Lumia 900 Tango ROM for Finland pops up on Nokia's servers

Windows Phone "Tango" aka CR3 is the OS update everyone wants though very few know why. Indeed it brings only a handful of updates, mostly revolving around MMS options and geolocation icon. The OS update is mostly aimed at the low-end 256MB devices that are now hitting the market though it does give companies a chance to tie in precious firmware updates with the OS.

While the AT&T Lumia 900 sells with 8112 (CR2), everyone is anxiously anticipating 8773 (CR3). That OS update won't actually do much but the accompanying firmware presumably will (read: bug fixes).

Having said all of that the Finish Tango ROM (8773 with firmware 12140) popped up on Navifirm this morning and yes, can be downloaded. Does that mean it can be flashed to your AT&T Lumia 900? We wouldn't recommend it as down-grading the ROM to the proper one is not guaranteed. Still, we know many of you are anxious on this end so we'll see what the more ambitious folks have to say if someone dares to flash.

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm not sure why people are so excited for a bug fix, unless it fixes a bug they are experiencing. I would never take a chance on bricking my Lumia 900.  I'll wait for any official updates.  I'm more interested in some sort of WP8 update this fall.  Its likely, at the very least, that recent Nokia Lumia's will get some sort of update.
  • So long as there are smartphones and OS updates, there will be people who want to flash. No need to understand it, just business as usual. While I'll generally agree with you, flashing 8107 for AT&T phones *was* a big deal for many. Not sure if this ROM is worth the risk, but it's curious to note that Nokia has plans to keep their Lumia line update.
  • how bout the ability to send MMS like videos?  I'd like that
  • A new firmware 1750.805.8773.12140 has also popped up on NaviFirm for the Nokia Lumia 800 (RM-801).
    Looks Tango-ish
  • I use Straight Talk with my 900 and can't use mms due to no mms options.  If this update gives those options, It is huge for me!
  • Well the only way you well be able to do that is either with an unlocked Lumia 900 or if Nokia releases a network settings app like Samsung has for the Focus
  • Can't you download the Nokia network app and set the APN manually, thats what we did on our 800s to get MMS working.
  • I have an unlocked Nokia Lumia 800, and the Network App is not longer available with no way to change the MMS settings. Nokia Tech support said they hope to have an updated version in the next few months. Until then, no MMS for me.
  • DisneyMagic, that app was pulled quite some time ago.  Natebird, the only thing preventing Straight Talk users from being able to use MMS on some WP7 phones is the lack of mms options.  Once those options appear in the OS, you can do it.  ST provides the info you need.  You don't need an unlock 900 or a special app, just the ability to change mms settings.
  • Actually no because your not on an unlocked version so why would Nokia Release an app to change the setting because the phone is locked to Att and on top of that there hasn't been anyway to change network settings in WP without an app look to the Samsung focus and this has been the same sense windows phone was released and why do you think Nokia had the networking app??? And it was only for the 800 not the 900 because the 800 is sold unlocked while the 900 isn't I bet you anything once the hsdpa+900 is released that network app well show up and I doubt you well ever see it for the Att lumia
  • I already use the 900 on Straight Talk, no need to unlock.  The ONLY reason I can't use MMS is because while WP7 allows you to change the apn settings, it doesn't natively allow you to change the mms.  It sound like in the article that this will change with Tango, not with a new Nokia app.  Also, why would Nokia care if I used MMS with Straight Talk?  I could see why ATT cares but Nokia just wants the phone to be sold, period.  
  • To be Lumia 800 and 710 users may want Tango/CR because internet sharing is going to be bundled with the update.  A friend of mine bought a Rogers Lumia 900, says internet sharing is there - so it seems Rogers is allowing it for WP now.  :)
  • My Lumia 900 on AT&T had it from the beginning, Im not sure if they charge extra for that though
  • I am on tmobile with my Lumia 710 and I am also waiting quite desperately for an update that includes internet sharing via WiFi. C'mon, where is it?!
  • I want it for the added supported languages. Right now my native language cannot be read on windows phone, which a massive annoyance.
  • I hope ugly market icon is removed and burned 
  • Hope the option of font size changing is avaliable too. The current font size is too small.
  • True there isn't a lot to be added in the OS but past updates have shown that manufactures/carriers use these updates to also roll out handset/carrier tweaks/features/bug fixes. That is worth getting excited about. Purple issue on low brightness may be addressed in the update.
  • Hello, you say that Tango is small update, but will it bring more languages to WP?
  • This update is a huge deal to the folks on AT&T that don't have Lumias or Titan 2's and who have the disappearing keyboard and other bugs that AT&T has refused to roll out fixes for over the last 5 months. I only hope AT&T rolls it out soon, although I have since upgraded to a Lumia (thanks to being reimbursed by at&t) so it's not a big deal to me personally.