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Windows 10 cumulative update 10586.105 likely coming next week for PC, now testing for mobile

Update: And just like that we are now hearing that build 10586.105 (not .104) is now slated for next week's cumulative update. We'll see if things change before that time.

Microsoft appears to be prepping for a new cumulative OS update for Windows 10 with build 10586.104 being readied for release next week, likely on February 9 or 'Patch Tuesday'.

No new features are expected with the update, but there should be the usual fixes and general OS improvements including for Surface (the last .71 update also had some Surface fixes too).

The PC update is a general release for all Windows 10 PCs and is separate from the PC Insider program, which is now on the Redstone branch with the release of build 14257 last night.

Regarding Windows 10 Mobile we are told that 10586.104 is also now in early testing too, and it could also be released to Fast Ring Insiders in the next week or two.

We last reported about these cumulative builds for .71 before their release. The update came a day later than we expected for PC (Wednesday, January 27) and for mobile later (February 1), but they were in line with our reporting.

Like all news that we report on internal and leaked information it is subject to change. However, build .104 is the expected next release for Windows 10.

Lumia 650 announcement for Feb 15, but production setback

Regarding the new Lumia 650 Microsoft is still evidently planning for a February 15 announcement, however, we have heard production is delayed slightly making its actual availability currently unknown.

The Lumia 650 recently saw a semi-official render leaked by @evleaks.

Lumia 650 specifications

  • Weighs 150g
  • 5-inch display (720 x 1280 pixels, ~294 PPI pixel density)
  • 8GB internal storage (expandable up to 128GB)
  • 1GB RAM
  • Quad-core 1.1GHz processor (Either Snapdragon 210 or 212)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 with A2DP, Micro USB, GPS
  • 5MP front-facing camera; 8MP rear with LED flash
  • Li-Ion 2000mAh battery

Pricing, availability and confirmation of final specifications are likely to be shared on Monday, February 15.

However, once again, as with all leaked information, the announcement is subject to change having already been pushed back from late January to the first of February and now to the 15th due to some last-minute software issues.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I'm waiting for next build :)... 10xxx.71 is smooth but freeze sometimes... No random reboot for me :P I'm lucky
  • No freezes for me, just random reboots.
  • No freezes no reboots for me but I did do a hard reset after updating though
    Edit Lumia 640xl
  • Hard reset is precisely the reason with MS should release fewer builds - maybe once every year - or max six months. This frequent builds are getting out of hand and seriously unnerving & annoying for non technical users. After W10, my PC is getting releases every now and then.
  • Non technical users don't install preview builds. Or at least they should not.
  • I mentioned W10 PC - which is non-insider. It gets cumilative update (non-security) every other week/month. I understand the win10 is new and is under major overhaul - but this is too frequent IMHO. For a lay user, it can quickly get annoying - they just want their PCs to work - frequest updates confuse them - or worse, shake their confidence
  • There are options you can just discard the updates.
  • Only for a limited period of time. After that they become mandatory
  • Options? Non-Pro doesnt have options, which probably would be a majority of Windows 10.
  • The paradigm shift in software is moving away from long term releases to constant updates/fixes/features on a much faster cadence. People love updates and will abandon apps/services that don't see continuous improvement and features. yes, some people will complain.. but then they turn around and complain when something is old, outdated and not shiny anymore. Release early and release often is the new software paradigm.
  • Can you please make up our mind what you're talking about?  First you complain about hard resets and then you say you're talking about PCs.  Noone has to do a hard reset on their PC after installing a cumulative update.  It's no different to any other Windows Update patch.  Noone with any sense is confused by them because they happen automatcially and they happen just like they used to on previous version of Windows.  Patch Tuesday has been around for many, many years so why has it suddenly become confusing for users now when they have been receiving patches for Windows this way for years?
  • I am not having any of these issues and i have never done a hard reset on my 920.
  • Man I have huge problems with Microsoft Edge many freezes and reboots when I try to use it.Lumia 640 xl dual sim
  • Yeah same here with my 640xl.
  • L1520 no freezes no reboots, working great.
  • Me too.  
  • Does Autobrightness work? It never worked up to 2 builds ago... Can you confirm with your NL1520? thnx
  • What about battery life? Could you confirm it is better with this new build?
  • No freezes or reboots on my 1020 running smooth.
  • Lumia 720: Fastest build so far. Home screen freeze still there unfortunately...
  • For me it's draining battery. But for the most part had been running well today. First day out two had some app crashes.
  • Amazing update .71, and Edge is better now - 950 Xl and 1520. But not from beginning and after the update.
    As I wrote more times, I can only recommend to reinstall your devices after these updates.
    I / we have two 950 XL and one 1520, it´s the same on all of them, make a clean reinstall and they works much better.
      It´s something I work with for a longer period, and I / we have probably reinstalled around 35 devices now, all running insiders, and all the times we reinstall there is a visible change.
    Our two new 950 Xl was installed with .29 and worked very well, fast. But of course with these well-known bugs. After .63 they went a bit slower and it didn't change when they got .71. Therefore, these devises also got a clean reinstall, like out of the box, and they start up in a new clean .71 insider version. Jump to the settings, choose ABOUT, there it´s possible to reinstall the device. but don´t use an old update, in the bottom it´s possible to choose a new clean shot like when you open the box, starting with language.
    Then go to the store - hamburger menu, choose downloads and update, all apps will come back fresh.
    I can really recommend everyone to do that, it gives a better and fast working device, all devices.
  • Had few freezes, not so much as in previous. I never had random reboots on my lumia 520 when using W10M. Im curious if they will add landscape start screen and notification centre some day! Also lockscreen in landscape would be cool so phone could be used in landscape mode all the time, like tablets. ^^
  • Call and text blocking still doesn't work.
  • works with truecaller though, havent used the built in one.
  • I updated from .29 (non insider) to .71 and almost immediately everything was worse.  Spent a whole day going back to released versions and will just wait until the next official build is released. That said, W10M is absolute garbage and needs massive improvements in literally every area.  Hope MS pick up the pace.
  • I have no issue at all with my Lumia 640, 925, and 635.
  • Balony.
  • .71 is fantastically better for me on lumia 735 and 950 xl. That isn't balony. I didn't even need to hard reset the 735, it was just better after the update. the 950 xl I did have to follow these steps: 1) Recovery Tool to .29 2) Insider Install 3) Update to .71 4) Insider App set back to production 5) Get new firmware update for 950 XL 6) Hard reset 7) loving it
  • i think i will follow this steps because i cant get anything new on my 950XL.
    Thanks for posting
  • That's your opinion, I'm just saying that I don't have any issue, and my daily driver is my L640. BTW I don't like Balony I rather have Wendy's burger triple decker. Cheer!
  • Sounds like user error. Fix your **** tc
  • More bug fixes. Nice.
  • They're still trying to figure out how to render emails correctly...
  • Has absolutely nothing to do with the OS...
  • Yeah, the Best Buy emails have huge ads that are meant for desktop browsers. They can't be fit into mobile mail the way we all want. The last update did wonders to outlook mail. It looks so nice now.
  • The rendering is messed up if you increase text scaling. I have to always pinch to shrink it to fit the page . My scaling it's a but higher at 130%
  • My first email opened up in the top left corner like a postage stamp.  So not all emails look nice now. That said, some look better.
  • sometime i feel the only people using windows 10 mobile are the insiders :-)
  • I'm using the retail/production W10M on my 950XL.
  • good to know. It seems microsoft is in no hurry to release new features especially when the competitors (iOS and Android) are releasing new features/hardware at a furious pace. At this rate people will get frustrated at some point and jump the ship. I am using wp since its launch having jumped from iOS and Android, but i would be lying to myself if say i dont feel jealous seeing latest features with the competitors. In the present shape the Win 10 mobile has a under-par UI and its core-apps which needs urgent attention.    
  • Furious rate? Android has been in a bug fix release window since november and Iphones get updated once per year...
  • Haha. I was thinking the exact same thing. Thank you.
  • When i say Android i also include Samsung and other manufactures who add new features on top of stock android.
  • Name some furious paced features, apart from their phone looking less a samrtphone and more of an accesorry, a couple of my friends have s6 Edge gold n its looks like an expensive jewellery more than a smartphone, i like the looks of note 5 though, wish there was a cutsom rom of w10m for it :P  
  • if you look at our contact core-app and compare with any other OS out there, you would know what i am saying. Edge is painful and battery hog to say the least. WIndows Hello, is more a gimmick that really useful. I would have preferred a finger print reader and Hello could be additional. Cortana would listen sometimes, and when you need it most it would just ignore you. When it works, it really is great no doubt about that. Most of facebook notifications never reach my notification/action center. When i login to the app, i see so many new notifications. Try taking multiple pictures and be prepared to embrass yourself in front of others. The app would either crash, become too slow or would heat up the phone. Saving picture after taking the shot, takes forever. Skype is still not fully integrated to the OS. These are just a few, i can go on-and-on. And remember i am not a troll, neither  a blind fan. I am just a WP well-wisher. I use Surface Pro3, 950 XL, Band - 1.  
  • i didnt ask whats wrong with W10M, i wanted to know abt the fast paced features that might me make switch, because all i see is some some shinny gold phones yet nothing promising. to adress the issues you mention, though not asked for as for some reason everyone isnt facing these. but the Core of the OS is as fast as any other phone, did a live comparison with S6 Edge, my 2 year old 1520 was equally fast in switching and opening apps. I love edge, wishing for new features like swipe to next etc. btw edge was also faster than samsungs stock browser and chrome is full of ****** adds. fingerprint is your preffernce, plus i havent had the chance to use hello but mostly i hear positive abt it. Cortana listens all the time, ofcourse if you say it the same way you trained it. Facebook app has become close to perfect, i get all the notifications, for some reason not the ones abuot candy crush invites, Camera i didnt have any issues, i cant show you my FB uploads but when hanging out with friends i love showing off my 20Meg Camera :P i once had crashes on camera, once only, i had to reboot the phone altogether, but that neve hapened again. saving pic takes time if you have cloud upload on, and you have slow reception. mine works fine. the photo app is awesome i never had to manually put my pics on my PC, always see them on there thanks to OneDrive :D skype messaging ofcourse needs work, but the messeging app has improved alot, no more resuming if you go from notification or minized window. OVERALL i have no issues, when i know its getting better, if my 2 year old phone is on w10m, i will still be ahead of android as a year old android devices are yet to see the Trashmellow update. 
  • I know you did not ask for the what did not work. But i still listed these issues because in my opinion these are some very basic features which every phone should do without crashing. These are core features and everything i listed that does not work works on other OS'es. The crash rate is certainly better in iOS and Android. If you are not facing these issues or if you do not access certain features, then it does not mean nobody has these issues. I am sure there are many in this forum who are facing the issues i listed. Maybe these issues do not show up with light use.  Another basic feature thats integrated in iOS is your step count. Do you have any core app in WM10 that keeps track of your steps and elevation. My phone 950 XL has barometer than why cant i track my steps without Band-2 ? Try this in iPhone or Android and see the difference.  
  • WP became "usable" with the "Mango" release, wherein it acquired some basic background tasks, a "multitasking" interface, fast resume of applications, and cloud storage in the form of Skydrive (nee Onedrive).  That was 2011.  In 2011, iOS was on version 4, I believe. While there have been numerous changes "under the hood" to Windows Phone since then, mainly to align the kernel with the PC version of Windows (in WP8) and then to provide 'universal apps' (in W10M) there have been very few major user-facing features added to WP and a few major ones dropped.  Without doing an exhaustive review, I can think of Cortana, file system access, separate volume controls for notifications and applications, VPN support, a swype-like keyboard,and most importantly, a notification drawer as significant additions.  No question, these are most welcome.  That said, a number of features I used to really like have been removed, such as wireless syncing, hubs, the ability to edit binary Office files, rooms, social network integration into the people app, and the "Me" tile. When you add it all up, it is not entirely clear to me that Windows Phone, now W10M, is getting "better."  It's changing, but there's no real sense of progress.  Just a reshuffling of features. iOS, meanwhile, has gotten leaps and bounds better in that same amount of time.  It has added cloud storage, iMessage, Passbook, Siri, Game Center, CarPlay, AirDrop, alternative keyboard support, a way to share apps and media with family members, Healthkit and Homekit, Continuity, side-by-side multitasking, '3D' touch, and the 64-bit support vital for future devices.  I can't think of anything of significance I could do in iOS 4 that I can't do in iOS now...can you? Not to mention that, while WP went from an extremely elegant, stable OS in 2011 to an unattractive, hard-to-use (hamburger menus, anyone!!!) mess in W10M, iOS went from a hideously ugly skewmorphic OS into a flat, elegant OS in the same time.  Apple definitely ripped of MS' design esthetic, but iOS is getting better and better looking, while Windows is getting worse and worse. Android, I think it is fair to say, has progressed even more than iOS in that time.
  • The all ONE CORE, and ONE OS idea is unique itself, i would not copmpare it with Mango at all, mango was lacking so many features, 7.8 was something that i was glad to have, then 8 and 8.1.  ofcourse there has been alot of changes, things added then removed, i mean i loved the FB messenger integration in the WP. not a fan of the skype messaging but its imporving i guess. I would not say windows phone and windows 10 mobile are one thing, because they are not, and later one looks more attractive to me, OK not the circles in PPL tile, but over all its attractive that was one thing that i did not switch back to 8.1 back in july august when 10 had more issues than when we say its getting better its just w10 we talk about. dont compare it to wp 8.1 because that was ofcuorse faster, but feature wise W10 has more to offer. most of the mobile version of webpages have hamburger menus, so why you find it ODD in the w10m, not to forget there wil be improvements, it was unique in 2011 a diffrent look but its elegant now,  Continuum and Universal apps are the future, i dont know why you havent seen that, I mean I just love the idea of ONE OS across my PC TAB Phone and Console, and not to mention the IoT and we may see a whole house on Windows 10,  but now to a daily driver device my L1520 has all what i need. and YES!! iOS and Android they just look flat, cartoonish, childish. W10M looks are sophisticated. We got Continuum in couple of years and one OS on all, that android and iOS fast pace havent . . 
  • Next year it will be another awesome idea and then MS will again re-invent WM, meaning we will always be in a stage of beta testing. Just keep shuffling the features while others move forward. Windows Phone was launched in 2010. Its almost 6 years and see the end product we have. Did you see where was Android after first 6 years?
  • I guess MSFT was clear enough when they said that they wont be launcing new versions of windows, after the W10.  I mean the thing I am loving about windows 10 is that i am getting exactly the same experience that i have on my phone and my PC, and there is alot more to come. Apart from having some Usefull apps, nothing has changed with Android,who cares if there are more ways to customize the phone when its gona end up freezing, malfunctioning, and it still laggs, drinks battery like orange juice, and even if one spent $500+ for 3Gigs Ram and Quad Core etc etc MOST of all "Security". Android is playground for Hackers.  
  • I mean they are saying things and not sticking on to it. I really liked the idea of the Android bridge which i thought would be awesome to bridge the app gap. But its gone. I really like windows phone, but at the same time i want them to work on the core-apps. I am not a heavy app user and mostly prefer to use the browser. But the core-apps experience is frustrating to me. They crash, battery drains, phone getting hot and half - baked UI. I should be able to pick up the phone and call a skype number without opening the Skype app like a regular app. There could be an option to integrate third party messaging to the core messaging app so that i dont have to switch between many apps. Atleast MS can provide an interface for integration, i know the implementation of it would be upto each application owner. Also much needed is some colors to the dark theme. I really like how the colors pop-out on Samsungs UI.
  • well sorry to hear , but for some reason my experience with the win10m is awesome, i get very very minor crashes, but mainly the apps i use more dont crahs, Phone, messaging, photos, store, dont crahs at all with the past few builds, phone doesnt get too hot, minor heating is normal, i took off the phone from charging at 8:00 pm and here its 2:40 am only lost %3 mainly because its stitting but everything is on, im getting notifications and messages etc. I wud prefer the IOS bridge than android, the build with android app loading option was good but then the phone was getting slower, plus if google doesnt give windows 10 its services, most of the android apps are of no use. I DO like the idea of skype integration but it would get better ofcourse, there's the feedback thing.  The idea of the colors in dark theme is good but to me dark theme is best, its suits and been there from wp7,  and imho the cartoonish Samsung UI is not that good. i love the colors of the Metro UI and the Tile. looks way more sohistictaed and organised.
  • And the Androids lucky to actually receive the updates are few and far between. Lol
  • All the flagship Android phones get updates fine. Windows certainly can't say much here.
  • Here's some recent figures for those interested:
  • Furious Pace? Android & iOS? Bahahahahahahahahaha
  • closing the eyes and bury your head in sand will not make the troubles go away :-)
  • Still... 1.2% has gotten the update for Android since it was released four months ago.
  • trolling wont make you famous either :P
  • Well just know that W10M is a work in progress brand new baby infant OS. We will get new features when it becomes stable. Android and iOS have been around for a while.
  • i know that, but i want to see faster updates coming from MS else we will never catch-up.
  • It absolutely is not.  W10M is Windows Phone 8.2.  The switch to the NT kernel happened way back with Windows Phone 8.  the only really major change to the OS itself is support for universal apps.  There is absolutely no excuse for so many of the core apps to have such awful, buggy experiences.
  • The kernel is a very, very small part of the OS.
  • Infant OS? It feels like this has been the situation during Windows Phone too.
  • Apple is releasing updates to iOS 9 at a furious pace? Since when? I've gotten more updates to W10M than I have to iOS 9 on the assorted devices I support and manage.
  • There has been one update to W10M since it released, from the launch version to .29. Insider builds do not count as they are not 'real' releases.  Apple has a developer program you can join to get access to preproduction builds, too, and there have been several of those.
  • 950, 950XL and 550 are W10 I believe.
  • Well, on most Windows phones W10M is only possible to get when you are an Insider. 
  • Glad to hear that, .71 is pretty stable and snappy on my 950XL, but updates are always welcome
  • Put your shirt on
  • I was confused with your comment but when I looked at the picture of Genio88 I see why. LMAO!
  • But Jason twitted that., this may be Rumour..
  • I have no idea who "Jason" is or what tweet you are referring to. I use my own sources for this.
  • Jason is omnipotent.  All hail Jason
  • Word!
  • "Jasonus vobiscum" (Jason be with you) And also with you
  • Most likely @NorthFaceHiker on twitter... but I looked at his posts today and didn't see anything that indicates he thinks it could be a rumor.
  • @Daniel Rubino
    I'm just talking this .. (01) Core Insider Program‏ [ @CoreInsiderProg ]
    Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.104 should be available for Insiders in the Fast ring in the coming week. (02) Gabriel Aul [ @GabeAul ]
    PC Build 14257 is now available to #WindowsInsiders in the Fast ring: (03) Doğan Can Yılmaz [ @d_ylmz06 ]
    @GabeAul hi chefi mobile build 10586.74 leaked. About this topic ? (04) Jason
    [ @NorthFaceHiker ]
    @d_ylmz06 @GabeAul
    That's not our twitter handle.
    Don't believe everything you read on the internet. ;)
    [ 5:46am - 4 Feb 16 ]
  • And even Gabe aul tweets an hour before
    " Even I've Seen That Rumour "
  • Im excited for the next build..
  • 3d tiles r not yet available it was one of rumour before release of windows 10
  • What the hell are 3D tiles??
  • You said it yourself... "Rumor".
  • It will b good if the live tiles of mobile get the similar cubic transition effect animation like win10 desktop start menu tiles.
  • I prefer the option from w10 PC. To active or to disable live tiles 1st.
  • Wow, that's a disappointing set of specs on the 650. It should be in the $100-150 range unlocked. Also, going to keep hoping they fix the Resuming bug with Messaging on W10M. That is my only major complaint with the OS right now.
  • What is disappointing? The newer chips are actually very good.
  • SD210 isn't exactly a new chip. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • It's disappointing that the Lumia 550 also has a snapdragon 210, a larger battery (2100mAh), and higher pixel density display.
  • There are more factors than only SoC and resolution that affects how good a phone runs...
  • None of which apply here. It's going to run the same OS that has hiccups on high-end chips. Making a super-generic comment like that and offering no intelligent rebuttal is a waste of time and words.
  • Windows 10 mobile doesn't really hiccup on my 950.
  • The OS doesn't have hiccups. Are you one of "those" who keeps spreading this like it is a common behavior for w10m?
  • So you're a full-of-it fanboy, huh? You can say it doesn't have hiccups, but I can sit here on my 950 every day and watch your comment look ridiculous. It still has issues opening the Messaging app from a message notification, getting caught on the "Resuming" screen until I hit the Home button and go into the app that way. I've had it totally lock up an reboot in Edge a few times, though I don't think that's happened this week. The nightmare that is Groove Music gets confused as to what it's playing if I use an app to clear the Now Playing from my phone, though that's not entirely its fault, I suppose (but it also never did that with WP8.1). The keyboard still struggles to pick up a lot of words (though it's better with a few). And, to wrap it up, I was looking at my phone while typing this, and when trying to scroll, it wouldn't. I had to take my finger off and try again before the app list would scroll. If you need to lie to yourself to believe the OS and in-house apps are flawless, go ahead. I'm just going to think you insane.
  • The os is quirky. Some have issues, some don't. You guys can't argue with each other. One person may not have issues another may. So keeping it as your own experience is best. Thus far my only issue is hard-core battery drain. But never had that with .63. And there are people who's battery improved on .71. It's all over the place. First day on .71 I was getting lots of app crashes but that stopped for whatever reason. Very unpredictable os. A person who has no issues shouldn't automatically be labeled a fan boy. And a person who has issues shouldn't be told he's spreading false info. We shouldn't be fighting each others experiences, that's silly.
  • I guess the firmware update might resolve this issue, of some having everything okay and some have small issues and some with too much to handle 
  • So tell me how the 650 is any better than the 550, other than build quality? Before, there was a pretty obvious difference between the 500 and 600 series.
  • Entry-level SoC in what should be the mid-range offering for W10M. That thing means no Continuum, and maybe no Hey, Cortana, which generally being slow.
  • Yea Keith, I was hoping the 650 would be on Verizon and advanced enough to make me want to upgrade my icon.. As it is even if Verizon picked it up I'd still stay with the icon.. Sorry situation there, only pick is the 950's for incentive but I'm not switching carriers to get it unless att drastically improves service in my area. I'm not gonna stand outside "satellite searching" to make a call lol.
  • Coming Faster™
  • I know it's low hanging fruit but can't resist, but that's what she said ;)
  • Even after lots of build the os has tons of bugs
  • This is precisely the reason with MS should release builds every year - or max every six months. This frequent builds are getting out of hand and seriously unnerving & annoying for non technical users. After W10, my PC is getting releases every now and then.