Lumia 928 accessory shows up on Amazon, confirms components located on leaked images

We've followed the Lumia 928 fairly closely, with multiple images being leaked showing different variants and revealing more features of the upcoming Windows Phone. Now an Amazon-based merchant has published an accessory for the yet-to-arrive smartphone. The case is pictured alongside what appears to be the Lumia 920, but the rear shows hole configurations that will cater for both the Xenon flash and speaker that's found on the Lumia 928 renders.

The seller has a strong review and rating history. Unfortunately, while the accessory joins multiple images floating around the Internet, there's still no word on when consumers will be able to pick one up on Verizon. That said, it's expected to be announced sometime this month. We could well see the above listing disappear, and it's no concrete confirmation that the Lumia 928 is close to launch, but we're sure that it's not long now.

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab), via: PhoneArena; thanks, riffraffy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm even more intrigued now...
  • I'm down for a pink one.
  • You made milk come out of my nose.
  • Only if it comes with a rose-tinted screen protector
  • Lol coffee got spit right out lol, actually my wife wants a 920 in pink so bad, said she would settle for purple but just the 5xx and 6xx wp8 phones are available in those colors
  • Off topic: that is one terrible looking case!
  • Not really
  • Me likey.
  • Where is the longer Xenon flash? EDIT: there is actually more space than needed.... maybe this case is fitted to a 920 for demo purposes... EDIT2: Should have read the article :)
  • (Off topic) Where can i find the picture at the bottom of the women in yellow!
  • That middle setup looks beaut!
  • Yikes, look at all the holes. Glad my 920 has the secondary mix and speakers where they are... it looks perfect in the Nokia case. This thing... doesn't.
  • All those cutouts look horrendous.
  • Anyone know a good way yo get 928 after it comes out just got the 822
  • Take it back now before its too late!!
  • I have no doubts now that Tmo will get Laser...patiently waiting
  • Why the little hole on top of the xenon flash? Mic?
  • I still am a a loss as to why its called a 928 I feel like 922 would sound better? Again I don't know much about the numbering systems.
  • It goes to 11. 
  • The phone equivilant look of off-road tires on a Ferrari.
  • Large gap on top of the phone. Maybe sim and micro slots?
  • Crossing fingers on the MicroSD thing.....Please have a MicroSD slot on the 928....PLEASE !!!
  • There's a cutout at the top of the screen protector for a speaker but none at the bottom as shown in the original render. Who's right?
  • Any day now...just waiting for the offical annocement from Verizon...
  • 920 has dual speaker and mono microphone on video recording whereas 928 seems to be mono speaker and stereo microphone, micro SD card would be the deal breaker. Lets see what's in stored.
  • Waiting for the phone before I think of a case... Then I will be waiting for Trident to release their cases for it.