Lumia 822 gets taken apart to reveal inner beauty

Images of what appears to be the Lumia 822 being taken apart to reveal what's inside have appeared on Baidu Tieba, a popular community ran by the Chinese search engine. The Windows Phone is exclusively available on US carrier Verizon.

A variant of the Lumia 820, the device isn't much different to the twin brother that will be available elsewhere. The photos reveal what the main board looks like and shows off the chips and electronics that make everything work together. Much like the Lumia 820, it supports both Qi standard induction charging and LTE connectivity.

Two more shots are located below. Be sure to head on over to the Baidu Tieba boards to look at the rest of the photos.

Lumia 822

Lumia 822

Source: Baidu Tieba (translated), via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I want a better tear apart of the 920, the last one posted of it wasn't really good.
  • I agree. I want to see what the guts look like :)
  • Tear apart a Lumia 920. I want to see that snapdragon.
  • Why ruin a beautiful phone like the 920? :P
  • So it can be copied?
  • No gorilla glas.. Whyyy
  • So they don't have to pay as much.
  • Where do you get that it has no Gorilla Glass?
    On Nokia's own website:
    It clearly, no pun intended, states Corning Gorilla Glass 2.0.
    I know you I've heard it before that it has no Gorilla Glass, just not sure whyyy
  • The confusion originates from the 820 specs not mentioning Gorilla Glass.
  • Was it that the 820 doesn't but the 822 does (have gorilla glass)?
  • It's a conspiracy, a conspiracy I tell you, so that the retailers can push those cases and screen protectors on us! Nowhere on the Verizon 822 page does it mention Gorilla Glass. And they STILL don't list the DT-900 wireless charger as compatible, though there chat rep did say it would work with the stock back cover.
  • It does say it has GG2 on Verizon site...try reading the display info...though I agree the wireless charging info seems to be missing now.  Nokia says it has it, not providers are not mentioning it.  I held one on Saturday and just ordered on from WalMart wireless...the price was freeeeeeeeeee!  So I had to get it, even though 7.8 may be here soon.