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Microsoft Lumia 650 could be priced at €200 in Ireland

While Microsoft has still to announce the expected Lumia 650, a source today out of the Republic of Ireland suggests that there, at least, the new phone will cost €199.99 (or about $226 USD after conversion).

Which, in truth, is about what we'd expect and goes well with information we've heard ourselves regarding the next Lumia.

"Microsoft Lumia 650 €199.99 prepay. Ireland. - @jimboireland"

The source is a friend of the site, and we're reasonably confident in the accuracy of his current sources. He's unable to offer anything more on this at this time aside from the image you can see below which is a store placeholder that he's provided to us.

We're still expecting to see the Lumia 650 launch before MWC, with our sources pointing to a February 15 announcement with little fanfare, though production delays leave an exact release date still up in the air.

As always, leaks and rumors are just that until the final word comes from Microsoft. Things could always change.

via @jimboireland

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • It says it has 16G memory :)
  • It's ROM
  • Yes but 640 and 640XL are 8GB only so, this is a plesent surprise.
  • ₹15000 INR .. Hell costly. :/ how can they expect ppl to buy??? When v have more better options by competitors ... Although in android.
  • Uh...200€ in Europe isn't costly...
  • But is it competively priced? His point being there are phones with better specs for the same price..
  • It is. There are cheaper phones but only from Chinese OEMs and those don't enjoy much of a reputation around here. Of course, those other phones do have the advantage of running Android instead which may help selling more. But at this point Microsoft can't afford to bleed even more money on mobile than they already do. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It isn't. Given the specs I have no doubt I will buy again the win blu hd lte even at the same price (as a matter of fact it can be found for less than 100 €).
  • Good luck when you need support for it.
  • Well, MS can certainly afford to if they want to. And I think they should at least until the unicorn Surface Phone surfaces.. I.e. I don't think it is smart to effectively pull out of markets and/or market segments, and marketing for over a year and then hope to re-enter.
  • I don't see how people can complain about this phone costing $200? If you want something cheaper, then buy the 550, but then of course you want the specs,  look and premium build of the 650 for the price of a 550. It cost to be a boss, nothing's free. This phone looks nice and has more than adequate specs. The 650, as was suggested by one of the staff writers on here, is closer to a mid-range phone, than a budget phone. Yesterday, with the news about the immenent release of the Alcatel One Fierce XL and it's low pricing, I thought that was the best deal for a Windows 10 phone, as far as specs, but not build. I thought the Alcatel One was going to be my firtst Windows Phone, but now with the release of the actual specs for the 650, (16GB, 212, Glance), along with the premium look and I hope feel of the 650, it's a great deal. I can't wait for the release.
  • 16GB of storage and a Snapdragon 212 seem to be confirmed then. At least it's not 8GB and SD210.
  • If those are the correct specs then I will definitely buy it and give it shot.
  • Yes. 1.3GHz says SD212.
  • SD 212 is not a bad SoC, but is a bad choice for Lumia 6xx line. SD212 is okay for low end as MS is consolidating Lumia lines into possibly 2 or 3 categories. But the issue is that it does not support Wifi AC MIMO but Wifi N single stream,   does not support USB 3.0 Type-C but 2.0, does not support Quick Charge 3 but 2.These kind of SoC limitations will prevent Lumia 650 from shining!! I have Lumia 640 and it's a capable phone.
  • Too expensive for a 210 snapdragon.
  • It can't be sd210 with 1.3GHz. It's the 212,I believe which along with the 16gb storage, definitely improves the value proposition of this phone
  • If those specs are true it's not as much as a bad deal as I though yeah.
  • 1.3 ghz procesor, so in the end it is more powerfull than 640 and has 16 gb memory.Maybe bad upgrade if you already have a 640 but nice phone for 200€ :).
  • 212 confirmed. Definitely seems like a downgrade in both software (WP8.1 > WM10) and hardware (400 > 212). Posted from my Note 5
  • Snapdragon 400 in lumia 640 is quad core 1.2 ghz and 212 in lumia 650 is quad core 1.3 how is that a downgrade?
  • Its a downgrade in graphics side
  • Please verify your facts. How is that a downgrade?
  • 400 has Adreno 306, while 212 has Adreno 304. That clearly sounds like a downgrade.
    Edit: Lumia 640 uses the Adreno 305 variant of the 400. Either way, it's definitely not an upgrade. 400 is also capable of handling higher resolution displays and camera, but since the 650 has an 8MP camera and 720p display, the 212 can be used. I do wish they used the new SD 430 which supports quickcharge 3.0 and uses Cortex A53 instead of A7, but I guess that would make the budget device too expensive (and probably delayed).
  • Actually 400 has Adreno 305, not 306 - there's a typo on qualcomm's page for 400 but in comparison page ( they are mentioning 305. And difference between 305 vs 304 is 50 MHz, so not a big deal.. 
  • the Snapdragon 400 uses Adreno 305, not 306; and I don't think Adreno 304 would be far worse than 305
  • I disagree, 212 has it's advantages over old 400 used in 640 - i.e. support for VoLTE, HD Voice, Wifi calling with LTE continuity, or by 2gens newer GPS module (IZat Gen8C vs 8A). And of course slightly higher clock (1.3 vs 1.2 GHz)
  • I think the main issue is that they went with the 212 over the 410, 412, 415, and 430, all of which would have no complaints (since they are literally the successors to the 400 in the 640). The thing that kind of annoys me is that they decided to take the Apple and Samsung route of "form over function" and spend extra on the metal frame rather than the processor. Maybe that's what other people want, but I like to think it's what's on the inside that matters.
  • Numbers in names don't necessarily mean downgrade.
  • I consider it a downgrade. If a model is released a year ago with a 4xx series chip, I expect it's upgrade to have a 4xx chip or higher. Of course a lower specced phone of 2016 will outperform a phone from early 2015. That's no great feat. But if its called a 650 why does it have 4/5xx specs? Posted from my Note 5
  • 4.97" display, hmm interesting. The 16gb is also interesting too.
  • Microsoft specially in India is just not gaining new customers and the main reason is their pricing isn't right according to to its competitors. If they price like Moto series they will get good sales. They just have to keep the price wisely which they aren't doing. Its so stupid.
  • I agree... Its too expensive for specs given..
  • When they get down to Japan-level Xbox sales numbers they will start to take notice.... maybe.
  • Honestly we need a new person for Lumia. Panos cannot handle everything. We need any one new maybe from Apple or Nokia who can make great Lumia devices.
  • How can I delete my comment? :|
  • you cant, just hit the EDIT button and write something else like (deleted) thats it
  • Why the hell Microsoft killed the double tap to wake option in w10 m? Can't imagine Lumia without it
  • It's still there.. 
  • Yeah, just no double tap to sleep/turn off the display.
  • You can double tap on virtual button bar( or whatever) and it wil put device in sleep/turnoff. I tried on 640 xl and it does work.
  • Yeah, this is an issue with Lumias with native W10 Mobile.
  • Default is off. You have to turn on the double-tap to sleep feature in settings.
  • It's only the 950 series that doesn't have it, and it may very well be implemented at some stage (if it's not hardware-related). Most devices that will upgrade to Windows 10 will still have it.
  • I am talking of new Lumias such as 550 and 650. They aren't having it
  • We don't know yet if te 650 will or will not have it. It's not even out yet. 
  • It's there in my friend's Lumia 535 with 10 insider.
  • As me and harshil said upthread, this is an issue with Lumias that have native W10 Mobile.
  • Correct dude
  • omg 200€ for mid to low range phone with snapdragon 212 and basicly beta OS ...  sales and marketing teams at microsoft should seriously stop heavy drinking and drugs, it's getting worse. Or maybe their strategy is to make sure no one buys their products so they can shut win mobile developement for good xD  I would price it in the 100-120€ range and even offer 10€ gift card for app store purchase. I would market the whole win mobile as a begining of a great journey in wich pople would finally have their voice heard and would help shape the future of one os to rule them all...or something among that lines. Microsoft needs to become cool and play their strenghts, not bullshit and mimicking what everybody else is doing. They started that change they, have universal apps, win 10 shared core, surface lineup, hololens etc. but they need to sort the mobile, get bullish and get momentum. And they need to do that yesterday
  • @AtOmlc
    Can't agreed more. Well said!!!
  • I will buy it if it comes with snapdragon 410 or higher
  • Then I guess you probably won't buy it..
  • Deadly cheap!
  • I can't understand MS pricing strategy. I bought my lumia 640 for 115€, else for a higher price like 200€, I would have been opted for an android phone. In this price range there are decent android phones.
  • Retail release price is not the same as something a few months old.  Your decent Android phones started higher too...
  • Decent android phones? Hell I could get an Android flagship for that price.
  • I have to spec server chassis often, and on some occasions I actually have to supply the specs to some suit or secratary. At that point, they might even attempt to discuss the specs based on what they see on the document I provide them. I oblige, of course. I'm an old man who has learned to act like a gentleman with my internal customer. But they don't have a clue about what those specs mean. Sometimes, on WC, it feels the same way. No offense, but the SD212 does not automatically relegate a device to "low-end". It might be found in a crappy device, or one that has been very well engineered. But on its own, it far from defines the over all package.       
  • 4.97" is a deal-breaker for me, I want a 5" phone.
  • :)     I smiled big
  • How big? I hope at least 0.03" big.
  • That's not what she said. An extra 0.03" doesn't do it. :P
  • Price is too high but it will drop as sales won't about 1 month price will go down to at least 189 EUR if not lower. As for the CPU, being only QC 212, we will have to see how it behaves. Just wait for the reviews before deciding if it's worth it or not. Again, ignoring the lower CPU and less RAM, MS is once more releasing a phone with a beta OS, still broken and unpolished OS. If there will be any avoidance, it will be because of the OS...all know now that Win10 Mobile is still not ready and is far from an OS that can be trusted as a daily driver.
  • I'm good with everything you said until you finished with "far from an OS that can be trusted as a daily driver​" Surely you know there are MANY THOUSANDS of people all over the world using W10M for their "daily driver"? Again, I agree with your overall sentiment of W10M currently, but it HAS developed beyond that threshold for lots of people. Not everybody maybe, but many.  
  • So what is WPCentral's take on the rumored 650XL (i.e. 850 with 650 internals, give or take)?
  • good point especially since i learned of the XL on phone arena and not on this site.                          
  • Hi Richard Devine its says 4.97" screen what's that mean I guess not full 5" inch is it 5" inch ? or same as lumia 735 please reply 
  • We need Surface Phone now, leaded by Panos Panay, I'm tired of the old Lumia team designers, they have failed to provide an alternative against middle range $200 phones from OEMs like Huawei, ZTE or ASUS which are great in design with great specs and low price.
  • Surface phone won't come fast enough. Windows Mobile will be all but dead by the time Microsoft releases it. There will be no developer support and market share will be completely non-existant. Coming back is going to be near impossible. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, not same as Lumia 735. It's 4.97, not 4.7".  4.97" is the actual screen size of the Lumia 640, which is advertised as a 5" screen in the US. In certain localities, there are laws that require it to be made more specific, and this may be why it has been listed as such. You won't be able to tell the difference holding it between a phone with a 5" and 4.97" screen if they have the same resolution. That's 3-hundredths-of-an-inch spread out over a 5 inch surface, which is less than a hundredth of an inch per inch difference in size. 
  • so rhapdog it means it won't have a full 5 inch screen than like the lumia 830? lumia 830 and 930 both have 5 inch screen I am thinking of upgrading from 520 if it has 5" inch then i buy lumia 650 otherwise I buy lumia 830 Lumia 650 won't have 5 inch screen?
  • Wow horrible price for the specs. Come on Microsoft get a midranger in their. This is a low end device and especially at that price point you can find phones with superior specs that rival high end devices Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • The 640 I can get for 5 times less with similiar specs... So how many MS phones designers does it take to screw in a light bulb. One to give a lower its light output, one to keep it beta, another plug the ears of the other phone designers and the last one to over price the work done. Four...
  • this phone is carrier unlocked and tax is included in europe, carrier unlocked 640 is 149$ in the US too plus tax it's basically 200€
  • I can go down the road and get the 640 for just over $40 plus tax unlocked right now... The 640 might be overpriced where you are at, but here its a throw away phone. The 650 offers similiar specs, so why would I buy it. I want to, but it offers no ROI.
  • What a joke
  • i'm surprised! that's a great price for MSRP! It'll sell for 180€ on day one in stores and a few weeks later 170€, what a great price!
  • No wireless charging? Not for me then
  • The main question here is whether the processor would come with motion data capability. I am a rather heavy user of SensorCore based apps (primarily Fitbit, but others too), and I don't want to switch out to a phone that can't do that. Does the Snapdragon 212 have motion sensing capabilities? 200 didn't, and that's pretty much why I got the 730 instead of 535.