Unlocked Mobiles commences sales of Lumia 735 and Lumia 830 in the UK

Ahead of their street availability in the country tomorrow, the Lumia 735 and the Lumia 830 are up for purchase on Unlocked-Mobiles. The UK retailer has both devices in stock and will commence deliveries from tomorrow.

Here's what it is going to cost you for either device from Unlocked-Mobiles:

The Lumia 735 is available in in green, grey and orange color variations, while the Lumia 830 is available in black, green and orange versions.

Anyone interested in buying either device in the UK? Sound off in the comments.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Cool
  • I Can't understand why Microsoft (Nokia) abandoned Blue, Red, Yellow colors ?!
    Why they are selling This ugly orange and Green only ?
  • In my opinion green and orange are better and more colourful
  • Embrace the change.. We've had so many red, yellow, cyan devices.. I'm just glad I can got a black 925. The current design is great, orange is a nice colour and it's just the back cover. I like that. But I'll be waiting for Microsoft phone running Windows 10. ;)
  • Nokia does a research every year...to determine which colours... Will be "hip" in a year..or for some long time of period.... And that research says green and orange....(orange is the new black)...this may change...
  • I cannot believe that Cyan would ever be considered unfashionable. That was the best colour they ever had - yet they ditched it when they switched to WP8.
    I like yellow and red, but cyan was the one for me. Orange and green are just too garish IMO
  • I know! Loved my Lumia 900 in cyan, and the 920 rocked it will too.
  • Because now even Apple and other cheapskates have copied those colours. Microsoft is only trying to keep changing colours so that they stand out from the crowd. Differentiation is the word.
  • I actually like the green and feel Cyan was a little played out. I don't miss the red option, but I wouldn't mind yellow coming back.
  • Because they're the upper two colors of the Microsoft logo :v
  • Really like what you're doing with Microsoft.
  • Cricket wireless is selling a cyan 630 alongside the green. 
  • Actually, there are 2 highlight colors every gen. The first gen such as 800 and 900, have Magenta and Cyan as the hit colors. The 2nd gen such as 820, 920 have yellow and red as a hit. And now, 3rd gen, the 830 and 930, have green and orange as the hottest color. It changes every year and the 4th gen would absolutely get changes too.
  • http://shop.ee.co.uk/mobile-phones/pay-as-you-go/nokia-lumia-930-orange-payg/details Lumia 930 fuer £349
  • and then get the updates after everybody else on the planet
  • These prices are a joke, right?
  • Unfortunately not :( if you buy one in germany or the netherlands you won't be a lot cheaper though
  • UK is always over priced.. better off going on holiday and getting one abroad ;)
  • They HAVE to be cheaper. Theyre going to be drowned out by the more ubiquitous, cheaper and (in most consumers eyes) BETTER Android phones. They need to break out the USP of undercutting the competition. They wont be devaluing their brand because once people are on it, they will see that Windows Phone is a quality operating system, but we need to phones to act as a Trojan horse of sorts.
  • Nice financial advice there
  • That's a pretty short term perspective you have there
  • I have the proof that they can be a lot cheaper, in India they go for 15,299 indian rupees, that's just under €200, while here in the eu they cost at least 25% more.
  • Aye. It is ridiculous. The price needs to be brought down fast or these great devices will be drowned out in the onslaught of cheaper devices from android et al
  • The Trojan horse my friend is windows 10 with one unified OS MS will instantly have a bigger market share then they do now and will attract more developers and since you can run modern apps in desktop mod on windows 10 that mean it will be more widely adopted by developers then it was with 8 witch means from now on most apps probably will be written as universal apps and run on all forum factors from WP to tablet to PC and given the bigger market share for the os as a whole greater developers support and the one store I think the future is bright for Microsoft and windows 10 on PC phone and tablet
  • I thought that there's a red color for the 830, it could be great
  • 830, (1880 Saudi Ryials) so expensive for an affordable phone
  • Its hilarious they cant even back up their own BS
  • They've never said it was an affordable phone...
  • Affordable flagship???
  • An it is if you compare lets do that
    Nokia Lumia 730/735 =250
    Nokia Lumia 830 =350
    HTC one =599.99
    IPhone 6=750.00-800.00
    While it might not be as affordable as yall want its still more affordable then alot of flagship phones and guess what of all the phone I got listed the lumias got all beat with there cameras especially 730/735 with a 5 mp front camera none of the other flagships offer that
  • Are you serious?
  • Hope clove sends mine out tomorrow
  • Omg, overpriced as hell. I would buy the 730/735 for the 2/3 price...
  • Not really overpriced. Look at the specs and the price about the same specs as iPhone 6 a 750 to 800 dollar phone dont know what that is in pounds but you get the same specs on Lumia 730/735 as you do iPhone 6 but for a third of the cost pretty good deal if you ask me plus it might not be all MS fault that the price is higher in UK then India how much is y'all's sales tax and is there and import tax on the UK that all goes in to the finale price you pay as customers
  • 830 is £300 on clove
  • 930 is £399 at Clove...
  • I'm waiting for the 820's to appear with 2nd hand prices. Seen a few circa £50/80.
    4.5" screen, Quad core, 1GB RAM, WP8.1 is more than enough for me.
    I always tend to stay just behind the latest model, like cars they depreciate like hell!!
  • Correction 930 £396 at Clove and includes Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging pad...
  • If this an RRP?? Or are they just chancing their arm as no one else has them yet?   I paid £369 for my 930 sim free unlocked 3 weeks ago [now £339 SIM free at giffgaff]
  • Precisely. They're may be a premium. Clove, ukmobiles and expansys have the devices early (sometimes eu imports) and their prices are always high. Hopefully the process will come down to a more reasonable level and soon!
  • Giffgaff have the 930 at £349 including the required £10 top up - not sure if you can redeem the free stuff though I believe you just register your imei and they send out to you. Either way these UK prices are way too high to be of any value. They will come down, but until they do the sales will suffer.
  • I got my 930 from giffgaff on the 12th and have successfully applied for the wireless kit - just no idea how long it will take to get it!!
  • You remember how a few days ago in the "Last Hope - Zombie Sniper" game review they said it was difficult to adjust the aim right? Well, I just learned the guys who did the game are also the guys responsible for Lumia pricing. MISS! F*cking sadly mistaken prices!
  • I was hoping the 830 would be reasonably priced but its priced slightly below 1520 on Orange so I'd rather place order for 1520 which is a steal at that price point.
  • 380.00 USD is still too high for its specs the only thing impressive about the 830 is its 10 mp camera with ois. Sorry but if its supposed to be an affordable flagship, my opinion it should have at least s600, or priced lower then 325 USD. That's my opinion, not everyone cares for the camera and that's where the Moto g wins...
  • I bought the Coloud Pop headphones in yellow to match my Lumia 1020, it'd be nice if my next Lumia was the same colour.
  • I've been looking to replace my two-year-old 620 with a really decent phone. I saw these prices this morning, and by this afternoon I'd bought a 2nd hand 920 for £120.  This is a really backward way to price these phones. I should not be happy about buying an even older phone than the one I have, albeit a high-end one, over the new models. I should be buying the 830, but at that price it makes no sense at all. I'd like to be contributing to some kind of positive sales story with my purchase, but instead my cash goes in the pocket of another user.
  • The 930 is only £339 @ GiffGaff, that includes the option to get another wireless charging pad and wireless speaker and £20 App voucher. That's what I've gone for.