Microsoft Lumia 650 could be priced at €200 in Ireland

While Microsoft has still to announce the expected Lumia 650, a source today out of the Republic of Ireland suggests that there, at least, the new phone will cost €199.99 (or about $226 USD after conversion).

Which, in truth, is about what we'd expect and goes well with information we've heard ourselves regarding the next Lumia.

"Microsoft Lumia 650 €199.99 prepay. Ireland. - @jimboireland"

The source is a friend of the site, and we're reasonably confident in the accuracy of his current sources. He's unable to offer anything more on this at this time aside from the image you can see below which is a store placeholder that he's provided to us.

We're still expecting to see the Lumia 650 launch before MWC, with our sources pointing to a February 15 announcement with little fanfare, though production delays leave an exact release date still up in the air.

As always, leaks and rumors are just that until the final word comes from Microsoft. Things could always change.

via @jimboireland

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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