Lumia 730 is the latest phone to get the Lumia Denim update in India

The rollout of the Lumia Denim firmware update in India continues. We have received a number of tips that the Lumia 730 is the latest smartphone in that country to get the over-the-air update.

The 4.7-inch smartphone is just the latest Lumia device to receive the Denim update. In recent weeks, the update has become available for the Lumia 1520 and 930, along with the Lumia 1320 and 625. On Monday, Denim began to roll out to the Lumia 630 and 630 Dual SIM smartphones.

While Microsoft missed its previous deadline to offer Denim for all supported Lumia devices in India by the end of February, it now appears that only the Lumia 638 is lacking the Denim update in that country.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

  • Wen in....
  • Not funny anymore. People here in India, who buy Windows don't know much about Windows since most of them aren't technical people. . They just have heard something about update. And so, they go through sites and check for it. WC is very famous here, people think they have some authority over MS news, so it is natural.
  • +520 yep. Finally someone said it! Besides the joke is far too old now.
  • Finally!!! Yey! Can anyone tell what are the additional features I am getting via the update which wasn't there with out of the box denim on my lumia 730?
  • If you use the DP. Nothing.
  • I ain't using the DP.
  • You'd get folders, automatic WP updates, live battery tile, etc.
  • No you don't. The Lumia 730 already comes with all that
  • The most important -> Data toggle in the Action Center
  • I got an update(denim I assume) on my l730 over the weekend, the only "update" I noticed was the battery live tile update besides that I got deteriorated system performance and no data toggle
  • <p>if you r from india i can assure you that you will get mobile data toggle in .375 update even if you are not on developer preview</p>
  • Sans DP, you get mobile data toggle, possibly battery live tile depending on when you bought your 730 (some were shipped with a .219 build which had everything enabled already)
  • I bought a new L730 from Nokia store yesterday and today I installed the update. It was mentioned critical update (.375)
  • Here is the list from Microsoft on what you're getting with Denim and the OS update.  I'm sure not all devices will get every feature.
  • FYI this is just a bug fixing update. Nothing new is added.
  • But... Lumi 730 already had "Denim" lol
    And L640 will come with "Update 2" without what feature?
  • ^this^ Both the 730 and 735 shipped with Denim already installed.
  • "Both the 730 and 735 shipped with Denim already installed."
    Yes and no. It is not as simple as you make it out to be. For instance, the Lumia 830 ships with Denim too, no? But it cannot run Lumia Camera 5.0. Reason? It needs another update to make it work. Those waiting on AT&T who have an 830 know this pain. So, the question for you is: What is Denim? Which build do you think it is?
  • "What is Denim?" We don't need to know, but MS needs and the marketing about 830 and 73x with Denim but getting Denim... Why MS is giving Denim to phones that they said it was already with Denim? If MS is not giving Denim, they need to clarify this.
    (sorry if my english is not so good)
  • I don't think you could have explained it better even if we all spoke in only one perfect universal idiom. Denim situation is very messy.
  • Thank you very much :)
  • You get deteriorated system performance and battery live tile update from the "denim update" for l730.
    I received no data toggle for my l730
  • Daniel means, 730 comes with Denim build 1 and now getting Denim build 2 (some bug fixes and lumia camera 5.0)
  • Great, the updates were like this:
    GDR2 + Amber
    Update 3 + Black
    Denim build 2
    What a mess :(
  • are you sure about the lumia camera 5.0 part?
  • Lumia Camera 5.0 not to L730, until W10 will have it in default.
  • Are you sure Lumia Camera 5.0 will be default in W10??
  • There are rumours of clubbing all the features of LC 5.0 to default in W10, but I am sure this camera feature is not available for L730.
  • What about at&t and their lumias? I haven't heard anything about it.
  • When I asked AT&T customer support last week, they said there is currently no roadmap for the Lumia 920 update.  I'm going to say don't hold your breath.  However, if enough people bug them, they could start the process just to stop everyone from bugging them.
  • Question: Who controls the updates for an unlocked but AT&T branded phone?
  • The 1520 has already got it.
  • This phone in India is what people have loved including its price.
  • Aah no, that would be the 640 and 640XL.. It will have a bigger screen and a smaller price tag.. This coming from a 730 owner..
  • Rahul Nargundkar, different people, different choices, I personally don't like big screen phones, then also the definition for big changes from person to person. I agree with Aashish13 that L730 is but one of the famous and liked phone in India, and that's not only because of size. :)
  • I love L730, I don't have one........... Yeah but my girl have. 
  • I agree
  • Finally got lumia denim for my Lumia 1520 here in Philippines. :)
  • OML. Mine isn't getting any updates. Are you on DP?
  • That's the bug, if you disabled your PD enrollment, Denim will appear in your Extras+info even without updating at all..
  • I still don't have Denim, yours might be HK Variant.
  • Or maybe, yours is an HK variant.
  • Wen in USA
  • One of the last Nokia Lumia:(
  • I have the last one. Lumia 830.
    Gonna miss it. #Legacy.
  • I won't miss the Nokia branding, in my country Nokia is synonymous with shitness which is why people wont buy lumias, they even think that my Lumia runs that Asha Os
  • Well they're stupid
  • Haha, yeah they are stupid.. blindly saying or buying something that your neighbour is, so pity on brains.
  • Well that's their problem of not being updated with latest news
  • Though it might be due to ignorance for their lack of awareness.. But it then goes back to Ms' marketing strategy or lack of. Everyone is aware of ios and android but not WP yet WP(mobile) is older than the other two
  • What is dp
  • Double..?
  • Developer preview
  • Developers preview
  • The developer preview you get by downloading the app preview for developers.
  • Go to pornhub and search dp, that should answer your question.
  • When L 925 in Indonesia ?
  • Will MS be able to maintain that standard in terms of hardware created by Nokia?
  • I think yes. Looking at the phones launched by Microsoft, all have been pretty good in terms of hardware. No flagship has been released yet, so it will be interesting to see if the legacy of Nokia in terms of hardware is carried forward or not. :)
  • Nothing can be compared to the classic Nokia 3310!
  • When in México? Lumia 1020 :/
  • Why India gets Denim sooner than US?! Is because of MS CEO?!
  • Denim out in USA if you have att and a flagship, its on my 1520
  • Yeh, that's about 10%...what about the remaining 90% of US Lumia owners?!
  • Talk to your carrier. It is under their control, not MS.
  • US got features first while US takes too much to launch updates xD
  • Well, Cyan took a year to reach US. Now Denim surpassed the year already!
  • "Is it because of MS CEO?" You obnoxious ahole. What good do you think, rolling out denim update in India would bring? Development?? :@
  • Thank god India doesn't have carriers like at&t
  • Thank God India doesn't have carrier locked phones
  • What about Lumia 920 CV in Brazil!?!?!
  • Didn't Lumia 730 already have Denim? -_-
  • This is another update to that already present denim in 730, 830.
  • Go to the Microsoft Lumia Software Update page. Go to Bangladesh and look up the Lumia 730 software version. Here is what it says: "Not available yet" So, to answer your
  • If it's not denim then is it Cyan.? I am bit confused. 
  • Vinay it was half baked denim.with lot of bugs.and also mobile data toggle,live battery tile was missing
  • Can any one tell what are the additional features are came via latest denim update on Lumia730????reply...
  • My straightforward reply to you is "bla bla bla blablablablablabla":P
  • Man. -_- how could you mention all this and forget the "Bla". See? You missed a bla in the end.
    :D :P
  • Abaa zabaa dabaaa
  • haha 
  • Actually when for lumia 525
  • Already live
  • 525 was the first one to get denim, dude.
  • No 520 was first... I'm Lumia 525 user xD
  • What's the size of update ,I got already got denim update out of box.... What's new... In this update.
  • You'll get mobile data toggle in quick settings, and battery saver percentage tile and probably some bug fixes.
  • It is all hyperlinked in this article. Go read our page on Denim and Update 1.
  • *Opens a bottle of Coke to celebrate* ..cheers people
  • Cheers! :D ❕❤
  • I'm still waiting for Denim on my 635 in the US... -_-
  • US got features first while updates xD
  • Then explain this...
  • Now we won't be seeing 'wen in India'
  • L638 users are still left...
  • Can sm1 plz conform
    Whether or not it got the lumia camera 5 features like dynamic flash?
  • No
  • What is different cyan and denim
  • Please click the links in the article above or do a simple online search before posting a comment.  Here is the info right from Microsoft:
  • Different firmware colour
  • I really wish MS would handle it like iOS. One global publication date of a new firmware version for all eligible devices. That would leave so much room for "productive" news ...
  • This denim yes/no version, this or that update, firmware, oem, insider, dp... Is all a monumental screwup by Microsoft... They would be completely lost had they owned a market share and number of devices of the android
  • What's the size of this update?
  • I am literally considering to live in India...
  • You are welcome
  • As if we didn't have enough people already
  • Anyone now when its coming out here in Belgium for the 1520?
  • I guess this update should have included Mobile/Cellular data toggle in Action Center. Can anyone confirm?
  • Its of course That little update after denim
  • I
  • I don't know why its takes so long ??? Its been 7 months since Microsoft announced denim This is ridiculous!
  • Announced, different from released.
  • I just now came to the conclusion that India has just about every WP device known to mankind..
  • We don't have Lumia 735 :)
  • Everything but that one..
  • We don't have 632 either....
  • Finally i got it.thanks Microsoft
  • Downloading
  • could you please tell me how much size is this update?
  • I guess more than 200 or 300 mb.. Downloading took a while and installing as well took some time.
  • Alrite, Thanks mate :)
  • Did it removed the purple scrolling issue???
  • how is the update instantly available for you? my L630 is showing up to date even after 30h+ since denim got available for the phone.
  • I would be signing out of DP to download this update as this should be the more stable update as compared to DP (never had issues with DP though).
  • Installed
  • can someone tell how much size is this update?  
  • Well it wasn't Microsoft, it was Microsoft India that failed the deadline!
  • Finally. This outdated OS version was killing me. Though no data toggle reports(if true, which I doubt) may be a bummer.
  • Oh but wen in India (said extremely fast thinking it makes em look smart) lol
  • Probably can't wait for windows 10 for this phone.
  • What about the Lumia 630 single sim,it hasn't got the update still
  • Has anyone got the update<