating trolls, and we'll be here after you.
    😛 🤓😆😛 🤓😆😛 🤓😆
  • Well said 👍 👍
  • **** man, you really have: 1. An over active imagination about future hardware choices. 2. Far too much time on your hands. Losers? Their platform has 80% market share. Windows has zero. Effectively zero. I use a Windows phone before you start spouting playground "iDroid" *****. Get a grip.
  • Answer this... Just like iDroid trolls,
    1. Why do you lose sleep over peoples comments?
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  • You really do base your identity on here, don't you? It's a comments forum. This place will be like PreCentral in three years. Where will you go then? There is no next for you. It's android or iOS. Binary choice long term.
  • Yes, I do, and Daniel Rubino is my father. I have WC underwear on right now! Wanna see????
    And you will still lose sleep over what I choose to do, obviously because you are so concerned about my well being💜💜... Nevertheless, I could care **** about what you do, and the feeling is not mutual. So, my question remains... WTF do you care? Answer.
  • Roflmao.
  • Wait a minute... Look at your profile picture. 😂😂😂😂😂 OK, ok. I get it now.. This is a joke. Man, you almost had me. You silly goose⛽⛽⛽
  • I always dont get it whats this thing with you.. all the way back @ phonearena days... first i have never seen anywhere people talk bad or diry on windows phone (though eveeybody know wp/wm sucks) yet you are among the very few individuala that talk sh**t about ios/droid. Got me thinking insecurity complex got you
  • Wait a minute.. 😂😂😂😂 wait. Hahahaha. You're saying that on Phone Arena those trolls never talked bad about WP, but you remember me specifically talking bad about iDroid?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And, I have some kind of inferiority complex about a phone I can have anytime I please? One, I'm most likely getting? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... Wait a minute.. Hahahaha! I can't breathe, I can't breath over here. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Stop! Hahahaha hahahaha.. You gotta be joking!!! Lol. I had a Lumia 1520! Lol. A terrific device, with a GREAT OS!.. LOL., But, you're saying that I was trolling on Android? Lol Hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.... Like you're doing now!... Wait a minute.... Wait, wait wait.. So, you say WP sucks, and you're on a totally WP exclusive article talking about someone trolling??❓❓❓❓❓❓ BBbhhjaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Lol... Hahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🎈🎈 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😏😏😏😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆... Dude, lol. Lol. Lol. Lol.. When does your comedy special premier? You're gonna be rich. WHHEEEEEEEEW. WOW! Thanks man. Lol. I needed that.... Uggggggggg lol.😛😛😛😛
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  • First I meant that you are talking bad about others OSs (which is not true they re just fine not like the picture you draw over here) now not then.... Then you take on anyone challenging wp like an enemy... lotta'f harsh words... STOP THAT..... I love tech I have devices from all OSs thats why I never understand some guys like you thinking the world revolves around A billion Windows Devices
  • Where you at??? Where?.. Tell me that. Where are you at?
  • Right here
  • No, you're not there. You're where I say you are.. And, I say you're on WINDOWS PHONE CENTRAL.. Better recognize.
  • Refer my answer (Right here), but I dont like when you call people stupid like the one above over simple things like this
  • Sorry Rodney,  its WINDOWS CENTRAL....not windows phone central!  stopped being that years ago when MS stopped supporting phone!
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • Doesn't matter if it's Betty Crocker Central.. Have some respect for people's prerogative, and quit intentionally pestering people about their opinions. You know there's a lot of Windows fans here, and still a lot of WP fans here. That's the nature of the site... People here are gonna want Windows in their pocket. We've had it that way for over a decade, and it shouldn't surprise you that we wish for more... It doesn't matter if YOU don't agree with that; and if you don't agree with that, then fine. But, if you, and the other trolls, can't discuss these topics in a non pestering fashion then just keep it to yourself. It's as simple as that, and even a fool would agree with that. If you don't want people calling you a troll, and you want people to respect your opinion, quit grouping yourself with the pathetic trolls.
    IDK why you want to do that anyways. You're probably the only one of the trolls who has some amount of sense, and can make good points. Boggles my mind.
  • Please take your own advice.  
  • Just a heads up from a recent 950XL to Galaxy S8+ convert (phone broke, no choice): Android has a launcher called Launch 10 that has the tile interface including resizing tiles, LIVE TILES (paid), tile notifications (paid), folders, pin/unpin, and the jump list for the apps. Sure, the rest of the OS is Android, but the home screen and app list are what you'll interact with most. It helped me during my transition, but I'm trying to use what came installed on the S8+. My biggest gripe right now is Outlook on Android won't load all my Gmail calendars. It only loads the main one. Thankfully the pre-installed calendar app loads everything. Why can the Windows mobile calendar app load everything, but the Android Outlook version can't? Seems like a basic feature these days. Why the S8+? I considered the Pixel 2, but my 950XL had more features. With the S8+ I'm gaining features instead of losing them. The retina unlock is faster than the 950XL, fingerprint reader is placed well for my large hands, and that screen! It also has a microSD card slot. I took the card out of the Lumia and dropped it in without any issues. I do miss Windows mobile, but buying another 950XL on Ebay was tough to justify.
  • We know🙄
  • I won't be deterred.
  • Would just like to say I'm not here trying to force anybody to switch. I only put down my Lumia 950 three months ago. I'm a Windows fan, I loved Windows Phone, and it was hard for me to switch too. A big part of that was thinking I couldn't get an Android phone that could perform as well as a WP. Two or three years ago, that may have been the case, but times have changed and there is at least one with the OnePlus 5 and I've unexpectedly fallen in love with it like I used to with Lumias. I get all my Microsoft stuff (sans the Windows Photo Gallery and Movies & TV), it's blazing fast, always getting bug and feature updates, isn't loaded with 3rd party apps (Google built-in apps can be disabled), and just provides a modern experience for a smartphone. People get caught up in their bubble and don't realize the improvements made elsewhere, hence me mention Apple fanboys who have no clue of Windows improvements. If you want to stick with your WP, so be it, but all this trash talking about other OS isn't necessary and isn't making any Windows fan any better than Android fanboys trolling.
  • Nice!
  • Lol... Well as an owner of the IDOL 4S, this should buy me a little time. 
  • I just picked one up myself.  Where I live now, I am rather limited by which phones I can get as I am with T-Mobile and require wifi calling.  This should fit the bill.  How are you liking or Idol 4?
  • The Idol4 has been great! Upgrading from the 640 I automatically seen improvements in different areas. Speed was one of the big differences. I'm sure the 4GB of ram is uses made the difference.  
  • So farewell to my Lumia 640Xl now its time to switch to Android Phone
  • Yeah , those droids never get updated
  • if you buy cheap samsung and lg phones or unknown brands this is what you get but even like this most snapdragon/exynos phones support custom roms unlike windows phone devices
  • Every Android phone gets update every few weeks directly by Google. New features are added, APIs are updated and some security issues are patched. That is how even 5+ year old devices can still support new apps. Android version updates aren't that important these days. You won't even tell a difference with most manufacturer skins.
  • Protect the scroogle/lagdrid hive.  Lagdroid NEVER gets updated every few weeks, they haven't even updated the KRACK vulnerability and most android phones will not get it.
  • Every Android phone regularly receives updates and new APIs through Google Play Services. This how Google fixed the fragmentation issue from a few years ago.
  • I hate how Android requires that you install all apps on internal memory and not the SD card. It is mess up how Android changed their OS and stopped giving you the option to install them on the SD card. It just made Android phones more expensive since you have to pay through the nose for internal memory. 
  • That sounds nice but is simply not true.  Most androids are lucky if they even get security patches.  Since the Vast majority of androids are low end/mid grade, they don't get patches.  Even now the other than the Nexus/Pixels, no phones have the wifi patch and most won't get it.  Same with the Bluetooth hack discovered last month.  Upgrades and security pushed to devices is not android's strength. Google may update the play store and a few other things, but that is not the same as a system update, bug fix update or most importantly a security update.  Other than the Nexus/Pixel google phones and top of the line samsungs and LG's, the vast majority of androids seldom see security updates pushed to the phone, let alone a system update.  The reasons for this are myriad but mostly it is because of the carriers and manufacturers.  
  • My OnePlus 5 gets security, bug, and feature updates every month.
  • To put your comment into context, some cheap (comparable to the Lumia 640 series prices) Androids like the Nokia 5 & 6 and the recently released Xiaomi Mi A1 (Android One) are the only devices from well known brands which get monthly software and security updates. All others cheap devices either get updated once a quarter (Moto G5 series, Honor 6X) or once a year.
  • So annoying. I have been passionately attached to Lumia 640 XL and today, Microsoft disappointed 😞 me. It hurt me so bad that my 640 XL is abandoned. Well, I will hold onto it till thy kingdom come.
  • It's hard to do this Microsofts defense, I have a Sony Xperia XA Ultra that was literally released like a year ago that has all but been abandoned by Sony. 
  • who ese got a 1703 update on the lumia 950 xl about a couple a days ago
  • Me . Got the 1703 few days back on my 640
  • Only native W10M devices left. Also, HP Elite x3 (Verizon)...hmm.
  • It's sad.
    Anyway, what's that X3 Verizon?
    Does it mean some organisations are really demanding X3 through Verizon?
  • Ours is. Any major phone deployments are preferred through Verizon. The only reason we didn't deploy Windows phones recently was because the lack of Verizon support. Oh well, may I'll be the only person in the company to get one now as we have moved on after years of waiting.
  • Well that just moves me even more closer to the Samsung I've been looking at. Man am I going to miss Live tiles though.
  • Samsung ? You want to fry an egg ?
  • Using Launcher 10 from the Play store allows you to get the entire Windows 10 Mobile tile experience, including live tiles. For live tiles, you have to pay an extra $5.99, and another $3.99 to get rid of the ads, but for basically adding $10 to the price of the phone you can turn it into a nice Windows Phone with live tiles. With all the extra apps on Android, you won't miss Windows 10 Mobile any longer. You can ingtegrate Cortana, install Edge, and pretty much do stuff like you do now. I installed LineageOS on my new device and now get all the regular security updates when Google patches security holes, so no worries there either. I get updates every Thursday morning and the security updates comes once per month.
  • It's better to checkout OnePlus 5 instead of Samsung.
  • Ouch.
  • Anyone know if the mobile update is rolling out?
  • Just got one update on my 640
  • You'll get cumulative update every month. But not Fall Creators update as non-insider user.
  • Was hesitant but now time to replace my old 640 by a new 950 . Cheap nowadays
  • This is bad news to me. I am using 640 XL.
  • 😂😂😂
    Then you got three options.
    1. Keep going with no updates, and wait for MS's mobile device.
    2. Get a stankdroid phone
    3. Get an iPhone🤣🤣
  • 4. buy a Lumia 950 / Lumia 950 XL / HP Elite x3 /  Acatel Idol S4 You are welcome ;)
  • That's a waste of money... Just get a Stankdroid device, so at least you'll have some resale value when it's time to switch back to Windows.
  • I have an Android tablet and I've used my wife's Samsung phone. The OS on both devices feel like a step backwards from Windows Phone.  The Android UI is not very intuitive. I find it very frustrating to use. 
  • Yep... Man, the UI on Spotify is horrific. It reminds me of Android. The playback, and catalog, are WAY BETTER than Groove, but the UI is a pain.. And, Groove has better functionality, and features, from what I can see. Spotify is actually very good, though! Seriously, if they could somehow use the Groove app with the Spotify service, that would be the killer music experience... Call it Spotify, whatever. Just let MS do the app, and leave the Music to Spotify. I wonder how hard that would be.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • What's the point no apps so expensive dumb phone
  • What's the point of what? What's the point of a PC? Were you born earlier today?
    If I want apps I'll get a smartphone; I already have a smartphone... MS will not be making a smartphone under Surface branding. They are only making PC's.... What is so damn hard for some of you to understand about that?
    So, if your car has a phone, but not all apps available to iDroid, it's a dumb car? No, it's a car with a phone... Now, these comments about apps are stupid when we talk about an Ultramoble Surface PC...... That's what's dumb.
    Wait a minute. Wait a minute.... You wouldn't be interested in a device like an Ultramoble Surface PC?... Who gives a $hit?
    Can't please everyone, can you.
  • :)) waste more money on dead devices? :))
  • 5. Go for Blackberry BOLD then 😃. Secure, Stable, Classic.
  • Wow, I didn't see that coming. That sucks. I guess I'll be holding tight to my 650.
  • Thank you Microsoft! You just hasten my departure to Android! 
  • You won't be missed
  • you won't be remembered
  • Welcome to a well supported platform! Even by Microsoft... LOL
  • As that's their goal, I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that.
  • I'm sure Satya is crying on his pillow, screaming "wwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy???"
  • See you next week.
  •  what does the fall creators update bring for the phones? 
  • A ton of very useful fixes that will make my last WP experience much more bearable.
  • it's news
  • These users don't miss much. There are no big features added anyway.
  • We are not expecting new features but security and performance improvements ARE important for everyone.
  • Security fixes will keep coming in the form of cumulative updates (on top of the original build) for some more time until the OS version itself is discontinued. I don't know if there were any performance improvements for these devices in this update though.
  • Next comes Lumia 550, 650, 950 and 950XL. And eventually the feature 2 branch will come to a close for all devices.
  • Anyone know if the OneCore platform will support UWP apps?
  • Sure.
  • Not a big problem actually. There are millions of android devices out there that still running version 4. My secondary device is an 640 XL. Maybe i will join insider on this one. My 950 will still rocks, but even if support is stop I won't find any better camera for my concerts
  • Android 4.0 is still supported by Google and receives updates regularly. Apps are still compatible and new apps are still coming. Same can't be said about Microsoft phones from that era.
  • What updates? Most of Android devices never received any updates.
  • Everything depends upon the CEO,investors, app developers and mobile team who are responsible for providing regular update to win6/7/8 mobile.
    Now they need to focus on mobile strategy for gaining apps and developers.
  • I presume that  bringing the 640 onto FCU via Insiders right now and then leaving the programme will make sure the device gets the full cumulative updates for FCU until Autumn 2019?
  • I don't really know. But i remember that my old 535 and older 520 after a while they didn't got updates from insider preview program.
  • I also have this question.
    Running latest insider FCU now on Lumia 640XL Dual SIM. If a leave Insider Build or move to Release Preview ring will keep receiving regular updates (fix & security)?
  • Hi. Is there a definitive answer on that? Is getting into Insiders to get FCU and then leaving the program after getting it the best approach to get the best experience going forward (most features, most stable)?
  • I would say S8/V30 would beat the 950 camera. iPhone 7/8 will match it in daylight and the speed/reliability is far greater.
  • Not surprised because my Lumia 535 has been already out from CU (1703) list.
  • Ummm, thank you!
  • Latest insider is working ok my 1020 so why drop the newer phones
  • Still rocking my Lumia 640 as daily driver and i still love every bit of it.Long live Lumias
  • To all of you fanboys crying over not getting the update,but still stupidly I might add sticking with w10m. What did you expect. Stop lying to yourself with this I'm sticking with w10m forever why are you being loyal to something that can't be loyal back and what are you going to do as more apps are pulled from w10m or a app you really need is not on the platform 2 - 5 years down the road. Microsoft made us a promise and made no attempt to keep it. Move on. This coming from a guy writing this on his lumia 950.
  • They really try hard to kill the W10M, but my L1020 on W10M FCU is just doing fine...
  • What about the Moly X1 ?  
  • No FCU for this variant.
  • Registry gach will get you FCU in any lumia.....look up interop tools
  • Will that tool make my L535 corrupt/unstable ? (I've not used it yet. )
  • I wonder what the resoning was behind removing the 640 and XL?
  • They're over two years old now.
  • So that means, that even though the update works fine on those phones, people running them shouldn't be able to get the latest updates?
  • It originally started on 8.1 so I think they want to phase out these non-optimized phones
  • Yes, exactly. Next up to be abandoned: 950, 950XL and 650.
  • You say 'abandoned'. What you mean is 'fully patched and serviced for another two years, until Autumn 2019'. Not quite the same emotive feel, I think.
  • No. I mean ABANDONED, as in, they will be dropped last minute after months of testing insider builds on them (assuming there even is gonna be a RS4), just lik it happened to 640 this time. Is anyone even remotely surprised by this anymore?
  • Oops, accidentally 'reported' your post (hit wrong icon on phone screen) - sorry, mods. Back on topic, if they let 950 users be Insiders on the 1803 branch for next Spring and then we get to fall back to two more years of production on that branch then I'll be very happy. I'm not optimisic for 'RS4' though, we may just all get monthlies from now on.
  • I got fall creators update righg now in Lumia 1520 and Lumia 640....both working great.....I don't get why they are dropping support for more devices yet updates are only bug fixes and not feature updates
  • I got fall creators update righg now in Lumia 1520 and Lumia 640....both working great.....I don't get why they are dropping support for more devices yet updates are only bug fixes and not feature updates
  • How did you enable your 1520 to get the update? I have a 1520 and I've tried both the fast and slow ring, and I'm currently at OS build: 10.0.15063.502.
  • Try to leave the insider program and you possibly will get 15063.674. It is not a FCU, but have all the security updates in it.
  • Thank you for the tip. I'll give it a try.
  • :D
  • :D
  • :D
  • :D
  • :D
  • Not surprised, but was hopeful. I'll use it until it dies (640). Then we'll see.
    One more thing..... Balmer, and Nadella, are both shortsighted, and full of It.
    One more thing... Microsoft...Bite Me
  • MS stated that improvements/security etc to W10 mobile will continue. Additional features development will not continue. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no reason to not be on Fast Insider. 640 will have the latest W10m.
  • **** Microsoft, I should go and get ios device tomorrow.
  • They would love for you to do that. They have all of their apps on iPhone.
  • IP7 is awesome, and 6s is amazing value (used market), just might run into lower battery life issues on the 6s considering 2 years old
  • Lol there are a lot of hardcore windows mobile fanboys here getting offended by users wanting to jump over to another platform. Why?   
  • I'm wondering the same thing ,I guess they like being mislead.
  • I am running the Fall Creators Update on my Lumia 640. I run it on the Fast ring and it is fine.
    Next to drop if there is another update for Mobile will be the 950's. It is a pure time and age of devices thing.
  • Microsoft devices from 2015 are being dropped while Apple and Google update their devices for at least 3 years, if not 5. JUST LAME.
  • Maybe they're preparing for their next SOON™ Flagship device.
  • Apple is 5 years for,  NO 3 years there...lucky if you get one Major OS update on android.  
  • Hmmm
  • So...the only way to get the FCU is by entering the Fast Ring? If things go unstable, you're all completely on your own, right? I mean, no more updates of any kind?
  • We have a four lumia in my family , and I decided never buy anything from Microsoft ! No more love !
  • Which phone is in your mind after Lumia ?
  • Another gold star to be added to Nadella's legacy.
  • Whatever this feat. 2 update brings will not make those phones any better. I have both the 640 and the 640xl. I'm stuck with them because they have no market value so I can't get rid of them. They've got progressively worse with every update to the point where they freeze in most apps. Investing in tech these days is quite a gamble but more so with Microsoft. This technique of dropping devices will come to PCs and laptops as well. Right now only some Atom powered laptops got axed but in the next couple of years I expect the flood gates to open.
  • Try a reset and see if they a better after that. The 640's make a great MP3/Podcast player. I got my parents to pick one up for me for $29! I stuck a 128GB MicroSD in it and I have all my music and Podcasts on it. Much cheaper than buying an iPod touch.
  • I've done countless resets. I even sent them back because they are under warranty. All I got were some freebies like screen protectors and microsoft cases but no fix. They came back with windows 8 everytime 🙂
  • My 735 still works fine but it's time to move on I think. Picked up a unlocked moto g5 plus and will be using it by the end of the month. Not a big Google fan but.........
  • Is lumia 930 is able to receive fall creators update
  • Absolutely not as non-insider user.
  • possible via registry hack only
  • Isn't it void the warranty or make mobile unstable?
  • Actually it improves performance and solve bugs
  • Finally kill it...if not Enterprise and doesn't look like that will get much support
  • There won't be...
  • So what else is new? Microsoft routinely abandons it' customer base, the one's who took a chance on Microsoft.
  • I am not sure about that. I have had 5 years of use out of my Surface RT. I still have my 1020 that is working fine and my daily driver 950 is humming along at near 2 years old with 2 more years of support still to come. My $29 640 has gone from Windows Phone 8.1 through effectively 5 versions of Windows 10 Mobile since I got it. My 950 has had 5 updates of Windows 10 Mobile in less than 2 years.
  • I didn't know there was a Fall Creators Update for mobile. I thought it was a feature update,not RS3. Make up my damn mind already!
  • Thanks to WinCen then! 😉
  • Windows 10 fall creature update Lumia 535 release date
  • My Lumia 640xl died months ago. It stopped logging into my outlook account, then I had to do a factory wipe with the desktop software. It took my phone back to 8.1 from windows 10 and then refused to update back to windows 10. It sits in a box looking pretty and gathering dust. I went to Android and IOS with the 2 sims I had in my Lumia.
  • The problem is there is not enough of a user base to carry supporting the older phones. Also people were holding onto their phones longer. Had 100m people bought a high end Lumia each year then things would be different. Apple have customers that will upgrade ever year regardless. Microsoft do not have that. Also they had the issue of going from a Windows CE based OS to an NT based OS. Had they had the volume and decent hardware specs like 2GB and the SD800 earlier on when the 920/1020 came out then they could have upgraded them all from Windows Phone 8.0 all the way to now. They could have been in the position Apple is in now but unfortunately it was not to be.
  • Sorry mate. If it were a no name brand that might fly but it's Microsoft. They should respect their customers. In some cases Google gave free Pixels to unlucky Nexus customers...
  • I do know lots of people still using an no longer supported iPhone 4, 5 and 5c
  • Just because a phone is not supported does not mean it is going to stop working. I have a Nokia N8 that still works. I could stick a SIM in it and use it. Same with my Surface RT.
  • Bull ****!!!! I spent 28k(Rs) on my 640xl now they do this!! You know how many great android phones i could have got for that price?! Im still using this phone. But not any more. Stayed a loyal user all these years in this love hate relationship. Heartbroken 💔
  • Don't be a sentimental user.Except UI/Fluent design, nothing will be change on w10 mobile till Surface Phone. 🙂
    Be happy with your amazing phone 📱.
  • So please tell me a better looking notification center and "close all apps" are coming! If it is true im keeping my 950
  • MS has been already thinking about it.
    Or Just upvote the feedback to increase the chances - -
  • there won't be any surface phone.
  • Wait for an official announcement!
  • There is NO FCU for Mobile, and there is NO real support for ANY W10M device. I'm L950XL user, but not feeling any better than you about this.
  • From where did you buy it? 28k INR is freaking expensive! I got my 640 after launch for 11-12k and my friend got 640 XL for around 17k.
  • This is ridiculous. The real truth is: there is NO FCU for Mobile, and there is NO real support for ANY W10M device. There is only apps support for Android and iOS users.
  • Ah the 640's..... The first phones MS designed for W10M..... Now no longer supported by W10M. Frigging sad MS
  • Lm The 640's are low end devices with limited storage. They came with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. MS shave wound down Windows 10 Mobile so do not expect updates other than monthly security patches going forward. MS is now focused on full Windows 10 on ARM.
  • Yes a full windows 10 on ARM with lots of new bugs and no 3rd party apps
  • Eh?  The Acer Liquid Jade Primo has a Snapdragon 808 SoC, the same as in the Lumia 950, but didn't make the list.  What gives?
  • I thought the Acer Jade did not make it past TH2 or maybe even TH1? Funny thing is since I have upgraded my 950 to the Fall Creators Update notifications have started working with th WC app. They never worked before.
  • No, you received an update to the app that fixed that.
  • Ok
  • Nothing negative coming from Microsoft comes as a surprise.
  • Since Windows 10 Mobile is now on the featureless2 almost dead maintenance release cycle with no prospect of a new feature they should just let anyone have the updates at this point. At least allow it with the caveat it may not work.
  • Lol. I'm rocking Nokia 8 and i be getting Android 8 and Android 9 wen its out. Saw this coming
  • How's the Nokia 8? I'm thinking about getting a Copper one.
  • The new Nokia isn't the Nokia of old and you won't find much DMA from 2014.  It doesn't bother me though as I was never a Nokia fan (not that I hated them, but they were just another OEM to me).  If you are based in North America then check the supported LTE bands carefully as HMD have said some of these are lacking.  I am in the UK and we are supported. The phone is a decent all rounder.  It is fast, battery life is OK (I am hard on batteries and it makes me through a day most days). the quality of the fit and finish is excellent and the screen is a good quality IPS panel.  Headphone sound is plenty loud enough for me and the speaker is OK for podcasts although I wouldn't use it for music.  Wifi and cellular connectivity are the same as all the recent phones I have used this year (Lenovo P2, Honor 8, Galaxy S7E and Lumia 650) and bluetooth, thank the lord, has been great.  So as you can see it ticks a lot of the boxes.  Couple that with fast updates and a clean build of Android you can easily load with all your Microsoft favourites then I think you have a better alternative to the OP5 as the Android phone W10M users should choose. Camera.  Well I am no camera expert but it seems OK, just don't expect Lumia 950 levels of peformance (or V30, S8 or Pixel).  Most people will be happy with it though and the b&w sensor gives some nice results.  The bothie mode is just a gimmick.
  • I make it 2.5 years since the 640 & 640XL launched. It's also worth looking at Microsoft's lifecycle support page: End of support for 1703 is scheduled for "tentivly September 2018" - so 3.5 years support for the device. It's typical of most Lumia phones, in that feature updates end earlier than most would like but actual support continues for 3+ years (i.e. you can call Microsoft for assistance and they will try to help you get a problem resolved - so long as you are on a supported OS version).  IMO, security updates and support for 3.5 years after the launch of the 640 series is pretty good compared to some Android OEMs.
  • I wonder why announce or not FCU for mobile at all if MS is done and dusted with mobile OS. What diff does it make now since they're no longer adding anything to W10M?
  • REDMOND abandoned me, love don't live here anymore
  • Having gotten an older Android phone I still prefer the underlying functionality of Windows Phone
  • Good thing i sold my Lumia 640 a long time ago. All i have now is just my Lumia 950. Though even when the time comes that this phone gets no update. Im keeping it only cause its a great phone.
  • RIP my Lumia 640
  • Bits the dust?
  • Ouch. I've been flirting with the idea of getting an android phone for a while now.  Blasphemy, I know but needs must when the devil drives I guess.  I'm going to give it a try and just come back when the surface phone of my dreams becomes a reality.  I was really hoping to have 3d scanning on my phone though.  It would have been great with my 3d printer, and a MR headset, oh well.
  • As 640XL owner, I really disappointed for Microsoft for dumb move on their WP/WM10 even their own phone and customer who use it. What an idiots Microsoft. WM should no exist in the first place. No backward compatibility, low apps, low api, ignore customer and lame decisions they make so many times. So for this time; please stop doing this or if you does not care mobile anymore, sold to someone who can handle better or make small size of Windows 10 for use on phone instead. Idiot.
  • 👿👿👿
  • I'm glad I got rid of my 640 XL and W10m when I did. Microsoft giving the big FU to all of its customers.
  • As expected and they will so end support for remaining model in next update
  • I just don't get it. Announcements like this, and we get the 'I'm keeping my Lumia 930 whatever', 'my 550 is the best device ever', 'I love those live tiles'. Sure, it's a Microsoft fan-boy site - I get that, but when are you all going to just accept that MS has shafted all WM owners AGAIN. It promised so much, yet delivered only a partially finished buggy OS that barely anyone bought into. MS saw the writing on the wall a long time ago, yet played the game, and you all fell for it. The OS is going nowhere other than down the toilet. Services are being canned, updates dropped. It's a DEAD OS. The problem is, if MS launched another half-finished phone next week, many here would buy it, wasting yet more time and money. Just move on FFS. MS don't care about you.
  • 👍👍👍
  • Sorry mate, but that's how MS fanboys behave. Apple fanboys know how to throw knives at the company for every issue when it happens, Samsung fanboys the same, but MS fanboys seem to accept any crap delivered by Nutella & co.
  • We spent money on the phone. MS is forced by law to support the newest phones until end of 2019. It is getting full value for the money spent. After that... Well let us see what the market offers.
  • I literally use 10 3rd party apps, and only about 5 of them frequently.  Seriously. Everything else is an internal Microsoft App or done through the Edge Browser. If Microsoft starts pulling their own apps enmass... (Bing Translator / Maps / Groove / Office etc...) ... or a few of my 3rd pary apps get discontinued...  well then using Windows10Mobile will be problematic.  That's not to say I'm pleased with the direction Microsoft is taking (I'm not at all... 8 billion people on earth... we could use a 3rd ecosystem .. the sandbox is big enough), nor that I think their apps or the available 3rd party apps are very good (Camera App, Instagram and WhatsApp can be made to crash at will), nor that I think the 950XL is that great of a phone. In the meantime, the phones are useful. I like the OS (tiles are useful, notifications are reliable), I like the ease of using DUAL Sims, and I love the ease of using more than one language (Windows Mobile does Multiple languages really, really well!!). Some of the built in apps are good (Maps is good at driving directions, the Calculator App is good at Conversions, Groove is now good... even if I am very displeased about the service going away as I'm a current subscriber).
  • @gimplotech its crazy isnt it. Article after article, newsbit after newsbit of continuing abandonment of WP/W10M and these ridiculous fools just dont get it. People here take flogging a dead horse to whole new level. It's cringey as hell.
  • And it keeps getting better and better....
  • :))))
  • :-)
  • Well, I was never able to actually run W10M well on my L640 after MS added all those non-optional apps. Resetting the device made OS come out at 4.5 GB (every time) and with apps there simply wasn't enough space on the 8 GB disk to install updates. I'm glad I picked up a new Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL on ebay for $42.99. Works great, gets me Windows, and is slightly cheaper than an iPhone...
  • I had a lumia 640xl and just switched to an android phone 2 weeks ago so it feels like dodging the bullet. Even tough i knew this was gonna happen
  • I am not a MS fanboy, I am using a Lumia due to Nokia.
    I have earned my living for the last 25 years supporting Windows. Now I am supporting Everything Windows, MacOS, Android & iOS.
  • I am still bitter the 830 isn't supported by new updates, Microsoft really knows how to hurt people.
    Not many phones use their OS and they keep shaving those who do, it's just stupid. They killed themselves.
  • Agreed on all.  
  • So, I've shifted to android in the right time. Lumia 640 to G5 Plus Just a 2 days ago...
  • 👍👍👍
  • Have you sold l640?
  • No, I gave it to my father... He only uses it for phone calls...
  • I am about to go from the 830 to a mid range Andrioid, can't justify spending £ (GBP) 600 or so on a top model.  Moto G5 is top of my list so far, is the camera OK?  It's not about megapixels - the 830 is 'only' 10, or 8 in 16:9 mode, but the excellent Nokia image processing delivered good results. So - will a G5 compare reasonably well?
  • Quickly hoped to insider program...640 running fine
  • 👍👍👍
  • Browsing the web with my Lumia 640 is like having cancer in the last stage. Seriously, I hoped an update will fix the problems. But no! Microsoft takes a lot effort to have frustrated customers.
  • Monument browser works damn well.
  • I guess it doesn't. Same annoying issues as Edge for me (unless I have a faulty hardware) All other apps run well as expected, except Edge (and Monument)
  • At this rate there will only be about less than six models of phone supported.  I wish Microsoft would just hurry up and  release full Windows 10 with a phone UI. 
  • "The beatings will continue until morale improves around here..."  Microsoft, 2017
  • I will say this about apps though. Windows app for this site blows android away by a mile. Looks soo much more professional on Windows . Not as well laid out and visually appealing on Android.
  • Comments no longer work in the app. ☹ 
  • Yea its very true, they should fix it Asap
  • Seems to be working in the not so 'professional' android version 😉
  • What a bummer for those who have the Lumia 640s. Guess the 950s, X3 and Alcatel IDOL 4S Pro are the way to go.
  • To all of the people holding on to their Windows 10 Mobile device as their primary phone - do yourself a favor and ditch it. While W10M had some great features, there wasn't great app support and Microsoft has officially pulled the plug. It reminds me of the time when I was a die-hard Commodore Amiga fan, who stayed the course after years of neglect. I sold my Lumia 950XL on eBay last month and used the money towards a new Samsung Note 8, which is a great phone! If you want a W10M experience on Android, you can have a good approximation with W10M launchers (some even have live tiles). Plus, Samsung phones have "glance screens", just like the Lumias.
  • Coming from somebody with both a Lumia 950XL and an Android phone (HTC Desire 530), I can say this: saying you can get the W10M experience on Android through launchers is rubbish. For those who like details, like the constant in-your-face information Windows 8 and Windows Phone/Mobile offers, the launchers are nothing short of infuriating, very cheap copies which are somehow less convincing than even a Chinese iPhone knockoff. For those who like the W10M OS just for the UI, those who don't use apps alot and don't mind third-party apps loosing support, there is certainly no crime continuing to use expensive (to some) gadgets past their manufacturer support end. People like yourself need to stop thinking everyone else has the same needs as you, some people will regret following your advice. If I had gone for a flagship Android and done away with my 950XL, I'd have been very angry. I find myself needing nothing on the HTC my Lumia doesn't offer, but the OS feels a lot more clumsy (and currently got Arrow Launcher installed) and the number of customisations that don't make the experience any better to me are just infuriating, not enjoyable. Mate, don't keep spreading ridiculous lies like Android replicating W10M, or telling people to stop loving their phones, I have yet to see any real effort to make a convincing clone of the Microsoft OS on Android. Besides all that, the Note 8 is a ridiculously high-cost phone for people tesing the waters to jump too. Please, get back to me when 1) The Note 8 is a worthwhile buy, and 2) An actually decent W10M launcher appears on Android. Thanks.
  • @thinskin45 You're using an HTC Desire 530 as an argument to not switch to Android? I was a die-hard w10m fan, but enough was enough. I agree with you if you don't care that support is dwindling, keep on using w10m, but doesn't the lack of support, make the case to look elsewhere? If your Lumia and w10m is doing everything you need, that's awesome. I wish I had changed sooner.  I've installed 3 wm launchers and the best one is Microsoft Launcher. I'm using a Galaxy S7 and it runs great. The Note 8 from everything I've seen, is a great phone. Yes, I agree it is a high-cost phone and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it due to the cost. Better deals can be found with an S8. But please stop bashing Android. When you look around and see almost every new app released is on Android and Apple and not on WM10, I'd say Android knows what they're doing.
  • Why would you presume to tell me to "ditch" a product that meets my needs? I'm disappointed that Microsoft won't be developing the product any more, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Heck, my 1020 and 925 are still amazing phones. Of course, i have no desire for time wasters like Snapchat etc. so perhaps that's why I never really saw the app gap others complained so much about.
  • I'm with you. I have been a devout Microsoft fanboy over the last 10+ years. I have owned Windows Mobile products from WM 6.0. I have owned Zunes and Microsoft Bands, and every iteration of Windows Phone along the way and multiple Xbox 360's and Ones. I bought the Surface classic on launch day. Groove subscription, office subscription and additional one drive storage subscriptions.  Last week i bought my first android phone, the Note 8, and traded in my Lumia 950.. And while i miss the WP UI i do not regret turning my back on them because they have turned their back on almost all of the products i just listed. When the hardcore supporters start turning away there are some major problems with the platform.  I will not be buying an Xbox One X because my confidence in microsoft has been shattered within the last 6-12 months. 
  • It's just so depressing that Android and iOS are the only available alternatives when leaving WP ecosystem. I wish there was a WinMob wannabe OS out there to try out.
  • Does this render my 640xl useless?
  • Enter fast will get FCU ASAP
  • it's already useless with that mediocre OS and no APPS. Try the other side, you might enjoy it.
  • Not at all. I use Lumia 640 XL immediately it was released in May, 2015 and I have yet to regret the choice I made. I was expecting my phone to be counted among the models that will enjoy the last feature update, that is, the Fall Creator Update, unfortunately, like others, I am denied. This has not stop my phone performing excellently. I am okay by it.
  • From now on there will just be security patches. If your 640 is on the insider program the you have the latest build. I doubt there will be anymore builds from now on. Patches yes but nothing more.
  • Where can I find an image that is on the phone screen at the top of the article.
  • I thought Windows 10 Mobile was over, many windows phones are still getting security updates. So few Android phones get ANY security updates.
  • relax. windows 10 mobile won't get any new feature. :p
  • Correct!
  • No more bing shop on Lumia phone. Shame on Microsoft.
  • I love reading all the stupidity and bias beliefs. It is obvious that most criticizers know nothing about the technology and it's full capabilities. Keep this entertainment coming. The only real concern is that most of the same fools review Apps and products.
  • If they can't afford of maintenance then they should not develope a stupidity,such as WP10 or by calling it Microsoft Lumia phone.All true trust gone to hell.Pay back my money.bcoz we put a trust on u,for buying this things.And i don't have the budget of another phone.but who else care,u r a big company,name, doesn't matter for u people.
  • Hey All, I have a 640 that is on 10.0.15254.1. which I received via the insider program. I stopped the insider, going back to the standard updates. My phone is still on 10.0.15254.1 Does anyone know if this verson will 'expire' and brick my phone. If so, how would I remove this version and go back to the standard W10M?
  • LOL! This reminds me of stuff I used to read during the months leading up to Y2K.
  • Hey I have a 640 and I recived 10.0.15254.1 via windows insider and I then stopped and went back to normal windows update. will 10.0.15254.1 expire and brick my phone? If so, what are my options?
  • Kevcole. How did you get the FCU? Any registry hack maybe? I think that version expires but without bricking the phones, just the updates that stop being received,
  • Use interop tools....Send me your email so that can send you the procedure send to:
  • I updated my Lumia 640 XL to 10.0.15254.1 on Fast Ring Preview. Besides, what is bricking the phone. Do you mean I cannot receive any patches or update anymore. And how can reverse my phone to previous version if that is the case. Moreover, what is interop tool?
  • I upgraded my spare 640 via Windows insider preview, fast ring. No registry hack. My other phone is a 640 XL however I stayed on the normal channel and was not able to update that phone to 10.0.15254.1 as I had ben lead to believe.
  • WThe I don't curse but I would like to.  I have the 640 XL.  I feel like the kid that didn't get picked when they chose up sides.  I'm very offended. After several Windows phones I feel like we've been abandoned,  I'm out a lot of money and emotionally ruined.  
  • It's not like we are missing anything.  I still have a blank, non-working, duplicated Money app icon on my phone.  It's about time.
  • When win10mob fall creaters update released on hp elitex3, anyone know? Thx
  • You just have to wait, I have that phone too.
  • Wtf.... !!!!!
  • HP X3 (Verizon)?  When did this happen???
  • lol my 640xl is going strong with the slow ring rs2 update. after the update, switched to just driver/fixes/apps updates and no new build at the moment (new build might brake something). snappier than before. going for its 3rd year and maybe more. yup, it gets better and better even if it reached EOL. =)
  • Heck MSFT under Nutella will "drop support" for its own d1*k. So doesn't surprise me they dropping support for the 640 and 640XL. Soon Nadella will get so intoxicated with and entrenched in his dropping spree that he mistakenly "drops support" for cloud services.
  • A Lumia fan and go through disappointment with kill of OneDrive and Groove, I can still stand. Finally, the stupid SEO, won't give up, he kill Lumia, I come to loss my dignity with Microsoft. I'm afraid Apple Mac should replace my Surface book soon. That include all my desktop and all other dell tablets. Also, android seems a choice for tablet. Microsoft... You hire the worst SEO!
  • 640 and XL-       Edge browser works very poorly on FCU. Confirmed on seven different phones. Edge either freezes for a time or freezes permanently. Perhaps the 1gB of ram with its professor have begun to stumble so rather than hold all back MS cut the 640s from the pack.
  • Having gone through most of the above opinions from all and sundry, it's easy to say we should have seen this coming. It was just a matter of time before another group of phones get axed from what ever else is coming from MS. Strange that a company of this global magnitude could leave people hanging, out in the cold, to dry... Apologies for leaving Microsoft fans doesn't cut it. What's the meaning behind all the great patents and acquisitions around phones and the various back up companies if at the end of the day, everyone is left in the lurch? Vector smartwatch company, xiaomiri etc... I struggled when friends could access things with ease using Android and iOS, but staying true because of the aspects of the windows phone one likes has been made to look like a pile of crap. No harm done MS. I'd always said the company was really about business rather than the people. Satya Nadella, more about his book sales, Azure and Enterprise activities than interest in consumer base for Windows phones.
    It's just business as usual isn't it... Enough of the whining, I still love my 640 xl, it's been one of the most reliable phones ever built. Had already started telling friends who had been in love with the phone not to bother as the company would be stopping support for all their phones soon.
    The memories of the good times with the phone will always linger. Can't sell or give away the phone. Too attached, but really a brilliant device. Had already started with an android device, and couldn't believe what I'd been missing. The updates even for MS apps were off the hook! The apps here are so far developed than the same apps on Windows phones! I mean, who does that!! MS can... It's time to find another phone to fall in love with. It looks like it's going to be everything else but a Windows device. Better just keep my heartbreak to myself and move greener pasture. Thanks Windows Central for the opportunity to write a brief epilogue about the 640xl.
  • Why is my L730 working fine? I got the last update, apps get updates.
  • Losers. Ungrateful Microsoft
  • good thing they are not getting creators updates (including fall update). these updates have ruined my 950. no new features. only battery life tanked, unstable and crashing... and worst of all, they have no plans to fix anything anymore. it took years for windows 10 mobile to get out of beta, now we have no hope as Microsoft is in a gay marriage with android.
  • Here I come Android SmartPhones!!!
    Moto G5s Plus is starting to look real good! 640 XL will be a door stop soon!
    Shame on you MS
  • This information for me not good because I have Lumia 640 Lte 😣
  • I have this device and it was one of the most popular devices that come from Microsoft but Microsoft continuo to be disappointing every good step they do they do the opposite by ten times
  • My 640 is doing another update right now. That was totally unexpected.