Nokia Lumia 920 video camera stabilization test now in a moving car

We told you that you have to get used to seeing these side-by-side videos of the Nokia Lumia 920’s video camera in action. That’s because optical image stabilization in a smartphone is kind of a big deal for camera technology—it’s really a big step forward and one of the first real innovations since BSI hit the scene.

The video above, hailing from Russia we presume, shows the Lumia 920 mounted to the inside windshield of a car as it drives over train tracks and some bumpy terrain. It’s compared to…well, we’re not sure, as our Cyrillic translator is a bit off today. But the point should be clear that when OIS is used for video, it actually makes a huge difference in terms of quality. Needless to say, we can’t wait to try it.

Source: YouTube; via Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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  • Each comparison video never fails to impress me.
  • +1. I want my next phone to have that!
  • Wow...just focking wow...
    Give us the phone already...
  • The other is "smartphone without optical stabilization"
  • Surprised you guys haven't added those flight of the gibbon vids on YT:

    Part 3 being the best one
  • It's not full HD and it has clearly Youtube's own horrible stabilization program in use. 
  • Oh great, another story about Nokia, rant, rant, rant. /s
  • Daniel, the link for Reddit is linked to Youtube as well. Thanks in advance for correcting!
  • Fixed, sorry about that.
  • Wow. That is amazing. Glad I'm with AT&T. Best. Phone. Ever.
  • I wonder if anyone is interested in photos taken at a evening of moving objects...
    I am ;-)
    One of the big problems of those kinda cams is that if you take a photo indoors of a moving person it is aaaalways blurry. :-(
    So what about the 920's cam? Is it that good? ;-)
  • You're talking about a combination of a large aperture for low light (covered just fine by the 920's f/2.0 aperture) and a fast shutter speed for moving objects (not sure about the 920's shutter speed).
  • Big aperture = fast shutter speed. Digital cameras are rarely limited by shutter speed. Aperture is the limiting factor as it is reliant on quality optics.
    The blurriness in indoor shots is usually because the camera picked the exposure with the highest aperture. But the aperture isn't big or "fast" enough and the camera has to choose a shutter speed that is too slow to eliminate the blur.
    OIS contributes to this significantly, too. If f=2.0 still results in a shutter speed that is normally too slow to eliminate blur, OIS will play a huge part in making up for that.
  • I know what you are saying, but what I meant was I'm not sure if it will be fast enough to stop motion, for example. I haven't seen samples of the L920 shooting pictures of moving objects.
  • Ah, I understand your question, and it is a good one.
    But I have to say at f=2.0 with even a decent amount of light, any camera should be able to stop motion. I would expect to see much less blur in those indoor shots.
  • Threy will have settings to handle situations like that. THe questions is, will it be smart enough to do it automaticaly or will you have to do it manualy. 
    Take a look here for the artical on the camera settings.
  • I'm not big camera person, but I do like nice hardware and pretty decent specs. That's why I like the l900, its the perfect size, and that's also the reason I'll try the HTC 8x this time, but I have much love for Nokia customer service and I pray they do very well..
  • Good job NOKIA..but the surface stole the show.. Im getting one but im not pre ordering one.. Im sure msft will Lowe the price...
  • I'm so tired of this  stabilisation videos :/  Cmon Nokia, show something new or wait till release. We got it that you have the ultra-mega-bangbustig-retina stabilisation technology!
  • I'm with you that I'm a little tired of the comparison videos. But it IS their killer feature,so I can understand why we're being pummelled with these videos.
  • Well it's not Nokia showing these videos. It's some random Russian bloggers time after time. There isn't much else we can see before WP is released.
    I mean what else can we see? We have seen the device plenty of times. We have seen still and bideos taken with Lumia 920. 
  • Throw the phone high in the air with video recording on...that will be nokia next video :)
  • 920 is the b e s t p h o n e
  • Opps this was supose to be a reply, move original comment
  • I'm not sure if it is just me having an issue, but the video is not working. It say "This video is private".  Does anyone else have the correct video link for this?
  • Getting the same message. I always tend to miss the good videos...
  • Private video?
  • "This video is private."
  • Couldn't load video