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Windows 10 build 10586.71 update due this Tuesday, may come to Mobile Insiders too

Next week, Microsoft is expected to add another cumulative patch to the Windows 10 desktop OS according to sources familiar with the matter. The update will bump the OS to 10586.71 up from the current 10586.63 released on January 12.

The Windows Update is scheduled tentatively for Tuesday, January 26 aka 'Patch Tuesday'. Like all OS patches and updates, any last minute issues could halt or delay the release.

There is no immediate word on what, if anything is new, but like previous updates this will likely address bugs and general OS optimizations for those on the desktop PCs, Surface, laptops and more. More information about the cumulative update will probably come forward when Microsoft release them to the public, but no new features are expected. As usual, there will likely be a small flood of updates to Windows core apps like Mail, Messaging and more following the patches.

A looming firmware update for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book is also reportedly on the horizon and may arrive with this update. However, more information on such a release is not yet confirmed. An earlier rumor suggested that this firmware update would come this past week, but that did not happen. Microsoft previously announced that they would fix the ongoing Connected Standby/InstantGo power issues with both devices sometime in early 2016. They company later apologised for "any frustration" customers are experiencing with the cutting edge hardware.

Microsoft has been fairly consistent with releasing two patches per month for the OS in and ongoing attempt to keep Windows 10 up to date as part of their Windows as a Service (WaaS) paradigm.

Mobile Insider Fast Ring too?

Our reports have also revealed that build 10586.71 is being tested on Windows 10 Mobile and it too could be released for Insiders on the Fast Ring before a wider general release sometime in February for non-Insider phones. This information is speculative at this time.

Microsoft last updated the Insider Fast Ring for Mobile on Friday, January 8 when the OS was updated to 10586.63. However, that update has not yet been approved for non-Insiders, and it may just skip to .71 or later.

Microsoft has been keeping their mobile and desktop OS with the same build numbers for a few weeks now. However, their releases are sometimes timed together, other times Mobile comes a few days later.

Insider Fast Ring update have diverged lately with the desktop OS being branched to Redstone (RS1) for early testing by users, whereas Mobile is still in the critical patch phase to improve general reliability before going to the next chapter of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone for 2016.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

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  • Hmm, I hope it quashes some bugs, too.
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  • They said it's gonna be fast.....
    Doesn't seems so, even the official mobile update is being pushed back.
  • They seem to have recognized that Mobile has more immediate bugs and issues, which they are addressing before they do the official update. Reading people's experiences so far and that seems like the safe and appropriate response.
  • When windows10 mobile build will official release in India for non insider program
  • Late February.
  • Have you got some glass cleaner and a rag? I keep polishing my crystal ball, but I still can't get any info on a release date.... :)
  • coming soon..
  • Daniel, serious question here, what do you think how many developers has the Windows 10 Mobile department? 2 or 4? 
  • LOL
  • You're welcome to submit resume if  you think you can do better. 
  • What the layoffs mean to the consumers... That leads to the big delay.
  • It's not about doing better or faster, it's about appearing to do little. It's about a perception of resource share when bug free Microsoft software for ios and android is seemingly released every week but Win10M is constantly delayed, seems to have little or no internal focus and bugs that are reported for weeks and weeks and months do not seem to be addressed. It's more about perception of resources rather than actual resources. I'm completely aware that throwing more resources at an engineering problem doesn't always improve the situation or speed of delivery, I'm a senior engineer, the issue with the whole open insider program is that Microsoft picking and choosing the level of transparency in different areas will always lead to an amount of frustration. They read these comments and do or say nothing to appease concerns. You can't have it half way, you either go fully transparent or you go back to internal testing and the possibility of issues due to a massively smaller feedback base.
  • Couldn't have said better.
  • If you're an engineer then you should know better. you compared the velocity of development on apps versus an entire operating system. Apples and oranges. In regards to the feedback,w have literally millions of people testing with a metric ton of feedback coming back. How many people do you have testing and giving feedback on your apps? When you consider the scale of what we're doing its actually quite astonishing how much we manage to respond and address. This is a monumental effort going on. Mobile is made that much more difficult because of the added complexity of the mobile hardware to address as well as carrier restrictions. I'm sorry if you think Microsoft hasn't been as transparent as you'd like but bear in mind the insider program is a first. They're constantly learning and moving to improve everything across the board. 
  • Well said.
  • Your comment can calm everyone here. But not gonna increase either the windows phone share or business or the MS W10M build. It would have the same POLISH story even if MS releases that half baked crap in the name of windows as a services next year
  • exactly right!!!
  • Chris, This Apple/Android vs Windows Mobile development is a settled issue seems to me, even if you and I don't like it. 3% share!!!
  • Actually, it is 1.7% last we heard. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You heard wrong
  • @bleached No, it is actually 3%.
  • Bug free MS Apps on Android? I take it you've never used Groove on Android? I use it on 2 Android devices and updates frequently make my entire downloaded playlists unplayable. This have been a LONG time ongoing. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Dont worry the Groove app isn't the best on Windows either.
  • Could the reason for so many IOS and Android releases be because their OSes are complete in comparison to W10M. How do you seriously expect MS to release updates to any of their core apps to the OS and it's still in testing phase. The OS must be a stable and daily usable without complaint for any ideas of future features or stability releases to be had.   
  • I doubt submitting resumes will help. They're probably not looking to expand their mobile software team anytime soon.
  • 0!
  • Technically it is supposed be the same developers as desktop or so it was claimed. They said the staff that were laid off last year were laid off in part because merging the OSes makes them obsolete. Supposedly they didn't even start working heavily on Mobile until the release of desktop and progress was supposed to increase. Not seeing it so far.
  • Layed-off staff originally from WP team in favor for Windows Desktop team? If that's the case then that might be one of the factor.
  • Maybe 1.5
  • A couple of thousand.
  • theres no way microsoft have 2000 employees working on mobile 10 no way, it took them 12 months to put a weekly view in their calender app, 12 months to show us skype intergrated and 12 months to give us linked email.  If they had 2 thousand people working on it we would have got those features in like february 2015 not december 2015.  I love windows phones i love windows 10 desktop but microsoft feel like they are 2 tears behind the competition since last year when they were actualy nearly casut u, you know when they finally got cortana intraoduced.  Time is a huge factor and i only hope things like gestures that we had in 8.1, a apple pay equivilent and ofc deletion of the hamburgermenu all happen soon instead of 2 years time, but thats doubtful.  And why cause they employ too little in numbers on their mobile platform and have a design team with no clue(950 example great spec awful cheap plastic phone.) luckly after the surface book whitch is awsome and marted great can start to rub off on their next line but i have a feeling thats 2017 with the surface phone, buy witch time if theres not pemium flagship spec and flagship case design then this little pupply will be forced back to iphone.  Oh yeh and apple pay.  I wouldnt mind a finger print scaner but i dont care so much for that as iris would be duable.
  • :P :P :P :P Very good question I say 4.
  • dont be silly its about 12 lol it feels like that, mybe they need to hire more people it certainly feels like that speed wise and has  for the last year i have been with mobiole.  Gestures plse?
  • Yes, but these issues remain since both L950/950XL been released.
  • I myself am sick of the groove music experience on my phone, half the time it crashes, or you open it up, hit shuffle and it just loads forever until you soft reset. It is just terrible
  • Feels ok to me, just the playback controls take a few seconds more to show and when I shuffle sometimes I get 2 songs from the same artist in a row. Otherwise the sound seems better in my earphones for a month now
  • Yeah it used to have the swipe from left to open the menu but that's been removed since the last update(or mine just isn't working). Not to mention I don't get notified of sms messages when my phone is locked. That right there upsets me because my wife needs a ride, I wait for her message, don't see it, then get chewed out cause I'm late. Finally in figured out what it was and check my phone incessantly now. None of this was an issue until the last couple of builds.
  • Swiping from left brings the menu for me, also sms notifications work when phone is locked. There has to be an issue with different chip batches or something.. 950XL latest firmware and insider build
  • It´s not correct, aybe you need to find the problem in your handling, works actually great.
  • what phone you got, i ask cause i have a lumia 930 and groove runs absolutly fine on my phone and has prety much done for months. Dont get me wrong i miss swiping and hate the hamburger menu but the fact i can see 5 albums on my 5ich phone before i have to swipe is a big thing to me, xbox was like 2, i still wish the view was tiled through the whole screen so i could see 27-30 albums on 1 page.  The rest is ok i have a music pass and was plesently surprised.  Spotify is still my go to app cause its free lol.
  • Daniel wait a minute, did you just say that W10M has more bugs and issues???
  • Windows 10 Mobile is a ******* mess. My phone randomly reboots at least once every couple of days. Windows phone 8.1 this is not.
  • I have a new 950XL, which is a stunning piece of kit! However running the official 10 release it still reboots 3 or 4 times a day. Although, in between the random reboots it does feel and look very polished.
  • what phone do you have cause  my 930 is fine.  Have you tried reseting your device and not useing a restore  Do a fresh install from scratch, i found that can fix alot of issues on my 930 and it has, well apart from neflix on the latest build lol, it was working till i did a complete fresh version of 10 lol.
  • I really like if the Microsoft they pay attention  before releasing updates to take care bugs.  
  • What's the point on having faster update release if it's way too buggy to even use. Microsoft seriously have to sort these mess before the public realize the issues of Windows 10 and ruin it's reputation. Even on their own hardware like Surface and Lumia suffers from issues whether it's Windows 10 related ir the hardware itself. Surface and Lumia won't get into near mainstream (well Surface is already getting there) if we got so many issues with the software. Nobody likes bugs.
  • Yeah alot of bug squishing is needed on 10 Mobile.
  • Look likes they are still not able to groom up the general release version for older Lumias. Probably not enough staff though
  • .63 build is worse than the build before . I have a lumia 930 and apps refresh everytime i open it after it was in background . Before it opened directly.
  • agreed
  • Try Hard Reset
  • I dont have to do a hard reset everytime i upgrade to the newest build.
  • Then perhaps the insider fast ring is not the place for you.
  • I have been so long on insider fast ring . I am just saying that the previous build is much better than .63
  • I tend to agree, except battery life on my Lumia1020 is so much better on build .63 than .29
  • for my 535, .36 worked better than .63 too... my battery still going very fast, no improvement
  • Give me a break!  Hard reset is the equivalent of the old "have you tried turning it off and on" response.  I have never done a hard reset and have no real issues.
  • I just have to reinstall wp8.1 because of constant freezing.
  • Better settle for WP8.1 for now while it last.
  • True
  • Yeah, I was starting to feel that too. Now with .63 on my 640, sometimes I can't turn off my phone. As soon as it's about ot shut off, it turns back on again. And then sometimes I get this weird graphical glitches on my homescreen, where the screen would just get filled up in this repeating patch pattern. Never had those happen with .36. Hoping .71 fixes those issues.
  • I have no such problem
  • WP 7.5 seems like the last finished product they've put out. I like 8 but they removed a few features that make it seem incomplete.
  • With the 950 we lost: Sensitive touch, radio, double tap, and overall trust your $hit will work. However, I hear some items may come back with a firmware release...oh wait, I have an ATT branded phone...I'm effed.
  • I'm with you on this Hell even 7.8 was nice. I really miss the days of super stable and gorgeous Windows Phone. Its really gotten worse and worse since 8.1. I've said it many times before, the app gap was not an issue back when Windows Phone was.. well.. Windows Phone. Stable, fast, integrated features, gorgeous transitions. I miss my 3D-ish interface.
  • Yes, only thing that is better whit .63 build is the battery. But besides that nothing is better and now new fixes for the lumia 930 buggs.
  • i have 267 apps all working great on my lumia 930 i also was just did a complete reset too and now netflix doesnt work lol but the rest of the phone workks great.  Batery was sorted all my apps and i use 30 daily all work and work speddy, prety much everything workdks great exept now netflix lol.  Im actually repeating a fresh instal again now to see if netflix works again and if it does then itll mean that my exact same phone with the exact same software installed differently each time, i hope thats not the case but as of right now all works great exept netflix which doesnt work at all.
  • phew netflix is still broken so if you install.63 everything i use and thats alot of apps works great but netflix doesnt and thats fresh, if you upgraded from the version before netflix should work but skype takes 20 seconds to load most times lol, the choice is yours, basicly if you use netflix like me stay away from .63 if your on a 930.  Thats my experience. apps i have and that work great are: Messaging, outlook,calender here drive skype,facebook, diary budy and pocket diary,egg timer, media remote(for kodi) Onedrive,whats app,tube cast and metro tube, 6tag,grove musice,metrotube, plex, photo app,people app, 13 games including andry birds series, beach buggy, ashpal 8, dream soccer, pocket rally bejeweled, spotify, mixedradio, decibel metre, paypal, vlc remote, imbd, fm radio, qr code(cause microsoft removed it from the os guee and gestures still missing, ******** about it lol) loads of lumia apps i use, ebay and amazon, twiter sky news cnn news, and these are the onles i use daily nearly, the rest are on my program menu lol but they all work, hell if skype rang every time people called, if netflix worked, if i had gestres and pivoting back instead of hamburger menu id be very happy, hell give me just netflix and the phones ready for realease on my lumia 930 but i really want gestures and apple pay microsoft but i am likeing your .63 build otherwise and alot.
  • I really hope this update helps with battery and buggyness. Keep em coming Microsoft!
  • Definitely. Shutting down my phone is buggy, have heating issues, and standby battery is garbage.
  • Heating was ever since 8.1
  • Heating issues seemed to go away with the last OS and firmware release for my 950. Battery is better but not great.
  • And the update is delayed for 2020. Sorry to say that but it's official report.
  • Now wait a minute, 2020 is too many damn years down the road, it'll be 6 iOS and android updated OSes by then
  • I don't really think iOS and Android are ever going forward. It just feels like they're done for now like they're doing something in an update, removing it from the next version and then finally (or not) sticking the same thing again in the following versions...
  • You must admit that also describes Microsoft and Windows Phone/Mobile extremely well
  • Windows phone is like a developing country, has lot to catch up on.
  • Lol! Now think about it, that sounds true.
  • They've been doing that on android for the past few releases. "So, what's not broken, and how can we annoy people in Kitkat?" "Ooo me sir, let's remove the sd card function, unless we say they can use it!" They only thing worthy of a mention in droid is going from dalvik to art. The rest is pretty much the same, just different trousers!
  • Proof or are you just trolling?
  • @Khatri Prateek. Sources? Highly doubt it's 2020, maybe you've been watching too much cricket :P.
  • Great to hear. Anxiously awaiting.
  • .71 "sometime in February" mobile rtm build?
  • Mobile is already RTM
  • Sorry ur right i mean ready for an upgrade for older wps and for the 650
  • I hope Feb. I'm eyeing a 650 too.
  • Lies.
  • I am waiting for official release of w10 with 1520
  • Best WP EVER!!! Bring it back. Scrap the 950 and bring the 1520 back.
  • @Mad Cabbie, lol take 5 minutes out and relax :).
  • Cool deal. I wish they would use the blue progress ring on Windows Phone...the gears are kinda lame. Lol. Looking forward to a possible update!
  • Well they are actually fixing bugs. The screen flickering issue which was there on my Lumia 1020 since Windows Phone 8.1 was fixed in the previous cumulative update.
    Though there are a lot of other issues on Windows 10, but I feel that they will make it reliable by the end of first half of this year.
    I am happy with their decision of delaying update to older Lumia's and would have just made the average users angry due to it's bugs
  • M getting screen flickers when scrolling through edge browser..n crashes and auto refresh on web pages...Really useless now on 640
  • I find it strange how many people are having issues with the current fast ring 10586.xx. Especially when issues reported on L640, because mine has run the last three versions without fault. Yes my 820 has some issues ( forget it on my 512 Mb ran devices of course, it's awful.) Wouldn't even consider WP back on 640 though.
  • i have the same problem ... from the last 3 buils (at least) L925
  • Yeah, count me in too. +925
  • Another L925 user to report that I'm also having the exact same screen flicker when scrolling, and the constant freeze and refresh has become extremely frustrating. I can't even scroll through one article on this site before it freezes and refreshes. Ugh!
  • Another 925 user here. Does the the screen flicker occurs on edge only or throughout the UI ? Mine does it throughout be it edge, store, app switcher (recents). Really annoying.
  • The screen flickers on my 925 just a little in the store app, but it's terrible in edge and surfy browsers. If I'm scrolling through main settings menus it doesn't flicker at all. Sometimes in edge I can't seem to get the ads on this site that pop up from the bottom to close. The scrolling ads I have no problem with, but those suckers with the "close" tab on the bottom of the page, they often won't close no matter how many times I tap on it.
  • Count me out because my 925 works good with .63. And it works even better in my 1520!
  • Oh god, I miss my 1520. Display quit on me.
  • Same problem with my 950.
  • Using L830 and i have the same exact problem. Screen flickers while scrolling down a long page opened in Edge. Sometimes it would reboot automatically. Previous build was much better than this one. I'm jusy having a bad experience.
  • I'm fine with bug fixing updates as long ad things actually get fixed. The battery life on my 950xl seems to be doing better since the last insider update. There's still some Bluetooth issues though, including the phone thinking it's still connected to my car hours later.
  • Agreed.  Bluetooth needs some attention.
  • They need a stable build for the mobile os and some type of baseline standard so all can update to windows 10 mobile, this is bullshit....releasing several apps on android and ios, I'm not gon put up with it
  • Hope this mobile build will fix lumia 535 navi issues, finger crossed.
  • Nav bar fixed on me since 10536 or 10512 build but the touch problem not.
    Edit:When nav bar ia hidden,its black .
  • I'm pretty sure that MS won't say 'Update delayed to late Mar' in Feb, hopefully.
  • In other news... No new features for win10 mobile in 2016.
  • I'm sure you're just the right person to be trusted on this, so thanks for the heads-up.
  • Don't bet on it
  • I'm sure there will be... So get out of here!
  • why my Windows 10 installation display is like 8.1?
  • What do you mean?
  • "Tuesday, January 26 aka 'Patch Tuesday'.​" That's not Patch Tuesday.
  • False. "Patch Tuesday occurs on the second, and sometimes fourth, Tuesday of each month in North America." Last update was 12th (2nd Tuesday) and this is the 26th (4th Tuesday). Funny how that works.